January 29th, 2008

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[Urgent!] Must go!

Hi guys!

I'm reaaally sorry I never answer to one person that was once interested on the eyes I was selling, but school totally took all of my time and I couldn't answer fast, so I felt really crappy to answer like a week after...that's why I never replied, sorry

Now, I'm in an URGENT need of money! I know I'm not the only one, but seriously guys I NEED your help like...RIGHT NOW!

I'm selling a lot of stuff, but I don't know if you'd really like it because most of it is in Spanish as I live in Mexico D:

Anyway, here I go

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Willing to ship worldwide
Paypal only
Please comment here if interested or email me at crazy_ritsuka_asakura[at]hotmail.com
Also tell me which shipping method you'd prefer [I'd recommend UPS, expensive like hell but they ship FAST FAST FAST, I'm about to get a package from Germany and I ordered it on Friday!]
Also, please tell me which items are of your interest! ^_^

Thanks for watching and happy bidding!

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Ooo LaLa things that need to go.

Please check out my journal for all sorts of items.

I have some Comic paper for sale, Japanese Fashion books, Sweets, Anime and Manga that needs to go.

Under Special Sales I have an Autographed Meru Puri/Vampire Knight Poster that is looking for a good home and an autographed Kamikaze Girl Book.

Dvds: Generator Gawl, Inuyasha, Cardcaptors, Angelic Layer, Voice of a distant star, escaflowne and more...
Manga: Inuyasha, Zyworld, B.B explosion, Kanpai!, Hellsing and more...

There are quite a few things in my journal. Please take a look!
And thank you!

I accept paypal and concealed cash (buyers own risk) and ship internationally.
I do trades and will bargain if the price is too high. ^.^ (though I hope not! ^^;;)

Hope to do business with you,
Snow Prince


Couple of manga

Hi all, I've got The Recipe for Gertrude vols. 4 and 5 for sale. They have been read but are in excellent condition, no rips or missing pages. $5 each.

Shipping via priority mail to anywhere in the U.S. is $5.75. Payment by Paypal preferred. International buyers welcome; shipping costs depend on the country and weight of the items.


Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, Gackt, La'Mule, and More

I've significantly reduced the prices on items!
Come check them out!

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Items will be shipped from Canada.
♦ Shipping is included in the prices given. 
♦ Prices given are in US funds.
♦ By all means, feel free to haggle.
♦ I am only accepting PayPal right now.

I have Feedback!
♦ I buy and sell on eBay under the name DarkFaerieQueen.
♦ I have sometimes-used selling journal here on livejournal as well over at GothFaerieSales.

Persona 2: eternal punishment for the playstaiton on sale

Look for these on ebay! I'm selling these NOW! No reserves!

Ebay search: titles, and of course my name: FerretBento
or click here:

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Playstation GREAT Complete
Postal insurance is FREE Play Positive Give to Amimals

10% of the final sale price will support Oregon Ferret Shelter!!
This game is in GREAT condition, exactly like NEW: although it doesn't have shrink wrap, everything is all shiny and new and has only been played once very carefully. This is a complete set of disks and pamphlet and case, of which everything is in perfect condition.
Gackt in kimono!

Selling HYDE Official Tour Goods

 Hi all, I'm broke (who else isn't) so I'm selling my HYDE 666 Official Tour T-shirt and Wristband.  Both are absolutely BRAND NEW and unopened (still in their original plastic). Although prices are stated in the auction, you may leave a comment here for the next best price. I will consider your price and sell it to the highest/ next best price. I paid a really high price for both, so please offer a reasonable price. And...I need to get them off my hands to pay for bills.

Shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE. Add USD$3 for registered mail. (Highly recommended)

I accept PAYPAL only. But if you really want the item, I can consider alternatives. I will mail the item to you within 2 days once I receive your payment. 

I have other items for sale too. Please have a look. (non Jrock. mainly accessories)
* I offer discounts if you buy more than one item from me. 

Thanks for looking. =)


Final Sale for a while

I'll be taking a hiatus from LJ for a while, (I always want to buy more things!!)  So this will be my last sales post for quite a while. So if you see something you want, get it, it probably won't be back. 

(EDIT: Paypal only, and preferably US customers, unless you are willing to pay the high shipping of international! Thanks!)

(i have bento stuff here...)

(and manga/book stuff here...)

I will take trades, but I require you to send first!! I only trade for things on my wishlist, no exceptions!

(my wishlist)

As always, thank you all for your help in clearing out my old collections and bringing in many new things!! Enjoy!

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Fatima, 12012, Mago

Hello~ I am selling some of my J-Rock/Visual Kei things so that I will have money for Versailles~
No holds on items, since I've had too many people back out on me before.
All prices are negotiable within reason.
All prices include shipping & handling for US & Canada.

Phantasmagoria - Geneizou V~under the veil~ DVD - $28

Fatima - Shinrabanshow tour '05 bag (signed) - $40

This is signed by all members of Fatima. It has two creases in it but is in otherwise perfect shape (and I'm sure you could probably get the creases out). I love Fatima, but I really have no where to put this or display it, so I'm letting it go in hopes another Fatima fan might enjoy it more.

I only take paypal, but all forms of paypal are accepted. Please be aware that if you pay with an e-check that I will not send the item out until the e-check is cleared.

All shipping is basic First Class. If you want a different type of shipping and/or extra options, please request it and your total will be recalculated. Otherwise, I am not responsible for the package after it has been mailed.

eBay Feedback

Thank you for looking!


I'm selling a whole bunch of stuff that includes:
Yamapi, KATTUN, JE, Koike Teppei posters,stickers, and reprints
Jay Chou, Rain, Leehom Wang, Xiaozhu and other artists posters and postcards, stickers, and notebooks
Korean, Japanese, Chinese/Taiwanese dramas and movies
Hello Kitty, Disney, Monokuro pig and other cute merchandises
Harry Potter sticker/notebooks
most items are under $10!!!

Sneak Peek:

IMG_0133.jpg picture by yukishop08
  IMG_0150.jpg picture by yukishop08
IMG_0164.jpg picture by yukishop08 IMG_0304.jpg picture by yukishop08
 IMG_0287.jpg picture by yukishop08 IMG_0240.jpg picture by yukishop08
~ some of my pix on my journal are temporarily unavailable, but they will be back on the 2nd cuz i exceeded the bandwidth. but if you have questions on any items, please email or message me on livejournal!!!
For more selections of everything, please visit my livejournal!!! Thanks for looking!!!

sleepy timez

(no subject)

I still have lots of doujins left and some new ones so i decided to do a MAJOR price reduction
Everything I'm selling has been reduced in price, and if you buy something you will recieve a freebie :D

D.Gray Man: TykkixAllen
Prince of tennis: TezukaxRyoma,
Tales of Symphonia: ZelosxSeles (very rare pairing)
HunterxHunter: HisokaxGon
Slam Dunk anthologies (lotsa pairings)
Gintama: GintokixKatsura, GintokixHijikata, HijikataxOkita
Princess Mononoke: AshitakaxSan
Wolfs Rain: TsumexKiba
Xenogears: SigurdxBart
Bleach: YumichikaxIkkaku
Yugioh: YamiyugixJounouchi, KaibaxJounouchi
Code Geass: SchneiserxLloyd/AsahinaxToudou,/GilfordxDalton (all from one doujin)
Trigun: WolfwoodxVash
Naruto: KakashixSakura, SasukexSakura, Kakanaru, Sasunaru
Final Fantasy 8: gag, Disciplinary committee (Seifer and his posse)
Final Fantasy 7: HojoxVincent
Yu Yu Hakusho: KuramaxHiei
Getbackers: BanxGinji
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Wilson - Mastermind

*EDITED and UPDATED as of 01/30 (2:20pm)*

I've updated my DVD section again, created (and stocked) a Phonebook Manga section, made additions and cut some prices in the Japanese Manga section, made additions to English Manga, and I added pictures to Plushies & UFO Catcher Dolls.

Also, all sections mentioned have gotten photos for most of the items missing them.

As always, feel free to haggle or trades for something from my wishlist. I need to clarify that my prices assume that you are not combining shipping; if you are then the listed price is the most your order will be, but it may well be less if. For a better price, please e-mail your mailing address as soon as possible to Komodowski(at)yahoo(dot)com. My prices all include shipping included for everywhere in the continental US except the West Coast, which I'll have to get quotes for on a case by case basis.

My active collections are still purchase-able, depending on what the item is, how much I want to keep it, and how badly I need money at the moment.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but you might want to take a look at my sales guidelines and technical info first.
buster keaton

Manga books for sale

Bunch of manga for sale (need money!).

My boyfiend is actually selling these, I am just advertising for him. His e-mail is rickyparks @ gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing. Comments have been disabled, please contact him! Here is his Ebay feedback.

List of Manga:

Cipher by Minako Narita, volume 5 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Dragon Head by Minetaro Mochizuki, volumes 1 and 2 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped, both for $9 shipped)

I.N.V.U. by Kim Kang Won, volume 1 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Arina Tanemura, volume 5 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Moon Child by Reiko Shimizu, volume 4 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Othello by Satomi Ikezawa, volumes 1 and 2 (bought $10.95, sell $6 shipped, both for $11 shipped)

Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi, volume 2 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Petshop of Horrors by Matsui Akino, volumes 2 through 10 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped, all for $40 shipped)

Sanctuary by Sho Fumimura and Ryoichi Ikegami, volumes 1 through 4 (bought $16.95, sell $10 shipped, all for $35 shipped)

Seimaden by You Higuri, volume 6 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Trigun by Yasuhiro Nightow, volume 1 (bought $14.95, sell $8 shipped)

For Pictures:

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