February 5th, 2008

Paradise Kiss

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Manga are all in English and near mint condition unless specified. I will give discount when you buy more. Shipping is free when you buy $20 or more. I am also willing to ship internationally.

  • Absolute Boyfriend #1,3,4 ($6, $16 set)
  • Baby & Me #1-4 ($5, $18 set)
  • Broken Angels #1 ($5)
  • Chocolat #1-4 ($7, $25)
  • Crazy Love Story #1,3 ($5, $9 set)
  • Cross #1 ($4)
  • Dragon Knight #1-15,22 ($5, $70 set)
  • Faeries Landing #2,12 ($5, $9 set)
  • From Far Away #4 ($5.50)
  • Fruits Basket #1-3 ($5, $13 set)
  • Full Moon O Sagashite 1-5 ($6, $27 set)
  • Hissing #1-2 ($7, $13 set)
  • Kaze Hikaru #1,4-5 ($6, $15 set)
  • Kill Me Kiss Me #3 ($5)
  • Life #1 ($5)
  • Madara #1 ($4)
  • Miracle Girls #1-7 ($7, $45 set)
  • Musashi #9 #1 ($4)
  • Neck and Neck #2 ($5)
  • Saber Marionette J #5 ($4)
  • Saiyuki (Japanese) ($7)
  • Sensual Phrase #1-8,10 ($5.50, $40)
  • Soul to Seoul #1-2 ($5, $9 set)
  • Until the Full Moon #1 ($5)
  • Vampire Game #1-12 ($5.50, $60 set)
  • Wild Act #1-2 ($6, $10 set)
  • Wish #1-4 ($5.50, $20 set)
  • Yugioh #2 ($4)
  • Eden no Hana (Vietnamese) #1-19 ($25)
  • A Thousand Year Love of Acacia (Vietnamese) #1-12 ($15)

Looking for: Death Note manga

Hey everyone!
To be short and sweet, I am looking for Death Note manga
Specifically, vol 4-12, but if anyone is selling the entire set, I'll go for that too.

Thanks for your time. :]

Sorry to be vague, but I'm hoping to buy the manga as a set/lot instead of individually. So if you're getting rid of a bunch or the collection, let me know. ^^;

Help me by Cross-stitch! Prices Reduced!!!

Hi all.

Please help me rid my apartment of some stuff (and help me buy cross-stitch patterns... I'm a geek, I know!)

About the Sales
Items are shipped from Canada.
Shipping is included in the prices given and prices are in US funds.
Negotiation on the prices is welcome!
Paypal only, please.

I buy and sell on eBay under the name DarkFaerieQueen.
I have sometimes-used selling journal here on livejournal as well over at 

Items for Sale
Inu Yasha pencil tin
* Officially licenced product.
* Purchased in Japan while I was 
* Never been used.

* [inside]
* [back]
$8US in North America

$11US International
Prince of Tennis binder
* Official Product.
* Purchased while in Japan.

* [inside]
* [back]
$18US in North America

$22US Internationally
cali≠gari: Dai 1 Jukkenshitsu 
      Yokokuban ~Maguro~ 

* Limited Edition CD + DVD
* Rare and Hard to Find!
* Please note that the
  DVD is region 2

* [back]
* [CD]
* [DVD]
$45US in North America

$50US Internationally
Hikaru no Go artbook "SAI"
* There is a small mark on the back 
   on the corner of the dust jacket.

* [mark]
* [inside 1]
* [inside 2]
$37US in North America
$47US International
Gackt: Video Mirror.OASIS
* Limited Edition.
* Comes with an 8cm Story CD.
  This CD features a drama where
  Gackt plays 4 separate roles.

* [back]
* [inside]
$25US in North America
$30US International
La'Mule limited boxset
Fuyuutsuki - Yuigadai Kikeikyouten

* Original cost was about $100US
* Includes CD, VHS, poster, 
  calendar, postcard, photobook.

* [photo booklet]
* [photo booklet inside]
* [poster]
* [postcard & calendar]
* [clear plastic pictures]
* [CD + VHS]

$65US in North America

$75US International

Pierrot: Kowareteiku Kono Sekai De

* This is the first press CD single.
* Comes with sticker, obi, and 
   postcard-like insert with lyrics.

* [goodies]

$10US in North America

$13US International


heart pulses

Valentine's Day Specials!

Sale on Specially marked Yukata from 2/05/08  through 2/15/08!

Shop early for best Valentine's Day selection; shipping included on all items!
For the holiday, we are including gift wrap in gold or silver foil!

Los Zaphyros Logo. Photo copyrighted 2007. All rights reserved.

Just click on the logo above, to check out my NEW additions!
Now accepting orders from outside the USA. See my web site products page for more info.
Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for special promotions.

Thanks so much for visiting!


selling some things to help pay for my new puppy.

used PSP system comes with the charger, light scratch on the screen but cannout be seen when turned on and has some light wear from usage but thats it im asking 70.oo OBO this includes shipping = SOLD =

PSP Games - all include shipping all are like brand new
Tales of the world: radiant mythology - 17.00
Monster Kingdom jewel summoner : hard to find -20.00
legend of heros 2 - 12.00
untold legends - 7.00
jeanne d'arc - 14.00
brave story (this was my fav) - 15.00 - sold-

PS2 games, all in like new condition, includes shipping
shining tears - 10.00
phantom brave - 5.00 = sold=
chaos legion - 5.00
devil may cry 5.00 - sold-

i accept paypal and money orders/cash but paypal is preferd since i need the money as quickly as possible. if you want pictures please tell me ill get them for you.
Onitsuka Chihiro

New items added!

New stuff added! I've added some Japanese manga and some Sailor Moon items. Still plenty of english manga, a lot of which is yaoi/BL, and LOTS of anime DVDs. I have a BUNCH of anime and manga magazines, as well as some jrock mags and misc jrock items. I also still have a few FMA doujinshi. Please have a look! ^_^

If you want pics of anythings else or if you have questions about anything, just ask! Payment by Paypal preferred. If you can't do paypal, I'll try to work with you. Prices do not include shipping.

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mad maya



Come on over to my selling post in my journal, my roommate and I are poor college students who are in need of some extra cash! Esp. me, my camera broke. >.>;

Anyways! We've got: 12012, D, Kagerou, Dir en grey, Gackt, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Cure, Shoxx, Negima!, AzuManga Daioh, Saiyuki, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, Megamasso, Nightmare, Di Gi Charat, Cosplay Wig, PS2 Video Games, PC Game, Death Note, Card Captor Sakura, & ETC!

(Follow the Fake Cut to the Sale!!!)
Gloomy Squash

Selling: Final Fantasy Posters!

Final Fantasy Tactics : The War of the Lions posters for sale!

This is the official promotional Square Enix poster that was available on release of the title Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on PSP. Both sides feature artwork. If you're a Final Fantasy fan, this is a lovely piece to display or even just for your collection. There still some posters in stock @  £3.50 each. I will ship worldwide. For more pictures, details, feedback and information, please follow the arrow! ^_^
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crispin glover
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DS/Game boy games for sale!

Elite Beat Agents : 20$ shipped / with case & instructions.
The Incredibles : 10$ shipped / just the game cartridge.
The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass: $25 shipped / brand new & sealed

The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past/The Four Swords / game boy/ $12 shipped.

checks/money orders/pay pal accepted.

(no subject)


Les Bijoux (complete) -- $30
Cantarella vol. 1+2 -- $12
Demon Diary vol. 1+2 -- $12
Angel Sanctuary vol. 1+2 -- $12
Category Freaks vol. 1+2 -- $12
Shout Out Loud! vol. 1 -- $6
Sengoku Nights vol. 1 -- $6
Eerie Queerie! (complete) -- $25

Earthian DVD -- $12
FAKE DVD -- $12

Asian Kung-Fu Generation SOL-FA CD -- $18
Wolf's Rain OST -- $11

Pink Angelic Pretty Skirt -- $63, shipped within the US
Pink BABY bag -- $83, shipped within the US

rik45 [Albedo]

(no subject)

Manga for Sale!

I accept Paypal, money order, or concealed cash.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment this entry, or e-mail me: dizzyshinigami[at]yahoo.com. I will provide additional pictures upon request.

Prices are for the set, though I will sell individual volumes.

Alichino Volumes 1-3. Pic. $12.00 plus shipping.

Azumanga Daioh Volumes 2-4. Pic. $8.00 plus shipping.

Bleach Volume 9. Pic. $2.00 plus shipping.

Chobits Volumes 1-8. Complete series. Pic. $35.00 plus shipping.

CLAMP Artbook: South Side (1989-2002). Pic. $14.00 plus shipping.

Confidential Confessions Volumes 1-3. Pic. $9.00 plus shipping.

Doubt!! Volumes 1-6. Complete series. Pic. $32.00 plus shipping.

Dramacon Volume 1. Pic. $3.00 plus shipping.

Fushigi Yugi Volume 2. Pic. $2.00 plus shipping.

Gamerz Heaven Volumes 1-2. Pic. $6.00 plus shipping.

The Gentlemen's Alliance Volumes 1-2. Pic. $9.00 plus shipping.

Ghost Hunt Volumes 1-6. Pic. $35.00 plus shipping. (First volume has some minor damage on top right hand corner of cover.)

Guru Guru Pon-Chan Volumes 7, 8. Pic, Pic 2. $10.00 plus shipping.

Hana-Kimi Volumes 1-3. Pic. $14.00 plus shipping.

Marmalade Boy Volumes 1-5. Pic. $25.00 plus shipping.

Scrapped Princess Volumes 1-3. Complete series. Pic. $10.00 plus shipping.

Sengoku Nights Volumes 1-2. Complete series. Pic. $6.00 plus shipping.

Until the Full Moon Volumes 1-2. Complete series. Pic. $6.00 plus shipping.

X-Day Volumes 1-2. Complete series. Pic. $8.00 plus shipping.

Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 1. Pic. $2.00 plus shipping, or free with any other purchase.

Thanks for looking!

Selling away everything!!


J-Rock goods for sale!

I'm selling lots of different J-Rock/Visual Kei goods like:
-fanclub magazines
-pamplets, tour goods
-signed photos, signboards, stickers, postcards etc…

(from artists like the GazettE, Dir en grey, Vidoll, Nightmare, Panic Channel and many others…)

And clothes/accessory from:

For more info, please look here:

Selling post