February 11th, 2008

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Taking costume commissions!

Currently we specialize in costumes such as:
Gothic Loli Dresses
hide Rocket Dive Jacket Cosplay (Yellow Version - you can request other colors also)
Matrix Style Trench Coats
Anime/Character Hat commissions
and various others...feel free to request anything!

Just send us a photo with your measurements and deadline and we'll get back to you with more information shortly after.
We accept PayPal, Checks, and Money Order (we do not recommend that you send cash!!)

e-mail is hidetomo.arato @ hotmail.com

Notice: We are not currently taking wig or weapon commissions.
<3 Kadan roo

Bunch of anime and manga stuff for sale

Stuff I have for sale in my sales journal mango_shop

» ADV Licensed Samurai X OVA Collection
» English Shaman King and Yu-Gi-Oh manga
» 15 issues of the US Monthly Shonen Jump. Entire year of 2004 with some of 2003 and 2005.
» Dragon Ball Z: History of Trunks VHS Box Set
» 5 Dragon Ball Z Posters from DBZ Beckett
» 10 DBZ Beckett Magazines in excellent condition
» DBZ Trading Card Game "World Games Celestial Fighters" Starter Deck
» Three Dragon Ball Z action figures (2 Goku, 1 Gohan)
» Pokemon toys
» Inuyasha Poker card deck
» Final Fantasy X-2 Figures + Strategy Guide
» Misc. Video game merchandise from Nintendo, Legend of Zelda...
+ more at mango_shop.

I accept Paypal only. Check out my sales journal, or comment here if interested in anything. =]
mad maya

HUGE SALE!! RARE Dir en grey & Gackt Items!


Come on over to my selling post in my journal, my roommate and I are poor college students who are in need of some extra cash! Esp. me, my camera broke. >.>;

Anyways! We've got different stuff from: 12012, D, Kagerou, Dir en grey [RARE concert pamphlets], Gackt [RARE Dears VHS], Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Cure, Shoxx, Negima!, AzuManga Daioh, Saiyuki, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, Megamasso, Nightmare, Di Gi Charat, Cosplay Wig, PS2 Video Games, PC Game, Death Note [doujinshi], Card Captor Sakura, & ETC!

NEW: Koichi Domoto CD! See link below!

I might also be willing to part with some Dir en grey singles, those being: Drain Away, Child Prey, Aggitated Screams of Maggots and MAYBE The Final. Just ask.


(Follow the Fake Cut to the Sale!!!)


Edit: I'm also looking for Dolly items, especially. Soo, if you have anything, leave me a comment on my selling post in my journal!!
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New items at 44cm!
Just in: new jewellery! Handmade and one of a kind designs, now selling earrings, charm bracelets and necklaces, chokers, necklaces, vintage and antique items.
Other items for sale include anime items (manga, figurines, DVDs, plushies, posters), clothing (goth, alternate, emo and punk: shoes, corsets, tops and others), DVDs, CDs and posters! Everything cheap, will ship anything worldwide! Click the image to visit!

For sale!

DVDs: Pierrot, Suicide Club, Akira Kurosawa, Chobits, Elf Princess Rane, Excel Saga, Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Seraphim Call, Neia Under 7, Rurouni Kenshin, Shamanic Princess, Cat Soup, Spirited Away, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Bubblegum Crisis, Angel Sanctuary, InuYasha, Serial Experiments Lain; CDs: Blood, T.M. Revolution, Nana Kitade, Dream, Do As Infinity, X Japan, Chobits, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena; Magazines & Manga: Pati-Pati, Kisaragi, Toki Meca, Kingyo Chuuihou!, Zettai Kareshi, Lovely Baby, Anchoko, Lilim Kiss, H2, Patlabor, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Peacemaker Kurogane, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Warriors of Tao, Digimon, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, Kagerou-Nostalgia, Loveless, Alice 19th, Ranma 1/2, Oh My Goddess!; Other: Cardcaptor Sakura VHS tapes, anime posters, a Blood armband.

Find them all HERE. :D/

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FS: E2046 Shunya Yamashita Shion Bust w/legs.

I am selling this E2046 Shunya Yamashita Shion Bust figure with legs. I’ve never displayed it and it is still new. This is not a bootleg and is done by E2046. I am asking for $75 US Dollars by Domestic Postal Money Order (money order you get from the United States post office), or US concealed cash only (will not be responsible if cash is lost in the mail, so consider the other option).
- I can only sell to United States Buyers.
- I will give information once the buyer agrees to buy this product. Pleas email me if you want to buy.
- This item is already boxed and ready to go. Boxed in foam to prevent damage.
- If you have any question about this figure,please email me. I’m a busy college student, so I will try to reply as soon as possible.
- I will not be responsible for the lost in transit or damages that occurs. It will be well packaged so do not worry.

I also post pictures if you want to see how it looks.
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Lots of things that must go!!!  Please take a look and help us get rid of everything.  We have anime dvds, mangas, shitajiki, cds, cell phone charms/straps, staionaries, nail art, gashapons, jrock related items, and lots more!
Want list added, please take a look and let us know if you have anything we're looking for.


We accept Money Order, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and eCheck.  Free gift wrapping. 


J-Rock goods for sale!

LAST CHANCE! Auction will end tomorrow!!!

I'm selling lots of different J-Rock/Visual Kei goods like:
-fanclub magazines
-pamplets, tour goods
-signed photos, signboards, stickers, postcards etc…

(from artists like the GazettE, Dir en grey, Vidoll, Nightmare, Panic Channel and many others…)

And clothes/accessory from:

For more info, please look here:

Selling post

buy a cutie, save a cutie!

Getting a Cutie and Saving the Life of a Cutie!
Inexpensive Kawaii, Spooky and Creative Goods!

+ Freebies in every order. Free Gift Wrapping. +

Lip Smackers
Sticker Sacks
Mini Memo Sheets
Sticker Sets
Regular Memo Sets
Whole Memo Pads
Whole + Loose Letter Sets
Misc. Kawaii Items
D.I.Y [resources]

"Help! I'm stuck with stuff YOU want!"

50% of most sales and 100% of the rest of the sales go to wildlife preservations and saving the lives of domestic animals from euthanization, laboratories, and gambling oporations.

New clothing Items and Plenty of DBSK Calendar cards!! Reduced Prices>

-----------------------> chotto_chotto and keroneko <-----------------------
Hello! Please take a look!!! We have:
  • Lolita: Fur Cape and Cherry dress
  • Anime: Inuyasha Messenger Bag
  • Manga: Yaoi and shoujo
  • Nice clothing
  • Posters (gash bell, inuyasha)

------------->keroneko and chotto_chotto <---------------
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Jrock & Anime/manga related items for sale :]

there we go, this time i got the following things for you.
Dvd: The Gazette.
Poster: Alice Nine.
Bandscore: The Gazette.
Flyers: Various bands.
Clippings: Merry, and others.
Posters: Naruto and others.
Magazine: Aniway.

- Prices are all in euro's
- Prices are exclusive shipping and paypal fees.
- I ship from the Netherlands, Europe.
- I ship Worldwide.
- I'm not responsible for damaged or lost mail.
- I only accept paypal in euro's
- But also banktransfer, if you live in the netherlands.

If interested:
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Thankyou For Looking!!


Once again EVERYTHING is negotiable! :] I just want to get rid of them, so offer up a decent price! :D (shipping is excluded though!)

NewS LIVE Group photos
YamaPi Live photos
Popolo Sept. '07
Potato March '07
Potato April '07
Myojo Jan '07
Myojo March '07
Myojo Aug. '07
Duet Jan '07
Duet March '07
Duet April '07
Wink Up Jan '07
SEVENTEEN October 15, 2007
August 15, 2007 SEVENTEEN ISSUE

Ken - S.O.S.
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Rare Items in Mint Condition for Sale

I’m clearing out about 90% of my j-rock inventory and here's the second list – please take a look.  You'll find everything from Dir en grey to Syndrome to Madeth Gray'll to Raphael to Soft Ballet to ..

Well, you get the picture. :)

All items are in Mint Condition unless noted. Extra j-rock flyer and/or postcard included with every order.

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All items can be requested here.

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Last Call Sale- Prices Slashed!

Okies so I'm down to the last bits of things I have and if they don't sell in this sale, I'll just take them to half-price or something and get a quarter, lol. I have manga and video games for sale on Ebay and they are buy-it-now and nothing is over $5, shipping included.


I'm also still selling these Fushigi Yugi trading cards.

I'm taking offers on all of them. Tamahome, Hotohori, and the two clear cards are sold.

Thanks for looking!