February 13th, 2008

Official Domo Kun 18" Plush Doll for Sale

I bought this a few years ago at a convention and it has been sitting at the top of my closer for awhile. It has been loved but not abused. Original tag was taken off but fabric tush tag is still attached - it's the real deal, no bootleg item.

He measures about 18" tall and has hard inserts on the bottom of his feet.

Asking $25 plus shipping

I accept Paypal and ship worldwide from the US!


Okay. I'm looking for the following games (with acceptable prices after it). Depending on the condition, etc of the game, I might be willing to pay more.

- Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for PSone (About $15, I guess.)
- Wild Arms 2 for PSone (Name your price, but it's going for under $15 on eBay, I bought a copy for a friend without case for $6, fyi.)
- LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete, 4 disc edition with all/almost all the extras. Do not want the fanart edition (I expect it to be less than on eBay orz.)
- Wild ARMS 3 for PS2 (Not willing to pay more than $10 shipped, as it's $9.99 at the local GameStop every time I've seen it.)
- Wild Arms 4 for PS2 (Also about $10-15, tops. It's $13 whenever I see it at GameStop.)
- Wild Arms V collector's edition for PS2 (Nothing more than $45 shipped.)
- Persona 3 collector's edition for PS2 (Name your price, but I'm hoping for about/less than eBay price.)
- .hack// v.3 (I can't remember the title?) (Idk. Under $20?)
- .hack// v.4 (I think this one is called Quarantine?) (Idk.)


everything has to go!!


Looking to Buy

All 10 of the Revolutionary Girl Utena R1 Dvds (singles or the boxsets). I know they are OOP and I am willing to pay a decent price. I can pay by paypal and I live in Canada.

Thanks to anyone that can help,

edit- I purchased the set on ebay, thanks to all that tried to help me out.


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The following pictured beneath the cut:

- Manjien & Mankin book, vol 1-9, 11, 17-18, 20-22, 27-32
- Ren figure, small Ren figure, Horohoro figure, small Horohoro figure, Ren keychain
- Ren shitajiki
- Six SK posters
- Seven SK CDs
- Shaman King anime set
- Shaman King (Manta, Ren, Horohoro) official JP plush
- ...and more

Seiyuu Animedia volume 11 (2006)

- Honey Baby by Yamagata Satomi
- Alichino vol 1-3
- Prince of Tennis vol 10.5, 27
- Saiyuki vol 7
- DN Angel vol 9
- Angel Sanctuary, vol 1,20
- X by CLAMP: vol 1-2, 10, 12-13, 16
- Fruits Basket, vol 2,16,17

Figures, How to Draw Books.

- "Esquise" - Shishido-->Atobe, Oshitari/Shishido
- "Himitsu" - Zabuza/Haku (BAJOU SHOUNEN)
- "Tsubaki 4" - Itachi, Sasuke, Kakashi-centric (yamato and inochi haga )
- Itachi/Sasuke and Kisame gag
- Mutsumix Itachi/Sasuke
- "Kaiba..." - Pegasus/Seto, Seto/Mokuba, Seto & Jounouchi (PSYCHO KINGDOM)
- Jounouchi/Seto
- Evil Eye Pegasus/Seto doujinshi (not yet pictured)

Every purchase above $10 comes with a free gift (DVDs, manga, posters, plush...)

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Yaoi clearfiles and jrock items up for bids!! Only 4 days left!!


Very low starting prices-- (used ancafe/gazette double-sided poster for only SGD $3.00! Very good condition~) I have various items from bands like
Dolly, Viored, the GazettE, SerialNumber, Sadie , and there's a flyer lot for sale at a starting price of SGD$8.00!!
I've got a kawaii neko hat up for sale too~

Please take a look at my journal here:  
~Thank You!!~~~**

zero yuki

MANGA and ANIME for SALE!!!! Save 50% OFF or MORE!!!

MANGA and ANIME for SALE!!!! Save 50% OFF or MORE!!! >_<

I need money!! So I'm selling off all my double copies and series I'm not too interested in anymore. All manga is in English. For both your protection and mine, I only accept PAYPAL or trade. Prices are slightly negotiable and if you buy several sets or books, I will give you even more of a discount! So buy a lot! ^_^ 

FYI, In the future I will be posting more manga, furoku, and other items. Please check back every so often.

I also buy and sell on ebay, although I don't have anything listed there at the moment. Please view my 100% feedback here: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=finastarwind57&ftab=AllFeedback&sspagename=STRK:ME:UFS


Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Vol. 1&2 $30 OBO
(used gently and in very good condition- both voice and subtitles in Japanese or English)


Animal Paradise Vol. 1-2  $10
Crazy Love Story Vol. 1-4 $20
Faeries' Landing Vol. 1-14 (except 12) $50
Full Moon Vol. 1-6 (Complete Series) $30
Land of the Silver Rain Vol. 1-3 $15
Li Ling Po Vol. 1-3 $15
Life Vol. 1-2 $10
Mouryou Kiden Vol. 1-3 (Complete Series) $15
Otogi Zoshi Vol. 1-2 (Complete Series) $10
President Dad Vol. 1-7 (Complete Series) $35
Snow Drop Vol. 1-12 (Complete Series) $50
Soul to Seoul Vol. 1-3  $15
Swan Vol. 1-5 $20

MANGA SINGLES- $4 EACH or 3 for $10

50 Rules for Teenagers Vol. 1 
Broken Angel Vol. 1
Cantarella Vol. 1
Flowers & Bees Vol. 1
Go Go Heaven Vol. 1
Kare Kano Vol. 9
Over the Rainbow (One-shot)
Princess Prince (One-shot)
Sakura Taisen Vol. 1
Scrapped Princess Vol. 1
Tactics Vol. 1
Tenryu Vol. 2

[Sale Update] Grim Grimoire Postcard Booklet

Thanks to yet another case of bad timing, I ended up with two of the Grim Grimoire Postcard Booklet which was included with preorders of the game~ Since the extra finally arrived today, I can look to selling off the other one~! Flipped through it once, in excellent condition, but to nitpick, you can see a bit of the binding when you open the inside cover.

Price: $10 or free with purchase of Grim Grimoire

For more details, please visit my sales entry --> here <--

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
sleepy timez

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I have some new doujins for sale, AND a few rare doujins up for auction;
3 KakuzuxHidan doujinshi
1 code geass (C.C./Lulu)
2 Tales of the abyss (1 Asch/Luke and 1 gag)
1 Kateikyoushi hitman Reborn
5 Full metal Alchemist (4 RoyxEd and 1 HughesxRoy)
(and my older doujinshi too of course)
I prefer paypal at the moment but I take all kinds of payments, any questions you might have just ask)

The auctions will end on Sunday 12PM (because I wont be here saturday)
If you want to bid on an item PLEASE do so on the page like this thats IN MY JOURNAL. :D thanx
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Red summer

Selling Sailor Moon wig!


I'm selling my sailor moon wig with her red bowls!
I made it on my own.

I wore it only twice.

Price: 60 US$

Paiement :    Paypal

Shipment :    30 US$ Internationnal shipment

If you have any questions you can ask me ;)
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OKAY D: So I need to make money.. like super fast so that I can go to Taste of Chaos and see D'espairs Ray and MUCC *______*;;

I take paypal and moneyorders! Feel free to ask questions~

Prices do not include shipping!


Peacemaker Complete 5 DVD set (Episodes 1-24)
Price: Asking for at least $25, I'll take offers though!

Kyo Kara Maoh! Volumes 1 & 2 DVD w/ Character Cards!
Price: $8 Each?

Japanese Horror Film: Reincarnation DVD (Japanese, w/ English Subs)
Price: $6

X Japan Best DVD w/ CD
Price: $8

Video Games:

Romancing Saga, Square Enix, PS2
Price: $8


Imadoki! By: Yuu Watase, Volume 1
Price: $4

Vampire Knight By: Matsuri Hino, Volumes 1 & 2
Price: $4 each

Fushigi Yuugi, The Mysterious Play By: Yuu Watase, Volume 1
Price: $5

Alice the 19th By: Yuu Watase, Volumes 3-7
Price: $4 each

xxxHolic, Volumes 1-3 together in one manga
Price: $6

Anime Fleece Hats:

2 Panda Fleece Hats (Identical except one has sparkly eyes)
Price: $10 each

White Cat Hat with Pink inside the Ears
Price: $8

Kisa Sohma Tiger Hat from Fruits Basket!
Price: $12

Yuki Sohma Fleece Hat from Fruits Basket
Price: $10

Naruto Sleeping Cap!
Price: $12

Thank you for looking!
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I have a Plastic Tree Cell Tour Windbreaker (2004). Windbreaker is in MINT condition. Never worn. Jacket has no size listed but I would say it is a MEDIUM size. The material is very light and and it has designs on both front back.

Width is 58cm = 22.83inches total circumference is 45 inches.
Length from shoulder to bottom is 70cm = 27.5 inches long.
Sleeves are 78 cm = 30.70 inches from shoulder to wrist

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Selling/ Looking for

Hello I have some new items at my sales journal so please check it out!

I have 2 manga (Angel Sancutuary, Cherry Juice), 2 yaoi Doujinshi (Death Note and Harry Potter), 3 games, and a jacket
I've also updated my current Transactions for those who are buying from me
I'm also looking to buy some things:
Death Note items (except anime and movies)
Ouran High School Host Club items (except anime and manga)
Gravitation items , any Japanese bags, or jewelery, and Japanese Sweets
If you have any of these items feel free to comment here Thank you!!!!!!XD

manga and other loot

prices not including shipping

Manga (tankubon/graphic novel-type) - $5 each
☆ Q-ko Chan vol. 1
☆ Banana Fish vol. 1
☆ Maison Ikkoku vol. 1
☆ Lost Boys vol. 1
☆ Les Bijoux vol. 1-2
☆ Vampire Doll vol. 1
☆ The World Exists for Me vol. 1
☆ Guruguru Pon-chan vol. 1
☆ Hands Off! vol. 1-2
☆ Love Hina vol. 1
☆ MARS vol. 1-3
☆ DEATH NOTE vol. 4 (Japanese)

Manga (single-issue magazine-type) - $3 each
☆ SPELLBOUND issue 1
☆ Saint Tail issues 1-3
☆ SMILE magazine issue 3.7 (June 2001)

Other - $5 each
☆ DVD - .hack//SIGN vol. 1
☆ Neon Genesis Evangelion T-shirt, black with pink NERV logo, size small

FS: everything and more!

~I'm going to have to be more picky with trades since I've gone a bit crazy with money lately and...it's bad.
~So please, help a poor college girl out! My puppy, guinea pig, and I need food T_T

-Thanks ^_^

  • mika nakashima flier
  • japanese fashion zines
  • doll clothing
  • PULLIP doll
  • metamorphose/japanese clothing tag lot
  • lots of freebies with your purchase!
  • kawaii stationery, memo grabbies, pencils+ more!
  • asian clothing
  • gothic decorating book
  • video games
  • merch from: rozen maiden, precure, Chobits, CCS, X/1999, Ayashi no Ceres, Urursei Yatsura, Juvenile Orion, Trinity Blood, Death Note, Magic Knight Rayearth, Inuyasha, Ojamajo Doremi, Slayers, Ranma 1/2, Angelic Layer, Pretear, Galaxy Angel, Love Hina + more!
  • tons of cute jewelry, accessories, makeup, and body stuff!
  • aaaand lots more!