February 18th, 2008

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Skirts, tops, jackets & more! Limited sizes & quantities are left so move fast!!
SALE only until the end of February!! Each item costs only S$10/US$8~!

Prices are including normal postage within Singapore.
Details for overseas buyers behind the cut!

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COS Roy Ed

Looking for ...

Ok so I am looking for this book Worthless Love Vol 1 by Yuuya ...

Which was supposed to be released last year and when I go to any site it says TBA just as when you go to drama queen's site. I would be interested in anyone selling Vol 1 and/or 2 if it indeed had been released last month.

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for sale!

Items for sale at a_materialist!

Please help me earn some extra money--I've got some minor surgery I need taken care of, and money's a bit tight this month.

Added: DVDs, doujinshi, manga, super dollfie items, and still more.

Interested? Head over to a_materialist and check it out.

Sorry, but because I need money this round, my usual trade offers are off. Selling only this time!


For Sale

Take a look at my stuff,if you
are interested in something, email
me at destiny0310(at) yahoo(dot)com
or leave me a comment here.
Marmalade Boy -  3in cd singles
* Moment / Egao ni Aitai (slow version)
* Saigo no Yakusoku / Kyou no Owarini
* Karebairo no Crescendo

Marmalade Boy mini pencil boards (You,Miki)

Final Fantasy:Spirits Within Wallscroll (aki ross)
Ah! My Goddess Belldany poster

Arashi Group pencilboard
Arashi Around Asia+Dome  Concert LE  DVD

DNAngel pencilboard
Shakugan no SHANA pencilboard
Sola pencilboard

Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser
Hello Kitty Punk Hottopic  Mp3player holder
Pandapple coin purse

Pokemon Gold GBC game (instructional book included)
Dragonball Final Bout Import PS game
Tomb Raider PS game(there is no box)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS Game
Capcom vs. SNK PS game
King of the Fighters '99

Sailormoon poker decks
Sailormoon R anime artbook
Sailormoon S Darien and Serena wallscroll
Mini Bamboo Sailormoon wallscroll
Sailormoon Poster-Usagi & Mamoru
Sailormoon Stars furikake rice seasoning packets

How To Draw Manga Books:
 Maids and Miko
Bishoujo Around the World
How to Draw Shoujo:Comics for Girls and Women

Duck Prince vol.1
Tokyo Boys and Girls vol.1
Onegai Twins novel vol.1
Ah My Goddess novel:Wrong number
Ah My Godddess novel: Queen of Venegence
Angel Sanctuary vol. 1,3
Crossroad vol.1
Ai Yori Aoshi vol.1-4
Kiss Me Kill Me vol. 2,3
Comic Party vol.1
Megatokyo vol.1,2
Taimashin vol.1
Legal drug vol.1-2
Tsubasa vol.1
Shadowmagic manga vol.1
IWGP vol.2
Alive vol.1
Ceres:Celestial Legend vol.1,2


Various Bands

V!nyl Syndicate -another edition- PARTY 1 + Making/Comment DVD + Vol.13 Preview (AnCafe , Sadie, Sou from Lolita 23, Zoro, D=OUT, xTripx, 12012)

Nihon Seiatsu 2005-11-31 -Bands@id ch- DVD (Himitsu kessha Codomo A, 12012, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, Pashya)

12012 - hide&seek ~TOUR2006~ DVD

More Informations you can find here!
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i wasn't planning on doing this anytime soon, but i figured since i had to go back to the store to pick up some special orders anyway, i would open this up to anyone who was interested in having me pick something up for them...

i will be going to
kinokuniya (http://www.kinokuniya.com/)
THIS SATURDAY (2/23), so

if you would like me to bring you something back, please visit

and please check out the rest of my journal for CDs, DVDs, POSTERS, CLOTHES, ETC!
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60+ volumes of manga, J-rock magazines, 12012 Photobook, Loveless art book, 2 New Generation of Manga Artists volumes, Miyavi and Aikawa Nanase CDs for sale.

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Shipping depends on how much you buy and how much it weighs, but it'd be probably around 3-5 bucks. I can't do international unless it's to Canada, because the shipping ends up being 16+ dollars.

Need to sell!! authentic hide lemoned jacket!

Hi :D. I have an authentic from hide muesum Lemoned store jacket, in the rocket dive style. ---> seen in this live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvuvwd_GFZY the last buyer I had flaked out on me. and I really need the money.

This jacket was purchased in Japan at the Lemoned store, it has official lemoned label, I never wore it as I discovered yellow wasnt my thing. ^_^.
it is in A+ shape! This jacket was really spendy, but if you can pay asasp
I will cut the price to 180+shipping. I'll ship any where world wide.

I have this item IN HAND. And it needs to find a new home!! Please email me
addictedtoresin001@yahoo.com if you want to see pictures, I can only send them phone to phone, (via cellphone picture text) i have them on there and ready to go!! I lost the USB to my camera, ;/.

The size is a "1 size fits all." its a fairly large jacket but it will fit you just the way it fits hide. ^_^ (it does to me) so if you are intersted in
this hide jacket please email me! I will take lower offers (not to much lower)
and a lay-away! if you can pay 100 or so [80 would be ok to] and then pay the rest in a week or two that'd be fine with me. so don't hesitate to contact!

I DO HAVE PICTURES!!! They just have to be sent over cellphone. ^_^!

Anime and stuff! sailor moon, fushigi yugi and others!!!

i need to sell some stuff so please make offers on these items! i really want to get rid of this stuff. i have tons of stuff so please look around^^ i have the sailor moon items pictured. if you are interested in any of the other stuff, let me know.


 Trigun-spicy stewed donut cd
 vampire princess myu soundtrack
 gate keepers soundtrack 1


ranma 1/2-various english and subtitled volumes- please ask for specifics
tenchi muyo- various english volumes-please ask for specifics
slayers vols 5 and 8- english sub
neon genesis vol 2- english sub
battle angel- dubbed


various animerica magazines
animage magazine-1996 #4


arcana vol 1
red river vol 1
alchino vols 1-3(vols 2 and 3 on hold)
clamp school detectives vol 1
wish vols 1, 2 and 4
x/1999 vols 7-9
oh my goddess vol 4- terrible master urd


jackie chan- to kill with intrigue
dn angel vol 1
dirty pair flash- perfect collection
ill/ckbc basketball club
the fucons- oh mikey
thorn birds- box set
key the metal idol-dreaming
fushigi yugi eikoden
fushigi yugi- oni box set
fushigi yugi vols 2 and 8
dragonball box set- piccolo saga vol 1
silent mobius vol 1
generator gawl vols 3 and 4
yu yu hakusho movie
yu yu hakusho- artifacts of darkness
samurai x- reflections
zaion vol 1
midori days vol 1
kenshin- flames of the revolution
e's otherwise vol 1
lady death
fx zero- gamecube game
garth brooks -limited collection boxset

sailor moon-

paper book
2 sailor moon glasses with images on them
pretty guardian spoon and fork set
meet sailor moon book-english
2 tins- chibi usa and all the scouts
1 mini plastic plate-sailor stars
artbook vol 3
card deck
chix comics vols 11, 15, 16 and 19
2001 seramyu black lady pencil board
anza and head phone president dvd-toy's box-copy
supers dvd vols 1-3, 5-7

Miku icecream


Hello everyone~ ^0^

just wanted to let you know I've got a couple of J-rock magazines up for sale on my eBay.

Also let me know if you're interested in an issue of Shoxx with The GazettE on the cover, as I do not have that listed.
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selling things~

I'm selling a few visual kei items here.

Included is:
※Phantasmagoria photoset

※CDs: Modern Suite x 2, Brain Hacker, Mirai, Gechena

※Magazines: hev'n volume 029 (Ayabie cover); Fool's Mate volume 306 (Nightmare cover); SHOXX volume 171 (alice nine cover); Neo Genesis volume 12 (Gara cover & Sid cover).

Thanks for looking!!