March 3rd, 2008

Bomberman - Bomberman & Pommy Dance

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Everything listed is in very good condition unless otherwise specified in the picture descriptions. If you want more pics, ask!

Prices are negotiable within reason and do not include shipping! Please include your zip code in your comment if you want to know shipping.

I take PayPal only.

English Manga/Books
Angelic Layer vol. 1 ($4)
Ceres: Celestial Legend vols. 1, 2, and 4 (original Viz editions; $8 each, $22 for all three)
D.Gray-Man vol. 1 ($4)
Hanaukyo Maid Team vol. 1 ($4)
Magic Knight Rayearth vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (original Tokyopop editions; $6 each, $30 for all six)
Ranma 1/2 vols. 1, 2, 3, and 19 (original Viz editions; $8 each, $27 for all four)
Yotsuba& vol. 1 ($4)

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Asai, Carrie - Samurai Girl: Book Two ($4)
Asai, Carrie - Samurai Girl: Book Three ($4)
Brown, Dan - The da Vinci Code ($2)
Priest, Cherie - Four and Twenty Blackbirds ($8)
Priest, Cherie - Wings to the Kingdom ($8)
Priest, Cherie - Not Flesh Nor Feathers ($8)
Shikibu, Murasaki - The Tale of Genji (abridged) ($8)

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Japanese Manga/Books
KoroKoro Monthly 2003 No. 301 ($3)

Yonehara, Mari - [unknown title] ($4)
A Treasury of Japanese Literature, vol. 6 ($3)

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Magical Project S VHS Love-Love Monsters ($5)
Legend of the Mystical Ninja boxed set ($35)
Xenosaga: Episode 1 ($6)

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Edward Elric ($20)
Dejiko ($3)

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Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi ($3)

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Rasputina - Thanks For the Ether ($10)
collide - chasing the ghost ($10)

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large sunglasses ($10)
small sunglasses ($7)
Hello Kitty wallet ($8)
Hello Kitty photo wallet ($5)

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Cute beavers in love items for sale!

The cute pair of beavers in the picture above are now available
on mugs, prints, and postcards in my store. Great for giving to any loved one.


Tons of Animal Crossing stickers that I've made are also for sale under the art/commissions cut.

Other items include:
• Invader Zim GIR t-shirt and Zim badge pin
• An SD-13 LUTS dollfie head
• A mountain of Pokémon merchandise
• Vintage Lisa Frank stickers and craft supplies
• Lots of manga for $4/volume
• Sailormoon Mixx manga volumes
• A Pretty Guardian Sailormoon purse
• Anime DVDs
• Super Smash Brothers: Melee for $15
• Burned copies of CDs and beautiful artbooks on disc

and tons more! Please take a look, and remember that all prices are negotiable and I will consider trades. emptythepocket
ren nana

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hi all i am selling some of my stuffs:

[8cm CD] Kasou
[8cm CD] Honey
[Single] Seventh Heaven - Limited Edition
[DVD] Asia Live 2005

Tackey & Tsubasa
[Single] One day one dream
[Single + DVD] To be, to be, ten made to be
[VCD] Tackey & Tsubasa - Hatachi de debut
[VCD] Dreamboy

Utada Hikaru


[VCD] Yoiko no Mikata (Sho's jdorama) 

Rozen Maiden
Chibi Keychains

please head over here for more info! thanks!

anime/manga for sale

Pictures provided upon request. Feedback (eBay) provided upon request.

Every item is in perfect or near-perfect condition, unless otherwise noted. I PREFER to sell in sets but WILL sell manga individually, NOT anime. Paypal only unless the amount is over $20: then I will consider other options.

General rule of thumb: $3 for one volume, $5 for two volumes, $8 for three.

Shipping will be $2 for any sized purchase up until 6 volumes of manga-- then shipping increases to $4.

Feel free to make a different offer and we may be able to bargain.

Paypal is preferred but I am willing to make other arrangements.

Angelic Layer anime, in original box, ALL 5 volumes, slight wear on box: $20
Excel Saga anime, in original box, ALL 6 volumes, viewed once or twice at most: $30
Tenchi Muyo! GXP anime, ALL four volumes still in shrinkwrap: $25

Aoi House, vol 1-3 (ALL), brand-new, $8
Dolls, vol 1-4 (ALL), brand-new, $12
Drama Con, vol 1-3 (ALL), $8 PURCHASED
Free Collars Kingdom, vol 1-3 (ALL), brand-new $12
Hayate the Combat Butler, vol 1-2, brand-new $5
Magic Knight Rayearth original manga volumes 1-3 (ALL), slightly worn cover and corners, $8 for the set
Magic Knight Rayearth II reissued manga (Del Rey), in original box + bonus booklet, volumes 1-3 (ALL), $8 for the set PURCHASED
Megatokyo manga, vol 1-2, $5 for the set
Nodame Cantabile manga, vol 1-4, brand-new, $12 for set
A Perfect Day for Love Letters, vol 1, $3
The One I Love by CLAMP, RARE, torn cover and a few pages torn at seam, still very readable, $3
Petshop of Horrors manga, vol 1-7, 9, 10, slight wear at corners, $40
RG Veda manga, vol 1-2, brand-new, $5 for both
The Rising Stars of Manga, vol 6 ONLY, $3
Shaman King, vol 1-11, brand-new, $50
Shirahime-Syo by CLAMP, 1 vol, RARE, $3 PURCHASED
Suki by CLAMP manga, vol 1-3 (ALL), $8 for the set PURCHASED
Tokyo Babylon, vol 1-7 (ALL), most in great condition, vol #1 has a torn cover, $30 for set
X/1999 manga, vol 1-8, almost perfect, $35 for set
X/1999 manga, vol 13 & vol 15, $5 for both, $3 apiece
Zombie Powder, vol 1-4 (ALL), brand-new, $12
woman with cat

Name your own price


I will accept trades for Alice Nine. and Gazette items

I will not hold items as I need to sell this stuff asap.

Shipping in the US is $5 prioirty for clothing/costume items, I will give a bulk shipping price if you get multiple items.
Obviously if its a small item I can ship it for less.

Everything is in great shape, I just need more space and the money, this stuff has been untouched for quite some time and needs good homes.
They come from a smoke-free, pet-free home.

Sizes for costumes:
bust: 32"
waist: 26"
hips: 36"

Ask about specfic garment's measurements if interested, some garments can fit a bit larger measurements.

I perfer paypal ( please =3

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Auctions Ending !: Cure, Psycho Le Cemu, Malice Mizer, Putumayo, Candy Violet, Juliette And Justine


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Because I was almost crashed to death by my cupboard when it fell on me, I’ve decided it’s time to get rid of some of the stuff in there. So you get lots of manga up for sale for as low as $2 each!!! Click here. Other stuff includes HYDE 666 Tour goods, HYDE postcard, HYDE photobook, flyers, Pati Pati, posters, Andy Lau postcards, Deathnote postcards, Gackt replica earring, gothic punk clothing, gothic accessories, CDs, clothes and magazines etc.

(no subject)

im back with a new and improved sale ^^

All in “just like new condition”


Kat-tun cover ( i LUV this cover XD), all the regular JE idols, kat-tun pull out poster, many Japanese female idols

$13 +shipping


Mike He cover, Lead, matsujun, lots of fahrenheit, mike he...many many others.(taiwanese/japanese/korean celebs).. <wide variety>

$7 +shipping


Why why love cover- it’s a special edition where both sides of the magazine has a cover, leehom, Fahrenheit, lollipop, super junior, tegomass, SHE, DBSK…etc.lots more <wide variety>

$8 +shipping


SHE cover- Nobuta wo produce, HYD, special Jin and Kame interview, goong, rain, super junior…etc…lots more <wide variety>

$7 +shipping

Shipping Costs, much more others... please visit



canada/ US buyers only


I feel really dumb right now.

But I don't know what else to do.
I ordered some manga almost two months ago.
And any attempt to contact them, they delete it.
Am I screwed?
I don't know what to do.
Mods delete this if you want.
But I just need some help, any is good =[
If I have to, I will post the username because I don't want anyone else to end up in my situation.

Username: sewnxtogether
They also told me to comment Anna_sales; but that account is a dead link when I click it.
Jared &lt;&gt; Winner

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I'm looking for the manhwa Roureville by E.Hae. I'm only willing to pay $5 per volume shipped. Has to be in good condition, no tears or bends. The only payment method I'm able to use is concealed cash.

I'm also looking for Ayabie(mainly Yumehito) and Alice Nine(mainly Hiroto) items. Posters from magazines are okay, but I do not want any unofficial stuff.  I am not interested in magazines themselves. Has to be in good condition and priced reasonably.

I also have quite a lot of things for sale including clothing, accessories, manga, anime, posters, and more over at my selling journal. 

Sale Sale Sale!

Please come to my journal and buy stuff from me!
I have manga graphic novels for $1, and $2!
Some older and hard to find series!

There are also some anime merch, sanrio, stationary items from japan, jpop and jrock items (cd's, posters, cards, and more), japanese fashion magazines, and more! Everything is going for cheap cheap cheap!
I need money and space, so my loss can be your gain!
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30% off manga/used anime dvds/ anime cels!

Hi I am having a 30% off sale on all items at my selling site:

I have over a hundred used anime dvds in stock from top series like Inuyasha, Ai Yori Aoshi, Gainex series and more, most less than 10 bucks post discount!

I have almost 100 used manga that are just 2.10 eacg post discount from series such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Love Hina, God child, Lodoss War and more.

I have over 100 anime cels from a wide range of series such as G Gundam, El Hazard, and Tenshi ni Narumon. Most are under $10 each

So check it out today!
AKB48: Oya Shizuka


I updated my selling journal with a ton of new stuff!

JRock/JPop: (Dir en grey, Plastic Tree, Morning Musume, Nightmare, + MORE)
Anime/Manga: (Angel Sanctuary, Pokemon, Hitsuji no Uta, Final Fantasy VII, + MORE)
Angel Wings Japanese Bag
Miyavix Japanese iPod Case
Video Games and Accessories
++++ MORE

Please take a look at my selling journal:



Onitsuka Chihiro

New Stuff~!

A whole bunch of new stuff this time - a bunch of posters, jpop and jrock and a few anime posters. Also, quite a bit of new Sailor Moon stuff. I've also added some anime VHS. I still have a bunch of manga and anime DVDs, and a TON of anime/manga magazines (added some Shojo Beat mags too). Feel free to make me an offer if you don't like the price - I want RID of this stuff! Please take a look~!

If you want pics of anythings else or if you have questions about anything, just ask! Payment by Paypal preferred. If you can't do paypal, I'll try to work with you. Prices do not include shipping.

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New stuff at discounted prices! Slayers, Pokemon, cels, more!

Stuff for sale!

-Slayers and Pokemon doujinshi
-Morning Musume CDs/DVDs
-Animation cels

I have opened an eCrater store, with quite a few goodies for sale. For a limited time, all items have FREE SHIPPING, no matter how much you buy! So you could buy 2 things or 10 things - it wouldn't make any difference. 10% off original Ebay listed price, too! CHECK IT OUT!

CLICK HERE for my Ebay auctions, and also get to see my feedback rating.
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