March 11th, 2008

Hello Kitty Inspired Jewelry & Kitty Tote

I accept Paypal, check, money order and very well concealed cash (at your own risk). Please send all Paypal payments to I ship items the next day after I receive a payment.

I ship within the United States (with Hawaii & Alaska) via First Class or Priority Mail shipping with Tracking. Insurance is extra. I do ship internationally.

All prices include shipping within the United States. International shipping will be extra according to country.

I also have items on - Please feel free to take a gander.


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"Celebration" kanji

New Kimono!

Great Japanese and Korean merchandise for sale!
New Men's Kimono Just Listed!

Los Zaphyros Logo. Photo copyrighted 2007. All rights reserved.

Just click on the logo above, to visit!
We have great unique gifts for sale.
Now accepting orders from outside the USA. See my web site products page for more info.
Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for special promotions.

Thank you for visiting our site!
Genesis BJD

DBSK or Tohoshinki Items


Does anyone have any items from the group DBSK aka Tohoshinki?  I'm mostly looking for official DVD's, Photobooks or misc merchandise type of things.  

I already have their cd's and I have the Tri-angle cd/vcd set and Tohoshinki T CD/DVD set.  Thanks!
Kingdom Hearts :: Sora Happy

Anime stuff for Sale!

I am looking to sell a few things and they are all at resonable prices I should say! ^_^ But if you want to bargain, go on ahead. I can see what I can do~ I need the money!

Included are CD's, DVD's, A Figure, and Posters!

FMA, Sakura Wars, Kare Kano, Anime CG tutorial CD, Gravitation, Trigun, Cosplay!

** (US ONLY) Prices include the cost of packaging and shipping!
** Out of country may have to pay very little extra~

Paypal is recommended, but other methods of payment are accepted.

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(no subject)

I've added even more items to my selling journal syusukes. Please check it out, I could really use the money and the space. :D;;; There are items from Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, JE, and others!
[krixe] Tsukiji Nao
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(no subject)

Hi everyone! This is my first selling post XD
I have some auctions that are ending in about a day over at ebay!

Some of the things I'm selling:
Fate Stay Night Artbook
Various Anime/ Manga Artbook- popular anime from 2007
Most Popular Artists Artbook- Range Murata, Yoshitaka Amano etc.
A Large Satin Lined Pink Wool Jacket (Korea)
Cute Yellow Japan/Korea Top
Cute White Button Down Japan/Korea Top
Tarepanda Slippers+pouch
Brand New Bottle of Shiseido Benefiance
Japanese Manga Set- Death Note, Shaman King, etc.
Stationary Set with letter pads from China
October 2007 Nakayoshi complete with Furoku
New Code Geass Pencilboard
XL Phoenix Wright T-shirt
BALGUS REC Phoenix Wright doujinshi

Sorry, but US only. (I don't quite understand international shipping yet^^;)

If something doesn't sell, feel free to make me an offer!

Please click if you're interested^^

Pencil Board, English Manga, Cosplay Wig, Keychain

((Chobits pencil board; Glass Wings English manga; long, black, curly cosplay wig; Fushigi Yuugi keychain))

1) PayPal & shipping *within* the US strongly preferred

2) Holds no longer than 5 days, please.

3) Please comment with your zipcode if you're interested. I calculate shipping based on USPS First-Class rates according to zipcodes. If you need Priority Mail, please indicate that.

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I'm also looking for the English version of "Backstage Prince", volumes 1 & 2.

Thank you for your time.

(no subject)

POSTERS - Lots of anime/manga series and singers/idols! Includes Loveless, Fullmetal Alchemist, BLEACH, Tsubasa RC, Death Note, and more for anime, and singers like S.H.E., Super Junior, BoA, and more!! All posters are $5+shipping!

ACCESSORIES/CLOTHING - Many cute items such as leg/arm warmers, hats, leggings, and more! Lowered prices!~

MANGA - Tons of titles to choose from! Including Inuyasha, Marmalade Boy, DNAngel, Ragnarok, and more!! Take 25% off purchases of 5 or more!

JE ITEMS - Lots of JE posters, mainly of Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin, and Kamenashi Kazuya! Also many magazines! All posters and magazines are $5+shipping each!

MISC. - Many things like keychains, Shoujo Beat, Shounen Jump, uchiwa, figures, stickers, and more! All at a cheap price!

ANIME/DVDS - Many anime titles to choose from! Includes series like Saiyuki, Princess Mononoke, Kare Kano, Rurouni Kenshin, and more! Get 5 DVDS for $35!

CDS - Two Janne da Arc cds, including one that is out of print! Get both cds for $30 shipped!

MAGAZINES - Tons of chinese magazines featuring artists from Korean, Japan, and Taiwan! $4+shipping each only!
백현[exo] - no agree

Selling Demonia Creepers

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Demonia Gothic Creepers with hidden coffin compartment in the bottom.
Men's size 9 (US women's 11/European 41/UK 8) - the informed sizes don't feel big enough, though, so you might want to add one size to the original! When wearing, they feel like at least European 42!
White leather with black details, about 2½ inch platform

Worn less than 10 times.

30 euros (about 46 USD), shipping 30 euros everywhere
Shipped in original Demonia box

I accept PayPal only.
Questions are welcome!

For Sale

First, I must deeply appologize for cross -posting, but i have to get rid of this stuff ♥

Im trying to clear out my closet full of doll stuff & japanese imported items n___n

Some Things I have are Manga (including: othello(nana), qwwan, genshiken,blood sucker) all #1
Pullip/Dal wigs, doll stands, Re-ment, Kawaii Toys, Sanrio, Pokemon, CruxShados, Nightmare b4 Christmas & so on...

Check it out here : Clicky for Store
all items negotiable, combined shipping offered.

Feedback on bottom of Journal

Looking For...

Hi all!

I'm from Spain (08303), can pay by paypal and i'm looking for:

Happy Mania (Moyoco Anno) - 06
Confidential Confessions (Reiko Momochi) - all
Confidential Confessions: Deai (Reiko Momochi) - 01
From Far Away (Kyoko Hikawa) - all
Kedamono Damono (Haruka Fukushima) - 02 and 03

tota - luke: excellent

Books for sale

Hi hi, I've got a few books for sale. Behind the cut are some yaoi manga and doujinshi, hentai doujinshi, generic doujinshi and a KH ultimania guide

Prices: Prices are as marked, I am not doing trades at this time so please do not ask

Shipping: Initial shipping on all items is $3, $1 per each additional item in the US & Canada. Other countries $5 and $2 each additional.

Payment: I accept paypal (no extra fee), US Postal Money order, and concealed cash via mail (at your own risk)

Please if you have an questions about any of the items drop a comment to inquire. Everything is first come first serve, if you're paying method is one other than paypal I will hold your item(s) for up to two weeks but then they will go on sale again after that.

Also quick plug Final Fantasy 8 VIII Kotobukiya Figure Statue - SELPHIE TILMITT on ebay now starting bid of $30 an free shipping

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