March 24th, 2008

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Tetsu EDWARDS E-T-125BZ Bass Guitar for Sale

Hey guys. I have a Tetsu model Edwards Bass Guitar (see title) for sale. I've grown out of it and it is looking for a new home. I am looking for around $800-900 for this, considering its only 2 months old and retails for over $1200. Serious offers only. Will ship to US, Canada, or Europe, you will have to pay shipping though. Please email me at for questions/offers.
pickles the drummer

buying jrock posters...

I'm still looking to buy posters or flyers! I need a lot of them! If you have posters featuring Kuroyume, ZIGZO, L'Arc~en~Ciel (especially older ones!), Kiyoharu, Sads, Moi dix Mois, Malice Mizer, By-Sexual, Luna Sea, Gackt, hide, Nil, Merry, SOAP, The Back Horn, or 12012, I want to buy them!

Please leave a comment with pics/price or a link to where you're selling them (sorry if I've missed posts selling these things, I've been trying to keep up with posts here...)!
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Hello! I'm selling some items from Japan and some random items.
All prices includes shipping worldwide and please no dead buyers please! shipping will be from Singapore!
Local buyers please know that I accept bank transfers too!
Please take a look, I need funds for my cosplays (; - ;)

If you're interested...please leave a comment with your email address with the item that you want to buy and I'll get back to you soon! Shipping will be from Singapore. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. for your time!

★Punk G.L.P Jacket★


$9USD, used but still wearable, not for fussy buyers!


$13USD, NEW! Free-size, but to me it looks M ~ L.

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[ Selling: Zekkyou Psychopath ]

I'm selling a Kagerou-DVD [concert]!

I only watched it once, because I got this DVD as a present but I don't really know the band...
The name of this DVD is Zekkyou Psychopath!
I hope that anybody will be interested!

Price: 40 € | 62 $ | 31 GBP

The shipping costs depends on where you're from! :)

Please leave a comment if you're interested!

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Flowers → Pink

For sale :)

I still have some Low Priced stuff left.
I have stuff to sell with:

x gossip
x Vidoll
x Mellow
x hurts.
x Irodori
x Gazette
x Alice Nine
x Dir en grey
x Dali
x Duel Jewel
x the studs
x Kagerou
x Rentrer en Soi
x The Candy Spooky Theater

I also have some magazines and a Phantasmagoria poster for sale.

take a look: unmei_sales
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anime/manga for sale

Hey there, still have plenty of anime DVDs and manga available for sale! Including:

~Fullmetal Alchemist
~Shaman King
~Excel Saga
~Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
~Magic User's Club!

*****Please click here if you're interested!*****

All the info you need is in the linked post. Prices listed are negotiable. Thanks for anyone who looks; I would like to get rid of these and I could really use the money so any help is appreciated!

Promotion time!

I am selling some Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief earrings on eBay that have only been worn a couple of times. Please check them out if interested! <3

Click the picture!

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Algonquins // Deorart // Hell Cat Punks

I have a few punk items to sell from some Japanese punk brands!!
★ Algonquins arm warmers ★ Deorart top ★ Hell Cat Punks knit sweater

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Feel free to request for more pictures.
Please comment if interested or email me at

★ Payment accepted ONLY through concealed cash USD & postal money order (no paypal atm!)
★ Shipped prices are set for USA buyers ONLY. Please inquire otherwise.
★ Not responsible for any lost payment or packages!
★ 100% positive seller's feedback here!

yoropiku v(^_^)♪

Fushigi Yugi #1,4,6,8,9,10,11 - $25
Fairies Landing 1-9, 11, 13 - $40
Snow Drop #1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - $25
MARS 1-5, 7-10, 12-15 - $50
Demon Diary 1-7 (complete) - $25
The Demon Ororon 1-4 (complete) - $15
Cantarella 1-7 - $25
Paradise Kiss #1,3,4,5 (cover 5 has a bend) - $10

Fruits Basket : Yuki Mouse Plushie - $5
Ojamajo Doremi Fans - $3 each
Hana Yori Dango Poster - $4
Naruto Poster - $4
Gundam Wing Poster - $4
NANA : Trapnest Poster - $12
Evangelion Boxset - $75 / OBO
Saiyuki (DVD) 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 - $6 each / $50 for all
Chrno Crusade Slim DVD Box Set - $40

Cure Magazine September 2006 - $9
Cure Magazine August 2006 - $9
L'Arc-en-Ciel (ALBUM : Awake) - $4
The Cure (ALBUM : The Cure) - $2
J-Rock Fliers - Freebies w/ Order

Selling JE items as well! :D

Please check out kanashimiblu3 for more details and pictures!

Note: Only looking to trade for JE items and doujinshi at the moment! Also, I went out of town last weekend, so I will shipping orders out this weekend. Thanks for your patience. :)

Selling Manga

All in very good condition (only read once and then locked away! XD;)

Angel sanctuary vol 1 - £3
Angel sanctuary vol 2 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 3 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 4 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 5 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 6 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 7 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 8 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 9 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 10 - £3 SOLD
Angel sanctuary vol 11 - £3 SOLD

Fruit Basket vol 2 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 3 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 4 - £2 small bend on the top corner of the cover (shown in the picture)
Fruit Basket vol 6 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 7 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 8 - £3

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Shipping NOT included in price and depends on how much is bought and where to. I'll be shipping them from UK.

EDIT: For payment I only take paypal
KRF - Gen &amp; Kengo Magnet

Selling Tenimyu Stuff

Selling a package~! (Only that, can't split it up, sorry about that. -_-;; )

Rikkai Myu Second Service
Best Actors Series 001 (Tezuka/Shirota)
Best Actors Series 003 (Fuji/Aiba)
Best Actors Series 005 (Echizen/Sakurada)
Best Actors Series 007 (Golden Pair/Takki & Kouji)
Best Actors Series 00? Seigaku Memorial Third Cast
Kirihara/Ookawa Genki Rikkai Myu 1st Service Photoset

All in all, $220, shipping not included.

Payment via Paypal only. Contact me for info? ^_^

(no subject)

Huge update today. Brand new items! Something for everyone. Pretty lolita themed jewelry just added! Can do customs. Plus more items added:

- Cute kawaii character charms
- Authentic Tokidoki bag and keychain
- New tops from A&F, AE, VS, hco, Kohls, Windsor + more
- Bags
- LOTS OF MAKEUP! srsly, make your own price with them
- Cell phone straps (roses and strawberry themed)
- Lolita cutes

Come & see!


I just got back from AnimeBoston and have a lot of goodies for sale!!!
  • full metal panic figures
  • final fantasy IV figure
  • lots of postcards
  • posters
  • fliers
  • despairs ray / the underneath fliers
  • tokyo pinsalocks fliers
  • discounted lots of things!
  • kawaii goods
  • plus so much more!!!
phoenix wright

Japanese game-Silent Hill 0

Hi there! I have an unopened Japanese copy of the game Silent Hill 0 (or Origins, for the US release) for PSP that I don't need since I got the english one too. It is in Japanese (duh) and you do need a proper region PSP to play it on. I only bought it so I could get the free release item with it. :) I'm asking $30 shipped within the US, which is less than it costs new either in English or Japanese, or feel free to make an offer! I haven't done any buying or selling on this comm but I have feedback on Ebay under the name akitopockito or on the LJ comm loligoth-dbs, which is for gothic lolita sales. :D Under the cut are pictures of the game to prove I have it.

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X-posting to videogames4sale :)
Nana Kitty Anime

(no subject)

I'm interested in buying Pokemon Gold, Silver, or crystal and wanted to know if anyone had one of the 3 for sale. Bought Pokemon Crystal :D Also, if anyone has a gameboy color data chord for sale, that is needed to.

On a cosplay note, I'm interested in buying wigs. I have no idea what I want to cosplay, I was thinking maybe Sailor Star Healer, but I keep going back and forth on many ideas. So if you have wigs, any are great, please post link! <33

I also have some items for sale at my sales journal misaki_sales I don't have all the items I have listed with me on hand at the moment, many are at home while I'm at college, but let me know if you're interested in anything and I'll see what I can do :D