March 30th, 2008


FLCL doll for sale! MIB Mamimi

This is a mint in box takara , tokyo pose doll of Mamimi from FLCL. She has never been removed from her box. I would love to keep her, but unfortunately need to sell her. I am only taking paypal at this time.

Asking -$25 (comment with zipcode for shipping quote.)


make up jrock

miyavi tickets

selling tickets for:
this iz the japanese kabuki rock tour 2008 featuring: miyavi

place: House of Blues in Anaheim
date: May 14th

tickets available: 2

i'm selling each ticket for $45 including shipping.
& i'm willing to take concealed cash, money order, and paypal.

thank you for your time ^___^
윤호 → Rainbow

[SELLING] Anime, Manga, Various.

Yu Yu Hakusho - The Dark Tournament Saga Part 2 box set. Uncut.

Yu Yu Hakusho - The Spirit Detective Saga boxset. Uncut.

Blood Sucker: Legend of Zipangu Volume 1.

The Ultimate Matrix Collection

PS1 games:
Toy Story 2
The Emperor's New Groove
Casper (Greatest Hits edition)
The Dukes of Hazzard: Daisy Dukes It Out 2
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

(Pictures & details will come up shortly.)
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UPDATED! 3/30/08

Selling a bunch of stuff.

  • tokidoki messenger bag (CAMPEGGIO style)
  • PEACE NOW sleeve-less mohair sweater
  • SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON skinny pants
  • off brand tunic
  • black combat boots
  • black knee-high punk boots
  • manga
  • j-rock magazines
  • CDs
Follow link to the sales page, THANK YOU!


I also have lots of j-rock magazines and CDs for direct sale at this post: (EVERYTHING UNDER 15 DOLLARS)

And translated manga for CHEAP at this post: ALL TWO DOLLARS
Soubi's Mind

(no subject)

Wigs, Wigs and A lot More Wigs For Sale

Due to my upcoming con, these have to go so I can finish my cosplays lol.

From now until the end of March the more wigs you buy the more you'll save!

1 Wig - 10% off
2 Wigs - 15% off both
3 Wigs - 20% off all 3
4+ Wigs - 25% off all

U.S. shipping shouldn't be more than $9. International customers please tell me where you live for exact costs keep in mind international shipping is expensive

This offer only applies to wigs, also please note the fall pair counts as 1 wig if bought by the same person, and finally I won't accept trades on wigs during this sale.

Wigs, Wigs and A lot More Wigs For Sale

Additional shoes, figures, posters, anime, purses, and Feedback can be found here

If you'd like any of the base wigs styled examples of my previous work can be found at Angel Venom Designs
a little princess

dir en grey, manga, etc.

I'm trying to clean out a lot of old manga and stuff I don't appreciate anymore in order to move. Mostly manga, Dir en grey official photobooks, Yoshitaka Amano artbook, and a Sailor Moon old fashioned alarm clock. See Collapse )

I can take check, money order, or non-credit card PayPal payments. Cash is at your own risk.
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Tetsu EDWARDS E-T-125BZ Bass Guitar for Sale

Hey guys. I have a Tetsu model Edwards Bass Guitar (see title) for sale. I've grown out of it and it is looking for a new home. I am looking for around $800-900 for this, considering its only 2 months old and retails for over $1200. Serious offers only. Will ship to US, Canada, or Europe, you will have to pay shipping though. Please check the link for my auction.

Thank you!
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++Jrock & Gloomy bear wanted++

I found a lot of cool stuff on this journal,but my PayPal isn't working
So if u got any Jrock posters or flyers(especially:Alice Nine,The GazettE,An Cafe & Miyavi)and u are willing to sell me without PayPal(mybe if I send u first money by letter and the u send me stuff I bought?) I would like to buy^^
OH!!And if u have Gloomy Bear stuff:))

Koda Kumi's Kingdom (CD+2DVD) - First Press.

Sorry about the crudy photo! This is the best my cellphone can do, it seems.
Anyway, I am selling Koda Kumi's Kingdom (CD+2DVD), First Press, new, never played and still in it's original wrapper. The First press is sold out on websites such as cdjapan and yesasia. I actually have two, and I'm selling one of my copies.
There's two DVD's - one has PV's for all of the tracks on Kingdom, the other is a DVD of one of her concerts.
The first press comes with three glossy stickers and a special poster.

The price I'm asking for it is - $45 w/ shipping to the US, but it is negotiable. I think it is a reasonable price, though, considering that the non-first press versions selling for $50 on the sites.  The only payment type I accept is Paypal (CC or non CC). Thanks!  Post here or email me at if you're interested :D

Stuff for sale~

Hi there!!

I'm selling a bunch of goods at my LJ

I have some Yamapi and Ryo's photos, some brand new Arashi singles, a kanjani8's DVD... And some Fruits Basket goods too!

Interested? Then, click here for more info, prices, photos...

Thanks for looking!! ^^

Mario Dance Dance Revolution

Selling my Mario Dance Dance Revolution for the Nintendo Gamecube/Wii. It includes one Mario Dance Dance Revolution game disc, one Mario Dance Pad, and the original box that they both came in. This game is getting pretty rare to find, so get it while you can! It isn't new, but it is in VERY GOOD condition, and has only been used once or twice. Click on the link below to go to the auction:
Mario Dance Dance Revolution
GaGa [ Headphones ]

Heya again! :D

I'm looking for the February 2008 issue of NewType USA plz. It's the one with Dante(Devil May Cry) on the cover :3

It needs to have the DVD and all inserts though, or don't bother offering :P

I can pay with a Money Order or Cash, I have no PP balance :(

EDIT: Also, I'm looking for the Devil May Cry manga :) I don't have any so......yeah xD

And I have my Sailor Moon: Lunarock CD on eBay right now here:

It has 1 day and 19 hours left so.........BID DAMN IT. BAH.

EDIT 2: I also have 9 sticker cards, some have manga art on them, the rest are anime, only 9 of them. $3.00 shipped for all :)

Picture here --> Clicky 2

(no subject)

Still trying to rid of remaining items. I have edited pictures and added some new ones as well. happy rummaging ^_^

-All items come from a smoke free home located in Utah. 
-Shipping fees can be determined once I receive a comment with what items are of interests and the mailing zip-code of where the interested party resides.
-All prices are in USD
-I will ship outside the USA.
magazines and Comics

will be shipped via media mail unless otherwise  asked

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Prices are not final. Haggle with me and make suggestions, especially if there are multiple items you are interested in.

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