April 13th, 2008


For sale: mega VK flyer lot for $20

Selling a flyer lot that includes 86 VK flyers, Gab magazine Dec 2007, Gab magazine April 2008, PSC Magazine, and Vistlip demo CD (never-been-listened).  All the flyers are in good condition except for the lynch. flyer (it's folded and has creases -- picture 4) and one DEATHGAZE flyer (has minor bends -- picture 6).  Total is US$20 including shipping to anywhere worldwide.  I accept Paypal.  If you're interested, please leave a comment with your Paypal email address and I'll send you an invoice.




Band Goods Shopping Service: lynch., UnsraW, -OZ-, Sel'm, AWOI, & DELUHI

I will be seeing these bands in the latter half of April.
I've decided to leave at the end of May, so I plan to complete these orders beforehand.

04.19 - AWOI
04.21 - DELUHI
04.24 - UnsraW/Sel'm/AWOI/DELUHI
04.25 - lynch.
04.28 - -OZ-

For more info, please take a look at my Shopping Service Entry @ slowsuit

Please shoot me an email at slowsuit[at]gmail[dot]com, if you have any questions.
Or leave a comment in the entry. Thanks!


 Hey all here's a list of thing's I'm selling.
Here's the link to photo's of everything, take a look around and let me know if you are interested:

Mars Day Break vol1- opened $2
Naruto- Ninja clash in theland of snow Movie- Unopened $5
Rahxephon vol- opened vol 1,2,3 (all $10)

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne vol1- $5
Angel/Dust- $3
Threads of Time vol2- $2
Chibi Vampire vol 1- $5
Yu-gi-oh! vol 1-$4
The mythical detective Loki Ragnarok vol 1- (adv release) $5
Banner of the stars vol2- $2
Suikoden vol 1- $5
Saiyuki vol 7- $5
One Piece vol 2&3- (single- $4) (both- $7)
Kanpai! vol 1&2- (both- $10)
The Young Magician vol 1&2- (both- $6)
Scrapped Princess vol 1&2- (both- $10)
Record of Lodoss War Deedlits Tale vol 1&2- (both- $14)
Alice 19th vol 1&2- (both- $7)
Princess Ninja Scroll Tenka Muso Vol 1&2- (both $12)
Tactics (adv release) Vol 1&2- (both $8)
.hack//legend of the twilight Vol 1-3 (all three $15)
Slayers Super-Explosive Demon Story Vol 1-3 (all 3- $18)
Negima! Magister Negi Magi vol2,3,4- (single-$5) P(all three $12)
Pretear the new legend of snow white vol 1-4 (all $20 )
Magical x Miracle vol 1-6 (all $30)

Manga- Japanese-
Tegami Bachi- Letter bee vol 1&2- (both $10)
Chrome Breaker vol 1&2- (both $10)
Tactics vol 3,4,5,8,9 (each $6) (all 5- $30)
Darker than black vol 1 ($6.50)

Comic books-
Pokemon Adventures part 2- issue 1,2,5 With original sticker inserts (all 3-$5) 
My little pony Key chain- $5
Trigun Collectible necklace- $5
Digimon Metal trading cards with cases ($3each-- $8 for all three)
Pokemon Burgerking toys (for all $10) (if you would like to buy one of the lot let me know and we can arange something)
Digimon mini litho's (for all $3)
Pokemon trading cards (for all $3)

(shipping to be determined by buyers location)

Still Searching for JROCK STUFF!!!!!!!!

Please help 
i really reallly want  at good price!.
SuG, OZ , Alice nine, Black:list, Liz, Suicide Ali , Dali, Juluis
Posters, Cds, Merc!
anything to do with these plz post here let me know if you got or anyone that does - i browse on here and looked at the most recent stuffs of non interest but can find very few on each band 
  • cessin

FS: Manga, Anime DVD's, playing cards, DS console, Game Cube console, and more for sale! cheap!~

Added a bunch of video game consoles for cheap! Take a look!

Still cleaning up more!~ I want this stuff gone so I don't have to give it away to good will so everything is priced cheap!~ For sale info please check the bottom of this post under the sold items cut. Thanks!

Edit: Please don't ask for shipping quotes unless your seriously interested! I don't enjoy wasting my time and expecting that you are going to buy something from me and then say you don't want it. (aka dont give my hopes up!) If you are just asking of curiosity, please mention that so I know you probably wont buy it!

Sorry for the font getting weird- It's being irritating and I cant fix it T^T

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Looking for Zoids Model Kits

As the subject says, I'm looking to buy Gate Keepers manga volumes and secondhand Zoids model kits.

For Zoids, I'm specifically interested in Liger Zero or Liger Zero X, Blade Liger (preferrably the red one, but any will do), Shadow Fox, and Saberlion in order of preference. I prefer secondhand but complete ones, but may consider incomplete units on a case-by-case basis. I do not want the boxes the kits come in unless there will be no extra charge for them; I'm just not interested in them being "complete" with the boxes. ^_^;; (Sorry, but once somebody tried to charge me more than their original price just because it came with the box I wasn't interested in.) I'm also looking for spare Liger Zero tails, if anyone has one or two lying around.

For Gate Keepers manga, I'm willing to pay no more than $6 shipped per volume, though I'm open to bargaining. Found a seller!

Thank you!
bunny alfred

{SELLING} J-rock+K-pop cds+Anime dvds+clothing

payment method: paypal preferred. money order, check, concealed cash
Price Negotiable*

[will post up picture when requested]

-An Café -Magnya Carta (ALBUM+DVD) $22 shipped.
-12012- play dolls (ALBUM+DVD)$22 shipped.

-Big Bang- Always Mini-album $12 shipped.
-Wondergirls- First single The Wonder Begins $12 shipped.
- SMTown 2007 Summer Cd+Poster $13 shipped.
-Tohoshinki 'Ride On' Japanese single $10 shipped.

Anime DVDs (Yaoi, boyxboy love titles, all english subbed)
- Gravitation vol.1 $10 shipped.
- Sukisho (Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!) complete series $15 shipped.
- No Money! vol.1 $10 shipped.

H. Naoto famous visual kei clothing brand in Japan!

Never been worn! Just stared at it most of the time.. >__>;; didn't feel like wearing them.

Limited Edition H.Naoto Channel H Women's Designer Open Shoulder Cat Ear Hoody

Material: 100% Cotton

Bust 80cm

Height 56cm

Sleeve Length 46cm

Around Arm 24cm
Original Price; $200
My Price; $190 Shipped. (includes shipping)

Limited Edition H.Naoto Channel H Women's Designer Angel Long Sleeve Shirt 1

Material: 100% Cotton

Shoulder to Shoulder 32cm

Sleeve Length 57cm

Body Width 34cm

Height 63cm
Original Price; $160
My Price; $150 Shipped. (includes shipping)
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Card Captor Sakura artbooks

Hi - I'm looking to sell these ASAP and they are priced low for a quick sale :)

CLAMP Card Captor Sakura artbook in Japanese - $20 or looking to trade for chobits 'Your Eyes Only' artbook

Card Captor Sakura - Episode Recap Book - $15 or best offer

Both book are in excellent condition, with the pages intact, no damage but the jacket cover have been a bit handled


Thanks for looking ^^
GaGa [ Headphones ]

Vincent Valentine[ SOLD ] + Sailor Moon fan club bag/goodies

I just need a few extra bucks for some last minute things I need to buy, and I have to say bye-bye to these in order to do so :(

Under the first cut, I've got info/pictures for a Vincent Valentine trading arts 2 figure, and the 'surprise/random' Turk Vincent trading arts figure. It was either the trading figures or my Vincent plushie......AND NO ONE TOUCHES THE VIN PLUSH!!1

Collapse ) BOTH SOLD

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Payments I accept are:
Paypal (CC or Balance)
Money Orders (USD)
Cash (USD & AYOR)

22 Transactions 100% Positive @ my journal
148 Transactions 100% Positive @ ebay

[misc] gutter stars


New on timemeld:
More manga!! Added Alice 19th, Tokyo Mew Mew, Psychic Academy, RG Veda, and a couple more BL!
Freebies also posted!

Would you prefer to trade? Check out my WTB post.

Please help me out! I'm saving up for college, and selling off all these items will go towards helping me out.
Red summer

Very nice & elegant WEDDING, EVENING COCKTAIL or COSPLAY dress for sale !!!!


I'm selling this beautiful red dress on ebay!


  • This costume is completely handmade; it comes with:

  • a red dress 100% made in taffetas

  • pearls & sequins are embroidered

  • a beautiful brocade belt contrasting with the dress

  • A petticoat included to the dress made with 3 flounces made of reflecting organza

  • a zip will make the costume easy to wear.

  • Size is Small/ Medium

  • This costume is easy to wear and to wash.

  • /!\ Please note that wig is NOT included /!\

Paiement: Paypal only, in US$.
If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me for further informations!

Shipment: Items shipped as soon as paiement is received, with tracking number.

France : 10$ - Zone A ( Economic Union, switzerland, Norwey): 20$ - Zone B : Europe, Maghreb: 25$ - Zone C : Africa, Canada, United-States : 30$ - Zone D (Asia, Australia and Other...): 35$

Jun <3

(no subject)

Selling manga and a few collectibles!

Series that are under the cut:
Sailor Moon
Tokyo Mew Mew
Ultra Cute
Hikaru no Go
More Starlight to Your Heart
Cardcaptor Sakura
Crimson Hero
Prince of Tennis
Ceres Celestial Legend
Skip Beat!
Ranma 1/2
Fushigi Yuugi

I also have autographs from Kitao Masaru (character designer for Death Note anime, and also involved in Cardcaptor Sakura, X, and Rozen Maiden), Araki Tetsuro (director of Death Note anime, and also involved in Digi Charat Nyo, Gungrave, and Galaxy Angel), and Ishikawa Chiaki.

I also have one Prince of Tennis poster (I think) and shitajiki.

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Selling some out of print cds, digiprints,card,posters, tour merch & poster here at my jounral.

Bands include::
☆alice nine.
☆An Cafe

~offers welcome ^-^

(no subject)

I have crown necklace (ayabie/screw), heart/key necklace, glitter eyeshadows, black/pink bunny dress and a custom black/pink polka dot and bow hoody! all *here*

I also have lots of Gazette, AnCafe, Danger Gang, 12012 *here*. I'm moving house so I would like all of these things gone. If you don't like a price, make me an offer :)