April 26th, 2008




CD'S, FLIERS, MAGAZINES, POSTERS - including the following artists:

Miyavi (SENOR SENORA SENORITA lmt. ed CD), 12012, NIGHTMARE, LM.C, Kirito, JILS, Naohito Fujiki, Dir en grey, UVERWORLD, L'Arc, and lots and lots of indie band fliers! :)


DVD'S AND MANGA including:

Betterman, LOVE HINA, OH, My Goddess!, X, & Chobits.

Please take a look! :") I will be updating with clothing/electronic/accessory items soon!

Davey → AFireInside


I need to have all this stuff sold, so I lowered the prices even more!!

x Rentrer en Soi
x Vidoll
x gossip
x Kagerou
x Mellow
x hurts.
x Irodori
x Dali
x Duel Jewel
x the studs
x The Candy Spooky Theater

I also have some magazines and a Phantasmagoria poster for sale.

take a look: unmei_sales
Kakyoin cosplay - scars

Various goods for sale

So I have a bunch of stuff for sale. Help me get to A-kon! Also, some of these pictures suck and I can retake them on request. I have feedback on eBay (as a buyer only) and Den of Angels (I've sold things there before).

I take PayPal only and would rather only sell within North America, but I will work with international buyers that are serious about buying.

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For trades - I am really looking for money here, but if you want to trade...I'm looking for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure DVDs 2, 3, and 5 and also the US Viz manga release volumes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10. I am also looking for Volks 16mm Green Gray metallic eyes. Any MSD-sized boy clothing would be acceptable.
Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

Selling: Old jrock mags (1999, 2004-2006etc) jrock goods, anime, etc

Hi everyone :D

I'm looking to sell basically every jrock item I have amassed in the past 4 years. This includes old (mint condition) magazines, tour goods, CDs, etc.
I also have some anime and Japanese fashion related goods to sell. If you are interested, please have a look!

Sales policy:
-All items ship from Japan. Paypal fees and costs of packaging (envelope, etc) will be calculated into shipping costs.
-Seller does combine shipping.
-Seller accepts paypal ONLY.
-Seller is not accepting trades at this time. (Sorry, I need to pay bills and shit, as do we all.)
-Seller ships on Thursdays (I may be able to find time to ship on other days depending on how my schedule goes, but Thursday is the only definite day I can make it to the post office during hours)
-Seller is not responsible for lost or damaged packages that have not been insured. (Insurance will cost extra)
-Finally, most importantly, seller will NOT hold items. Please do not reserve something if you can't pay.


Merry tourgoods lot: Includes promotional fan, Kuroji-kun pass case, a notebook (has some wear on the cover from age, inside is perfect. The inside paper has a picture of the band on it and the logo) and a pill case that has chibi pictures of all the members and the logo (♥) All items from 2006 except for the fan which is from 2007/summer. $40 for the lot (including shipping to anywhere in the world)SOLD

(More VK goods under the cut)


ALL mint condition, ALL $10 each unless otherwise stated (not including shipping; please note that all printed media will cost around $7 to ship)

*.PopBeat 98-99 yearbook (has some age on the cover from wear, inside is in great condition) Features La'cryma Christi, TM Revolution, Malice Mizer, Pierrot, Luna Sea, etc!
Rock and Read volume 2 featuring Kiyoharu/Daishi/Mao/Gara/etc ($5 plus shipping; tiny bit of fading along the spine from being exposed to the sun)

*UV issue from 2005, features Kirito, Tourbillion, Buck-Tick, etc.
Shoxx 2004/Oct featuring Plastic Tree (NOTE-Does not come with poster. I still have the poster somewhere, but it has tape on it and is not in great condition due to being hung and rehung and from age. I can throw it in if you want it, though.)

Look under the cut for the rest (Old issues of Fool's Mate, accessories, tour goods, plush, CDs, etc)
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various sizes - bookmark; postcard; A4; A3 / high quality 260gr paper!

Kirby, lolita, kigurumin, schoolgirl, J-rock, Pin-up, death note, random cute things

click to view prints
look on the left to find the categories.
each print is labeled 'name - nr of prints left'

the prints will not be watermarked at all.

a3 - 3€
a4 - 1.5€
postcard - 1€
bookmark - 0.5€

get deals on buying more!

please inquire shipping.
will combine shipping
kaoru & panda // gyaru


Selling these, but I would love to trade. Please look for my trade list below my items. O take paypal or money order. I'm selling MAGS for 13 shipped and w/ out poster 11 shipped.

These are NOT good pictures. I took them on my cell because my cam is down. I will happily tell you the honest condition of these mags. Most are in good use. There are two that have issues and I will list what type of issue they have along with a lesser price.

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Gossip Girl B&N

anime CD's, BL/yaoi manga

Photo 1 [All original Japanese print]
Ranma 1/2 DoCo Original Karaoke $10
Ranma 1/2 DoCo First $10
Megumi Hayashibara - Until Strawberry Sherbet $5
Ranma 1/2 - Don't Mind Lai-Lai Boy $5
Fukuyama Masaharu - Boots $7

Photo 2 [English translated BL manga/novel]
Selfish Love 1 by Naduki Koujima (BeBeautiful) $10
Selfish Love 2 by Naduki Koujima (BeBeautiful) $10
Cold Sleep by Narise Konohara/Nanao Saikawa (June Novel) $5

Photo 3 [Japanese language BL manga/novel]
Ecchi Shikanai! by Aki Kitasato (Aqua Comics) $5
Late Show wa Osuki? by Sasaki Teiko (Chara Novels) $5

All prices in US Dollars. First Class Shipping within US starts at $3. Prices are negotiable. Payment accepted via PayPal, US Postal Money Order, or concealed US Cash. Alternate pics will be taken upon request. My email is LingWoo1 [at] yahoo.com. Thanks for looking!


I am selling a white Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet, A Regular Size, I have only had it since January and Have only used it once, Comes with Tablet, Mouse, Pen and Corel Painter. It's Original Retail was 120.00 USD, I'd like to sell it for 80.00 USD plus 5.00 for Shipping Costs. If you are interested please email me at Myuntamedmisery@gmail.com and I can give you the address, I accept Checks and Money Orders.

LOWERED PRICES! DS: Offbrand Lolita dress, manga, doujinshi, Sugar a little snow fairy

Lowered Prices!

I'm trying to save up my money for prom which is in June so I am selling of some of my stuff (also I cannot bring it all with me when I move out next year), so here's what I'm selling:

Offbrand lolita dress

Lament of the Lamb
Suikoden III

Suikoden doujinshi from Japan

Sugar a Little Snow Fairy DVD set

Please follow my link to my entry for prices and photos.
I am willing to look at price offers as well. No trades please.

;; Cherry Blossoms


Candy Hearts offers high-quality, well-priced anime merchandise, including DVDs, manga, and apparel. This journal is run jointly by Tin Tin (tintinnie) and Jenna, who is currently in the process of moving and coincidentally has lots of anime goodies to sell! :3

- Final Fantasy 7 Doujinshi!
- Posters!
- Fruits Basket Art Book!
- New Magazines!
Some scrolling required. :3

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Eternal sailor moon

(no subject)

brand new never been played with Talking luna. mint. works and everything. still in plastic wrap.
here is a pic of the doll i'm selling. the pic is of my luna plushie but you get the picture. it's the same Luna plushie just not with a box.
Shipping is 4.60 Taking Offers. I paid 60.00 for her. paypal only please
GaGa [ Headphones ]

Sailor Moon manga & fan club + Get Backers & FFVIII doujin

Sailor Moon manga volume 7 auction @ ebay ends in little over an hour, and is right here ya'll

I also still have a NA Sailor Moon fan club bag and fan club goodies for $10.00 shipped using priority mail anywhere in the U.S.
Picture Here

Seifer/Squall shounen-ai doujin - $9.00 shipped
It's pretty cute. Has a flashback of Seifer and Squall at the orphanage, and a chibi kiss xD Near mint condition.
Picture Here

Get Backers Doujin, $10.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
Pretty cute doujin, has shounen-ai and light yaoi. Looks like Ban & Ginji have an apartment together and are cleaning it up or something, and a whole bunch of the others come over (Shido, Akabane, etc...) and annoy the hell out of Ban.
Front Cover | Back cover

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I accept:
Paypal (balance or CC)
Money Orders
Cash (ayor)

(no subject)

I am going to leave to Asia in a short while so I need to sell all of these items ASAP .
Shipping will be $2.50 for one manga &i will do combine shipping :]
Shipping for other items will be calculated .
I accept Paypal, Moneyorder, Checks, &Concealed Cash . 
All items are in US DOLLARS .

Chobits Vol. 3 $2
Chobits Vol. 4 $3
Chobits Vol. 7 $4
Crossroad Vol. 1, 2 $5 each
D.N. Angel Vol. 3 $4
Doubt!! Vol. 2&3 $4 each
Dragon Knights Vol. 3&4 $4 each

Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 1 $4
Love Hina Vol. 2 $2
Punch Vol. 1&2 $4 each
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 2&3 $4 each
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 5 $3 

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Game and anime goodies, oh my!

Hi everyone! I have video game and anime related goods such as stationery, toys, and books for sale. Some series are Chaos Legion, Final Fantasy, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Hello Kitty, Rozen Maiden and more!


-Various postcards from Chobits and My Sims

-Rozen Maiden super card set package

-Assassin's Creed tin set

Come on in!

Manga + PoT bromides for sale

All what's left from my last sale;

Mostly in excellent condition

Angel sanctuary vol 1 - £3

Fruit Basket vol 2 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 3 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 4 - £2 small bend on the top corner of the cover (shown in the picture)
Fruit Basket vol 6 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 7 - £3
Fruit Basket vol 8 - £3

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PoT bromides

Part 11 - Illumination version.
All brand new.

Momoshiro  £2
Kikumaru £2
Echizen £2
Special Echizen £6

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I only take Paypal. Shipping NOT included in price and depends on how much is bought and where to. I'll be shipping them from UK ^^
Ruki: Smiling

Jrock Sales

 I'm auctioning off a brand new set of Antic Cafe badges. Please go to this post for more information / to place your bid. ♪♪♪

Please visit this post for my other jrock sales, which include the Miyavi poster from Arena 37 2008.03 and Shoxx 2007.08 (Gazette poster included).

I also have many clothes, accessories and bag on sale in this post in my sales journal shop8. Do check it out if you like a cute style. (●´∀`●)b

(no subject)


TOKI DOKI LeSportSac Hip/Side Bag
  $70 (includes shipping)
condition: NEVER USED/GOOD
Length of the Whole bag: 45 in long 
Size of the bag itself: 15in long & 5 in wide
Regular Price:$105
ONLY ACCEPT CASH/PAYPAL i will only accept cash if you live in the Southern california region. I live primarily in LA county
SHIPPING:I do not ship outside of US except for Canada. I recommend paypal bcuz its safe and fast. Unlike the mailing cash, it may be unreliable. I am not responsible for any loss items during the shipping is in process

I bought this cute bag for $105 and I was so excited but I only took off the tags and I never used it. I dont think I'll ever use this bag so I want it to be put in good use and for someone who will acuatlly even use it.  It comes with the TokiDoki keychain. 

007.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

006.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

008.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

Everything must go

So I'm editing this form last night. basically, I really need to make some extra $$$.  Ignore the prices listed below and make your own bargain. Tell me what you want and what you can pay, or buy a bundle of items according to the prices below of $10-12worth and choose 1 item any item for free ^_^

-All items come from a smoke free home located in Utah. 
-Shipping fees can be determined once I receive a comment with what items are of interests and the mailing zip-code of where the interested party resides.
-All prices are in USD
-I will ship outside the USA.

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Jrock Sales!

Over at my sales journal, [info]shinyoshirisale I'm selling some Jrock cd's/stickers/photos/ and signed items! I may update my post with new items to sell but for now thats all. Feel free to check it out! *NEW* Best of MUCC Album Autographed by all four members just added!

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DGM: Lavi costume and Wig SALE

Hello! I'm selling cosplay stuff.
Need funds for my cosplay, all prices are final. Payment thru paypal only~ And I accept bank transfers for Singaporean buyers. Shipping price not included, payment of shipping has to be made after item is shipped out :)

* Costume is being tailored using oversea tailor.
* Made of party of Leather and some other fabrics~
* With Lining and Stick on badge :)

( Link for more information on lavi costume and wig :) )