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28 April 2008 @ 01:19 am

Find it here

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28 April 2008 @ 01:21 am
I'm moving to a new location in a few months, and I am trying to get rid of some of the heavier things I own. Good news: Lots of doujinshi and pretty reasonable prices.

This is the majority of my KakaIru collection for sale, posted are about twentyfour KakaIru/IruKaka books. Prices range from $7~30/book, the $30 one being a rather large anthology. Xiauqu and Halco plus a LOT of others.

I will be posting more later this week, with more pairings (NaruSasu/SasuNaru, KakaNaru, Tokujou pairings), but this post is just KakaIru/Irukaka. Please take a look! :D


(crossposted where relevant)
Umm, I need money and don't need these things anymore! .__.

Mello top + wig, Cardcaptor Sakura winter uniform, lolita skirt + shoes, curled wig for saleCollapse )

I'm also thinking of selling my copy of Ryojoku no Ame. It was signed for me by Kyo when I happened to spot him backstage when I went to the Family Values tour in 2006.
Even though I'm not into Dir en grey anymore, it still has a great deal of sentimental value to me so I'm still thinking about it.
Give me an offer and I'll consider it.

the rest of my stuff - rare plushies, jrock, english and japanese language manga etcCollapse )
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♥ Shinothee ♥

I'm selling three abingdon boys school Singles.
Attention! : Original japanese!

Some Informations: They are NEW and never been played.
Only Paypal please. Shipping costs depend on from which country you come. I always do the cheapest shipping for you!^^

abingdon boys school - Nephilim CD
= 9€ ($ 15)

.::piccus::.Collapse )

abingdon boys school - HOWLING CD
= 9€ ($ 15)

.::piccus::.Collapse )

abingdon boys school - INNOCENT SORROW CD
= 9€ ($ 15)

.::piccus::.Collapse )

And I'm also selling two of my Moi Dix Mois DVD's.
But please Attention! : the DVD's aren't original japanese MdM DVD's.
But they are the same from the quality! You wouldn't see the different between this ones and
the original japanese ones...

Some Informations: They are in BEST Condition and only played one time to look if they are correct.
Only Paypal please. Shipping costs depend on from which country you come. I always do the cheapest shipping for you!^^

Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal ~Scars of Sabbath~ DVD
= 10€ ($ 16)

.::piccus::.Collapse )

Moi Dix Mois - Europe Tour 2005 ~Invite to Immorality~ DVD
= 10€ ($ 16)

.::piccus::.Collapse )

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Artbooks: Cardcaptor Sakura, CLAMP in Wonderland, Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Mononoke Hime, X

Doujinshi: Gundam Wing

Pencil Boards: Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knights Rayearth, Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Photobooks: Malice Mizer

All that and more, available at psychedelishop!
28 April 2008 @ 11:40 am
Going to college in the fall and can't take it with me. Also, need to pad the savings account a bit^^
Hi, I'm selling a bunch of these still and I'd like to sell them off here before ebay. So here is the final time I post this.
All the shipping and things are stated simple and easy, I take paypal and will ship very fast. I'm reliable and I have lots of ebay feedback and some LJ feedback. 
Sailor Moon Gashapons here cheaper than eBay.
Go here!

Thank you very much^^
28 April 2008 @ 12:03 pm

visit my selling profile for more pictures, and more stuff!!! :)
i lowered down some of the stuff in anime and misc, just because i am trying to get rid of some some of this clutter ;3;

Plastic Tree - 花燃えて、亡霊の涙、天幕に堕ちる。 -Live & Clips 2005 [15.00]
Byakuya Kuchiki 6" Figurine [new] [12.00]
The Back Horn - Emotion Picture Vol.1 [Limited Press] [new] [20.00]
lareine - fleur single [7.00]
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - JP [gamecube] [15.00]
Huge Eureka Seven.Poster [10.00]
.hack//sign volume 1 dvd [new] [10.00]
.hack//sign volume 2 dvd [new] [10.00]
Battlefield 2 [like new] [15.00]
Devil May Cry 3 - Dante's Awakening Special Edition [like new] [14.00]

thanks for looking!!!
28 April 2008 @ 12:38 pm
Hellow, everyone~
Since I need money and I don't really need all this other stuff, I'm selling a butt-load of items so please take a look and let me know if you're interested, yeah?

***I accept Paypal and money orders, but Paypal is definitely preferred.
***If more than one person want the same thing, it will go to the highest bidder.


28 April 2008 @ 12:40 pm
anyone know where i can find a reasonably priced bento box or two? :D? or anyone got a couple they're willing to part with? ^^
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28 April 2008 @ 01:17 pm

Monster Rancher 8 figure toy lot Tiger Suezo Mocchi
ENDS: May-03-08 14:01:24 PDT


* Monster Rancher figure toy Happy Hare 1999 Playmates - ENDS: May-04-08 13:48:59 PDT

* JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Mini Figure Collection Joestar - ENDS: May-02-08 17:25:38 PDT

* Donkey Kong w/bag Nintendo Box Figure Collection Part 5 - ENDS: May-02-08 18:27:05 PDT

* Glow in the dark Pikachu Pokemon figure toy cute - ENDS: May-04-08 13:34:10 PDT

* Pokemon GS decorative deco tape 2000 Japanese import - ENDS: May-04-08 14:08:34 PDT

* Meowth Pokemon figure stamper stamp KRAFT promo 2000 - ENDS: May-04-08 14:43:23 PDT

* Go Nagai artbook All His Works Mazinger Devilman book - ENDS: May-04-08 15:35:26 PDT

* Pokemon Origami book lot 3 6 Red Blue Gold Silver NWOT - ENDS: May-04-08 18:05:19 PDT

* Vintage Brave Yusha Raideen board books Go!! Go!! Toho - ENDS: May-04-08 18:37:17 PDT
Kitsuna Ri
28 April 2008 @ 01:50 pm

Everything is still available and it MUST GO!! I'm moving out in the next few months and really need to get rid of a lot of this stuff!! I've also added up three more of my BJDs as I am looking to upgrade them to SD! So if you're interested, please take a look!!!

28 April 2008 @ 02:38 pm
A&F, Harajuku Lovers
Juniors, Misses and Plus Sizes

Read more...Collapse )
Kitsunegari Sales
28 April 2008 @ 02:40 pm
Kitsunegari Sales

New items added? Hooray!

+ Binsen (Amnesia Antenna, Gintama, & more)
+ Bus Gamer bookmark & Bus Gamer clear file
+ FMA clear postcard & sticker seals
+ Gakuen Heaven stickers & clear plastic book cover thing-a-ma-jig
+ Kawaii eraser sets, notepad
+ Loveless cell phone sticker (a NFS Animate goodie) & Loveless coaster
+ Naruto Kakashi bento/Kakashi goodie pack
+ Prince of Tennis CDs
+ Sailor Moon MIXX comic
+ Saint Beast bromide
+ Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden clear posters
+ Shonen Omoji shitajiki, semi-transparent poster, plastic book cover
+ Vassalord phonestrap
+ Still lots of Asian fashion items available!
+ Doujinshi galore!
+ Yaoi goods!

As always, feel free to browse all sections! xD
Give me wings...
28 April 2008 @ 03:28 pm
Hello everyone! I come bearing more Final Fantasy figures! If you liked the ones I sold before, or didn't get a chance to get any, you can buy these now! I only have 4 in stock and they will go to the first people interested!


Here is a picture of all the figures. They come in "blind boxes" so you can't tell which figure is in them. I have 3 open boxes with sealed figures to choose from and 1 box that is not open. The figures available for sale are:

-Tifa Lockhart
-???? (Sealed Blind Box)

Figures are $7 shipped each (US only, for other countries please ask for shipping price). I take paypal, money orders, and concealed cash (at your own risk). Hurry if you are interested, because typically these go really fast and I don't get any more in until the new series ships.
28 April 2008 @ 04:39 pm
I still have a few items for sale (with lowered prices!) and a few new items!

Shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise noted. I ship in the US only. And I accept paypal.

I have feedback here and on ebay: here.

Items for Sale:

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness PSP
Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles PSP
Valkyrie Profile II PS2
Hamtaro: HamHam Heartbreak GBA
Hellsing DVDs Complete
And more!

Pictures and Prices Under CutCollapse )

If you have any more questions you can either comment here or email me: ampolio(at)oakland.edu.

i got an extra Ashe and an Auron for sale! $8 each-still in bags, i have the boxes-they can be flattened for cheaper shipping if requested! i ship international! paypal accepted-no fees! 

i have refs on ebay under 'onecrazyweasel' 
28 April 2008 @ 04:57 pm
Hey there, fellow Digimon fans =)

If you collect Digimon cards, especially Japanese, I have uploaded some to my online store! They include cards from:
*Digimon Card Tactics
*Digimon Series 2 Visual (Japan)

and this one you probably haven't heard of...
*Digimon Muramiya cards (found from Japanese Sugar packets!).

I've also got 1 yaoi doujinshi for sale, with a price cut. <3

I happily combine shipping for multiple sets purchased and am willing to negotiate prices (just comment here or drop me an email). ^_^

Please hop over and take a look: My Digi-Stuff

Thanks! There is a feedback link in the FAQ!
I've got non-Digi-related stuff too, so please take a look here: Other Items

I'm willing to do TRADEs too! Wishlist is in the FAQ~
baka neko
28 April 2008 @ 05:34 pm
Hi~ I've got a ton of rare VK goodies that I'm selling to help pay for my apartment's rent(I overspent x_x;;). Follow the fake cut to see the list!

( Clicky here! )
Miss Mausie
28 April 2008 @ 06:10 pm
I come bearing 5 shounen-ai and/or yaoi doujinshi, all in pristine condition, and all of them purchased from Hen Da Ne! at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. They come from a non-smoking household with cats, but the cats are not allowed on or near the doujinshi (they've also been in a ziplock bag for the last year). I'm selling these because I am not particularly enamored of them and figure that someone else should have the chance to love them. Or something.

Anyhow, I broke them up by fandom, and did my best to describe them -- the title of the doujin links to a scan of the front and back covers. All of them are the same size (somewhere between 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 14); pricing and descriptions are below.

Quick preview: 2 Yami No Matsuei; 1 each Yu Yu Hakusho, FFVII, Saiyuki.

Read more...Collapse )
Browny (●^.^●)
28 April 2008 @ 06:14 pm

I'm selling Dir en grey's Withering to death album on Ebay.
I't the sold out first press edition which comes in a cardboard slipcase with deluxe booklet!

( take a look )
28 April 2008 @ 06:24 pm

Your one stop bento shop!

I have tons of feedback on ebay.

Updated with new items!!
Angel's Garage Sale
28 April 2008 @ 07:33 pm
Just looking for both volumes of the Devil May Cry manga (not the books! I have them both :P)

I can pay with paypal or a money order (whichever you prefer), and it has to be someone from the U.S. or Canada(who knows that shipping to/from Canada to/from the U.S. isn't ridiculous) because I'm not paying international shipping :D

Also looking for the Tifa figure from the new set of FF Trading arts mini's. JUST TIFA. (I just missed her twice from people on here and another comm -__-;;)

I have a Vaan and a Penelo from the first set (out of box) I could trade for. Or I can just sell them to whoever wants them for $6.50 shipped a piece (and I combine shipping).

100% Feedback @ my journal & 100% Feedback @ ebay

28 April 2008 @ 08:01 pm
Hello! Still cleaning out things in preparation for moving. I've got a Due' le quartz album, SE7EN album, and some manga that still needs to sell. Information on everything is under the cut!

Due le quartz, SE7EN, & manga...Collapse )
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28 April 2008 @ 08:13 pm
Gatsby Moving Rubber hair wax

as seen here and all the other nifty youtube tutorial videos

if interested, please reply at http://icecream-party.livejournal.com/2887.html?mode=reply

Last day to order is April 30, 2008!
All clothing items are "make and offer!"

more items (and freebies!) available at icecream_party

Thanks for looking!
28 April 2008 @ 08:48 pm
I am now selling some manga books (In english) because I really need money! So please, take some time to look around. Some of the books are older, and I am selling those cheaper, but others are in very good condition, and some of them are even unread. I am also selling some Chii posters ^^ I don't want auction, so the first one that wants one item is the first to get it. So if someone is interested, please e-mail me at: siberian-khatru@hotmail.com! And we'll also talk through shippment prices and that... etc :) Oh, and also, method of payment goes by PayPal

28 April 2008 @ 09:25 pm
I need to get rid of everything before I move @_@ in 2 months. So please buy at nekowaka I can negotiate on prices, also because of certain places where items weight may count for the shipping, I can negotiate a cheaper price to make up for shipping ^^; I can go buy JPOP CDS of Ayumi Hamasaki Kumi Koda and such over the weekend if anyones interested in a certain CD, I can see if I can find it @_@.

Thankss <3

28 April 2008 @ 10:28 pm

dresses and shoes! huzzah!Collapse )
28 April 2008 @ 10:37 pm
- Shipping from US
- No backing out
- Verified seller of SOOMPI.COM [+40]
- Right now I only accept PAYPAL
- Price Negotiable 
- I only hold items for 2 days
- Prices include shipping

Please reply here if interested.


[ALBUM] miyavizm (w/ DVD)
Price; $26 shipped.

[ALBUM] galyuu
Price; $23 shipped.

[ALBUM] Hoshi no Miyako {out of print item, rare}
Price; $25 Shipped.

[ALBUM] play dolls (+DVD & card) {out of print item, rare}
Price; $25 Shipped.

AUTOGRAPHED Despairs Ray ALBUM- Coll:set
Price; $42 shipped.
28 April 2008 @ 11:26 pm

Hi still selling stuff just make an offer on what you want or offer a trade. I'm currently looking for any Japanese clothing (free size preferably), shoes size 10 or  any Sweet Lolita Items, but I do accept any type of trade as well. Selling items from Hana Kimi, Angel Sanctuary, Beauty Pop, Lovely Complex, Battle Royale, Death Note, Ayumi Hamasaki, TM Revolution, and DA Family Fliers (Hiroyuki Takami, Daisuke Asakura, and Iceman)

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