April 29th, 2008


To those I was buying stuff from:

But please let me know who I still need to pay! I haven't forgotten anyone, I promise. There's just been so much stuff going on! With the family member in the hospital, paycheck an unexpected delay and the phone jack exploding and putting out more money then I wanted to, I feel really bad making people wait till the end of the month for their payments.

I know I've talked to four people about things on sale in this community, and I wanted them to post here and let me know what the totals for my purchases are. I've commented to a few, but I know I am forgetting someone about a Darkstalkers DVD set or something.

Anyway, please comment, so that I know you are still interested in selling the item!

Thank you so much~!
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Title : ???
Pairing : ItachixSasuke

Circle / Artist : Mutsumix

Language : Japanese
Pages : 48 pages(All Manga)
Description : This is after the fight with Itachi and Sasuke. While Itachi's about to die they have flashbacks of when they were younger etc.. Sasuke is regretting killing Itachi and is crying. It's a very sweet and sad doujin. (sry for my sucky description)

Published Year : 2008 (just recently published)

Condition : GOOD
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Saiyuuki: GojyoxHakkai, SanzoxGoku
Gundam Seed: YzakxDearka, FllagaxKira, Dearka x Miriallia, KiraxLacus, AthrunxMiguel, AthrunxCagalli, Yzak x Shiho
Full Metal Alchemist: EdxWinry
Private Evil-Eye Nougami Neuro: Hayasaka brothers+Godai
Naruto: KakashixMizuki & KaukuzuxHidan
Gintama: HijikataxGintoki
Hikaru no Go : KagaxMitani
Prince of tennis: Inui x Kaidou Ootori x Shishido
Gankutsuou: FranzxAlbert
Final Fantasy 7: CloudxAerith & Tifa
Guilty Gear: EddiexMillia

Code Geass : Mao centric gag, SchneiserxLloyd,AsahinaxToudou,GilfordxDalton
Final Fantasy 8 (gag & IrvinexSelphie)
Final Fantasy 10 (WakkaxLulu)
D. Gray man (TykixAllen)
Bleach (YumichikaxIkkaku)
Wolfs Rain (TsumexKiba)
Naruto (KakashixSakura)
Princess Mononoke (AshitakaxSan)
Xenogears (SigurdxBart)
Getbackers (BanxGinji)
One Piece (ZoroxSanji & SmokerxTashigi)
Slam Dunk (RukawaxSakuragi and mamy others)
Tales of the abyss (LukexTear hentai) and a gag doujin
Fullmetal Alchemist (RoyxEd & Roy/Hughes)
Star Ocean (random guysxNel hentai)
King of fighters
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buy over 50$ worth you get free shipping, also if you buy more than one item you get a 25% discount off the cheapest item
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☆★Manga, J-rock Magazines, Anime Merch★☆


Includes alice nine., The GazettE, Fruits Basket, and more!


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Also, if anyone knows how much it generally costs to mail a wall scroll [including the cost of the tube], please let me know. I want to sell one, but I don't know if shipping is too much. Thanks!
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SHOXX, Cure, Fool's Mate for auction - with posters!


I've put up some of my magazines for auction on eBay.
Prices start at $4.99 to $11.99 according to the condition of the magazines.
Shipping worldwide flat rate US$10 per magazine - sorry it's quite expensive but that's honestly the lowest I can get.
You can check out all my auction listings here.
Clearer and bigger pictures of the magazines are here.
All SHOXX and Cure come with their posters intact.
You can contact me at katharotes[AT]gmail[DOT]com for inquiries.

SHOXX bis no. 4 - Ruki (The GazettE) [2-page poster], Daishi (Psycho le Cemu), Mucc, SID, D

SHOXX vol. 145 - Kagrra [4-page poster], Plastic Tree, Psycho le Cemu, Miyavi, Nightmare, The GazettE, Fatima, Shulla, Vidoll, LAREINE, Kra, ASAGI (D), Phantasmagoria, [FIGURE;], Alice Nine, Rentrer en Soi, bis, deadman, Doremidan

SHOXX vol. 151 - Kagrra [4-page poster], Plastic Tree, Miyavi, Sakito (Nightmare), Mucc, DespairsRay, The GazettE, Vidoll, LAREINE, Fatima, SID, Phantasmagoria, 12012, bis, Kra, Doremidan, MASK, Antique Cafe, Alice Nine, Lluvie, KuRt

SHOXX vol. 152 - The GazettE [4-page poster], Hitsugi (Nightmare), DespairsRay, Miyavi, La'cryma Christi, Kagrra, Vidoll, D, Shulla, MASK, SCISSOR, TRIBAL ARIVALL TOUR 2005, aki, 12012, Ayabie, Antique Cafe, KuRt, Lluvie

SHOXX vol. 153 - Plastic Tree [4-page poster], Mucc, Kagrras, La'cryma Christi, Ni~ya (Nightmare), miyavi, The GazettE, Phantasmagoria, SYNECTICS, Vidoll, D, Shulla, MASK, Alice Nine, Antique Cafe, Ayabie, Rentrer en Soi, KuRt

Fool's Mate no. 287 - Kiyoharu, Kirito, Tourbillon, Merry, The GazettE, miyavi, SID, Vidoll, Gargoyle, Nightmare, D, Alice Nine X Ayabie, Waive, Kagrra, aki, Everlasting-K, Mucc, Kagerou, J, BUCK-TICK

Fool's Mate no. 288 - Merry [CD], Dir en grey, Kirito, Janne Da Arc, Mucc, D, SID, Phantasmagoria, Rentrer en Soi, The GazettE, Sakito of Nightmare, Miyavi, Ayabie, J, Aki (ex-Laputa), Kiyoharu

Fool's Mate no. 289 - Dir en grey, Kirito, Gackt, Merry, SID, The GazettE, La'cryma Christi, Janne Da Arc, Alice Nine, Ayabie, Metronome, MASK, Vidoll, PENICILLIN, Kagrra, D, Mucc, J, Miyavi

Cure vol. 25 - Kagerou [trading card and Daisuke poster], 12012, Lluvie, SULFURIC ACID, Rentrer en Soi, Himitsu Kessha Kodomo A, Gimmick, Vellselk, BLOOD, Kenllre, KLACK, Rabbit, Sadie

Cure vol. 27 - UNDERCODE bands poster, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, 12012, Karen, Himitsu Kessha Kodomo A, KENZI, GELLONIMO, BLOOD, beaU, KuRt, HenzeL, bis

UV Special  - Dir en grey - THE MANIPULATED LIFE


hopefully those of you who purchase things on je_sales or any other je sales type comm watch this community!
i just suggest that before you buy anything from tegomassislove that you ask for the exact condition its in. she sent
me a f*cked uchiwa. you can see it here (the vid may be a little overreacting but WHO wants to get messed up things?!)
theres no proof that it could have gotten messed up during shipment. but i demanded for a compensation fee and she
said "i cant give you any money" and started offering me a whole bunch of things in which i had to pay for shipping @_@
i asked for a small amount of money back ($5??) since i know i cant sell it for much now. and she says (not the exact
words but basically the jist of it) "i'll sell it for you. i'll make a new lj account. sell it without telling them the condition, when
they pay , ill delete the account, and you can get your money back!" O_O i mean COME ON! how effed up can you get ?!

well, that's it. im not saying to NOT buy from her because idk if she's done it to others....  but just be out on the lookout for
those kinds of people! ALWAYS ASK ABOUT THE CONDITION


various items for sale

All manga on sale for $8.00 including shipping
All DVDs on sale for $10.00 including shipping

Items can be found in my journal at:


Items include:
English language manga, unopened anime DVDs, Japanese Sailor Moon books, Sailor Moon cards

* Paypal is the preferred form of payment
* Contact email: dearcassandra@gmail.com
* Feedback can be found here and here (listed as both cassandramorgan and garagesalecass there)
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Still selling....

I need to have all this stuff sold, so I lowered the prices even more!!

x Rentrer en Soi
x Vidoll
x gossip
x Kagerou
x Mellow
x hurts.
x Irodori
x Dali
x Duel Jewel
x the studs
x The Candy Spooky Theater

I also have some magazines and a few autographs from Third Stage for sale!!

take a look: unmei_sales

New Bracelets and Pendants!


Click on the pic to enter the shop!

Custom and Wholesale always welcome and available!
Shipping worldwide!

Not on etsy but see something you like? Email me at komodokat@gmail.com.
I accept direct sales through paypal.

Check out these sites for important updates:

and blogspot for interesting news:

Thanks for looking!
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Animedia magazines and more

Prices do not include postage (I'm in the UK). Paypal only, please. If you're interested please leave a comment, I am willing to negotiate prices.

-Fruits Basket manga (Japanese text) excellent condition - $1

-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live action) trading card set, excellent condition - image - $6

-Official Tokyopop Card Captor Sakura artbook (very slight wear to the edges) - image - $7

-Animedia magazines. All are in Japanese text and have all of the free gifts included with them. I have pictures of the gifts if you want to see them. (slight damage to the top corner of Jan/March/Jun 2007 issues. - if interested make me an offer (I have no idea how much to sell them for, and just want to get rid of them as they're taking up too much shelf space!)

Most contain loads of posters on Gundam Seed, Code Geass, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya and Ohran Host Club. If you're interested in a particular anime I can tell you which ones have the most sections/free posters and gifts on your favourite anime.

Please note these are really heavy, and postage outside the UK/Europe is quite high.

1 and 3 have been sold.

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trailed ground | twilight princess

selling [update]


I only accept trades for zelda or code geass merchandise/games.

FOR SALE. (Inuyasha, Naruto, FMA, MARS, Detective Conan, FLCL, Whispering Corridors, Wolf's Rain, etc)
-PSone/2 + gamecube games
-other merch (playing cards, keychain)

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thank you for looking. :D

Selling Big Bang VOL.2 Second live concert booklets w/ DVD

On sale for $30 w/ shipping. Condition: Brand New ( when you recieved the booklet you'll noticed that the pages might be stuck together because they're brand new and has never been looked through)Did not come with a plastic cover when it was purchased. It's about 6in wide across & almost 8 in high & 1 in thick.


006-1.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

007-1.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

BIG BANG postcards booklet. this contains 2 sets of postcards that are rippable. On sale for $20 w/ shipping. Condition: Brand new. Did not come with a plastic cover when it was purchased. It's 6in wide & 7 1/2 in long & 1/2 an inch thick.

009.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

010.jpg picture by babojangiiToT

I only accept paypal because it's safer and faster. I will only accept concealed cash if you live in California. I do not ship the items until the payment is fully paid. These prices are w/o shipping. I do not accept trades. Please only comment if you have any questions. These items are from Korea. The items come from a smoke free enviroment home. I do have a dog but he does not go near my things. I keep them in a concealed box. 

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I am selling my whole manga library, collected over 5 years...most manga priced at $5, Vol. 1-9 of Death Note for $50!
Please stop by my journal for- DVD/VHS, doujinshi(Death Note and Naruto), stationary, phone charms, posters and j-rock goods 



Ebay Auctions!

Just posted up some ebay auctions of:

Boogiepop Phatom Doll
Sailor Moon Doll, Card, etc LOT
Sailor Moon Stars Light Up tracing/drawing board
PGSM Sailor Mercury Doll
Sailor Moon Flying Skydancer Italian Doll

check 'em out here
zerthis> fall into you

Delete Manga Paper and Anime Figures for sale

Please respond here or send your queries to nekoqueenbastet @ yahoo . com. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay. My shipping day is Saturday, as I work Monday through Friday.

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Payment Options: I currently only have a paypal PERSONAL account, meaning I CANNOT accept paypal credit card payments on that account. I also accept well-concealed cash and money orders via snail mail.

Shipping: For all 3D items, shipping is $5.50 for priority with insurance and del conf in a small box in the USA. Items that can fit in a priority flatrate envelope are $5.05. Domestic first class mail is $3. Insurance is extra based on this scale:
Fee . . . . . . . . . . Insurance Coverage
$1.65 ................ $0.01 to $50
$2.05 ................ $50.01 to $100
$2.45 ................ $100.01 to $200
$4.60 ................ $200.01 to $300
$5.50 ................ $300.01 to $400
$6.40 ................ $400.01 to $500
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Ok, trying to clean house and get rid of ALOT of stuff. For any of the items, drop a comment or email. All sales are on a first come, first serve basis.

first up is a bunch of CDs
DnAngel Drama CD - Wink 2nd target "lovesick" - $30
Gravitation Drama CD - Soundstory 3 - $30
Digimon 02 - Yamato "Matt" drama CD - $25
Princess Mononoke Movie soundtrack - $15

Ayumi Hamasaki - Ayu-Mix II version JPN - $25
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re- Pregnant Fantasy - $15
The Rodeo Carburettor - $15
Pe'Z - Tsu Ku Shi N Bow - $15

up next is a bunch of doujinshi I've collected. click on the name for links to pictures of the covers. For more information on these, please email me.
Yami no Matsuei - Welcome to Muraki's Home  - $15
Yami no Matsuei - Unknown Title - $15
Yami no Matsuei - Strawberry Sex - $20
Yami no Matsuei - Lilies -$14
Naruto - Book 9 - $15
Saiyuki - unknown name - $20
Saiyuki - unknown name - $25
Digimon 02- The fort of Tasteless - $15
Gundam Wing - Kingsbridge - $20
Gundam Wing - Unknown Title - $25

digi Charat Gema plush - $10
Psycho le Cemu tour merchandise - $15 (plastic drawstring tote bag and vinyl cosmetic tote)
Bastard!! manga comic books - $20 (vol 7-12 and 15)
Full Metal Alchemist card game booster sets - $20 (one american deck, one japanese deck)
Clamp Campus Detective VHS tapes - $25 for both (Raw Japanese VHS tapes)
Ranma 1/2 vol 1 VHS subbed - $20
Final Fantasy 8 Rinoa Figure - $10
Pokemon 2 Figure set - Jesse and James - $15 (still in original package)
2 Sailor Moon 6" dolls - Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl - $25
6 2" sailor moon figures - $10
2 gundam Wing action figures - $15 (NOT model kits. these were the american released plastic action figures)

BeBoy Zips- $8
Be Boy Magazine - $10
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin



Take 10% OFF purchases between $6-$19
Take 25% OFF purchases between $20-$34
Take 35% OFF purchases over $35
Items marked Available while supplies last are excluded from all sales promos because they are priced at retail value, and they are only available because I go to the store and buy them.
Trades are still welcome, but they must be items from my wishlist, and they will be taken into account before any discounts are applied.
Percentage discounts are applied before shipping as well.

Just click the banner to begin shopping! =D