May 4th, 2008



Have a bunch of stuff I need to get sold sooner rather than later, so check it out! Includes Kirito's First Press CD+DVD DOOR single, TMR's CRUSH DVD, a crapton of posters (AcQua EP & Takahashi Naozumi, Miyavi, Fanatic Crisis, Kimeru), AND SHOXX Vol. 155, featuring SID.

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Hey all here's a list of thing's I'm selling. PLEASE BUY!!
Here's the link to photo's of everything, take a look around and let me know if you are interested:

Mars Day Break vol1- opened $2
Naruto- Ninja clash in theland of snow Movie- Unopened $5
Rahxephon vol- opened vol 1,2,3 (all $10)

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne vol1- $4
Angel/Dust- $2
Threads of Time vol2- $2
Chibi Vampire vol 1- $5
Yu-gi-oh! vol 1-$3
The mythical detective Loki Ragnarok vol 1- (adv release) $5
Banner of the stars vol2- $2
Suikoden vol 1- $5
Saiyuki vol 7- $5
One Piece vol 2&3- (single- $4) (both- $7)
Kanpai! vol 1&2- (both- $10)
The Young Magician vol 1&2- (both- $6)
Scrapped Princess vol 1&2- (both- $10)
Record of Lodoss War Deedlits Tale vol 1&2- (both- $12)
Alice 19th vol 1&2- (both- $6)
Princess Ninja Scroll Tenka Muso Vol 1&2- (both $12)
Tactics (adv release) Vol 1&2- (both $6)
.hack//legend of the twilight Vol 1-3 (all three $15)
Slayers Super-Explosive Demon Story Vol 1-3 (all 3- $16)
Negima! Magister Negi Magi vol2,3,4- (single-$5) P(all three $10)
Pretear the new legend of snow white vol 1-4 (all $20 )
Magical x Miracle vol 1-6 (all $30)

Manga- Japanese-
Tegami Bachi- Letter bee vol 1&2- (both $10)
Chrome Breaker vol 1&2- (both $10)
Tactics vol 3,4,5,8,9 (each $6) (all 5- $25)

My little pony Key chain- $3
Trigun Collectible necklace- $5
Digimon Metal trading cards with cases ($3each-- $8 for all three)
Pokemon Burgerking toys ($1 each, $0.50 for the pokeballs)
Kirara/ kilala character hat ($3)
Pokemon gold card pokeballs ($5 each)

(shipping determined by buyers location)

Prices Lowered/New Items Added

Due to an upcoming con most of the items I've had up for a while have lowered in prices in hopes of selling this stuff so I can go to the dealers room =)

Prices are negotiable within reason.

Everything Must Go!

I still have loads of things for sale on my journal!
Anime, Mana, Jpop, Jrock, Japanese fashion magazines, cute stationary items, and more!!
All the prices are already set extremely low, but I am willing to take offers, especially on all anime and manga items!

Please come shopping at my journal!

NO TRADES! I need space and money more than anything else.
Buying is responsible for all shipping costs, I only charge exact shipping.

looking for ...

I'm looking for a Vampire Knight alloy necklace in which Yuuki wears ^^; I am only willing to pay if its a reasonable price. The shipping price should also be reasonable >o< I won't buy anything that gets as high as 20$ USD. I pay with paypal . 

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 Well hi there~
Last year I was in Tokyo when Gazette released their last album "Stacked Rubbish"
I bought the limited edtion at Like an Edison and they gave me 6 different Din A2 poster.
Since I'm not really a Gazette fand I'm thinking of seeling those.
They feature each member and the band 

They are "Not for sale" and the mentioned way above was the only one to get them.
So I haven't seen them on the internet and I'm not quite shure about selling them.
But if anyone's interested, make an offer.
This is the group poster. The other feature every member in his outfit.

Game Guides & Girls geek tees for sale!

All guides are $10 each and include shipping!

1. Brady Games Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings for Nintendo DS

2. Brady Games Bioshock for Xbox 360/PC

3. Prima Advance Wars Days of Ruin for Nintendo DS

All shirts are girls size Small, $10 each + shipping.

4. World of Warcraft "/dance" Nightelf shirt by Jinx (Blizzard logo on lower back)

5. Obi Wan Jesus Christ Star Wars parody Shirt by Threadless HOLD

6. "Video Games Ruined my Life. Good thing I have 2 extra lives." Shirt by Threadless HOLD

I accept Paypal & Google checkout. I ship worldwide from the US!

oh, my god, shoes

Here, we have a lovely pair of size 8, 4-5 inch black, vinyl mary janes. (Perfect for a Mana cosplay, which is what they were originally used for--thus, they were worn only once.)

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Next are this very unique pair of black and blue creeper-like platforms (about 3" or so). They're size 7, and were only worn several times.

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Finally are a size 7 (5 in men) pair of black combat boots, which come with 3 zippered-off pieces which can be attached for a knee-length boot, mid-calf-length boot, or just above the ankle. Worn only a couple of times, they're in great condition.

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I am open to price negotiation. To calculate your shipping costs, go to and enter in your zip code.

Shoxx 128 - October 2003 - Miyavi Cover FOR SALE

I'm considering finally parting ways with this magazine. It's Shoxx 128 from October 2003 and was Miyavi's very first cover for any magazine. I've considered selling it in the past, but never did and am now wanting to take serious offers on it.

I no longer have the poster, gave it to a friend a long time ago. There are a few little dings in the cover, mostly only visible when you hold it certain ways under light and the top corner got bent at some point, so there is a crease line across there.

Otherwise in great condition.

I have an idea of what I'd like to get for this. If I don't receive a reasonable offer I will not feel obligated to sell this, especially when it's taken me this long to actually be fairly okay with parting with it. However, I'm not going to hold out just to get more and more money. If I get the offer I'm looking for, it will go to that person right away.

I accept PayPal ONLY, no eChecks, please.
Shipping will be $5 within the US/Canada, $12 worldwide [yes, it does actually cost this much including shipping materials]. These prices are for basic shipping. It will cost extra if you want added services like insurance or priority mail. If insurance is not purchased, I will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Thanks for looking!

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I have a TON of stuff up for sale or trade! And will be adding more over the week!

offers and trades considered.
If purchase : Paypal only please.
I ship via either USPS First class or Priority (buyer's choice)
Located in: California

All sorts of other items in my journal:
oriental clothing and items
Professional Body Piercing Supplies.
Jewelry, ect.

Coming soon!!! (things I will be adding this week):

Doll stuff
Gyaru (Gal) style clothes
Christian Dior handbag

assorted purses

GLP drawstring DUST/Boutique BAG! $20

Japanese bill fold and memo paper. $8

Chinese Formal attire. Size S $35

Japanese Purple & Red Yukata Set. Includes matching purse. $85
Free size. Very long, can be hemmed to fit shorter individuals. Male or Female.

DVDs & Books: $4 each