May 9th, 2008

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English Manga [Yaoi + more], Dolls & Artbooks for sale!

Hey guys! I have a ton of manga and other stuff I have to get rid of! Prices are sorta negotiable if you want multiple things, but please be reasonable. ;o;

I am currently accepting payment via Paypal Only. I'm pretty sure I can accept credit cards through paypal too. @-@

About Shipping
U.S.: I usually don't charge shipping because I ship via Media Mail. This works for books, DVDs, CDs, etc. I've heard stories about it but so far I haven't had any problems sending things this way because I make sure the items are packed well! :3 However, if you'd really like another/faster shipping method, please let me know and we'll work out a price.

International (Outside U.S.): Depending on where you are in the world, it can end up costing a lot. ;o; I can fit about 4 manga into a $9 flat-rate envelope, which ships to several major countries. It's been a while since I've shipped anything internationally though - but I'll gladly find out the rates if you're curious! ♥

ALL SALES FINAL, however I WILL honor a return if it arrives damaged, etc. XD Probably less than five books in this whole lot are "damaged" (cover creases) and if the one you're interested in has damage on it, I'll let you know before we agree on anything. :3

Photos gladly provided upon request!

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I also have two ball-jointed dolls I'm looking to sell. I don't have enough posts in DoA to use their marketplace. XD They are both SOOM dolls, and SD size (60cm, SOOM calls it "Gem") - a Kanoa (normal skin) and Godo (cream white). Only Kanoa has his wig, they both have their default eyes, and I have several shirts, two pants, and a single pair of cheap shoes for them. XD
They're both in need of face-ups as Kanoa had an eyelash & makeup incident (don't ask ._.) and Godo has had his nose modified.

If anybody is interested in these dolls, please let me know. They still have their original boxes and certificates and I'll gladly take tons of photos for you; I just don't know how big the BJD niche is in this community...
I paid $550 a piece for these gorgeous boys, but I just don't do as much with them as I used to. I'd be willing to let a single buyer purchase them both, and their accessories, for $825, shipping included.

If you're interested in anything you can comment here, or e-mail me about it: either/or is fine~!

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Final sale, the last bit of stuff, these need to just go before I leave on a trip. Lowered prices on some items.

Stickers (An Cafe)
Flyers (Dir en grey, DOREMIdan, Shulla, Cooky)
Magazines (CURE, under code special- $8!)
CDS (12012, Dir en grey)
DVDS (signed sold out rare 12012 dvd)

Everything I own is official merchandise, not bootlegged or fanmade stickers, etc.

Also, I added shoes!! Creepers, perfect for jrock fans, for only $40!!

Sales post here.

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♥ New Items Listed ♥

DVDs (Prices vary)

Peacemaker Kurogane 1
SuperGALS! 1
Ergo Proxy 1 (still packaged)

VHS tapes (Prices vary)

Petshop of Horrors 1 & 2
Sailor Moon Supers Movie
Gundam Wing: The Cold Battlefield - unedited version
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
Sailor Moon S: The Love War

Japanese manga - $7 each

Trinity Blood vols 1-5
Yami no Matsuei vols 5, 9
Getbackers vols 2, 5-10, 18, 19, 21, 23

English manga - $8 each

No Need for Tenchi! vols 1, 2
Oh My Goddess! 1-555-Goddess vol 1
Trigun vol 2
Confidential Confessions vol 2
Ranma 1/2 vol 20

Other books - Prices vary

Loveless: Mind Map (official TV guide)
Kiddy Grade official anime guide
Tenchi Muyo in Love part 1 (Film Comics)

Miscellaneous - Prices vary

Gankutsuou OST
Getbackers wallscroll
Trinity Blood clear folder
Tohru plush, Kagura plush (Fruits Basket)

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Please ask about prices and shipping info (I accept Paypal). ♥ All manga sales have free shipping within the US.
Flowers → Pink

For sale!!

Lowered Prices!!!

x Rentrer en Soi
x Vidoll
x gossip
x Kagerou
x Mellow
x hurts.
x Irodori
x Dali
x Duel Jewel
x the studs
x The Candy Spooky Theater

I also have some magazines and a few autographs from Third Stage for sale!!

take a look: unmei_sales
Misc: Camera
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Fate Stay the Night file and Cards, Prince of Tennis Cards and Animedia

Fate stay the night merchandise:
- Saber clear A4 file - $10
- 15 plastic trading cards
(shipping included anywhere in the world) or make me an offer.

I also have loads of rare prince of tennis trading cards and tenimyu/tenimyu actor photosets here.

And I have back issues of Animedia (featuring Ohran High school, Code Geass, Melancholy of Haruihi Suzimiya, Gundam Seed and loads of other anime) here.


Selling several figure keychains from Final Fantasy IX, X, and X-2 and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto from Sailor Moon.

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Shipping is $3.00 for up to 3 in a padded envelope, $4.00 for 4 or more. I prefer non-cc paypal but can do money orders. At this time I prefer to ship within the continental United States only. I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please email me at if you have questions. Thank you!
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Paypal is preferred, but I also take checks, Money orders and concealed cash (at your own risk)

My paypal is


I have a tales of the abyss Volume 1 soundtrack drama CD for sale (its brand new, never been opened)
Its also  on sale here

It runs around 35-40$ on most sites that I've seen

Basically I bought the wrong one at a con for 35$ (the songs i wanted were on 3 not 1 -_-) So its still wrapped and brand new.
I'm selling it for 27$ shipped

More new stuff here:

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Saiyuuki: GojyoxHakkai, SanzoxGoku
Gundam Seed: YzakxDearka, FllagaxKira, Dearka x Miriallia, KiraxLacus, AthrunxMiguel, AthrunxCagalli, Yzak x Shiho
Full Metal Alchemist: EdxWinry
Private Evil-Eye Nougami Neuro: Hayasaka brothers+Godai
Naruto: KakashixMizuki & KaukuzuxHidan
Gintama: HijikataxGintoki
Hikaru no Go : KagaxMitani
Prince of tennis: Inui x Kaidou Ootori x Shishido
Gankutsuou: FranzxAlbert
Final Fantasy 7: CloudxAerith & Tifa
Guilty Gear: EddiexMillia

Code Geass : Mao centric gag, SchneiserxLloyd,AsahinaxToudou,GilfordxDalton
Final Fantasy 8 (gag & IrvinexSelphie)
Final Fantasy 10 (WakkaxLulu)
D. Gray man (TykixAllen)
Bleach (YumichikaxIkkaku)
Wolfs Rain (TsumexKiba)
Naruto (KakashixSakura)
Princess Mononoke (AshitakaxSan)
Xenogears (SigurdxBart)
Getbackers (BanxGinji)
One Piece (ZoroxSanji & SmokerxTashigi)
Slam Dunk (RukawaxSakuragi and mamy others)
Tales of the abyss (LukexTear hentai) and a gag doujin
Fullmetal Alchemist (RoyxEd & Roy/Hughes)
Star Ocean (random guysxNel hentai)
King of fighters

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Sales Post!!

I've re-opened my shop. Here is my sales post and everything for sale.


I combine shipping.


I can only accept Paypal at this time. Please post which country you are from and the items you want. I can only hold for 3 days.

I have Ebay feedback and LJ feedback if needed.

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That's all. Please comment if interested!
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Hello everyone, it's that time again: time for a new issue of Five For!
This time around, Miyavi fans will want to pay special attention:
We are holding a contest - the prize is Miyavi's self portrait! That's right, he drew it himself during the course of our interview. This is a one of a kind item, and only readers can enter, so be sure and grab your copy now!

Other features in this issue include:
Miyavi long interview part 1
SID live in Nagoya
Kgarra, tour opener (with exclusive photos)
GPKism interview
Unicorn Table
T.M.Revolution interview
and our Rockstar Taste of Chaos photo special.More exclusive pics you won't see anywhere else!

Aside from the Miyavi contest, we're also holding contests to give away a SIGNED Kagrra, tour t-shirt and a T.M.Revolution 10th anniversary Hello Kitty cell charm.

Grab your issue today, before they're all gone!

Sale! Updated!

Hi again,

I've still got a ton of stuff for sale, but I found some extra stuff that I've put up online. The new items (anime pencil boards, cards, etc.) are here . The doujinshi, manga, and figures are still up starting from here . Thanks!
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