May 17th, 2008


Free manga & artbooks!

I'm GIVING this stuff away because I'm moving.

Utena VOLUME 1
Angel Sanctuary VOLUMES 2, 3, 4
Alien Nine VOLUMES 1, 2, 3 (FULL SET)

you know which ones!
ANGEL CAGE and the other one. Christ, what's it called? I think they only made two.

More details of shipping charge and whatnot at my LJ entry.

1/2 hour later - I think I have takers on all of it! Thanks!

Still loads of items for sale~

the gazette FC card holder/gazette cosplay shirt/HK deco tape/Kuromi plush keychain/H.naoto bag/Cure and hevn mags, jewellery, etc....

Please check out my journal for more stuff~<3
(*trades are welcomed only if the item you are offering falls in one of the categories listed in my wishlist section)
The magazine section is still in progress, but do comment anyways if you're interested in a certain item~ :3

Please check out this site as well for more jrock items:


English,Anime Manga plus plushies cosplay figures for sale

I now have 2 shops for art prints buttons etc open..

To my ranger luvs and friends and new friends,
Sorry to keep posting but I would rather you all got first dibs before anyone else.

Still selling stuff, My hours are still not getting any better and im not making bills. So I am desperately as king for help here. I do warn you that shipping rates and postage rates have gone up so, do not be shocked by expensive shipping. Gas is expensive and I have to cover myself as well as make enough money to pay for school next week and books in a few weeks. I would really appreciate the help.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone. [US Buyers only unless you can have it shipped to a friend here.I have trouble figuring out the calculations to other countries so I just decided id better not even try lol.]

(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me. I will send out your tings next friday or the friday after when I don't have 4 papers and an art final to do.sorry for the delay. God bless you all for helping me.)


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if that doesn’t interest you then perhaps a art commission.. (will begin next batch as soon as people want one and I finish batch 1)
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media sale

Hello! I am selling a few Japanese media items
including, magazines, DVD, book, and CD's!
Please check it out!

miku-crimson air

[Jrock Merchandise!] Miyavi and SKIN items for sale!

Hello all! One of my friends is selling some official Miyavi and SKIN merchandise on eBay and he asked me to help spread the word. The Miyavi merchandise is brand new from his most recent concert in California from this past week. The SKIN stuff is from their AX performance. Here's what he has:

-A set of three Miyavi buttons from his 5/14/08 show at the House of Blues.
Pink and white. Each one is different. All are completely new and have never been worn.

-A pair of Miyavi wristbands from his 5/14/08 show at the House of Blues.
These are completely new and have never been worn. They're black with a white mountain decal. Behind the mountain a sun is rising with the kanji for Miyavi's name/elegance in the middle.

-One XL S.K.I.N. T-shirt from their Anime Expo performance.
Black with the offical S.K.I.N. logo.

-One XXL S.K.I.N. T-shirt from their Anime Expo performance.
Black with the official S.K.I.N. logo.

-One S.K.I.N. button from their Anime Expo performance.
Also black with the official S.K.I.N. logo.

I'll apologize ahead of time as this will be cross posted. Thanks you guys!

New Store Appears - Satin Shell Shop Sales!

Hot New Store Opening!

satinshellshop is a new LJ store featuring a variety of Japanese-themed items for sale, including a large doujinshi collection, figurines, keychains, Japanese manga, Pokemon merchandise, and video games! We are also currently carrying items from dot Hack, Samurai 7, Keroro Gunsou, Howl's Moving Castle, Final Fantasy, Gankutusou, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more!

Please click on the image to see all our sales!

Note: Payment options are PayPal, checks, or concealed money (at your own risk) only; PayPal greatly preferred. satinshellshop also only ships within the United States, currently there is not an international shipping option available.


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I've updated my LJ Store!

Angelchan Sales

Sasuke Naruto Keychain
Sakura Wars / Taisen Figure Box Set
Digimon Action Feature Figures & Digivolving Figures
Digimon Stickers
Digimon Cards
Monster Rancher Plush Dolls
Monster Rancher PVC Figures
Pokemon Monopoly Figures
and much more!!! <3

Digimon World 1 PSX (CD only)
Monster Rancher 2 PSX (complete please)
Digivice iC (US preferred. Blue/White or Blue/Black)
Digimon PVCs (Gabumon, WereGarurumon, MetalGarurumon, Lobomon, Gaogamon, MechGaogamon)
Ayumi Hamasaki CDs (ALBUMS only)
Yoshitoshi ABe doujinshi
Digimon Doujinshi
Aerith Crisis Core Potion Figure
and alot of other stuff, just show me your list.
Magical Boi

Super Sailor Moon gashapon @ ebay + other junk.

Hello again all. I have a Super Sailor Moon gashapon (from set 2) @ ebay ending in just little over an hour, Right Here.. Details are in the auction.

I also have a lot of some random Sailor Moon cards and stickers cards for DS, as well as a card case. I already have this card case, it came as an extra in a lot I won @ ebay, so.....I don't really need it ^^;;

Pictured Here
The top row are all official NA sticker cards. They are in near mint condition cause the person I bought them from took great care of them, and when I had them they were just in a card binder.
The first two cards in the second row...I dunno what they are tbh ^^;; They're prismatic sticker cards is all I know :P
The rest are all official Japanese cards by Bandai, except the very last card (the Chibiusa one) that is Banpresto.
The card case is in good condition with some slight wear, and the previous owner stuck a prismatic sticker card on the back of it (it looks pretty cute on there though cause it looks like a new sticker card, so I just left it on)

$9.50 shipped for the lot. $3 for the case, $.25 a piece for the sticker cards, and $.50 a piece for the cards, except the Chibiusa one, which has some slight damage to the lower left corner, so it's free. + $2.00 shipping.

I also still have some things @ my sales journal angel_sales including Get Backers, Final Fantasy VIII, and 12 Kingdoms doujin, the 'Tsuya' Atsuko Nakajima artbook, and a couple of other things kicking around I'm still trying to get rid of :P Help a girl out?

- Here is my feedback post --> CLICKY, it has my LJ, ebay and serasell feedback.

Not looking to trade really, unless you have the Devil May Cry 4 art book (not the mini white promo art book, I have that already), Dante/Nero doujinshi., or Sailor Moon stuff you think I'd be interested in %D

Smile 4 Me

(no subject)

Hi! Once again I have some items for sale. Mainly Magazines, Book, and a plushie! 
I can only ship within the U.S. and can only accept concealed cash or
money order. I am willing to trade only for anime Figures at this time.  
All items are make a offer. Everything is in great and like new condition unless stated otherwise!

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♥ I am selling off some of my JROCK goodies, mostly alice nine. goodies., the Gazette bags and other items, i,e, jrock magazines, flyers.
♥ I am selling off Clothings, Shoes and jewellery (with discounts of 20%)
♥ AUCTION:- alice nine. AtoU cards (end Sunday 8pm Japan time)
♥ If interest, please come in and browse
♥**WARNING LOTS OF PICTURES** click one of the link below to go to preferable sell posts.^^

[SELLING] alice nine.



NOTE: ♥ AUCTION alice nine. AtoU cards (Ends Sunday Japan Time 8pm**) [they are two different sets]
AtoU cards for Auction - SET A:- by background ---> HERE

AtoU cards for Auction - SET B:- by MEMBERS ---->
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


+Selling away a tonne of Jrock Flyers, Blood, lulu, LiZ, Sel'm, Kain, Chariots, Dali, Deathgaze, Miyavi (just to name a few!! more under the cut!) all must go!! (all under the cut)

+All flyers - AUD$2.00 for Standard A4 size, AUD$1.00 for smaller flyers

+Click pictures to make them bigger! All comments are screened. PAYPAL ONLY


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Wish List YAY!

I sold a bunch of unwanted pieces from my collection, so now I has lots of monies to buy pieces for my collection that I DO want! =D Please take a look and see if you have anything I'm looking for. Please include pictures and your asking price. Thanks! =D

( Storm's Wish List ♥ )

Also, if you're selling Sailor Moon merchandise, join serasell, where you'll find a ton of members who could be interested in your sales! =D
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Henry Lau 3

Direct Sale: Regular Edition CDs all from Japan! & Magazines

Hi! I'm freepureangeland I have some CDs for sale over at my journal.

 I have:

Yui Horie - From Me to You (Album[This one is the HK edition])
NEWS - Touch Album
KAT-TUN - Signal Single
Tegomass - Kiss~
Kimeru - Galaxy Kiss | to be with you | With You (This one has the DVD so I'm assuming this one is the LE edition)

I also have:

Wink Up Dec 2007
Potato Dec 2007

Leave a comment if you're interested! =]


Selling several figure keychains from Final Fantasy IX, and X-2 and Neptune from Sailor Moon. Added Kaworu, Rei, and Maya Ibuki mini figures and a D.N.Angel keychain

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Shipping is $2.50 for up to 3 in a padded envelope, $3.50 for 4 or more. I prefer non-cc paypal but can do money orders. At this time I prefer to ship within the continental United States only. I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please email me at if you have questions. Thank you!

Also, please check out my archived items here my livejournal if you have seen my previous sales. I like to sell by similar items (size, series, etc.) so often things that are not listed are still available. Thank you!