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18 May 2008 @ 12:00 am
Hello :) I'm selling a ton of Japanese merchandise at my journal kyuupi, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd come and take a look.

The merchandise includes...

Anime DVDs including Gravitation, Inuyasha, Loveless, Prince of Tennis, Yu-Gi-Oh
D-BOYS items such as DVDs and photobooks
Doujinshi from series including Gravitation, Naruto, Prince of Tennis
Electronics such as a Game Boy Advance package
Kimeru items such as CDs, DVDs, photobooks
Manga including Angel Sanctuary, Descendants of Darkness, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Prince of Tennis, Yu-Gi-Oh
Miscellaneous trinkets from series including Gravitation, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Yu-Gi-Oh
Tenimyu-related items such as CDs, idol DVDs, pamphlets, photobooks, photo sets

Thank you ♥ I'm really sorry if you see this more than once!
18 May 2008 @ 09:07 am
Selling lots of manga, shojo beat magazines, anime dvds, and some video games!

(I had too much fun making it all into a tower, so I had to take a picture.)

Click here to see what I'm selling!
Blithely going
18 May 2008 @ 12:45 pm
I need to clear out my apartment so I'm selling a lot of my anime stuff to make room for other things. Please check it out! I'm selling manga, artbooks, pencilboards, CDs and more!

Click here!
18 May 2008 @ 12:59 pm
Hello everyone I am selling some stuff for really CHEAP since I am moving soon.

I need to get rid of everything, or it's getting trashed.

I have some Final Fantasy doujinshi, Prince of Tennis doujinshi, Level C DVD and Manga, FAKE DVD, My Sexual Harassment DVD, and Kizuna Manga volumes 1 and 2

Prices are in USD and shipping is FREE on everything. I am open to offers on everything.

pricing and what notCollapse )
18 May 2008 @ 01:20 pm
Lowered prices on everything! $4 manga in English and in near mint condition!
Get free shipping (within the US only) if you buy $50 or more XD


* Samurai X Boxed OVA set.


* Kare Kano 2,3
* Vampire Game 1-3
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 1-5, 7, 9 (1st edition, reads from left to right)
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right)
* Fushigi Yugi vols 1-8 (1st edition)
* Fruits Basket 1-4
* Desire (yaoi)
* X/1999 1-7
* DNAngel 1-6


* Our kingdom (yaoi) 1-4
* Girl got game 1-10

Everything (HERE! )

Thanks for looking! ^___~
18 May 2008 @ 01:38 pm

Stationary Hello kitty; Hello Coro; Bubble Chan; Hoöa; Hamtaro; Lucky Star Kit
Bentou Toto's Story; Anpanman; Spoons
Phone Hello Kitty; Chinese Knit; charm 
Doujinshi Death Note; Naruto
Manga; DVD; Poster; J-Rock


bob lemon
18 May 2008 @ 02:23 pm
Hey guys, I know you guys are probably sick of me, but I did some spring cleaning and came up with some new stuff. Half of this stuff isn't listed on my sales journal, sushisalez and the other half is stuff I think is a good deal, I'm not sure why it's not gone yet. But don't worry, I won't bog you down with a bunch of crap.

Short list:
Kera magazine
Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney
Sasusaka Doujinshi
Shikamaru keychain
Ryuuck Figure
Final Fantasy X Tarot Cards
Mr. Stain on Junk Alley DVD
The Antique Gift Shop
Battle Royale Manga set

One piece yaoi Doujinshi + Anthology
Hikaru no Go Doujinshi
Japanese yaoi manga

More info and pictures under the LJ-Cut!Collapse )

See something you like but want to make shipping worth it? Check out my sales journal sushisalez for some freebies and a few other items not listed here. Thanks!
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18 May 2008 @ 02:26 pm
http://kuroitenshi13.livejournal.com/56749.html#cutid1 posters

http://kuroitenshi13.livejournal.com/56749.html#cutid2 dvds

http://kuroitenshi13.livejournal.com/56915.html#cutid1 CDs

http://kuroitenshi13.livejournal.com/57593.html#cutid1 manga/artbooks/doujin

Thanks for looking~ My ebay name is kuroitenshi13 if you want to look at my feedback or go to the feedback post on my journal!
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18 May 2008 @ 02:49 pm
Hello all.
I've been looking for Vinyl Syndicate volume 14 since I saw it on CDJapan as freebie for buying music-related stuff. CDJapan has been rejecting my credit card, so I gave up.

I was wondering if anyone was willing to sell theirs to me? I can only pay in concealed cash, USD. Give me a price and I'll see. =D (Price including shipping, please!)

Thank you~
Please include a picture. :X
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18 May 2008 @ 03:22 pm
hi! I just moved my shop ^__^ (old username: badtz313)

Maffy, DVD, CD, cute stuff, sanrio, and more for TRADE/SALE!!~elaine013
18 May 2008 @ 04:06 pm
Check out www.megasuperbento.ecrater.com
Many items restocked as well as new items!
Custom orders welcomed!
$1 shipping!

More feedback on ebay.
18 May 2008 @ 04:22 pm
I have to be out of my current living situation in TWO WEEKS.

Everything HAS to go or it gets thrown away. And I really need the money. If you need pictures, let me know, I'm just trying to get rid of everything ASAP.


Manga is whatever. It just needs a good home. Make a fair offer. $15 for all + shipping?

I have:
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious play 3-10, 12 and 14.

That's 14 manga for $15 and the price of shipping. You can't find a deal like that anywhere. THey've all been read but they're still in great condition, covers on, nothing falling out. I also have the full set of Neil Gaiman x Marvel's 1602 that someone can steal away for $5 plus shipping.
18 May 2008 @ 04:48 pm

the gazette FC card holder/gazette cosplay shirt/HK deco tape/Kuromi plush keychain/H.naoto bag/Cure and hevn mags, jewellery, etc....

Please check out my journal for more stuff~<3
(*trades are welcomed only if the item you are offering falls in one of the categories listed in my wishlist section)
The magazine section is still in progress, but do comment anyways if you're interested in a certain item~ :3

Please check out this site as well for more jrock items: http://omise.blogdrive.com/

thank you for looking~!

(^_^)  pretty_papers  (^_^)
18 May 2008 @ 04:55 pm

it's me again. f^^
nevertheless.. I am selling still a lot of J-Rock related items.
I sell 
here only Dir en grey items.
here only magazines
here various artits items, like photosets, photobooks, cds, dvds, trading cards and many other items.

I have made cheaper prices. PLEASE BUY!
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18 May 2008 @ 05:54 pm


18 May 2008 @ 06:42 pm
I'm posting here too
just to say.. give me feedback about the fool's mate vol. 310
I'm really interesseted by it  =^-^=
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18 May 2008 @ 07:35 pm

Shipping Prices lowered due to store miscalculation.  :3 
Check out the new prices!!  I'm selling a Nakayoshi and Ciao
issue with all furoku included and tons of other furoku... more
to be added soon!!  Plus get Kawaii San-X stuff!!!

Want to shop directly from Livejournal?  Check out korekawaiidesu
for more info!
Kitsuna Ri
18 May 2008 @ 07:52 pm
All the usual stuff is still up for sale along with TONS of new manga, some DVDs and video games! I just discovered a huge box filled with manga and dvds that I'm ready to sale! So check it out!!!

18 May 2008 @ 07:55 pm
I am parting with a large part of my flyer collection and have over 1000 flyers for sale.
Please check it out!
Over 1000 flyers!
bands include: Alice nine., D, Gazette, Kra, Dir en grey, D'espairsRay, ScReW, SUG, Moi dix Mois, OZ, LiZ, Kagraa, Panic Channel and more!

The stack and some samples!

find them here:
At Blogspot (for non-LJ/openID users)
At my LJ

coming soon:
my poster collection!
D photosets!
18 May 2008 @ 07:59 pm
I am looking for myv's neo visualism hat and a this iz japanese kabuki rock t (not the loin)
18 May 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Hi! Once again I am back to sell off more Kawaii! This will probly be the last lol. I can  only accept Concealed Cash and money orders and can only ship within the U.S. Well here are the items! Once again just make an offer!!! Also I will only trade for anime Figures!
Great Prices! Everything needs to go ASAP!~
New stuff added, Kagrra, items and more!

(Follow the Fake Cut)
18 May 2008 @ 11:29 pm

Selling Love Hina and Love for Venus full set of comics.

All perfect condition!

Quote me a reasonable price please!

email me @ claudcheah@hotmail.com if you have questions! thank you :D