May 23rd, 2008


Videogame and Anime Good on Ebay.

Dark Mark

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Hey there all! <333

I am looking to clear out a lot of the stuff I have found I haven't been looking at/ appriciating lately! I really just want all of this stuff out of my house so I can replace it with new things as quickly as possible (mmm, the mind of the selfish fan! lol!)

Feel free to make me an offer on ANYTHING if you feel the price is to high. :) I have feedback on ebay (as syndal_lynn) and on the doll fourm, under the same handle.

I accept paypal (cc and non) and money order. Any other forms of payment must be disucssed first <3

I ship via USPS as you will be quoted before I ship to you. :)

Please note that I have animals and that my parents both smoke. So if you have allergies, PLEASE be aware!!

So... go ahead and follow the cut!! I have Wallscrolls, Posters, MANGA and figurines! <3

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Click on the pic to enter the shop!

Custom and Wholesale always welcome and available!
Shipping worldwide!

Not on etsy but see something you like? Email me at
I accept direct sales through paypal.

Check out these sites for important updates:

and to see more custom work:

Thanks for looking!

Bleach - Hitsugaya Toushirou official sericel

Hi everyone, I'm selling an official reproduction sericel of Hitsugaya. This cel was released by Studio Pierrot in limited numbers, with Studio Pierrot's logo at the top and official Bleach seal at the bottom. Measures about 10.5 inches by 14.25 inches total. it's still in the original plastic and has never been displayed. Price is $300.

Because of the rarity of this item, insurance and signature confirmation are MANDATORY and are included in the shipping price. Shipping within the U.S. and Puerto Rico will be a total of $12. International buyers welcome; shipping costs will depend on your country and the weight of the item.

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Ayase, Okane ga Nai

Reduced Prices

Due to a pile up in my room, I really want to get a lot of this stuff out of my room so prices in my journal have been reduced.

Manga ranges from $1-$5:
  • Boogiepop Phantom Novel
  • Ceres, Celestial Maiden
  • Planet Ladder
  • Plenty of yaoi
    • ...But I'm Your Teacher
    • Selfish Love
    • Kissing
    • Little Butterfly
    • A lot more...

Anime is $10 or less:
  • Case Closed
  • Gravitation
  • Utena
  • Tenjho Tenge
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • ...More...
$1 for Shonen Jump and New Type magazines (They're pretty heavy, though)

Also selling:
  • Kuro Neko CD/DVD case
  • Dragon Ball Z T-shirt
  • Full Metal Alchemist Clear File
  • Pencil Boards
  • Anime Posters

I am willing to trade for things on my wishlist.  Prices are negotiable
Destiny Impulse

Five Dollar Manga

All books are $5 each and include US Media Mail shipping. Preferred payment is balance transfer Paypal or Amazon credit. Money orders or well-concealed cash are OK too. Please PM or leave a comment in this post and I'll get back to you ASAP. ^_^ I'm 'kallowayashton' on eBay for feedback. (International OK, let me know and I can get a quote for shipping!)

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bad idea - hundredxhundred

Bow/Ribbon Earrings


First time posting here! ^__^ I’m selling some earring sets. I have 2 available in yellow, black, blue, and orange and 1 of each in pink and green.

EDIT: I only have 1 of each set in yellow, black, blue, and orange available now.

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I'm asking for $2.00 per set (not including shipping). I accept paypal (CC pays fee) or concealed cash at your own risk. Please leave a comment with your email address if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks! ♥

English anime,manga etc for sale. need to pay bills and for school books any help is great edit5/25

To my ranger luvs and friends and new friends,
Sorry to keep posting but I would rather you all got first dibs before anyone else.

Still selling stuff, My hours are still not getting any better and im not making bills. So I am desperately as king for help here. I do warn you that shipping rates and postage rates have gone up so, do not be shocked by expensive shipping. Gas is expensive and I have to cover myself as well as make enough money to pay for school next week and books in a few weeks. I would really appreciate the help.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone. [US Buyers only unless you can have it shipped to a friend here.I have trouble figuring out the calculations to other countries so I just decided id better not even try lol.]

(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me. I will send out your tings next friday or the friday after when I don't have to work and my life is a lil less hectic.sorry for the delay. God bless you all for helping me.)


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if that doesn’t interest you then perhaps a art commission.. (will begin next batch as soon as people want one and I finish batch 1)

I now have 2 shops for art prints buttons etc open..
ART - Robert DeJesus badge
  • 3kame

Looking for Afro Ken

I'm looking to buy (via PayPal - non CC if needed) something


If you have anything that can ship quick let me know please! :)

It's for my friend, I'd like a decent sized plushie or statue/toy. Thanks!

PS: I live in USA zip 23464

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*3 available*
Kawaii Usagi Grab Bags $5 each
Each grab bag is a bit different.
Inside contains: sticker sheets, pen, memos, envelope, candy, and more.
For you or as a gift.
Packets measures 5x8 inches

★payment methods: cash, paypal, money orders
★i ship worldwide to all countries accepting the packages
★prices do not include shipping, or otherwise stated due to varying locations

Jrock sale!

 Everything needs to go! I'm selling some Jrock CD's, autographs, and stickers over at my Journal! Come check it out! 
Newly added items : 
THE UNDERNEATH Moon Flower Album Autograpahed!
Limited Edition Dir en grey The Marrow of a Bone
we are all lost

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taking offers on japanese import DS games
like new, barely played

* ffxii: revenant wings
* heroes of mana
* chocobo and the magic book (final fantasy fables: chocobo tales)

have feedback on journal and on ebay

email me / comment if interested...
runnlikehell at gmail dot com


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TokiDoki Pup Trade

Hi there i got a double of a tokidoki pup (images below) its still in its clear bag.
Im hoping to trade it for another tokidoki pup if anyone is interested,: interested in trading for the
one at bottom of entry
I live in the UK

Pup i want to trade :

Pup i want for the pup

u dont need to have the box or have it in a clear bag as long as its in perfect condition the figure itself and
wrapped well in the post.
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Just updated icecream_party  with a couple PS1 games, all for $1 each!

check out icecream_party  for great deals on:

-Mashimaro pencil set
-fobby daily planners
-oriental style paper lanterns
-oriental print bags
-Karma Shenjing flyers
-Shin album
-video game posters (FF I & II, Beyblade, Heroes of Mana, Chocobo tales, Sonic Heroes, Top Gun, Virtual Kasparov, Advance Wars)
-Yu-gi-oh cards + card covers
-Hello Kitty keychain
-Tenipuri keychain

I'll be able to do meetups at Fanimecon this weekend :)

Thanks for looking!

Sale!! Updated!

Hey everyone,

I finally got around to updating my sale pages with extra stuff. The doujinshi start here, and continue on to the next page, then different pages for manga (english and japanese), figures, a hugely updated misc page found here, and another new page for posters found here. Take a look!
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JRock, Manga, Clothing!

Please check out yui_sales!

Malice Mizer
Moi dix Mois
and more!

Yuki Kaori
Higuri You
Watase Yuu
and more!

and more!

Visit yui_sales for prices, policies, pictures, and other details!

Special Offer:
Sign up at RevolutionMoneyExchange using my referrer code and get $5.00 off on your purchase! RevolutionMoneyExchange is a payment service similar to PayPal and is completely free.