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24 May 2008 @ 12:11 am

Brand new, never worn. I'm asking for $13 shipped [via airmail] worldwide.

Shoot me a message if you're interested
24 May 2008 @ 12:12 am
♪ Only accept Concealed Cash in USD. (sorry for the inconvenient)


~ Saiunkoku Mongatari B5 shitajiki
~ Pokemon softtoy keychains
~ GBA Cartridge ( ADVANCE WARS)
~ Velvet Bluse Rose Letterset furoku

Click here~ ^_^
24 May 2008 @ 07:47 am
I have updated my little shop with LM.C, hide, Sailor Moon, Jewelry, Hello Kitty, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
I still have things from Dir en grey, MUCC, Naruto, etc
So please come take a look~ ^_^!!
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24 May 2008 @ 10:33 am
Next month is my birthday and I am hoping to get some birthday money from my mom.
So, I'm requesting here. My walls are pretty full, but I have just enough room for the following.

※ [1] 29 x 10 (promotional?) || example ||
※ [2] 17 x 23 (4 page fold-out) || example ||
※ [1] 28 x 20 (promotional?) || example ||

SO. With that being said. Obviously I like PIERROT, 倖田來未 & キリト...but I have enough of them. XD
I'm looking for any of the above sized posters for the following artists. PLEASE help. :)

※ シド
※ 雅-miyavi-
※ the GazettE
※ Sugizo
※ L'Arc~en~ciel
※ Gackt

Eventually somehow I plan to get all of these artists + more on my walls. XD; Although, that will be a feat in itself.

Thanks for reading,
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24 May 2008 @ 11:48 am
Hello everyone ^^

I really need the money, so I'm willing to slash prices on all my stuff by as much as 50%. I combine shipping, as always ;)

All prices negotiable. Just comment here with questions!

Kingdom Hearts II Strategy Guide - Red Form
Final Fantasy XI PC Version BRAND NEW
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth PSP
Pokemon Monopoly Figures
Naruto "Sasuke" keychain
Pokemon Yellow TESTED carts
Monster Rancher Plush Dolls McDonalds
Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII Doujinshi
Mulan Disney DVD
Pokemon Amada Stickers
Pokemon Sticker Lots
Digimon Animated Series II Japan Cards
Digimon Card Tactics Cards
Haibane Renmei Promo Fan
Pokemon Misty, Mew TOMY Figure
Pokemon Marill Spin Top
Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Gashapon "Sundress"
Pokemon Cell Phone Straps Legendaries
The Lion King Nala Plush
Ayumi Hamasaki Single "Hanabi" Green version
Witch Hunter Robin Official Art Box
Naruto "Sasuke w/knives" Plush Doll
Arm Warmers - Black
Aerith FFVII Style Cosplay Dress
Death Note Promo Keychain
Digimon Muramiya Promo Cards Japan RARE
Angel Sanctuary Artbook
Death Note L Chair keychain
Serial Experiments Lain CD "Cyberia"
Final Fantasy VIII Statue: Laguna

Images and info can be found here:

I take Paypal only at this time. US buyers preferred.

24 May 2008 @ 12:10 pm
FREE ITEMS INCLUDED! All prices are negotiable. I'm online all day, so I'm very quick to respond!

Click the pictures for more info and more pictures:

Let me know if you're interested! My contact info is in the ads.
Hello, I'm auctioning off a rare Kimeru FC DVD. Kimeru no Gachinko Sanpun Cooking.
Pictures and details can be found here.

Thanks for looking~
24 May 2008 @ 01:12 pm
My friend is a big fan of girugamesh,and her bday is coming so....I wanna buy something girugamesh for her:))
Plz leave a comment if u have anything for sale of these two artists/bands:D
Totto             「トット」
24 May 2008 @ 01:49 pm
Nightmare - LIBIDO CD

12012 - not obtain +1 CD

Hello! Project - Together! CD

Ayumi Hamasaki - Rainbow CD

BoA - Rock with you CD

Buy them, please!Collapse )
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that crazy jew
24 May 2008 @ 02:16 pm
added: akatsuki cloak, temari figurine, glittery naruto posters, sasuke white-day gift (phonestrap+more).

lowered some prices on doujin and ps2 games.


FOR SALE. (Inuyasha, Naruto, FMA, MARS, Detective Conan, FLCL, Whispering Corridors, Wolf's Rain, etc)
-PSone/2 + gamecube games
-other merch (playing cards, keychain)

images/info behind cut.Collapse )

Naruto doujinshi for sale.Collapse )

thank you for looking. :D
Lolita's Requiem
24 May 2008 @ 02:24 pm
Hey. I'm selling...

Asian Hand Fans
Advent Children Cloud Strife with Fenrir Motorcycle Action Figure
Saiyuki Manga
Miyavi DVD
Halter Top Dress
Visual Kei Skirt
KERA Magazine
... and more.

- I only take concealed cash in USD - I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
- My house is smoke-free, and I have no pets.
- Most of everything is BELOW $10
- All but ONE CD is brand new and in MINT condition.

Manga;; Yotsuba, Imadoki!, Skip Beat, Full Moon, ...
Anime;; Happy Lessons,  Digi Charat,  Chobits,  Samurai 7, ...
Books;; Death Princess, Now You See Her, Princess Academy, The Egypt Game, ...
CDs;; 30 seconds until mars, Fall Out Boy, Lee Hom, Enya, Love Hina Soundtrack, ...

Misc;; Sailor Moon (VCR), Doreamon, Shin-Chan ~

More information
24 May 2008 @ 02:51 pm
Full Moon 1-7, although I am going to the mall today so I might pick up 1-3. I believe I saw someone selling some of the books for cheap but I can't remember the sellers name -__-.  I'd prefer to buy them in a whole lot.

I am in Canada and can pay by paypal.  

x-posted to: otaku_wishlist

24 May 2008 @ 02:51 pm
I have some Japanese/ English mangas for sale in my journal. If you don't like the price, please give me an offer. :D

Please look!!

Click here
Sound of the Rain ♪
24 May 2008 @ 02:58 pm
Selling some J-Rock Stuff~

Edit: New Stuff~!
24 May 2008 @ 03:25 pm
-I accept concealed cash in USD and Paypal
-I am located in the US, and I'll ship internationally.
-Prices do not inclide shipping or paypal fee
-All doujins are in great or excellent condition unless otherwise stated
-Feel free to make offers
-Pictures of inside will be provided upon request

-Please leave a comment with your email if interested
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Kitsuna Ri
24 May 2008 @ 03:47 pm

I have dropped the price on many items again! I seriously need this stuff GONE! I've also added a few new things, mostly for BJDs! Please, please take a look! I really gotta get this stuff sold!

24 May 2008 @ 03:56 pm
all items sold ~ see turtles4sale for more sales
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24 May 2008 @ 04:00 pm
New Live Journal shop opening now! I sell cute things, such as post cards, deco tape, deco supplies, stickers, letter sets etc! Please feel free to stop by my Journal to check it out! Prices are stated next to the photos, and if you order multiple items at the same time, I will ofcourse combine the shipping cost for you. 

Welcome to lovescutethings! :)
Great Prices! Everything needs to go ASAP!~
New stuff added, Kagrra, items and more!

(Follow the Fake Cut)
24 May 2008 @ 06:01 pm
 Harajuku lovers
Gazette photocard.

All at my shop here:

24 May 2008 @ 07:07 pm
Since I have a few magazines that I want to sell but it's expensive to ship them out, AND I don't live near a post office, I was thinking about cutting out pages and selling them by artist to whoever wants them. 

Would anyone be interested in this? Because I don't want to cut up my magazine if no one is. :X

I'd only be able to ship within the US and accept money orders/concealed cash. Sorry! > <;

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Morgan N.
I have some stuff I want to get rid of, I accept paypal only and I have feedback on the first post of my journal. All shipping is separate which will be calculated once you commit to buying from me. I am not responsible for lost packages if you don't buy insurance. Items $30.00 and over I require a delivery confirmation at the least.

I am trying to get rid of the books asap, otherwise I am going to have to donate them, please just give me reasonable offer on them and I most likely will accept it.

Everything is in mint condition unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for looking!

24 May 2008 @ 08:36 pm
Hello again! Please make an offer if you see anything you like.
see the cutCollapse )
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24 May 2008 @ 09:25 pm
Selling a few figure keychains from Final Fantasy X-2 and Neptune from Sailor Moon. Also Kaworu, Rei, and Maya Ibuki mini figures and a D.N.Angel keychain

picturesCollapse )

Shipping is $2.50 for up to 3 in a padded envelope, $3.50 for 4 or more. I prefer non-cc paypal but can do money orders. At this time I prefer to ship within the continental United States only. I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please email me at groovybluecha@yahoo.com if you have questions. Please let me know if you decide to not purchase something after inquiring. I am quick and courteous in my messages to you and ask that you please be the same. Thank you!

Also, please check out my archived items here my livejournal if you have seen my previous sales. I like to sell by similar items (size, series, etc.) so often things that are not listed are still available. Thank you!

★ ;;Bizzy Loomis;; ★
24 May 2008 @ 10:02 pm
Still have some things left (i dropped prices) Gazette old tour goods, AnCafe, ayabie etc here. Thankyou!
Sarah the crab
I am trying to raise money for my vacation so please have a look at the following items I have available!

Ayumi Hamasaki - I Am
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x II version Acoustic Orchestra
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x II version Acoustic Orchestra
Ayumi Hamasaki - Audience
Ayumi Hamasaki - Seasons
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x II version US+EU
Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu-mi-x III Acoustic Orchestra
day after tomorrow - Day Star
day after tomorrow - Moon Gate
dream - Stay~Now I'm Here~
dream - Process
dream - Dear...
dream - Believe in You
dream - My Will
dream - Super Eurobeat Euro "dream" land
Hitomi Yaida - Kodoku na Cowboy
Hitomi Yaida - Mawaru Sora
Hitomi Yaida - Buzzstyle
Kuraki Mai - Stand Up
Kuraki Mai - Like a star in the night
Kuraki Mai - Stay by my side
Kuraki Mai - Secret of my heart
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Tierra
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Heart
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Ark
Misia - The Glory Days
Misia - Believe
Misia - Kokoro Hitotsu
Misia - Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei
Misia - A place in the sun
Utada Hikaru - First Love
Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep a Secret
Utada Hikaru - Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro
Misato Aki - Kimi ga Sora Datte
Mai Hime - Original Soundtrack
Minami Kuribayashi - Dream Wing
Minami Kuribayashi - Shining Days Re-product and Remix
Various Artists - Love for Nana ~Tribute~ Trapnest Limited Edition (sealed)
Anna Tsuchiya - Anna Tsuchiya inspi NANA (Black Stones)
Koda Kumi - Someday / Boys <3 Girls
Bonnie Pink - Inu to Tsuki
Rie Fu - I Wanna Go to a Place...
Aiko Okumura - Mangekyou
Hitomi Takahashi - Aozora no Namida (w/dvd)
Namie Amuro - Never End
Mikuni Shimokawa - Bird (w/dvd)
Amano Tsukiko - Chou
The Back Horn - Black Hall Birthday (w/dvd)(sealed)
D[di:] - Shiroi Kakera (sealed)
Aikawa Nanase - ID2
Shiina Ringo - Gips
Road of Major - Bokura Dake no Uta
Mean Machine - Knock on You

Go to this entry for pictures and prices.
For limited time shipping for US residents is only 1 USD per Cd and 3 USD for International buyers.

And I also have manga & magazines.

Click for larger view
X/1999 vol.2, 3, & 4 5 USD each
Paradise Kiss vol.2 & 3 5 USD each

Vinyl Syndicate 4 USD
Non-no 7 USD
Animerica vol.5, no.1 6 USD
Animerica vol.4, no.6 6 USD
24 May 2008 @ 10:53 pm
Selling lots of manga, shojo beat magazines, anime dvds, and some video games!
http://jessiekatesales.livejournal.com/843.html -- Go here to see what I'm selling!
I have again updated my shop with lots of new stuff!
Furoku, merchandise, Yaoi and Shitajiki, trading cards sections have been updated!!!

This week's new Shoujo furoku includes:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

New items from: Code Geass,  Special A, Vampire Knight, Sequence, Skip Beat, Hana Kimi, Honey & Clover, Velvet Blue Rose, Hitsuji no namida, W. Juliet, Aishiteruze Baby, Shounen Onmyouji, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Harukanaru toki no nakade, Honey x Honey Drops, Charming Junkie,  Fruits Basket, Xxxholic, Tsubasa Chronicles,  Fairy Cube, Beauty is the Beast, Hitsuji no nameda, and many more...
Also new Items from series by Yamimaru Enjin, Hotaru Odagiri, Tohru Adumi!

Other items in my shop includes but not restricted to: Gakuen Alice, Sugar Princess, Kamekaze Kato Jeanne, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Never Give Up!, La corda D'Oro, Gundam, CLAMP series (X, MKR, CLAMP detectives), Cafe bonheur, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Wish, Tsubasa, xxxholic etc), One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Loveless, Kyo Kara Maoh!, Death Note, Evangelion, Detective Conan,  D. Gray-man, Mythical Detective Ragnorak, Prince of Tennis, Sakura Wars, NANA, Rurouni Kenshin, Macross, Marmalade Boy, Fullmoon, Yami no Matsuei, Gakuen Heaven and a whole lot of other YAOI series!

24 May 2008 @ 11:38 pm
Cleaning up my room and trying to get rid of some things. If you want pictures, just ask. Feel free to try to negotiate if something seems too high for you. ^__^