May 28th, 2008

NEW YAOI items - Ayano Yamane/Youka Nitta Megalot!!!

Here's your once in a lifetime chance to own some rare Ayano Yamane and Youka Nitta Post cards!
One of the biggest lot to ever go on sale!!!

Below is but a sample of what is listed - there are a lot more!

Click on photo for more!!!
Also have rare Youka Nitta fliers, Ayano Yamane phone card


Your chance to own a complete reg set of the latest KKM trading card collection - that's a complete set of beautifully presented clear plastic cards!!!

I've also updated my selling journal with more Yaoi related goodies for direct sale:
  • Shitajiki
  • Clear files
  • More phone cards!!!

Please check out these and more @ sawwie_chan
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looking for...

Hi everyone I'm looking for anything new/great condition from the following, if you have them please reply! If I'm interested I'll contact you, thank you!

☆ SUPER LOVERS, SWIMMER, SHIN & COMPANY, ALGONQUINS, Banana Fish, Putumayo, Listen Flavor, HELL CAT PUNKS, Sexy Dynamite London (clothes, bags, etc)

☆ ONE PIECE (no manga please)

☆ An Cafe, Ayabie, Lolita23q, alice nine.,

☆ San-X's Rilakkuma

☆ Black Rocking horse shoes (size 7-7.5 US) new only please

☆ Ai Otsuka's Love Bunny

☆ Keroro Gunsou (no manga please)
Bomberman - Bomberman & Pommy Dance

(no subject)

Everything listed is in very good condition unless otherwise specified in the picture descriptions. If you want more pics, ask!

Prices are negotiable within reason and do not include shipping! I will calculate shipping based on an individual basis.

I take PayPal only. However, I will also consider reasonable trades, either full or partial!

English Manga
3x3 Eyes: Blood of the Sacred Demon ($6)
Angelic Layer vol. 1 ($4)
Ceres: Celestial Legend vols. 1, 2, and 4 (original Viz editions; $8 each, $22 for all three)
Clamp School Detectives vols. 1-2 ($4 each, $7 for both)
Hanaukyo Maid Team vol. 1 ($4)
Magic Knight Rayearth vols. 4, 5, and 6 (original Tokyopop editions; $6 each)
Ranma 1/2 vols. 1, 2, 3, 7, and 19 (original Viz editions; $8 each, $27 for all four)
Tokyo Mew Mew vol. 1 ($4)
Yotsuba& vol. 1 ($4)

Japanese Manga/Books
KoroKoro Monthly 2003 No. 301 ($3)

Yonehara, Mari - "Is She a Perfidious Woman or a Chaste Plain Jane?" ($4)
A Treasury of Japanese Literature, vol. 6 ($3)

Legend of the Mystical Ninja boxed set ($35)

Edward Elric ($20)
Dejiko ($3)

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi ($3)

Hello Kitty wallet ($8)
Hello Kitty photo wallet ($5)

For pictures of these items, as well as sized S-XS clothes and CDs, check out my selling post!

Also, if you've bought from me before, or if you want to check my track record with sales, my feedback post is here!


I also do art commissions! Check out my work here. If you like what you see, follow the link to my commission information!
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So, I'm posting to get rid of some of this stuff. I really need it to find a good home and all. I'm really into trading. If you have a trade list or anything that is on my trade list that your selling feel free to reply. I'm not going to price these, If you want anything come up with a price that is FAIR (not including shippment) and I'll probably accept it. I'm willing to let all magazines go for 5 dollars + Shipping  Shipping is non-negoitable. I'll make it as low as I can (media rates) and such. If you want confirmation it's a buck extra. Anyways, please take a look~!!!

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(no subject)

Spring Cleaning. Pictures to be added shortly. I've got all the stuff out but the camera's batteries need to be recharged.

Right now I just want to get this up before I get too lazy to.
The images I have are just for reference. Actual photos can be taken at request.
All prices can be discussed.

Miyavi, Panic*Ch, NightMare, Hello Kitty, Duel Jewel, Kagrra, Morning Musume, Aya Matsuura

Internationl shoppers welcomed but shipping/items with shipping included will need to be recaculated.
Paypal, bank transfer through wells fargo, money orders, and even layaway available.
Layaway will however include a 15% payment of your total, only 10% being refundable.
*I send most my packages on Monday's which are my days off from work. I can make exceptions.
**I do sometimes do discounts on multiple item purchases.
***Items that include shipping the method of shipment is Media Mail.
Previously my username was psyhco_bunnie check that name for feedback. I have good feedback on DOA (den of angels) under the name psycho_bunnie.

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Comment for questions, or to place something on hold, I only do holds for up to two days, after which you need to tell me if you want it otherwise whoever else was interested will be notified.

Commet here
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Paging a Seller!!!

kaiyunami_sales kaiyunami_sales kaiyunami_sales kaiyunami_sales's been a month since I have paid you for the HK steering wheel cover and the Inuyasha magnets from this post. I have left you comments and sent you messages about not receiving my purchase yet, and you have not responded! Why is it that I have received numerous packages from overseas before I have received yours, and you're in the US! This was supposed to be a gift for my friend for when she came home, but obviously, it wasn't.

I am giving you until the 30th to respond. If I haven't received a word from you by that time frame, I will file a claim through paypal. I don't like to be rude, but waiting a month for something that's in the US is a bit ridiculous? Especially when the seller is uncommunicative?

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♥ Rami's Sales ♥

DVDs - Prices are negotiable

Peacemaker Kurogane 1
SuperGALS! 1
Ergo Proxy 1 (still packaged)

VHS tapes - Prices are negotiable

Petshop of Horrors 1 & 2
Sailor Moon Supers Movie
Gundam Wing: The Cold Battlefield - unedited version
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
Sailor Moon S: The Love War

Japanese manga - $5 each

Trinity Blood vols 1-5
Yami no Matsuei vols 5, 9
Getbackers vols 2, 5-10, 18, 19, 21, 23

English manga - $7 each

No Need for Tenchi! vols 1, 2
Oh My Goddess! 1-555-Goddess vol 1
Trigun vol 2
Confidential Confessions vol 2
Ranma 1/2 vol 20

Other books - Prices are negotiable

Loveless: Mind Map (official TV guide)
Kiddy Grade official anime guide
Tenchi Muyo in Love part 1 (Film Comics)

Miscellaneous - Prices are negotiable

Gankutsuou OST
Getbackers wallscroll
Trinity Blood clear folder
Tohru plush, Kagura plush (Fruits Basket)

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Please ask about prices and shipping info (I accept Paypal). ♥ All manga sales have free shipping within the US.

STILL trying to contact...


I've responded to your email a few times, but nothing? I even used two email addresses, hoping maybe one got stuck in your spam filter.

No offense, but it has been almost six months. I know you're busy, but this is kinda getting old. ;__; I just need a total amount and I need to make sure you got everything!

Has anyone else heard from him recently?