June 7th, 2008

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Arina Tanemura Collection Up For Offers

Ok, I am re-posting the available items once again, because I didn't expect so many comments about them and it is overwhelming trying to sort through them to figure out who is still interested in what. (That hasn't already paid me)

So here is what is going to happen:

1. I am reposting the old pictures, plus new ones of all the items instead of just the cluttered shelves.

2. If you are interested in items, E-MAIL ME! It will be much easier for me to keep track of those who answer in the proper order that way. The bunches of comments on the old entry are too jumbled and take so long to load that I really can't reference it anymore.

3. Therefore, if you have commented interest on items previously, and not heard from me, PLEASE E-MAIL ME, because I really can't make heads or tales of the old comments.

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but this needs to be done.

My E-mail: BooHooKitten@Gmail.Com

Items that have been sold:

- Full Moon Beauty Bag
- Full Moon Alarm Clock
- Full Moon Zenin Wallet
- Full Moon Pencil Case
- Full Moon Small Meroko Plush
- Full Moon Cup And Pillow Set
- Full Moon Blue Bottle Holder And Takuto Cap
- Full Moon Mirror Box And Accessories
- Full Moon Pink Zenin Bag
- Full Moon Pink Plastic Case
- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne small figure
- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne  Hankerchief (one of them)

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*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Ending Soon! Less than 24 hours!

Up for auction now is a huge lot of official merchandise from

Yes! PreCure (Pretty Cure) 5

A few items are from the currently airing sequel, Y!PC5 GoGo!
Starting bid is less than half the retail price, which is a great
deal since 99% of the items can no longer be found in stores.

-59 items not including 100's of cards-
Cosplay toys
UFO catcher dolls
Keychains & figures
Shijitaki & stationery
Trading cards & files


(Also check out this listing for CLAMP in 3D Land Vol 2)

Manga sale

Tachikoma-sales Manga Shop
Almost 250 manga of all genres for sale, english!

Featured items
Tail of the Moon v1-8 now $38 shipped
Clover 1-4 now $36 shipped

Prices dropped
Dramacon v1-3 $14 shipped
Princess Ai 1-3 $14 shipped
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-4, Adolescence of Utena $20 shipped

...and more!

New this week
Shout out Loud! 1-5 (complete) $26
Yellow 1-4 (complete) $28
Menkui! v1-3 (complete) $15
King of the Lamp v1 $6

...and more!

All in english and in like new condition:

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[SELLING] listen flavor tshirt, the Gazette photosets

  • tubee

Tubee's 2nd collection: Split Personalities and Package Deal



Do you have a split personality? Well, clothes do change the way you behave and it affects your attitude as well. We welcomed shirts that can be worn for office and school.

We have accessories and belts to complement your clothes too! Come and take a look!

Special Package Deal: Buy any accessories or belts with our DEBUT COLLECTION and get $3 off purchase with FREE NORMAL POSTAGE!!

Personal Feedback: 3+/0-

( Click Here to see more )

(no subject)

I am just looking to get rid of various things!
I am need of money for my travelling plans this year!
    My prices are low and negotiable, so just let me know if you're interested!

(I accept PayPal, will ship anywhere. Prices do not include Shipping)

selling manga, tcg, plushies, magazines, miscellaneous anime stuff, Hello Kitty, etc!

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HP: Marauder's durr

(no subject)

Everything must go!

I need the money by the end of the month so talk me into deals!!!

I'm selling:
- Jrock magazines
- Lots of jrock CDs, especially Pierrot
- Dir en grey and Psycho le cemu photobooks
- Manga
- Jrock and anime merchandise
- Japanese fashion brand clothing

As I said, I need the money by the end of the month so please feel free to talk me into deals and grouping prices for more than one item!!

panic attack!

(no subject)

I still have some flyers, photosets, autographs, CDs, etc for sale..
I was supposed to have more things up like TWO WEEKS ago but I'm lazy and now it is ridiculously hot in Toronto so I'm even more lazy :D

check them out on LJ
check them out on Blogspot
The flyers list isn't as updated as I want it to be because it wont let me save edits because I am over the allotted number of characters ToT I will figure something out!

I also have Screw's Nanairo no Reienka comment DVD for sale

Current offer is at $28. Will end tomorrow!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Also have an autographed serial no. photo for sale! $10 or b/o!

Trade? Not really looking for anything...shoes/clothes maybe? Nike SB dunks/vans/chucks...male hipster clothing that I might never wear? The stuff at urban outfitters is fun. hipster-esque crap (those glasses...and scarf..things) Japanese street brands! OriginalFake, Baby Milo, Kiks etc etc VINYL TOYS? kid robot/magic pony stuff XD I want to be a hipster-gangster *cough* XD

Cecil Mcbee jacket

For sale I have a glam Cecil Mcbee jacket.
It's in excellent, as new condition. 
It was a gift from my aunt from her trip to Japan a few years ago, and I haven't had the chance to wear it!
The pattern is sort of like tweed [don't know how to describe] with glittery flecks going through it, so pretty!
The colour is sort of purply/mauve/tan/coffee colour - see pic

82% wool, so very warm and cozy ^^ It's also lined.

Another pic of the jacket

I'd like $40 shipped to [most countries] - please inquire

If you would like measurements + more info, please ask!

(no subject)

Hey everyone! I have a lot of great stuff for sale, including a bunny bento set, anime pins and cell straps, and some ps2 games (Chocobos OMG!) over here

I also have a lot of Japanese text books, dictionaries, and learning sets for sale in this post

Please check it out!
Robin - climbing over


Official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theeoutmods2006

The band members have asked me to help sell their full album CDs!
Currently, I have 9 of it in stock, but I can take more orders. They'll supply me with as many CDs I can sell.
The band is charging $12 + $4 shipping, but I am selling the CDs for $12 + $3 shipping within the United States/Canada.

If you want to buy one from me, please comment with your paypal e-mail so I can send you an invoice. The only other form of payment I will take is money order or cash (at your own risk!). No personal checks please.

If you want to get your CD signed, I can do that too, but shipping the CDs will be delayed. Feel free to make the request though!

stuffed animals

Tokidoki for Hello Kitty dress to sell!

Hi everyone! ^_^ I'm selling a BRAND NEW WITH TAGS AUTHENTIC Tokidoki for Hello Kitty dress! It's super new, never worn, and all that jazz. SUPER RARE AND HARD TO FIND! Even on ebay, if you can find it, it's way over the retail price, and I'm selling it for almost half the price! haha If you'd like proof, please just let me know. Follow the cut to see what it looks like!

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(no subject)

  • piggy clips £1.50 ($2.96 USD)
  • hello kitty clips £1.50 ($2.96 USD)
  • strawberry clips 1# £1.50 ($2.96 USD)
  • strawberry clips 2# £1.50 ($2.96 USD)
  • cherry clips £1.50 ($2.96 USD)
  • sticker gems sheet £2.00 ($3.95 USD)
  • 12 sheets of cute paper £1.00 ($1.97 USD)
and more! @ kawaii-shop-x

Special Offer

Gazette - Arena 37C 2007.06 Zokan the Gazette in YOYOGI (inlcud Poster) + 2 large Gazette Posters 1 & 2
Price: 13€

Shoujo Lolita 23ku - Hoshi no Kakera Comment CD & Zeal Link Special DVD + 2 Fylers (not Shoujo Lolita 23ku)
Price: 15€

Screw - Nejireta Shiso - Special Third Stage Comment CD + 2 Flyers (not Screw)
Price: 5€

12012 - Merry Go World Poster + 2 Flyers (12012) + 1 Original Photo from Yuusuke
Price: 7€

Look for everything else here!