June 10th, 2008

Clamp in 3D Land

Looking for Clamp in 3D Land Series One Figures:
Chii from Chobits
Yuuko from Xxxholic

Got first summer paycheck and will pay 15+ for Chii!
I have paypal direct deposit, and this was double posted to Otaku-wishlist

I have GOT to get rid of this stuff

Aishiteruze Baby Vol 1
Antique Bakery (Shounen-ai) Vol 1-2
Death Note 1-3, 6
Full Metal Alchemist Vol 1
Legal Drug 1-3 (all that's out)
Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-4

Final Fantasy Unlimited 1-2,4
Azumanga Daioh 2
Samurai X Movie
Pretear 1
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

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Theft of dolls at New York Volks Dolls Party

With kind permission from the mods (thank you mods!) I'm posting this here so those interested can keep an eye out.

Over the weekend, Volks had their annual Doll Party in New York city.  During that time SEVEN dolls were stolen from their display.  It had been originally thought six dolls were taken, but it was corrected to be seven.  Each doll was a one of a kind and was to be sold with some of the proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

More information can be found on the Den of Angels news thread here.  

Considering how large the dollfie fandom is, I thought it prudent to get the word out to as many as possible.  That way we can all keep an eye out and hopefully get the dolls back.

Thanks for your support!

GaGa [ Headphones ]

Left over stuff fer salez

Just a couple of things still kicking around plus one more new thing.

Utada Hikaru "Exodus" CD. $6.00 shipped. - In great condition. Disc looks mint since it was only played once. Case in fantastic condition as well. SOLD

Get Backers shounen-ai/light yaoi doujin - $11.00 shipped
Title: Home Sweet Home R
Pages: About 80 (front to back, not including the little 'extra' booklet thing)
Language: Japanese obviously
Rating: Mostly PG with some PG-13 moments for some shounen-ai and light yaoi moments (and for some minor cross dressing)

Then there's this extra, mini booklet thing that comes with it. It has the same title as on the main part, but it's completely separate. It's very short, only like....10-15 pages front to back I believe and it has a couple of more 'yaoi' moments.

Front Cover | First page | Inside shot

Seifer/Squall shounen-ai doujin - $9.00 shipped - It's pretty cute. Has a flashback of Seifer and Squall at the orphanage, and a chibi kiss xD Near mint condition. DECIDED TO KEEP ^^;;

Tenchi the Movie 2 - $5.00 shipped. - Box has some shelf wear of course but otherwise fine and plays perfectly. It is the English dub. Also has original Japanese commercials and teaser trailer for the movie.

Japanese CCG Gundam Cards - $3.50 shipped - They are in absolute mint condition. They were included in a lot I bought, but I'm not a Gundam collector anymore and I don't need them and I have no idea which Gundam series it's even from ^^;;

Random Anime NA cards - $3.00 shipped - Once again, I have no idea really about these ^^;; I just bought them for a friend but he already had all of them :( They all say 'Comic Images' on the back and I guess they're all from the same set, but they're each from a different anime series.

Hello Kitty 'Doll'. $13.00 shipped - Got her as a gift, but I don't care for dolls like this.

Japanese Garden fan shaped puzzle. $18.00 shipped - Still has plastic wrap on it. Got it as a gift. Very pretty picture, I just hate puzzles and have no desire at all to put it together.

Mini Zen Garden. $15.00 shipped - Has a book of meditations, sand, stones, and rake.

Sailor Moon NA Stickers, 2 Graffiti Cards, and a SuperS Jumbo card. $7.00 shipped - All are in excellent condition. Jumbo card has some slight wear, but nothing major.

Prices are somewhat negotiable. Paypal only this time, sorry :x
Will ship outside the U.S. but I will have recalculate the shipping cost.

Silver Gamecube!

I have that special Edition Silver Gamecube! I'm looking to sell it. I have a wii so I just want to get rid of it. It has all the cables and works fine. It doesn't have a controller but I can try to find on if you want it. If you are interested I'll put up pictures. Make an offer! =)
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EXTREMELY RARE Dir en grey / La:Sadie's CDs for sale

Please take a look at these items I have on ebay.

I have several Dir en grey CDs for sale including the rare ones from their former band La:Sadie's , the CDs obje××× (only 300 copies produced!) and Lu:Ciel (5000 copies produced).

obje××× is here

Lu:Ciel is here

obje××× is particularly rare and valuable to Dir en grey fans as there were only 300 copies produced, and how many Dir en grey fans are there in the world...?  This may be the only chance for someone who wants this to get it.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please point them to my auctions.  I'm going to be very disappointed if it doesn't sell for what it's worth!!!

I also have first pressing copies of MISSA, JEALOUS, GAUZE, and (MYAKU) as well as a copy of -I'll-.

see all of my auctions here.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Ninth Doctor

Plushies ~ Manga ~ Mangazines ~ Videos ~ Stationary ~ & More!

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☆★☆♥Prices do not include shipping!!♥☆★☆

I accept both Paypal *or* Concealed Cash at your own risk. Items will not be sent out until payment is received. If interested, please comment with your zip code (Or location, if not in the USA)

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Thank you!! ♥
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Manga Up For Grabs

Hey guys, I'm moving and want to get rid of some of my old manga. I'll list what I have, so if you're interested in anything make me an offer. Seriously. I'd just like to get rid of them.


Bride of Deimos:
Volume 7

Di Gi Charat:
Volumes 1-3

DN Angel:
Volume 4

Volume 1

Dragon Knights:
Volumes 1-8

Eerie Queerie:
Volumes 1-3 (First Editions)

Volumes 1-2 (Complete)

Gundam Wing Epsiode Zero:
Book 1 (Complete)

Hana Kimi:
Volume 1

Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers):
Volumes 1-5

Juvenile Orion:
Volume 1

Les Bijoux:
Volumes 1-2

Volume 10

One Piece:
Volumes 1-2

Volume 1

Volumes 5-6


Tankoban/Phonebook Manga:

-Ribon: 1999 volume 10
-Ribon: 1999 volume 11
-Ribon: 2003 Full Moon o Sagashite Special
-Ribon: 2005 volume 5
-Ribon insert book After School Club

Full Moon o Sagashite:
-Volume 1

Cowboy Bebop:
-Volume 1


New Items added for sale or for trade!!!! Manga: Beauty Pop, Princess Resurrection, Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo, Battle Royale, Poison Cherry Drive (Yaoi). Jpop: Ayumi Hamasaki CD, Daisuke Asakura family fliers. Video Game: Final Fantasy X Misc: Japanese Dictionary. Pictures under cut, I am really in need of money so please take a look!!!!

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special edition Naruto items

Any Naruto fans out there? I just recently became a fan, so I'm trying to catch up...

Anyway, the new movie will be released here in Japan in August. To celebrate, the Lawson convenience store chain is selling various ORIGINAL (meaning, sold no where else) Naruto items. I bought a "clear file" of Sasuke today.

The other files are Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Itachi - though the store I went to today didnt have Kakashi or Itachi (depends on the store, cuz I know I saw Kakashi at a different one).

There are other items on sale (also depending on availability): instant ramen (the big bowl type - comes with an original Naruto sticker), candy (in collectable tin cases), tissues (Naruto and Sasuke versions), chips, snacks, chocolate...

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I can find out more details, prices, etc. I dont want to go through all the trouble if no one wants anything. So please send me a private message if you're interested in something!

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Trying to earn some money! And get rid of stuff!
For those who are able to go on soompi:

If not:

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I will accept some trades; it entirely depends on what you have. 
Most items above DO NOT include shipping, unless noted.
I can accept only concealed cash or money orders.
Freebies are included in every order.

Thanks for looking!



Click on the pic to enter the shop!

Custom and Wholesale always welcome and available!
Shipping worldwide!

Not on etsy but see something you like? Email me at komodokat@gmail.com.
I accept direct sales through paypal.

Check out these sites for important updates:

Thanks for looking!
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I am selling this awesome Westwood choker/bracelet [not authentic but of excellent quality]. Brand new and only tried on. It is long enough to wear as a choker but it is also worn doubled up as a bracelet! Which looks great on. It has crystals on the front of the orb that are super sparkly. Take a look at the linked picture to see what I mean by how you can wear it as a bracelet! Would like £19.00/$37.13 inc postage & PP fee's. It will cost more if you want insurance.

How it's worn like a bracelet..

Lots of things for sale!

Hi everyone! I still have a bunch of things for sale. Please visit my LJ for more information and pictures!

Arashi things (Freestyle, 2007-2008 calendar, AAA + in Dome LE): http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/2853.html

JE CDs (Arashi LE, Hey! Say! 7):  http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/2316.html

JE magazines: http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/2264.html

Sailor Moon (manga, dolls): http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/1812.html

Nintendo DS games: http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/3292.html

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Tubee's collection 03: Summer Fever Exclusively Imported


Summer fever is back now and with apparels being imported from overseas such as Canada, you will definitely want to be special with these exclusive clothes.

Skip the shipping fees and taxes, as we bring you imported and branded goods that will aid you in saving your money! So why import when you can get them at Tubee :)

Click on "read more" below to Experience the Summer Fever!

( Read more... )

Personal Feedback: 3+/0-

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-- I have +43 feedback on soompi and +58 on eBay.
-- I ship from the US.
-- I accept paypal (preferable) or concealed cash.
-- Please pay within three days of confirmation.
-- Email w/questions or concerns (or post here) at: trulyrejected@hotmail.com

Gold Necklace -- $7 inclusive of shipping

SID double-sided posters -- $8 shipped/ea. (2 posters available)


1. Yuuya/Aki
2. Mao/Shinji