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Hey~ I have lots of manga for sale! Most of it is shoujo like Pearl Pink, Zodiac P.I., Kamichama Karin, Pixie Pop, etc. The prices range from $3-5!! (Shipping not included) and I only take pay pal as of right now! Shipping to the US is the cheapest~ <3

please take a look at http://mangatude.com/Misa/ .

I will be posting an entry on my journal with them soon! Thank you for looking! <3
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Selling a set of two Code Geass graphics-collection books. Both official releases from the Japanese book store in Massachusetts. They've been opened but only looked at once and are like-new.

Graphics : Ashford and Graphics : Zero set = 15$

Each is 9 x 11 inches, 34 pages, full color, and comes with a full-sized, double-sided poster. They feature character design, art, screencaps, and (some) Japanese text, but are mostly illustrations. I can upload photos upon request.

I'm just going to take best offers on all of this stuff here. All of these are OFFICIAL AMERICAN RELEASES and in perfect condition.

Aoi House volumes 1-2
Cardcaptor Sakura volumes 1-12 COMPLETE ON HOLD
Chrono Crusade volume 1
Hellsing volumes 1-2
I.N.V.U. volumes 1-3
Magic Knights Rayearth volumes 1-6 COMPLETE ON HOLD
Ragnarok volumes 1-2
Under the Glass Moon volume 1 (slightly beat up)

Shounen-Ai/Yaoi Manga:
Jazz volume 2
Our Kingdom volumes 1-2

Anime DVDs:
Shonen Onmyoji volume 1+ art box

If you purchase the SO art box, please add an extra 3$ to shipping and handling, as it won't fit in an envelope. If you want JUST THE DVD, let me know, and there will be no additional s&h costs.

The other exception is the Code Geass book set, as those are oversized and will cost more to ship. 5$ to ship set. Otherwise, Shipping and Handling (for America) is 2.50$ for 1 item, 4$ for 2-3, and 5$ for 4+ items (for a set, you pay for each item. To ship the Rayearth set would be 5$, not 2.50$)

I accept cash or money orders. My eBay feedback page is here

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I am looking for movie titles of movies which depict every day Japanese life.
So can any of you suggest some? :)

Sorry if this is not allowed here (feel free to delete this if it isn't).

Yaoi manga (English and Japanese) figures, amigurumi book

A few more things I'd like to unload!


I'll ship anywhere but international buyers need to be aware that if an item is over a certain weight, I can only ship it international priority. I make every effort to keep shipping reasonable and will give you all the options that are given to me.

I accept paypal in all forms but echecks have to clear before shipping, I also take cash and money orders in US funds at your own risk.

I have a trade list at the bottom. I'm only interested in things on the list or those closely related. (no sailor moon, no flyers, no jrock stuff, sorry)

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Thanks for looking!
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 Japanese Items FOR SALE! NEW! Relisted with LOWER PRICES!!!

FOR SALE: Sushi Magic Kit

Brand new, still in the box, never used. 
A complete sushi making system. Two sushi makers in one package. Makes both sushi rolls and nigiri sushi. Comes with Sushi Handbook complete instructions and recipes.

( Click HERE for Pics and Info! ... )


FOR SALE: Women's House slippers from trendy Japanese fashion company, Peach John!

( CLICK HERE for more pics and info! ) 

FOR SALE: Japanese women's pants, imported directly from Japan!

(CLICK HERE for more Pics and Info! ...)

dream a little bigger darling

♥ Rami Sales! ♥

DVDs - Prices are negotiable

Peacemaker Kurogane 1
SuperGALS! 1
Ergo Proxy 1 (still packaged)

VHS tapes - Prices are negotiable

Petshop of Horrors 1 & 2
Sailor Moon Supers Movie
Gundam Wing: The Cold Battlefield - unedited version
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy

Japanese manga - $5 each

Trinity Blood vols 1-5
Yami no Matsuei vols 5, 9
Getbackers vols 2, 5-10, 18, 19, 21, 23

English manga - $7 each

Video Girl Ai vols 1-4
No Need for Tenchi! vols 1, 2
Oh My Goddess! 1-555-Goddess vol 1
Trigun vol 2
Confidential Confessions vol 2
Ranma 1/2 vol 20

Other books - Prices are negotiable

Loveless: Mind Map (official TV guide)
Kiddy Grade official anime guide
Tenchi Muyo in Love part 1 (Film Comics)

Miscellaneous - Prices are negotiable

Gankutsuou OST
Getbackers wallscroll
Trinity Blood clear folder

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Please ask about prices and shipping info (I accept Paypal). ♥ All manga sales have free shipping within the US.

MANGA SALE!!! List is up!! <3

Okies, I finally out the list up on my user page! misa_chin so please take a look! I mostly have shoujo manga up there but there are also others~ Some of the sets of manga I have are the complete series~ If you want them separate, just ask! 

I also have games for sale~ For DS, GBA, GC, PS1, and PS2!

Thanks for looking! <3
When hearts are trumps

Sexy (?) man sale

To go along with my cute girl sale this is a, uh, sexy man sale? Figures from Tekken, Rurouni Kenshin and the Sinister Black Vash repaint from Trigun.

PLUS a large set of the character cards that came with the original VHS release of Fushigi Yuugi in the United States. Also, some stationary of Keita from W-inds.

ETA: A VIZ totebag featuring Naruto and Zach Bell, a beautiful Japanese-inspired wallet/billfold and four pencil boards featuring D.N.Angel and Digi Charat.

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Livejournal is not emailing me my comments. I'm trying to fix this and I am checking this page daily but to be sure please email me at groovybluecha@yahoo.com

Shipping will vary depending on number of items ordered so please message me with your zip code and the items you are interested in for a quote. I prefer non-cc paypal but can do money orders. At this time I prefer to ship within the continental United States only. I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please email me at groovybluecha@yahoo.com if you have questions. Please let me know if you decide to not purchase something after inquiring. I am quick and courteous in my messages to you and ask that you please be the same. Thank you!

Also, please check out my archived items here my sakana_hime if you have seen my previous sales. I like to sell by similar items (size, series, etc.) so often things that are not listed are still available. Thank you!

Still Selling

New Items added for sale or for trade!!!! Manga: Beauty Pop, Princess Resurrection, Battle Royale, Poison Cherry Drive (Yaoi). Jpop: Ayumi Hamasaki CD, Daisuke Asakura family fliers. Video Game: Final Fantasy X Misc: Japanese Dictionary. Pictures under cut, I am really in need of money so please take a look!!!! Also I am currently looking for any volumes except vol.1 of the manga Life.

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Egoist X 2

Shopping services

I already use Mukunoki and love his service. But I'm already asking him to bid on 3 items for me and other items I want will be ending in less than 24 hours by the time the other ones come to a close.

So I was hoping to find another person who could bid on Yahoo Auctions Japan for me who has low rates like Mukunoki. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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I got this jacket a few weeks ago and unfortunately my chest is too big for it so I have to sell it. It's a size M/L and it's really fitted. It would fit a UK 10/12/14 which is around a US7/US9 but would look good on someone smaller too. It is GORGEOUS and im kicking myself that it's too small, but yeah. Please someone take it. I'm looking for $52 shipped to anywhere in the world. I am in the U.K but will post to anywhere.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
misc | attention attention

selling naruto doujinshi.

-I accept concealed cash in USD and Paypal (preferred)
-I am located in the US; am willing to ship internationally but please be aware of the extra fees
-Prices do not inclide shipping or paypal fee unless otherwise stated.
-All doujins are in great or excellent condition
-Feel free to make offers
-Holds last one week
-Pictures of inside will be provided upon request

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-Please leave a comment with your email if interested
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selling plaid Jrock shirt

Selling a really nice plaid Jrock shirt that i've only worn once or twice, i'm trying to get out of the Jrock phase so i'm selling it. Measurements: bust- 35 inch, waist- 31 inch. Price is $60 USD, i originally got it for around $120
Item shipping from ON, Canada via regular parcel. Shipping: Canada- $7, USA- $8, International- $9
I accept concealed cash (at your own risk) and paypal (requires paypal fee). I am not responsible for any loss or damages
Thank you for looking! ^^

2D; looking left

Fruits Basket (English)

Sorry if this is out of place. I've been trying to get Fruits Basket 1-19, or 1-16 at the least. I did look through all the journals I could that had Furuba sales but it seems I've either missed something or just missed my chance.

So, to the point: Does anybody have Fruits Basket 1-19 or at least 1-16? Also, I'd really love it if it was $70-$80 or less. I don't mind if the condition isn't brand-new, just as long as it's readable and, you know, not falling apart.

Thanks for your time.

(no subject)

selling a ton of things i cannot keep. all must go. really good prices. please feel free to look. if my prices don't seem fitting, you can try haggling. i will say it now that i can't accept paypal right now b/c i don't have one. sorry for the inconvenience. this is my first post here, so i'm not sure how to set up links to my pics. so, can someone help? btw: here are a few things i will be featuring:
cute plushies
a stationary set
(srry, some things are not asiam/japanese but i do need to get rid of)

i hope all who see will come and visit.

i uploaded pictures and descriptions, on my journal. i hope it'll work.

(no subject)

Manga in English and in near mint condition! Get free shipping (within the US only) if you buy $50 or more XD

Will take offers if they're reasonable!


* Samurai X Boxed OVA set.


* Kare Kano 2,3
* Vampire Game 1-3
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 1-5, 7, 9 (1st edition, reads from left to right)
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right)
* Learning curves
* Fushigi Yugi vols 1-8 (1st edition)
* Fruits Basket 1-4
* Desire (yaoi)
* DNAngel 1-6
* Our kingdom 1-4
* Girl got game 1-10


* Sailor Moon Sailor stars wallscroll (Eternal Sailor Moon, sailors, sailor stars, Chibi Chibi).
* Sailor Moon mini figurines (Prince Darien)

Everything HERE! http://sealedw.livejournal.com/891.html

Thanks for looking! ^___^

The GazettE - RUKI & REITA cellphone keyrings!

The GazettE

RUKI & REITA cellphone keyring!    Brand New! Still in packaging!

Mixture of Jrock flyers added, free!

1 day left!





Sell~ Sell~ Sell~

Hey everyone! Its summer and I'm starting to get rid of my impulse buys of Anime, Manga and Plushies! All items are kept in excellent condition and from a smoke free home. Shipping will be determined by where you are and be prepared to wait a bit if you're looking intentionally. Only a minimum of items now, will soon be posting up Anime and Manga and more photos will be posted for better quality as I know some came out darker then they were suppose to. If interested, leave a comment or email me at: Darkphenomena_child@hotmail.com
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CLAMP Shitajikis For Sale

I am selling a CLAMP Kobato shitajiki/pencil board.

Price: $8.00 (USD)--This includes shipping!
NOTE: Please add an additional $1.00 for each shitajiki to the total to compensate for PayPal fees!

Condition: This shitajiki has never been used & is in great condition. HOWEVER, there is a small, slightly obvious crack on the top left side of it! I'm not quite sure how it got there, honeslty. It is very small and does not affect the overall appearence of the shitajiki. Please see sample images for details.

Sample Images
  • Front artwork.
  • Close up of the cracked area!

    I am also selling two clear/transparent CLAMP Chobits shitajiki/pencil boards.

    Price: $4.00 per shitajiki--This includes shipping!
    NOTE: Please add an additional $1.00 for each shitajiki to the total to compensate for PayPal fees!

    Condition: Both shitajikis have obviously been pre-owned & used. (These are not my shitajikis.) There are scratches all over each board. You can see the scratches better when held up to a light source. Some slight fading with the artwork, as well.

    Notice that on the anime styled shitajiki near the top left corner that there is some yellow-ish looking stain of some sort on there. I was only able to see this better in the scan, however. It's not as obvious as it seems.

    Also notice that the corners on the manga styled shitajiki there are some fading in colors & words. Please see the sample images for more details.

    Sample Images
  • Anime shitajiki.
  • Manga shitajiki.

  • Payment method: PayPal ONLY at this time!

    Shipping will be sent with Priority Mail ONLY. I can only accept US buyers at this time! If you really want it & you live internationally, contact me & make me an offer.

    If you have any questions or if you are interested, please contact me at azianwolfdoll/AT/yahoo(DOT)com I do not get e-mail notifications if you leave me a comment! Therefore, I will not reply to comments here! Your best bet is to e-mail me directly for a quick reponse. And if you still comment asking a question, apprently you didn't read everthing.

    Cross-posted to a bunch of other places. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

    Manga and Digi Charat Goodness

    All items still come form and have resided in a non smoking residence.  Shipping will be added to the listed price once I am informed of your mailing zipcode or foreign country outside of the USA. I take paypal, money orders, and personal checks. I prefer paypal and all personal checks are held for 7days to make sure they clear properly.  Sales resulting in 10.00 or less. I would greatly appreciate a Money Order instead (because I eat my own paypal fees rather than charging you). I do sell outside of the USA.

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    JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Stuff for Sale!

    Thanks to everyone who bought from my last sale. Anyone who has paid me up to tonight, your items are already out or will go out tomorrow. If you had something on hold and never replied to me, it's back on sale. Sorry :\ If you had something on hold or your payment is pending, I didn't include it in this new post!

    There are new items for sale too!

    Also, I have anime figures, Sailor Moon, and Fushigi Yugi stuff for sale on Ebay:
    http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZangieQ5fnoQ5fmiko Please bid if you are interested!

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    I know this is a strange request but there are 2 things I want to trade for right now. I want the new issue of PiQ (July) and the new issue of Otaku USA, although I don't know if that is even available to suscribers yet. Anyway, if you have one/both of those and you are willing to part with it for a trade, let me know. Those are the only things I want, otherwise I don't have openings for trades right now. Thank you!