June 17th, 2008

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Sex Pot Revenge wallet chain. $30 including shipping to US.



Sex Pot Revenge pants. New, just tried on once.
Size Large, these are amateur measurements so allow for some error:
waist: 32"
Hips: 40"
inseam: 29"
$90 shipped in the US or best offer

Crochets and Cream Sale

Even though I have prices, I'm taking offers on all items.

If interested in an item, either e-mail me at lilyroxs@gmail.com or leave a comment here! :3

lilyroxs @ eBay

Prices are in USD and payments should be sent in USD only.
PayPal, money order & concealed cash (at your own risk)

Shipping costs depend on items purchased and location.
I ship First Class within the US and Airmail everywhere else.


doujin sale

I have 60 doujin for sale on my livejounal including:

Bleach ------------------------- 1
Code Geass ----------------- 1
FFVII ---------------------------- 7
FMA ----------------------------- 25
Gundam Seed --------------- 5
Gundam Wing --------------- 4
Hikaru no Go ----------------- 2
Harry Potter ------------------- 2
Kingdom Hearts ------------ 1
Katekyo Hitman Reborn -- 5
Naruto ------------------------- 5
One Piece -------------------- 2
Yami no Matsuei ----------- 1


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I'm moving next week, and I need to cut down on things...try as I might, not everything can fit into my suitcase xD

*shipping is included, there are no hidden fees
*items are shipped from Japan
*Paypal is accepted, only.
*transactions need to be finished up by the end of the week so packages can be shipped out before I move.
*offers will be considered as long as it is reasonable

CDs -> Kimeru, Nagayan Takashi, SMAP, Arashi, Exile, W-inds
Tenimyu, Burimyu, *pnish, Kimeru, Takumi Saitou, D-boys -> Photosets/Postcards/Merchandise
Arashi, News, Kat-tun -> Official/Unofficial Shop Photos

Please have a look over here, for pictures and a more detailed terms & conditions.
Thanks ^^

HI Im selling Hello Kitty Necklace check it out!

 selling mangas: 
Kare kano his and Her circumstances vol. 1,2 and 3 
Spawn Vol.3 
Naruto Vol. 5,9 and 10
Onimusha Night of Genisis Vol. 1 
Inubaka Vol. 1 
InuYasha ani-manga vol. 2
Rurouni kenshin Vol 6, 15
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1
D N Angel vol. 2, 4

Send me a message or email at caroarce11@gmail.com for prices.

Hi im selling hello kitty necklaces if you are interested click here.


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Tubee's collection 03: Summer Fever Exclusively Imported


Summer fever is back now and with apparels being imported from overseas such as Canada, you will definitely want to be special with these exclusive clothes.

Skip the shipping fees and taxes, as we bring you imported and branded goods that will aid you in saving your money! So why import when you can get them at Tubee :)

Click on "read more" below to Experience the Summer Fever!

( Read more... )

Personal Feedback: 8+/0-
Usagi camera stars

Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, R. Kenshin, Star Wars + more (Manga, Dvds, character goods, novels)

I just added 11 new manga titles today to the Manga/Novels/Doujinshi section here:
D.N. Angel, Fruits Basket, Hikaru No Go, Inu Yasha, How to Draw Manga Monsters + More

I also still have some Anime and Asian DVDs and other stuff here:

Sailor Moon Cards for sale here:

Other Sailor Moon goods here:

I will ship anywhere in the world, including Military addresses.
Paypal, moneyorders, and well concealed cash at your own risk.

Shipping is same day (if payment is made before 11am via paypal) or next business day -as long as there is no bad weather where I live. Otherwise, it will be the next nice business day or Saturday -whichever comes first.

My ebay feedback can be found here:
ID: Pixie Princess

I also have feedback on my journal,
and on Sera Sell under "Galexia_"

(no subject)

More new stuff up on a_materialist, with more going up all the time!

New English manga, Japanese manga, bunches of yaoi and doujinshi, tons of Jrock mags and goods--I mean, check out the great Shoxx mags I've got! And if you're a Miyazaki fan or a Super Dollfie collector, I've got stuff for you, too. Bento cloths, magazines, super cute Gothic Lolita accessories, and more!

And hey, guys, I've got a Unoa up, too. Be sure to take a look at her!

(no subject)

for sale
Jrock: miyavi posters and mag, ancafe posters and autographed items
cosplay: wigs, props
aciton figures
anime posters
sake set
anime dvds
so much more please looks

right over here

(if interested leave a comment or e-mail me at aarademacher@wolves.northern.edu)

Summer Sale --ALL Rare 1st Limited Items

Hi everyone, please check out these items. they are either new or in excellent condition.
Anyways, this post's list is only available from now until October unless I'm going to take them with me to school.

Dir En Grey:
1. Agitated screams of maggots 1st Limited Japanese Edition.(Opened, never LIstened)$20
2. Clever sleazoid 1st Limited Japanese Edition. $20 (Opened, Never Listened)
3. RYOUJOKU NO AME 1st Limited Japanese Edition $20 (Opened Never Listened)
4. Zan 残 (super Rare, their early single)--NEW--$50

1. Withering to Death 1st limited Japanese Edition---NEW-- $50
2. The marrow of a bone 1st LImited Japanese Edition -NEW--$50

1. Dir En Grey poster $14

1. Withered and Withered 1st Limited Edition (It gives you a third DVD)--$100
(Opened, watched once)

12012 CROM 1st LImited Edition DVD (SUper RARE) -$60 (watched once)

Despairs Ray--Tsukasa AUTOGRAPHED Drum Stick --$25

Note: Postage fees are not included in all Prices.

IF you want to negotiate or have any questions, feel free to email me.

P.S Since I'm home right now, Items in other posts are not with me at the moment; they will be available starts October again. However, you can let me know if you are interested in any of them and I can hold the items for you. That means you do not have to pay the item right away until October!!!

More Posts @ http://sugezhi.livejournal.com/

Thank you.

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(no subject)

selling many cool things. please see the URLs below. (or at my journal, just click on my name)

thanks for taking a look. i'll be adding more


Anime/manga FOR SALE!!

Hey everyone! Please come over to my LJ and check out the diverse array of anime/manga goods I have for sale!


- Manga

- Artbooks

- Anime CDs

- Clearfiles

- Pencil boards

- Other Miscellanious items (Keychains, binders, stationery sets, gothic lolita items, etc.)

Click here!

Anime, Manga and Video Games...

I'm offering really cheap prices on these things, because I need these to go.

I can take pictures upon request for serious buyers only! They all have their original cases, books and have only been used gently. I will show pictures if people inquire about it. I can take quality pictures with a digital camera.

Also, if you don't like my price, make an offer! I'm willing to do anything to move this stuff!

Shipping in US is 3.95; International is 6.00. ALL PACKAGES COME WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IN US.

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SHOXX Vol. 179, January 2008 - featuring Alice Nine


(More pictures can be provided upon request)

SHOXX Vol. 179, January 2008
Condition: 10/10 - no defects, no bent pages etc.
Details: SHOXX Vol. 179, January 2008 (featuring Alice Nine on cover). Also features AN CAFE, Kagrra, Plastic Tree, D, miyavi, D'espairsRay, LM.C, Kra, Mix Speaker's,Inc.
Price: SGD 20 MAILED

Throwing in a postcard of Alice Nine's Japan Tour 2007 if payment within 24 hours is made!

Anime sale,in the red need to pay for school books and tuition

To my ranger luvs and friends and new friends,
Sorry to keep posting but I would rather you all got first dibs before anyone else.

Still selling stuff, My hours are nothing now and I am not making bills. 4 hrs a week on minimum wage is just crap. Im also being punished now for apparently not doing my job when I was the only one who was. My boss cut only my hours.I just need to sell a few things by the 30th to pay bills.

So I am desperately asking for help here. I do warn you that shipping rates and postage rates have gone up so, do not be shocked by expensive shipping. Gas is expensive and I have to cover myself as well as make enough money to pay for school next week and books in a few weeks. I would really appreciate the help.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone. [US Buyers only unless you can have it shipped to a friend here.I have trouble figuring out the calculations to other countries so I just decided id better not even try lol.]

(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me. I will send out amanda and jeeises stuff friday if possible)

****anyone else who asked last time please get back to me asap on if you want said items anymore.thanks guys*****

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if that doesn’t interest you then perhaps a art commission.. (will begin next batch as soon as people want one and I finish batch 1)

I now have 2 shops for art prints buttons etc open..

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[SELLING] MUST GO!! Jrock Flyers, Fool's Mate, the GazettE photosets!

SELLING: heaps of JROCK FLIERS, various Fool's Mate and J Magazines... the Gazette photosets, Arena 37c Special MAY 08, Kra poster,  Original Listen Flavor Tshirt, the GazettE Flyer Pamphlet that was handed out the 19/20th Lives, VINYL SYNDICATE (2 copies avaliable!) Custom Gazette keyrings!

-Free random Jrock Fliers with purchase!  ^^v

Take them all!! They need to go!

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Hello! ♪♪

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Hello, all! I'm still trying to get rid of some stuff, mostly stationary, so if you can please have a look. Thanks!

I will accept some trades; it entirely depends on what you have. 
Some items above DO NOT include shipping, unless noted.
I can accept only concealed cash or money orders.
Freebies are included in every order.

Thanks for looking!
stuffed animals

(no subject)

Hi everyone! ^_^ I'm selling THREE BRAND NEW WITH TAGS AUTHENTIC Tokidoki as well as Tokidoki for HELLO KITTY items! They're super new, never worn, and all that jazz. SUPER RARE AND HARD TO FIND! Even on ebay, if you can find it, it's way over the retail price, and I'm selling it for almost half the price! haha If you'd like proof, please just let me know. Follow the cut to see more!


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Aiji + Kiri live

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Please check out jasssmin's and my new selling community, ice_my_life!
jasssmin is selling a ton of very rare Dir en grey merchandise, CDs, DVDs, VHS, pamphelets...everything!!
And I'm selling a ton of cute plushies, jrock merchandise (Miyavi, Dir en grey, Merry, DEEN, Psycho Le Cemu...), manga in english and Japanese, doujinshi, anime DVDs, cosplay stuff...:)

ice_my_life! :D

EDIT: lol sorry my english is bad. DON'T LOOK FOR STUFF TO BUY IN jasssmin's LJ!! Look at our comm!! xD

(no subject)

 (OTHER SPECIAL ITEMS for sale)new new new

- GYM / Golf and Mike - GOLF's necklace  
- PUZZLE Picture frame  SETs

(Johnnys' OFFICAL flyers for sale)  
- Arashi - AU PAMPHLET  

( CONCERT GOODS for sale new

(shop photo reprints: NEWSnew 
hop photo reprints: KAT-TUN
(shop photo reprints: ARASHI)  new 

shop photo reprints: KANJANI8)
shop photo reprints: Playzone + Jr. ) 
Posters and PIN-UP) new
Myojo HEY SAY JUMP Poster    [RARE // "not for sale" item]
Myojo Koyama+Yamapi Poster  [RARE // "not for sale" item]

(MAGAZINEs and CDs)   new
- TEGOSHI YUYA - DEAD RUN VCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Anime stuff for sale!

Hello Everyone! I have a lot of anime merchandise from my personal collection to sell off. From a variety of series such as Vampire Hunters/Dark Stalkers, Street Fighter, bleach, Kingdom hearts, Ah my Goddess!, Full Metal Alchemist, Ranma, Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles, Tsukihime/Melty blood, and many more! I accept paypal, money order, cashier check, and cash at your own discretion.

International buyers are more than welcome =)

Please leave a comment or email me at sailorscouts5 at yahoo dot com.

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Thank you for Looking! ^_^