June 21st, 2008

[SELLING] listen flavor tshirt, Fool's Mate & J magazines, Vinyl Syndicate, Custom GazettE keyrings

SELLING: heaps of JROCK FLIERS, various Fool's Mate and J Magazines... the Gazette photosets, Arena 37c Special MAY 08, Kra poster,  Original Listen Flavor Tshirt, the GazettE Flyer Pamphlet that was handed out the 19/20th Lives, VINYL SYNDICATE (2 copies avaliable!) Custom Gazette keyrings!

-Free random Jrock Fliers with purchase!  ^^v

Take them all!! They need to go!

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Until now I could survive finishing high school, family trouble and so x_x

Anyway, just after the nonsense comment I just made...I finally got a job and when I get first paid (until July 15th), I'm going to get my very own credit card. That makes me happy and I will be able to buy some stuff...yay yay.

So, I'm looking for some offers, maybe I'll get my card until the 20th of July, that's why I ask you to be patient and that's why I'm only looking for offers...yeah XD

I'm only looking for Code Geass (whether R1 or R2 is amazing) and D. Gray-man stuff, figures whatever that comes to your mind except posters, sorry I can't buy them since Tokio Hotel occupies 99.99% of my room.

If anyone's interested (and willing to hold me the items for almost a month x_x) please leave a comment here, or send me a mail to crazy_ritsuka_asakura[at]hotmail[dot]com

Also if anyone's interested in BJD MSD size clothes, send me a message for further info (such as pics and so)

Thanks a lot for reading :3
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Everything must go!

I need the money by the end of the month so talk me into deals!!!

I'm selling:
- Jrock magazines
UV 2006
Arena3c August 2004
- Lots of jrock CDs, especially Pierrot
Also includes:
Dir en grey
Psycho le Cemu
and more!
- Psycho le cemu photobooks
- Manga
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Dragon Ball
Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Jrock and anime merchandise
One Piece
Psycho le Cemu
Dir en grey
- Japanese fashion brand clothing

As I said, I need the money by the end of the month so please feel free to talk me into deals and grouping prices for more than one item!!

B&W Light

Metal Gear Solid 4 shirts for sale!!

Hey there!

A department store here is having a sale on these really cool Metal Gear Solid 4 shirts. High quality, cotton tshirts. NOT bootlegs!!! Sizes range from S to XL. They are all available for 18.00 dollars, plus a small fee for shipping. Please contact me via email at tokyogetter awt ((google mail)) daht calm.
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Anime/manga FOR SALE!!

Hey everyone! Please come over to my LJ and check out the diverse array of anime/manga goods I have for sale! (I've updated with more items!)


- Manga

- Artbooks

- Anime CDs

- Clearfiles

- Pencil boards

- Other Miscellanious items (Keychains, binders, stationery sets, gothic lolita items, etc.)

Click here!

I am also running a limited time shopping service; there is a Japanese bookstore and an anime/Japanese goods store fairly close by to where I live so I may be able to find certain items for you if you are looking for that kind of stuff! Click here for more information.

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-Over 50 posters from many different artists and series for sale! Only $5 each and shipping is only $2 for purchases of 4, and FREE for purchases of 6 or more!
-Cute and cheap accessories and clothing including leggings and arm/leg warmers!
-Specific post for JE items including Yamapi, Jin, and Kame posters and magazines!
-Lots of manga titles! Take a 25% discount when purchasing 5 books or more
-Anime and other dvds for low prices
-Lots of chinese magazines about korean and japanese artists

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JRock Items Wanted

Hello world~.

I just moved into a new apartment and am absolutely insistent upon creating no white space in my room, this includes the roof. I'm looking specifically for posters, flyers, towels, photocards, even stickers - anything with pictures or pin-able items of general fandom really. XD; There's a lot of bands I'm interested in [including a hell of a lot of super-indies barely known outside of Japan,] so likelihood is I'll probably be interested. :3

You can email me [hiroshi.is.love[@]hotmail.com] or comment to this entry if you have anything you'd be looking to sell~! Special preference goes to anything by hide, the Piass, Panic*CH, Suicide Ali, & Lycee. [All for sentimental reasons. :3 Well, and because they rock. Especially Lycee.]

Also; I'm Canadian! :D Happy Canada Day on the 1st~ [And to all you Americans, happy 4th of July!!]
Thanks in advance. :3
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A4 Folder: Fate Stay Night, Trading Cards and Animedia Magazines

Fate stay the night merchandise:
- 15 plastic trading cards
- Saber clear A4 folder/file - $10
(shipping included anywhere in the world)

I also have loads of rare prince of tennis trading cards and tenimyu/tenimyu actor photosets here.

And I have back issues of Animedia (featuring Ohran High school, Code Geass, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya, Gundam Seed and loads of other anime) here.
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Tubee's collection 04: Cute in the Morning, Sweet at Night


Collection 04: Cute in the Morning, Sweet at Night is coming soon! =))


Summer fever is back now and with apparels being imported from overseas such as Canada, you will definitely want to be special with these exclusive clothes.

Skip the shipping fees and taxes, as we bring you imported and branded goods that will aid you in saving your money! So why import when you can get them at Tubee :)

Click on "read more" below to Experience the Summer Fever!

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DVDs for Sale!!

I am selling:

Wolf's Rain - Complete Series
Weiss Kreuz - Complete Series
Weiss Kreuz (Sequel) - Complete Series
Samurai Champloo - Volumes 3-7


Moon Child Special Edition Box Set Region 2 DVD - Very rare collectible

You can find it all, including prices, here.