July 14th, 2008

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Please Help! Everything Must Go!


I have lots and lots of Japanese stuff from Manga to Lolita stuff.  Please come a visit my eBay shop! ( Just click the link above whatever section you want to visit) Don't Have An eBay account but want to Buy? Email me! I can send you a PayPal invoice for Buy It Now items, so you can buy the items without eBay.



( US buyers only; please note Media Mail can take up to 8 WEEKS for delievery )


Gothic Lolita Goods Available as of now…(Click)  

Baby Doll Gothic Lolita Button 
Sweet Picnic Gothic Lolita Button


Music Goods Available as of now…(click)

SHINHWA CD 僕らの心には太陽がある (Bokura No Kokoro Ni Wa Taiyou Ga Aru)



Japanese Magazines Available as of now…( Click )
( More magazines coming soon!! )

Arena 37 March 2008 - Cover: Gazette

Backstage Pass Feb. 2004 - Cover: Gackt

Cure January 2008 – Front Cover: Wizard / Back Cover: BIS

Cure February 2008 – Front Cover: Side / Back Cover: Nega

Cure June 2008 – Front Cover: Keya / Back Cover: Hangry & Angry

Cure July 2008 – Front Cover: h.Naoto Models / Back Cover: Moran

Cure August 2008 – Front Cover: Ayabie / Backt Cover: Deathgaze

Fool's Mate March 2008 - Cover: Gazette

Neo genesis Vol. 15 - Front Cover: Sid / Back Cover : An Cafe


Cawaii! March 2008
Cawaii! December 2007
Cawaii! July 2007
Cawaii! February 2007

egg September 2007

FRUiTS March 2007
FRUiTS June 2007
FRUiTS July 2007

KERA! May 2007
KERA! July 2007

KERA! December 2007

KERA! January 2008

KERA! March 2008

KERA! April 2008

KERA! June 2008

KERA! July 2008


Manga Goods Available as of now… ( Click )

( All Manga is Buy Now or Best Offer )

Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 1 & 2
Alichino Vol. 1 - 3
Anne Freaks Vol. 1 & 2
Bring It On! Vol. 1 - 3
Click Vol. 1 - 2
Crimson Hero Vol. 1
Erica Sakurazawa Saga Vol. 1 – 6 ( Complete Set )
Hot Gimmick Vol. 1 – 12 ( Complete Set )
Hana Kimi Vol. 1 – 23 ( Complete Set )
I.N.V.U. Vol. 1 - 4
Lament of the Lamb Vol. 1 – 7 ( Complete Set )
Nana Vol. 1
Neck & Neck Vol. 1 & 2
Pita-Ten Manga Vol. 1 – 8 ( Complete Set )
Someday Dreams Vol. 1 & 2
Tokyo Boys & Girls Vol. 1–5 ( Complete Set )
Trinity Blood Vol. 1
Vampire Princess Miyu (original pressing) Vol. 1 - 5

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pullips, ai doll, transformers bag, doll wig & re-ment


accepting 3-day offers on 3 Pullips starting July 14th
Pullips include NRFB NUDE Cornice, NRFB Limited Edition Summer Purezza, NRFB Limited Edition Fall Purezza
one BIN ball-jointed AI DOLL
click the image to go to the journal entry for images and more info!
check the doll accessories and misc. sections for a transformers messenger bag, re-ment and a doll wig!

siren_lagune siren_lagune siren_lagune
siren_lagune siren_lagune siren_lagune
siren_lagune siren_lagune siren_lagune
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Car Emergency Garage Sale: Lots of rare anime items!

Long story short: Need to raise emergency money for car repairs, letting go of big chunks of my personal anime collection. I have a ton of rare zen-in/furoku items, mint in their original packaging, as well as nearly-new CDs and DVDs being offered for about half of what *I* originally paid for them.

Please check out my auctions:

I have rare Shakugan no Shana and Code Geass figures, a bunch of Kyou Kara Maou merchandise, a Suzumiya Haruhi wallscroll from the KyoAni shop (available only in Japan), and lots more.

Selling lots of manga, shojo beat magazines, InuYasha merchandise, and Gothic Lolita clothing!

In my journal you'll find...
...tons of manga like Absolute Boyfriend, Case Closed, and Fruits Basket at $3 each!
...InuYasha movies, a t-shirt, a patch, and a shippo plushie!
...Shojo Beat magazines from '06, '07, and early '08.
...a Gothic Lolita skirt and matching headband.
http://jessiekatesales.livejournal.com -- Go here to see!

HI! All sorts of stuff on sale!!!!

I really really desperately need to get these things out of my house!!! All sorts of stuff like Basilisk to cute dolly cellphone strap to books. All sorts!!! Please check my stuff out. There are too much to name. New RIBON magazine for 7 bucks on sale too!!! 


I also have minature sailormoon prism cards 4 for $1

Just check out at : http://hellokittyland.livejournal.com/

wall scrolls and figures

Featuring figures, keychains, and plush from Card Captor Sakura, Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Trigun. Posters and wallscrolls from Final Fantasy, Saiyuki, Sailor Moon. And 19 Escaflowne tarot cards.

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Livejournal is not emailing my comments though I've tried to fix it. I will check this post but the best way to contact me is at groovybluecha@yahoo.com

Shipping will vary depending on number of items ordered so please comment or email me with your zip code and the items you are interested in for a quote. I can only accept non-credit card paypal and money orders. At this time I prefer to ship within the continental United States only. I ship on Mondays and occasionally Fridays. Please email me at groovybluecha@yahoo.com if you have questions. Please let me know if you decide to not purchase something after inquiring. I am quick and courteous in my messages to you and ask that you please be the same. Thank you!

Also, please check out my archived items at my journal using the tag selling if you have seen my previous sales. I like to sell by similar items (size, series, etc.) so often things that are not listed are still available. Thank you!
panic attack!

(no subject)

Gazette [DISORDER] tour book $30
-box and cover damaged but inside pages are beautiful!
-i have the full set in my personal collection but I don't know if I want to let them go just yet :)

More pictures:




Due'le Quartz tour books ($30 each)
-rather large in size! broken old school cell phone as reference :)
-some of Miyavi/Miyabi's sexiest photos are found in here!

Shibuya-AX (blue) Tour Book



Kurt Thee Spider Effect Singles Set ($16 each)

Pink zebrise beauty
Blued eater
Aka sae hana kumo
Million black tarantura
Tree spider
Silver thorn spider

Kagrra, Mail in singles, 1000 limited (left)

徒然なるままに (つれづれなるままに) $25
神謌 (かみうた) $25
眩暈 (めまい) $25

Great condition, with lyric card and NO scuffs or scratches on CDs!

Kagrra, demotape + sticker (恋綴魂 (ことだま), 1000 limited) $30
Kagrra, one man (2001 o-west) distru CD $50

flyers, posters, more CDs and goods available about my journal!


angelic FMW

for sale

Arashi Around Asia +Dome DVD with photobook
Tokyo Babylon dvd
Fushigi Yugi Eikoden OVA DVD special edition(comes with booklet)
Sakura Diaries (ecchi) 2 disc dvd set

Alive manga vol.1
Wish vol.1
X/1999 vol. 17 &18 (jap.txt)
Card Captor Sakura Bilingual manga vol.1-3 (japanese & english txt)
Legal Drug vol.1-2 (tokyopop)
Sensual Phrase 1-11,13-18
Futaba-kun Change vol.1-4
Maico 2010 manga vol.1-4
IWGP vol.2

Japense in Mangaland workbook vol.1
How to Draw Manga -Maids and Miko
                                   Bishoujo Around the World

Sailormoon Sailor Scout -Character Diary  for RPG(never used)
Sailormoon Deluxe Adventure doll 11.5 inches tall
Sailormoon Sailor Locket (made by Bai Dai)

If anything intrests you,leave a comment or you can email me
at destiny0310[at]yahoo.com.thanks for looking



Well, the time has come to sell everything I bought while I was in Japan. Feel free to ask a price!~!


Doujinshi -Pierrot, Malice Mizer, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Nobuta wo Produce, Kimura Takuya, Inuyasha, and more!!

Manga/Anime - Manga Sets (English), Anime DVD Box sets, and more!

Jrock/Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita Items - H.Naoto, Black Peace Now, Bodyline, Pierrot rare items, Pierrot/Kirito tour goods (coming soon!), Jrock CDs, Moonchild stationary and more!

Games - PSP, PS, and PC games!

JDrama/TDrama DVD Box Sets - Hana Yori Dango, It Started With A Kiss OFFICIAL BOX SETS!

Japanese DVD/CDs -2046 Special Edition, and Hero DVD.

And more! Check back soon, I'm adding things everyday!

Buy This Stuff

I'm selling currently selling:

CLAMP X (Regional 1) DVDs: Volumes 1 & 2
Price: $20.00 FOR BOTH! (Includes shipping!)
-- Includes DVD slip jackets, reversable covers, title inserts & a character guide in Volume 1.

Sample Images
  • Volume One. Please excuse the yellow coloration. I had very poor lighting when taking this picture.
  • Volume Two You will get everything that's shown in all photos!
  • Better quality of the DVD cases..

    Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack (2 Disc) (U.S. release NOT the Japanese version.)
    Price: $8.00 (Includes shipping!)

    All items listed above are used but kept in excellent condition. I've only listened to the soundtrack a couple of times & the DVDs once.

    Two clear/transparent CLAMP Chobits shitajiki/pencil boards.
    Price: $6.00 for both shitajikis!--This includes shipping!

    Condition: Both shitajikis have obviously been pre-owned & used. (These are not my shitajikis.) There are scratches all over each board. You can see the scratches better when held up to a light source. Some slight fading with the artwork, as well.

    Notice that on the anime styled shitajiki near the top left corner that there is some yellow-ish looking stain of some sort on there. I was only able to see this better in the scan, however. It's not as obvious as it seems.

    Also notice that the corners on the manga styled shitajiki there are some fading in colors & words. Please see the sample images for more details.

    Sample Images
  • Anime shitajiki.
  • Manga shitajiki.

  • Payment method: PayPal ONLY at this time!
    NOTE: Please add an additional $1.00 for each shitajiki to the total to compensate for PayPal fees!

    Shipping will be sent with Priority Mail ONLY. I can only accept US buyers at this time! If you really want it & you live internationally, contact me & make me an offer.

    If you have any questions or if you are interested, please contact me at azianwolfdoll/AT/yahoo(DOT)com

    I do not get e-mail notifications if you leave me a comment! Therefore, I will not reply to comments here! Your best bet is to e-mail me directly for a quick response. And if you still comment asking a question, then apparently you didn't read everything.

    Cross-posted to a bunch of other places. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!
    [misc] gutter stars

    WTB: senbonzakura

    Okay, so I have a friend who is looking for a replica of Byakuya's senbonzakura for a cosplay. But, due to convention's policies, it has to be made of wood, and not steel. She's not looking for anything more than $60, so name your price!
    pink geisha

    DS: New Items! Lots of Fullmetal Alchemist, New Artbooks, Gameboy Games, & New Sales Journal

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    Also, please check out my newly renovated (re: totally torn down and started over) sales journal at crayon_ninja!! You'll find all of my feedback there, plus all kinds of items for sale, including gameboy games & units, dvds, manga, anime goods, figurines, and tons more.

    Thanks for looking!!

    Loads fo goodies still for sale

    All items come from and have always resided in a smoke free environment. All items are also in pristine/excellent condition unless otherwise noted. ^_^. i do have feed back, so if you'd like to see it, please just make a request and I'll offer you the links. All sales prices are listed as is before shipping.

    I do ship outside the USA.
    Payment is to be either made by paypal or a money order received within 2 weeks. If payment is not received by then, item will be re-listed. I have had too many hassles with late payments, way too many times where I have waited about a month for payment @_@.

    All sales under 5.00 will need to be paid  in the form of a money order or  buyer pays  the paypal fee. Sorry, it's just not worth it for me to eat the fee on sales under $5. seller feedback can be provided upon request.

    Well concealed cash is an option for payment, but depends on the circumstances, I really like to stay away from it. All shipping quotes include delivery confirmation.

    Onto the GOODS =^_^=
    ps I am willing to haggle if you have your eye on a few items.

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    Tokidoki for sale!

    1. Tokidoki White Bastardino Shirt - Small - $25
    Tags removed and has been sitting in a drawer unworn, I still do have the original tag as shown

    2. Tokidoki Hello Kitty & Little BBQ Devil Camping Black Shirt - Medium - $35
    Brand new with tags, never worn!

    If you would like to buy both, I will sell both together for $55 plus shipping.

    I accept Paypal and ship worldwide from the US!
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    WTB ; FS.

    Hey all. I'm looking to buy Erika Sawajiri's "Taiyou no Uta" single (Japanese or Taiwanese ver., doesn't matter.) and YUI's "From Me To You" album. Also, some An Cafe CDs posters. I have the posters from Shoxx Feb. 2007, Cure December 2006, Pati Pati April 2008, and Shoxx Bis Vol.9. I'm looking for the following An Cafe CDs;
    Cherry Saku Yuuki
    Ryuusei Rocket
    Kakusei Heroism
    Shikisai Moment

    I can pay by concealed USD or money order and I live in the US. Reasonable prices, please!

    I'm also selling the following things in my journal;
    Cure December 2006. Miku on the cover.
    Pati Pati April 2008. An Cafe on the cover.
    Vinyl Syndicate volume 13. 12012 on the cover.
    D'espairsRay clippings.
    Ayabie clippings.
    Nightmare clippings.
    Nightmare poster w/ free translated interview booklet.
    Ouran HS Host Club volume 1 & 3.
    Yoki Koto Kiku.
    Pita Ten Official Fanbook volume 1.
    Cherry Juice 1, 2, & 3.
    Tokyopop & Shojo Beat manga samplers.
    Card Captor Sakura Chinese Tarot Cards.
    Full Moon O Sagashite episode 1 disc. English.
    Disney Channel Hits Take 2 CD/DVD.
    Disney Channel Hits Take 2 CD/DVD. Chinese subs, Mandarin/Cantonese.
    Small Blue Bear Picture Frame. 80 x 65 mm. 
    White Spider Waloli Kimono.
    the GazettE Translated Interview booklet thingamabob & 12012 Live Concert Advertisement card.
    & more.
    ( Click here. )

    I only ship within the US and I only accept postal money orders, personal checks, or concealed cash. Prefer concealed cash.
    kris allen - silly

    (no subject)

    I'm selling a lot of books again... To name some series/CP in the sale: Code Geass (Lelouch/Suzaku), D.Gray-man (Kanda/Allen), Gundam Seed (Athrun/Kira), Hagaren (Edward/Alphonse), Hikaru no Go (Kaga/Hikaru, etc.), Inuyasha (Inuyasha/Miroku), REBORN! (Gokudera/Tsuna, Hibari/Tsuna, Iemitsu/Dino, etc.), etc. etc.

    You can check everything out HERE and HERE (too many books, had to split them up).

    [x-posted to other comm. Sorry...]