July 17th, 2008


[WTB] Some Manga

 Hi all!

I'm looking to buy some manga.

>>Happy Mania - 6
>>Tramps Like Us - 13, 14
>>Cherry Juice - 2, 3, 4
>>Kedamono Damono - 2, 3, 4
>>Happy Mania - 6
>>Flowers & Bees - 6, 7
>>Red River - 16+

I'm from Spain (08303) and i'm willing to pay by paypal. Please, leave a comment if you have one or more of this books.

Thanks for looking!


I really really do not want the stuff in my house no more. I have shojo beat magazine, ribon magazine w/furoku, monkey hidamari no tami, tons of books, japanese pink dolly, sanrio albums, tokidoki bags, sailormoon/doremi prism cards, north face mountain bag, pullip items, Basilisk mangas, Japanese fans, origami japan paper, sanrio pencil/cosmetic cases, japanese dr.grip pencils, and many more. JUST MAKE YOUR OFFER if the prices are too high!!! 

check my journal on eveyrhting here: http://hellokittyland.livejournal.com/ 

Every order comes with a free gift. You'll know when you get it. 

No TRADES so far. unless you have something really rare or really really cute.

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Hey there! I'm having a sale in my journal.

What I have:
-A Japanese kimono, and many other clothes and accessories.
-$5 manga! Including: Marmalade Boy, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, A.I. Love You, Kill Me Kiss Me.
-Anime dvds/dvd sets/VHS. Including: Galaxy Angel, Fushigi Yugi, His and Her Circumstances, Nurse Witch Komugi, Ai Yori Aoshi, Cardcaptor Sakura, Love Hina, Excel Saha, Oh My Goddess.
-Make-up and beauty items, including MAC.
-Many other books, video games, American dvds.

Thanks! Click here to check it out! :)

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Just got back from Japan and spent like.... way, way too much. I'm trying to garage sale off some of the stuff I don't need to keep, in hopes of making up a little for airfare... :(

I'm selling some Naruto Doujinshi (a lot of NaruSasu, including stuff from 10-Rankai and KSL, as well as one SasuNaru), various artbooks (including Phoenix Wright and Blade of the Immortal), a couple of summer yukata, and some miscellany (including a Gurren Lagann clear file I bought at Animate). Everything is brand new!

Anyhow! I'd appreciate if you could check it out! Feel free to make me an offer on anything! Thanks :)

(Fake cut to the salepost...!)


I'm moving soon and I need the extra cash - so all of these items must go! I'm updating TOMORROW with cute fruitsy clothing and some more magazines!

Right now I have these items listed:

Tales of Terror BOX set 4 disk
Gravitation Vol 1
Vermilion Pleasure Night Vol 1
Ghost in the Shell movie VHS

Ceres VOL 4
x-Kai vol 1
Alice 19th Vol 1
Fushigi Yugi Vol 4
Passion YAOI VOL 2
Level C YAOI Vol 2

PLEASE Check it out at honeydive

[Sale] Jpop and Jrock CDs

 Here's the list of latest items that will be added to what im selling. All are used and japan version. 

To view pics of the items, pls visit my journal.  Use the tags to properly locate the items.

Ayumi Hamasaki “”System F/ Vincent De Moor” single – 8 USD – previously unreleased version of Whatever and Fly High
Ayumi Hamasaki “Daybreak” single – 6 USD
Hikaru Utada “Exodus” album – 14 USD
Hikaru Utada “For You / Time Limit” single – 6 USD
Kumi Koda “Best ~ Second Session” album (CD + 2 DVD, limited edition) – 25 USD
Kumi Koda “Candy feat. Mr. Blistah” single (limited release) – 4 USD – have a crack on the back case
Kumi Koda “Feel” single (limited release) – 4 USD
Kumi Koda “Freaky” single (CD + DVD) – 9 USD – have a crack on the front case
Kumi Koda “Imasugu Hoshii” single – 4 USD
Kumi Koda “No Regret” single – 5 USD
Kumi Koda “Yume no Uta / Futari de…” single (CD + DVD) – 9 USD
Gackt “12gatsu no Love Song” single – 5 USD
HYDE “Evergreen” single – 5 USD
L’Arc~en~Ciel “Hurry Xmas” single (limited release) – 7 USD
L’Arc~en~Ciel “My Heart Draws a Dream” single – 5 USD

*Items are located in Philippines
*Accepts Paypal payment for overseas buyers

I have other CDs posted in my sellling journal...amane_nakashima

Looking for HYD stuff...

Hey guys!

Does anyone have any Hana Yori Dango merchandise (with the exception of manga books and anime dvds)? I'm talking anything. Posters, art books, pillowcases, keychains, whatever (from the manga, anime, and/or drama though I would prefer manga and anime merch).

I'm willing to pay with paypal, money order, or cash.

I haven't been able to find much of anything really except for stuff from the drama. Any help would be appreciated.


Looking for...!

Not selling this time around!

@I'm looking to purchase a blue/black Naruto cosplay headband from the village of the sand.

@Also looking to complete my Naruto English Manga collection. That would be volumes 8-11 14, 15, and 17+.

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Usako Hurt

Nintendo DS Games and 8GB Ipod Nano ALSO looking for Miyavi Tank!

I'm throwing this up before I go to work, so I'll be back about 10pm PST to check any comments.. and tomorrow (july 18) I'll get pictures of everything up :)

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in these ninendo ds titles?

Nintendogs: Dauchshund and Friends
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Pokemon Trozei
My Weightloss Coach

all are used. Nintendogs and MWC were purchased new. MWC also comes with a pedometer that works. All saved data (sans, trozei, I can't figure out how to delete my info..) has been erased, so its like getting them brand new ;)

Animal Crossing comes in a generic nintendo ds case with NO cover art or manual.

Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, and Trozie I'm thinking about letting go for $10 each without shipping.

My Weightloss Coach for $25 without shipping.

I'm also thinking about letting go of my 8GB turquose/blue Ipod nano.. its the new short and slim model... its just a little to tiny for my liking.. its perfectly fine. The back is kind of tarnished and smuged from bare fingures touching it. Hasn't been dropped at all.

the ipod would not be coming with anything like manuals, earphones, or such. Just the mp3 player itself (this is how I recieved it). It will be heavily padded to make sure it arrives safely when it is shipped though!

I'm unsure of what I would charge for it...

(and for anyone wondering, I can take paypal (perferred), Postal money orders, and Concealed cash (at your own risk!))

I'm also looking to buy a size LARGE or XL Miyavi tank top (black or pink is fine) from his This is the Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour. I would of pick myself up one or two at the concert I went to but didn't think about it and now I regret it ^^;

I'll pay up to $30 plus shipping for one!
Sailor Moon Crystal

Rockstar Taste of Chaos and some other stuff

This is my first time selling stuff D: So please be kind =]
And you can give me tips/advice too <3
Basically I need money nao. D:
Right now I can only do paypal. So sorry D:
And if you want one of the posters in a tube *because I haven't folded them* you can....as long as you pay for the tube XD
Okay so for today I have--
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That's it :D

(no subject)

J-Rock CDs
  • SADS
  • Shazna
  • Dir en grey
  • Puffy Amiyumi
  • Schwarz Stein
  • Kaya
  • Miyavi
  • Fool's Mate August 2007
  • UV Vol.122
  • Mana's Magnifique

All prices are negotiable
• Prices listed DON'T have shipping included. Email me with your zipcode and city tosakura [at] heartyougood [dot] com
• I will ship anywhere, but be aware, anyone outside of the United States will have higher shipping.
• If you need more pictures, email me at sakura [at] heartyougood [dot] com
• I recieve payment through paypal with this email: sakura [at] heartyougood [dot] com | and I also recieve payment through regular mail.
• I send within 1-2 business days after recieving payment.
• Feel free to ask any questions.
• Leave a comment and/or email me at sakura [at] heartyougood [dot] comif you are interested in something.

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aww speedy

(no subject)

Hello! I'm looking to buy Plastic Tree posters, cd's, magazines, merch, etc. So please, let me know if you're selling any Plastic Tree stuff! More specifically, I'm looking for Nega to Poji, preferably the CD+DVD version, but I'll settle for just the CD too...Thanks!

Hopefully Quick sale

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Clamp School Detectives- $10 plus shipping for all three volumes. Each include mini-poster.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kingdom Hearts manga Vol 1- $2 plus shipping
Battle Royale novel- $10 plus shipping (heavy book)

I accept paypal (you pay the fees) and well concealed cash at your own risk. This is the last of the manga I own xD
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Dirty Ballroom


This live recording features bands from the former record label ETERNAL RECORDS.
It features the band THE GAZETTE in one of their first performances ever before they went major. It also features bands such as Garnet, Sugartrip, DEViL KiTTY, Earl Grey, death qpid, Kilah, Kar'MariA, La'miss fairy, misery, Deady SanCtuary(with bassist KISAKI) and many more!

This is a very rare and very hard to find item.
It's still in like new condition.

A great addition to anyone's jrock collection.

I originally bought this item for $160.
I'll sell it for $100 or best possible offer.

If you chose to buy payment must be made via paypal within 24 hours.

Komik City Updates for July 10 - July 16, 2008

Sorry about not properly formatting my posts last week~! On to the updates:

  • Soul Calibur: Kinpatsuzuma no Toriko by Secret Society M
  • Final Fantasy VII: F.F. Heavenly by No-no's and No-zui
  • Tales of the Abyss: Tales of the Anus by HP0.01
  • Final Fantasy X: Quartet 9999 by Gyokuryu, DragonCastle
  • Guilty Gear: Oedo Bakuhatsu by Unknown
  • Weiss Kreuz: GO TO HEAVEN by Kaori Komiya
  • Street Fighter: 200% ZERO. by Hyokodou

Notice: There are 3 adult titles in today's update. Some images may be NSFW.

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Looking for...

Hi there! I'm looking for:
Hannari Tofu items or someone to get them for me ^^;

I'm especially looking for big tofu plushies, but I'm pretty much open for anything! Just let me know what you have ^_^

I do have kawaii stationary to trade/sell as well!

Selling Anime, Manga, Games, Magazines, and Etc

I have some games, movies, books, etc that I'm looking to sell. I need the money and I'm tired of looking at this stuff just sitting around.

I accept PayPal ONLY.
The prices DO NOT include the shipping costs.
ALL games, movies, and CD are guranteed to work like new.
ALL items are used unless stated otherwise.

Items written in blue = PENDING
Items written in purple = ON HOLD
Items crossed out = SOLD

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Thanks for looking!