July 23rd, 2008

Bomberman - Bomberman & Pommy Dance

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Everything listed is in very good condition unless otherwise specified in the picture descriptions. If you want more pics, ask!

Prices are negotiable within reason and do not include shipping! I will calculate shipping based on an individual basis.

I take PayPal only. However, I will also consider reasonable trades, either full or partial!

English Manga
3x3 Eyes: Blood of the Sacred Demon ($6)
Angelic Layer vol. 1 ($4)
Ceres: Celestial Legend vols. 1, 2, and 4 (original Viz editions; $8 each, $22 for all three)
Hanaukyo Maid Team vol. 1 ($4)
Magic Knight Rayearth vols. 4, 5, and 6 (original Tokyopop editions; $6 each)
Ranma 1/2 vols. 1, 2, 3, 7, and 19 (original Viz editions; $8 each, $27 for all four)
Tokyo Mew Mew vol. 1 ($4)
Yotsuba& vol. 1 ($4)

Japanese Manga/Books
KoroKoro Monthly 2003 No. 301 ($3)

Yonehara, Mari - "Is She a Perfidious Woman or a Chaste Plain Jane?" ($4)
A Treasury of Japanese Literature, vol. 6 ($3)

Legend of the Mystical Ninja boxed set ($35)

Edward Elric ($20)
Dejiko ($3)

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi ($3)

Hello Kitty wallet ($8)
Hello Kitty photo wallet ($5)

For pictures of these items, as well as sized S-XS clothes and CDs, check out my selling post!

Also, if you've bought from me before, or if you want to check my track record with sales, my feedback post is here!


I also do art commissions! Check out my work here. If you like what you see, follow the link to my commission information!

Urgent DS: h.NAOTO Blood Yukata

I'm leaving Japan in few days, so I'd like to sell the yukata as soon as possible.
I'm sorry for the pictures bad quality ^^"

Paypal only
No holds (sorry, I really can't)
Price includes EMS shipping and Paypal fees
Feedback: ebay, loligoth_dbs

h.NAOTO Blood Yukata 170 USD
Used, but in perfect condition
lenght: about 75cm
shoulders width: about 60cm
sleeve lenght: about 40cm
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i'm currently having a make your own offer sale!

only one thing is excluded in my entire journal~ i am in big need of money by tuesday and this stuff takes up too much space.. so all reasonable offers are considered and will probably be accepted!

hello kitty, san-x, purses, more sanrio, and so much other cute stuff!


Well, the time has come to sell everything I bought while I was in Japan. Feel free to ask a price!~!


Doujinshi -Pierrot, Malice Mizer, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Nobuta wo Produce, Kimura Takuya, Inuyasha, and more!!

Manga/Anime - Manga Sets (English), Anime DVD Box sets, and more!

Jrock/Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita Items - H.Naoto, Black Peace Now, Bodyline, Pierrot rare items, Pierrot/Kirito tour goods, Harajuky items, Jrock CDs, Moonchild stationary and more!

JRock Magazines - UV, Newsmaker, Arena37, Pati Pati, and more!

Games - PSP, PS, and PC games!

JDrama/TDrama DVD Box Sets - Hana Yori Dango, It Started With A Kiss OFFICIAL BOX SETS!

Japanese DVD/CDs -2046 Special Edition, and Hero DVD.

And more! Check back soon, I'm adding things everyday!
B&W Light

$25 gift certificate contest from Tokyogetter.com... MIKE'S GETTING MARRIED!

We're having a contest for 25 dollars worth of store credit. It's a 'make a sign and take a picture!' contest to celebrate our Japanese branch manager's wedding.* Make an entry by Friday afternoon and have your choice of doujin, shirts, comics, or toys. We're updating regularly so we will have more stuff up soon.

Please visit THE SEXIEST DOUJIN SITE ON EARTH for all the info!!!!

* =(This is a nice way of saying 'the dude who mails me books.')

RUSH SALES/AUCTION! Dir en grey stuff!

Note: I posted using another username deadtree_x a few days back, FYI.

Sorry for the repost, added some new items and repriced some. In desperate need of money to fund a trip out of the country, so I'm selling some of my Dir en grey stuff since I'm losing interest in the band's old style anyway.  Please have a look!

I ship from the Philippines using registered airmail for safe transit of items. PayPal only. Shipping fees are $12 US and Canada, $15 for Europe and South America, and $10 for Asia. I ship within a week after receiving payment. I have 90+ positive feedback on eBay, thanks for looking!
zero yuki

Manga, Anime, and Furoku for Sale on Ebay!!! ^_^

 MANGA, ANIME, and Furoku for SALE!!!! Save 50% OFF or MORE!!! >_<

I'm selling off all my double copies and series I'm not too interested in anymore. All manga is in English and has been read once, but is still in very good condition. I also have NEW IN BOX Anime Box Sets. At the moment, everything is listed on e-bay. Please view the items here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZfinastarwind57

Some of the items include Manga Lots, Doujinshi,  .hack//Sign, Heat Guy J, Fafnir, and Getbackers Anime Box Sets, Sanrio items, and some Furoku Lots. 
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selling loads of stuff...

Please come look around. I changed a few things around to make your shopping easier. I still have tons to get rid of. Prices are negotiable. I have clothing, fashion jewelry , paper products, accessories, and a whole lot more. They are all on my journal.  

Jrock, anime, & manga for sale

Hi everyone~!
I am still selling quite a few items:

vol.28: 2006.01 - bis (missing poster)
vol.34: 2006.07 - 12012 (missing poster)

vol.165: 2006.11 - LM.C
vol.169: 2007.03 - Kagrra,
vol.170: 2007.04 - Nightmare (ナイトメア)

Dir en grey - MACABRE (Japanese regular edition) - $30
Dir en grey - KISOU (Japanese regular edition) - $30
Dir en grey - AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS (US Release) - $5
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Sol-fa
(US Release) - $8
Shonen Knife - The Birds & The B-Sides
(US Release) - $8
T.M.Revolution - Coordinate (US Release) - $8
T.M.Revolution - Vertical Infinity
(US Release) - $8

U.S. release.
D.N.Angel (slim pack) - $45 (retail $80)

Mirage of Blaze - $35 (retail $70)

U.S. release.
Fruits Basket vol.1-18 (missing 17) - $5 each or $70 for the set

U.S. release
Angel Cage: The Art of Angel Sanctuary - $15
Pita-Ten: The Koge-Donbo Illustration Collection - $15
Yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations: ab# rebuild an omnipresence in wired - $20
ROBOT vol.1 (works in progress) - $20

ROBOT vol.2 (works in progress) - $20

If you are interested, or would like some visual references, please go to this link:

(For some reason it won't work as a hotlink...sorry D: )
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15-35% Off!

Hello! My stuff really needs to go! >_<
will be taken only at the original purchase price, not including the shipping! The percent off will vary! ^^
I lower all prices plus the shipping prices, I will calculate on the post office site!
I now have a trade list up, if you are up for trading!
I'm selling graphic novels, mangas that are in Japanese, Chinese, and in English, Yaoi, Animes, Dramas, Jewelry, postcards, posters, stationary, and accessories! 
And please, when making a purchase, please say that you're here for the 15-35% discount!

Interested? Come here! 


SELLING Manga, Artbooks, & Yaoi

I'm selling some stuff from my huge manga and artbook collection. I have stuff from CLAMP and yaoi manga and magazines. If things go well, I might sell the rest or at least the ones I don't touch anymore. All manga are in English unless specified. All artbooks and magazines are in Japanese, unless specified.

All prices can be negotiable.

MY EBAY AUCTIONS: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZshinobi316
Check out my eBay auctions for some great deals on yaoi and artbooks alike!

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Thanks for looking! 

cds, books, manga, etc. for sale

anime dvds

Tenchi Universe 1-8 (complete series) - like new - $40
Kare Kano / His and Her Circumstances 1, 2, 3, 4 - like new - $25
Weiss Kreuz / Knight Hunters vol. 1-5 (complete) $50
Crest of the Stars vol. 1-3 $15
Utena Rose Collection 1, Utena Rose Collection 2, Utena The Black Rose Blooms, Impatience and Longing, Darkness Beckoning, The Beginning of the End, Temptation, inclues Apocalypse Saga collector's box. (AKA... Utena episodes 1-30. Box came with the first DVD of the Apocalpyse Saga). - $50

manga - NOT English

revolutionary girl utena 1-5 (complete) - like new - $20 (japanese)
power!! (japanese title - english version by tokyopop called "girl got game") 1-10 (complete) - $40 (japanese)
GTO vol. 1 - Japanese $3
Kagen no Tsuki vol. 1 - Japanese $3
Tenchi Muyo vol. 1 - German $3

English Manga

Marmalade Boy vol. 1-8 (complete - out of print) - $40
Chobits vol. 1-7 (missing vol. 8) $40
Paradise Kill vol. 1 $4
GTO vol. 13 $3
Demon Diary vol. 1 $4
Under the Glass Moon vol. 1 $3
INVU vol. 2 $3
INVU vol. 3 $3
MARS vol. 1-13 $65

books, folders, random stuff

two folders - mix of old tokyo and new around the roppongi hills area - like new - $3/each or $5 for both
limited edition jay chou 2008 calendar - $10
elementary 3rd year kokugo store, aozora - great for people learning japanese - like new - $5
elementary 2nd year "mainichi no drill" kanji workbook - like new - $5
"view of today's japan" book - bilingual book about japan - like new - $10

nut's vol. 2 - like new - book-type magazine ft. imitation pops uchuusentai noiz, panic channel, brain hacker - pictures and interviews - $5

oxford beginner's chinese dictionary - new - $10
berlitz mandarin chinese pocket dictionary - new - $5

6" helly kitty ruler with magnifier on the end - $2
notepad - $1

cds - all are like new unless noted! :)

chemistry - ashita e kaeru/Us $7
dir en grey - kisou - $20

gackt - 12gatsu no love song $7
gackt - crescent $20
gackt - kimi ga oikaketa yume $7
gackt - last song $7
gackt - mars $20
gackt - moon $20
gackt - oasis $7
gackt - secret garden $7
gackt - the seventh night ~unplugged~ $20
gackt - tsuki no uta $7

gazette - disorder - $15
glay - drive: glay complete best - $15
hide - hide best psychommunity - $20 (maybe on hold, if the person gets back to me)
janne da arc - furimukeba... - $7
janne da arc - heaven - $7
kinmokusei - nanairo no kaze - $3 - from a used store so it has stickers and some tape on it

lab. - beautiful life - $5
l'arc~en~ciel - neo universe - $7
l'arc~en~ciel - smile - $20
mika nakashima - love $15
mizeria - sakura chirikeri yume keshiki - $10
mizeria - warua gaki - $10
mizeria, akaryu - water and oil - $10

onmyoza - sekinesu-enbu - $15
panic channel - 新人戦 - $10

sequence records (sulfuric acid, mizeria, candy, anti feminism, tokyo mikaeru, etc.) - summit 02 - $10
sequence records (sulfuric acid, mizeria, isolation, anti feminism, tokyo mikaeru, etc.) - summit 01 - $10

shazna - gold sun and silver moon - $10
shazna - promise eve - $7
shazna - raspberry time - $7
shazna - winter's review - $7

tackey & tsubasa - to  be, to be, ten made to me - $5
tokyo mikaeru - dokuritsu kinenbi - $10
tokyo mikaeru - yume no naka no kimi e. - $10
w-inds. - kirei da - $7
x japan - dahlia - $15
x japan - singles ~atlantic years~ - $12
最狂決戦 - tokyo mikaeru, glory factory, mizeria, sulfuric acid - $10

- i live in ohio (in case you wonder about shipping)
- i will ship internationally
- i won't take paypal [money orders and concealed cash are good.]
- of couse, i will combine shipping
- i do not want to trade unless you have hikawa kiyoshi stuff
- if you want pictures, i have them
- feel free to negotiate because i really want to get rid of everything (mostly if you want to buy a ton of stuff)
- feel free to ask any questions you may have
- email me at kirsi dot stock at sebts dot edu

H.naoto cardigan & more clothing/mangas

I bought this cardigan from another lj user on the h.naoto community. When i recieved it was in a excellent condition and i loved it. But unfortunately it doesn't look good on me.  I accept paypal and i only ship to US or Canada. but if you are serious buyer then i will consider shipping out of the country. Please leave a comment. Thank you~

$45 plus shipping
Color: PinkXBlack/white
Condition: Excellent. Brand new. 
Size: S-M 


there is additional mangas & animes & clothing & rukia cosplay for sale on my journal </a></font></b></a>rotten_milku