August 3rd, 2008

Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

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Selling all kinds of merchandise from many different anime/manga series at my selling post.

Some series/artists include: Soul Eater, Hunter x Hunter, Arc the Lad, Inuyasha, Kare Kano, Gundam Wing, CLAMP, Taishi Zaou, Saiyuki, Digimon, Comic Party, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy.

Items include: Doujinshi, DVDs, manga, binsen, stamps, address books, bookmarks, promo items, games, artbooks, and more!

To check it out, click here! Prices are somewhat negotiable, so feel free to make offers.
bunny alfred

J-rock cds, k-pop, & anime

(Open to all international buyers.. shipping prices will vary)
Paypal preferred*
Prices negociable

Please reply if interested and I'll PM you more details :]

Price: USD$40 Shipped.

{J-ROCK SINGLE} Miyavi- Sakihokoru Hana no Yo ni / Kabuki BOIZ
Price; USD$8 Shipped.

Price: USD$20 Shipped.

{J-ROCK ALBUM} SID- hoshi no miyako
Price: USD$18 Shipped.

{J-POP SINGLE} Tohoshinki/DBSK- Lovin you *unopened!*
Price; USD$8 shipped.

{J-POP SINGLE} Tohoshinki/DBSK- 'Shine/RIDE ON' single + DVD *unopened!*
Price: USD$12 Shipped.

Price: USD$40 Shipped.

{K-POP SINGLE} Wondergirls- IRONY CD
Price: USD$10 Shipped.

(ANIME DVD YAOI) Sukisho -COMPLETE SERIES- (english subbed)
Price: USD$20 Shipped.


Well, the time has come to sell everything I bought while I was in Japan. Feel free to ask a price!~!


Doujinshi -Pierrot, Malice Mizer, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Nobuta wo Produce, Kimura Takuya, Inuyasha, and more!!

Manga/Anime - Manga Sets (English), Anime DVD Box sets, and more!

Jrock/Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita Items - H.Naoto, Black Peace Now, Bodyline, Pierrot rare items, Pierrot/Kirito tour goods, Harajuky items, Jrock CDs, Moonchild stationary and more!

JRock Magazines - UV, Newsmaker, Arena37, Pati Pati, and more!

Games - PSP, PS, and PC games!

JDrama/TDrama DVD Box Sets - Hana Yori Dango, It Started With A Kiss OFFICIAL BOX SETS!

Japanese DVD/CDs -2046 Special Edition, and Hero DVD.

And more! Check back soon, I'm adding things everyday!


Hi guys! I'm currently selling 2 sets of 30 jrock flyers, EACH SET GOING FOR JUST USD 25 SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE. flyers will be picked randomly, but will include bands like alice nine, an cafe, merry...

only paypal will be accepted. please comment with your email address if interested!

zero yuki

MANGA, ANIME, and Furoku for SALE on Ebay

MANGA, ANIME, and Furoku for SALE!!!! Save 50% OFF or MORE!!! >_<

I'm selling off all my double copies and series I'm not too interested in anymore. All manga is in English and has been read once, but is still in very good condition. I also have NEW IN BOX Anime Box Sets. At the moment, everything is listed on e-bay. 

Some of the items include Manga Lots, Doujinshi, .hack//Sign, Heat Guy J, Fafnir, and Getbackers Anime Box Sets, Sanrio items, and some Furoku Lots. 

Please view the items here:
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doujin pin ups

These are limited edition 2009 monthly pin ups! I only have 6 units of the Feb. release, while there's only 5 for the Oct. release. The glitter coated cover designs are various and limited, while stock last.


I offer them for $8 (USD) each!

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If interested, just leave your comment here! Thanks.

WISHLIST: Doujinshis of Mutou Kazuki or Nakamura Gouta x Tsumura Tokiko or Mutou Mahiro of BUSOU RENKIN, Yoko x Kamina or Kittan of GURREN LAGANN, and Figumate/Trading Card Figurines of Kittan, Gurren Lagann, Kamina-sama of GURREN LAGANN, Kamina-sama plushie of GURREN LAGANN, Sagara Sanosuke DVD candy box figurine of RUROUNI KENSHIN, any Hiruma Youchi of EYESHIELD 21 goodies onegaishimasu!

JMusic sales

I'm selling some of my Japanese DVD's and CD's.

DVD's - 30€
Albums - 20€
Singles - 10€

-KAT-TUN debut box (single Real Face + album best of KAT-TUN+DVD+photobook) --- 50€
-Fahrenheit DVD+CD debut --- 40€
[Magazine] Arena37ºC Nov 2007 --- 10€
[DVD] Tackey&Tsubasa Spring Concert 2004
[Album] Gackt Love Letter
[Album] Lead "Lead! Heat! Beat!"
[Single] Gackt Redemption
[Single] Kanjani8 Kanfu Fighting
[Single] GYM fever to Future

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Little Manga Shop
Trying to clear the shelves since June ’06 – please help!

LONG OVERDUE UPDATE (sorry about the delay!)

Manga For Sale

All manga are English translations, they’re in good/near mint condition, and from a smoke-free home.




See the newest post on my lj
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Negima, Sailor Moon, Utena, Mana and more!

Please help me! I am in desperate need of money to buy a bed for my new house!

 I apologize, some of my pictures are not the clearest, my camera doesn't take good pictures of small things. I take paypay, personal check or concealed cash. If you don't like the price I state, shoot me an offer, I may be willing to negotiate. I am more than willing to combine shipping!                                                                                                                                        
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for sale

I do take trades for all the following, just show me what you have.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. I listed prices so you guys would know around what Im looking for for each game and could make an offer if the price was too high. Shipping is only included for US buyers, let me know if youre international.


VAGRANT STORY (black label, game disc only)
Asking Price: $25 shipped

THOUSAND ARMS (game discs + manual with water damage and writing, still holds up very well)
Asking Price: $37 shipped

WILD ARMS 3 (complete)
Asking Price: $20 shipped

MONSTER RANCHER 1 (complete)
Asking Price: $35 shipped

GOLDENEYE (cart only)
Asking Price: Best Offer

WIRELESS LOGITECH CONTROLLER (x button sticks sometimes)
Asking Price: $25 shipped (originally paid $40 + shipping for it)

MAGICAL STARSIGN (sealed, prefer to trade this one)
Asking Price: Trade or $27 shipped


Sale: WaT poster / limited Do as Infinity items

I accept paypal only.
Prices include shipping to the US. For international, ask for quote.

WaT - Boku no Kimochi poster - $7 shipped priority mail

good condition with a little hole in each corner where it was pinned on my wall.
There's also a 1cm tear near the top side. It is not very noticable.

Do As Infinity - do the box (japan version) - $75 shipped priority mail

3/7 discs are open. The rest are still sealed.
other views:

Do As Infinity -Final- (w/ T-shirt) - $42 shipped priority mail

other views:

Please leave a comment if interested! Feel free to ask any questions and thank you for looking!

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Phoophie has new items! This is the largest update to date! I got in about 150 new items. There are memo pads, stickers, banks, cases, plush, cups, stationery, erasers, pencils, washcloths, stamps, and so many other things I can't remember them all to list them. Phoophie accepts credit cards, Paypal, and money orders and ships anywhere in the world. There is also free shipping on orders over $100.

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I accept paypal (no e-checks) and well-concealed cash. If you are paying from a credit or debit card and it involves fees, you must cover them. Willing to haggle. Seriously, I want these all gone. I'll trade about $100-ish worth of anything here for a DSlite (pref. pink), as well. I'll ship first for any trades.

VIDEO GAMES (all come with case unless marked otherwise):
- Megaman Legends 1 for PSOne. Black label. Asking $12.
- Megaman Legends 2 for PSOne. Black label. Asking $15.
Both on hold for ishicat.
- Brave Fencer Musashi for PSOne. Black label. Has the FFVIII demo in it. Asking $18.
- GBA Yugi-Oh! video, "Seto vs. Joey". Cart only. Asking $8.
- MotorStorm for PS3. Asking $15. It came with my PS3 and is still sealed.
- The Bouncer for PS2. Asking $10.
- Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits for PS2. Disc only, will come in a CD case. Asking $6.
- Nightmare Creatures for PSOne. Asking $10.
- FFVII OST. This isn't arranged, it's the original soundtrack. Asking $15.
- Katamari Damacy for PS2. Asking $12.
- Zone of Enders for PS2. Asking $8.
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Prima guide. A bit bent but still in pretty damn good condition. The one I have rarely shows up on eBay, it's without the "GameStop exclusive" stuff and was released when the game came out for N64. I'm asking $10 for it.
- Animaniacs game pack for PC. Asking $10. (It's this one.)
- Gensoumaden Saiyuki Retribution~ (something in Japanese here) for Wonderswan Color. Comes with manual and in box. Asking $12.
- Zombies Ate My Neighbors for Sega Genesis. Cart only. Asking $10. (Will trade for SNES version.)
- Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne for PS2. Asking $45.

- D.Gray-man v. 3 + 5. Asking $10. Will only sell them together or with something else.
- D.Gray-man Love D-ream anthology (over 100 pages) doujinshi. NC-17. Includes some really cute glossy paper dolls of Allen and Kanda with your choice of animal ears that you can cut out on the inside flaps. Done by various artists. Pairings include just about anything with Kanda, Allen, and Rabi. There's also some Cross/Allen, River/Komui, and I think some Komui/Kanda. Art differs due to each story being done by different doujinka. Asking $18. This is the cover art. The cover is seriously pretty enough for the price alone.
- D.Gray-man Kanda special 2 anthology (over 100 pages) doujinshi. NC-17 doujinshi. Done by various artists, all Kanda-uke stories. Pairings include Komui, Rabi, and Allen (with Allen topping). I believe there's some Cross in there, as well. Art differs due to each story being done by different doujinka. Asking $18.
- D.Gray-man Ashes doujinshi. About 20 pages. Asking $10. Cover art and inside art.
- D.Gray-man unknown title doujinshi. About 20 pages. Rabi/Kanda. Asking $10.

- Intuos 2 Wacom tablet. I believe it's 6x8, but it might be smaller. Will come with pen, but no driver/software (you can download the software for free at Even if it's a smaller size, you won't be able to beat the price (or the bidders) on eBay for this. I'm asking $60, which is less than half of what is being charged on eBay, even for the smaller ones. If you're an artist, you know that Wacom's Graphire and Bamboo are the low-end and that Intuos are advertised for the "serious artist" and tend to run for at least $150, even the original Intuos model. Sold (and shipped) to sunsetecho.

- Silent Hill 0rigins for PSP. Not interested in PS2 version unless it's a really good buy or it's for trade.
- Silent Hill Experience for PSP.
- Wild ARMS anything (except the games and the anime).
- Horror games. No Resident Evil, please. Looking for reasonable prices. Only looking for SH2 in GH version, not looking for SH1 & 3.
- Just about anything Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I will trade/buy whatever you have. Only looking for Fye and/or Kurogane, though group images with them are fine, too. I also want Yasha-ou and/or Ashura-ou anything. No bootlegs unless you're willing to sell them ridiculously cheap. I really want doujinshi, too.
- CLAMP items. Tokyo Bablyon, Lawful Drug, X, Clover, RG Veda, and TRC only. No manga unless it's RG Veda and it's v. reasonable. Mostly want TRC and RG Veda items.
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Jrock stuff for sale!!!!!

Stuff: CDs [Doremidan, Takui], DVDs/Videos [Kra, Penicillin,], Magazines [Shoxx, Zy, Cure], Posters [Nightmare, Vidoll], Merry wristband, Dir en grey bracelet and wristband. flying squirrel kigurumi, Gloomy Bear hat.

NOTE: Please do not ask to be INVOICED. I will provide you with my PayPal address and your total so that you can pay on your own.

MAGAZINE SHIPPING: I've recently come to realize that I have been undercharging quite a bit on shipping for magazines. The last time I shipped one within the USA it cost almost $6, plus I had to buy a bubble mailer for it. Therefore, I have to increase the cost of shipping on magazines and books.

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Massive Anime/Manga Merchandise Clearance!!!

I'm clearing out some of the merchandise I've accumulated through my years in the Anime and Manga fandoms. All the items listed are new, unless I've specifically stated otherwise.

Terms and conditions of sales with me can be found here, along with feedback and contact details.

All links go to my sales LJ. Each item I have up for sale per page has it's own entry cut-tag on my sales journal, so if you'd rather browse via cut-tags, you can browse from my sales LJ instead.

Items for sale:

Kyou Kara Maou
Conrad Halloween Can Badge
Wolfram Halloween Can Badge
Conrad Standee
Wolfram Standee
Wolfram Halloween Mascot Badge with Display Standee
Panda Mascot Phone Strap with Attached Phone Cleaner
Kyou Kara Maou Calendar Seal/Sticker
Kyou Kara Maou Shiori Set
Sparkly Holofoil Halloween Tape

Loveless Clear Bookmark Set
Loveless Keyboard Cover
Loveless Trading Cards

Prince of Tennis
Ryoma & Karupin Leather Key Ring
PoT J-Mini Figurines
PoT Special Bromides

Ouran High School
Hani-sempai’s Bunny Plushie
Ouran Can-Drink Phone Cleaner Straps
Haruhi’s Pass Case
Ouran Pocket Mirror

Full Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric Phone Mascot

Misc. BL Game/Manga
Koi Cha no Osahou Clear Card with Decorative Card Holder [ON HOLD; PENDING PAYMENT]
Bokura no Unsei Shitajiki
Gakuen Heaven Trading Cards
Hanakisou Trading Cards

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions. :3