August 4th, 2008

CDS: AYU + For Sale (They need a new home)

**Paypal email:

All of my CDs are official Japanese imports bought in Japan last summer. I do not sell bootlegs. I take paypal only , simply because money gets lost in the post often, and Money Orders are troublesome. I am just cleaning out my huge collection of Japanese CDs, Records and DVDs and I'm letting these go.

US S&H - $3 for first CD, and $1 for every extra CD added.
International orders are much higher - $8 for first, $1 for every extra CD added.

PRICES are either $3, $5, $8, or $15 (for the ones that are harder to come by)

Ayumi Hamasaki - Surreal - Ex. condition with OBI  $15
Ayumi Hamasaki - Appears - Ex. Condition with OBI $15
Ayumi Hamasaki - Boys and Girls - Good Condition $8

Maki Goto - 原色GAL 派手に行くべ! - Ex. Condition with Slipcase - $5
Orange Range - Hanabi - Ex. Condition with OBI $5
Orange Range - Love Parade - Ex. Condition with OBI $5
Bennie K - Sky CD+DVD (Includes Sky + Dreamland PVs) - Ex. Condition with OBI - $8
Morning Musume - Love Machine - Ex. Condition with OBI - $8
Emyli - Day By Day - Ex. Condition with OBI - $5
Kaori Natori - Lovespace - Sealed $5
Kaori Natori - Darling - Sealed $5
Girls On The Run - Pop Sounds Delivery - CD Promo Ex. Condition - $5
Minmi - 西麻布伝説 - CD Promo Ex. Condition - $5
W U&U - 恋のバカンス - Ex. Condition/No OBI - $5
Reira - Endless Story - Used Condition, light marks with OBI - $3
... OR [B]all [/B]of these CDs for one lump sum of $60 shipped (only for the US)

I usually don't trade, but I am a collector of Eiji Wentz/WaT and I am pretty much set on my Ayumi collection. I also really like Chara and YUKI so I would trade with her stuff. On the real, if I can't sell these then they will be donated to my local music store.

geek squad


all prices are not final until sometime this week. i will be taking photos of each item which effects the pricing i have decided on everything. all prices are in USD. PAYPAL only. If prices are too high, msg/cmt me on my LJ and we can discuss price adjustments.

****more items coming soon! items to look out for: jrock CURE magazine's and posters and more+++ ****

Dnangel [1,2] $8, $9, *$16
Eerie Queerie [1,2] $9 each, *$17
Planet Ladder [1,2] $6, $9, *$14
Girl Got Game [1,2] $9 each, *$17
Othello [1,2] $9 each, *$17
Seven of Seven [1] $8
Real Bout Highschool [1-5] $7, $7, $8, $9, $9, *$39
Wallflower [1,2] $9 each, *$17
Angel Sanctuary [1,2] $9 each, *$17
X/1999 [overview/prelude] $15 each, *$29
Azumanga Daioh [1,2] $8 each, *$15
Imadoki [1] $9
Zodiac Pi [book 4] $9
Fushigi Yugi [1] $14
Peach Girl [book 3] $6
Juvenile Orion [1] $9
Wish [short story] $4
Angel's Wing [1-4] $6, $6, $1, $1, *$12
*=discounted price on both books bought togeather

X/1999 [box set 1-4] $50
Noir [1-3] $55
DNAngel [FULL SET] $110
I My Me Strawberry Egg [box set 1-2] $40
Blame [1] $18
Petrear [1] $18
Fruits Basket [FULL SET] $70
Escaflowne: The Movie *SPECIAL EDITION* [comes with extras and sound track in special box] $70

Newtype Magazines:
13 magazines, from each different month $8 each
Newtype: 2 Gundam Mechanical Edition ~japanese~ $10

Cure Magazines:
10-13 magazines, from each different month $15-18 each

Wall Scrolls:
Final Fantasy Wall Scrolls [6 available] $8 each

Anime Poster Lot [5 random posters] $3 per lot
JRock Band Posters $8 each

Other Books:
How to Draw Manga $4
Full Metal Alchemist Official Fanbook ~japanese~ vol. 1 $4
Tatsunoko Heros ~japanese~ $20

***** all prices are not final. prices will be updated with photos sometime this week!! please keep an eye out and msg me if you will be interested. i only accept pay pal at the moment!!!! *****
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Johnny's magazine clip sale

more than 27maganzine clips. on sale all at once from last year october till this year's june.


now with more discount and pictures, please check it out!!!!!!!

here is the address for the huge sale: 
here is the address for the huge sale: 
here is the address for the huge sale: 

just a sample page below. also stay toned for all the posters and pinup, glossypages will be posted in a day or two.

here is the address for the huge sale: 
here is the address for the huge sale: 
here is the address for the huge sale: 

thanks so much for checking it out
Spongebob → AHHHHHHHHH

Moving Sale!!

Hello hello! I'm going to be moving out of the area soon and my mom ever so kindly told me to cut down on the crap I'm bringing to our new home. So, I will part with some of my treasures I've picked up along the way throughout the last 6 years or so.

Nightmare Singles
Nightmare SHOXX box set

GYM Singles

Various Johnny's magazines!

Paypal only. US orders only, sorry. (I have a small time limit and I'm notorious for being a lazy slug and not getting my butt to the post office quickly.)
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Kumi - married

Cure + Vinyl Syndicate

CURE feat. Kagerou. (poster included - minor damage) $15 (plus shipping)
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at<

Vinyl Syndicate (other side is An Cafe) $8 (plus shipping)
Free Image Hosting at

I can accept PayPal, check, cash (concealed) or money order.
I live in the USA.

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B&amp;W Light

Sale's on. Yo.

Chipper TV announcer: "August is 'back to school' time."

You, me, and any other sentient being: "No, no it's not."

August is "school blows chunks, I better savor my summer!" time.

To support you in this time of need, we're having a 20% off sale until Friday. Tons of comics and other doo-dads are boppin' around, as well as some of our remaining t-shirts. All of the available items have already been re-priced. We've also just added a bunch of new items, including Hello Kitty postcards designed by Anna Sui, sound-drops from Suzumiya Haruhi and Gundam, as well as CD singles and toys from Azumanga Daioh and Slayers.

kawaii, bento, food, cute

Niiyama Shiho CD

This should be the last remaining CD of my Niiyama Shiho collection, so I thought I'd let it go to another fan (and a little extra money would be a good thing ^^;; )

It's a single from the anime Ojousama Sousamou featuring the seiyuu group Virgo, which includes Niiyama Shiho (voice of Sailor Star Fighter), Sakura Tange (of CCS fame), Nagashima Yuko, Yanase Natsumi, and Kasahara Rumi. The mini-CD has two songs, a karaoke, and a "special message from the seiyuu" track.

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I'll take the best offer, or if too many people are interested, I can put it up on Ebay.

I also have a complete set of trading cards from the Seramyu Ryuusei Densetsu (the 2003 Sailor Stars musical) if anyone is interested in those (though I think I'd like to get a decent price out of those to let them go).

Thanks for reading! ^_^

cross-posting to sailormoonfans

(no subject)

I have a Pegasus figure as well as some Sailor Moon gloves up for bids! Bidding ends Friday, August 8th!

(Both items go for over $60 on ebay! Click for details on this LJ-only bidding!)

Relisting a bunch of items! I have TONS of trading cards of Sailor Moon (TCG cards to be posted later this evening), Pokemon, Tenchi Muyo, Magic Knight Rayearth, Robot Carnival, etc. Prices discounted for large card orders! Other items for sale include Chobits manga #1, a few miscellaneous figures (including DBZ, Inu Yasha, and a few I'm unfamiliar with), various issues of Ribon and Ciao (mangazines/phonebook manga/whatever you want to call them) and items found inside also for sale! I also have a few items hand-made by me (mostly earrings/necklaces) and I'll take requests for special items. I plan on starting cosplay items soonish, so if you have any requests or would like to commission me to make something, feel free to let me know!

Follow the fake cuts to the items!!! (Warning--post is very picture heavy, so be patient! ^^*)

Sailor Moon cards
Other trading cards
Miscellaneous anime items
Hand-made items

(All items ship from US. Feedback is here.)

Also, looking for Marmalade Boy items, or any other items pertaining to Wataru Yoshizumi (preferably dolls/figures/plushies, Japanese comics, art books, wallscrolls, pencil boards, cds, etc--but please no American released dvds/manga of Marmalade Boy or Ultramaniac). If you have anything for sale, please let me know what you have and about how much you're looking to get for said items, including shipping in the US.

Thanks everyone! ^^
sailor uranus and neptune


NEW_ since nowone is buying on LJ VESTA is now on Ebay under my user name SMLMAMMM ty

NOTE: but you can still offer or ask any questions on lj thanks

im selling a complete genuine sailor VESTA made by setsunakou. bought for $115.00 brand new in box sailor vesta is VES VES 's good form she fights evil along with sailor Ceres, Pallas, and Junos. she is about 11-11.5" tall she is the america style doll. i really love her but i must part with her. Vesta wears a scarlett/burgandy sailor outfit with white boots and gorgues red hair. She has a whip/handle weapon type thing pictured below along with a stand and gloves, Vestas hair is a masterpiece its so gorgues and bright her face is hand-painted too. she has her own custom box

i do paypal and money orders but i prefer paypal.

im taking best offers.

but it can be yours without waiting for $90.00 USA dollers.

i do ship internationaly just ask!

if you ask me to put on hold but somewone else jumps in with a better offer then im going to have to sell to them. if you dont think you can pay DONT MAKE ME PUT ON HOLD! piccys are under the cut

domo arigatou

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Beast Brut falling

FS: Sailor Moon, anime, manga, PSP, etc!

Sailor Moon:
single issues in English:
10-20, 22, 23, 28, 31-33 (13 and 14 I have 2 copies of each for some reason)

Sailor Moon S VHS tapes: Pure Hearts, Birthday Blues, The Love War!

Sailor Moon DVDs (DIC English dubbed versions): The Wrath of Emerald, Time Travelers, Love Conquers All! (volumes 12-14, the last of the series) These are up on eBay, see link below =)

Sailor Moon English manga novels: #4, SuperS 2, StarS 3 These are on eBay also, link provided below.

The following are Sailor Moon items free with any order:
coloring book
stationary (Korean)
stickers (free with any order
manga from anime #9 (Japanese)

Non-Sailor Moon stuff

Manga (all in English):
Chobits 1-8 (complete)
Video Girl Ai 1-15 (complete) $50
Peach Girl 1-8 $35
Peach Girl Change of Heart 1-10 $40 (or get all 18 novels of Peach Girl for $60)
Ranma manga 1-36 (complete. The first 20 are the big issues and the rest are the small right to left, no pics in my PhotoBucket yet!) taking offers

DVDs $4 each or $12 for all- half of these are still shrinkwrapped, just never got around to it =) :
Maho-Romatic vol 1, 3
Adventures of Mini-Goddess

PSP Games $13 each:
Parappa the Rapper (played once)
Jeanne D'Arc (sold)
Me and My Katamari (played once)

DS Games:
Brain Age $12
Elite Beat Agents $15
Lost in Blue $15
The Rub Rabbits! $10
Sonic Rush $12
Trauma Center : Under the Knife $15
WarioWare Touched! $15

TM Revolution, Psycho le Cemu, Silver Ash, L'arc en Ciel, misc. anime
The music cards are 25 cents each, anime cards free with any order

Pics of all items available on my Photobucket

eBay listings are posted here

Prices don't include shipping and I highly prefer to ship within the U.S. only. I accept Paypal and money orders. Feel free to ask any questions! =)


[Sale] Uchiwa ~ For Philippine buyers

Here are the available Uchiwas:

- Kat-tun
 2 Akanishi Jin from Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008 
 2 Akanishi Jin from Queen of Pirates
 2  Kamenashi Kazuya from Queen of Pirates
 2 Kamenashi Kazuya from Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008
 1 Tatsuya Ueda from Queen of Pirates
 2 Tegoshi Yuya from Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008
1 Masuda Takahisa from Pacific Tour 2007-2008
1 Koyama Kei from Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008
- Hey!Say! Jump

3  Ryuusuke Yamada from Hey!Say! Jump Spring Tour 2008
1 Yuuri Chinen from Hey!Say Jump Spring Tour 2008
1 Kota Yabu from Hey!Say! Jump Spring Tour 2008
- V6

1  Ken Miyake from Johhny's Countdown 2007-2008
- Kanjani8
1 Group
1 Ohkura Tadayoshi from Kanjani8 Spring Tour 2008
1 Shota Yasuda from Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008
*Each uchiwa cost P 750.00. 
* All brand new.

To view the uchiwas looks like, pls visit


I'll be accepting pre-orders for Uchiwa (in limited quantity). Estimated arrival will be on first week of September. Pls inform me who's uchiwa, from what concert, and if you have a pic of that particular uchiwa, pls post it too. I already set up a thread in my journal for this pre-order


(no subject)

[Close Up]
alice nine. Poster (23.25 x 16.6 inches) $8
Condition: Never put on wall & Brand new with magazine creases

[ & other goods HERE ]

★payment methods: cash, paypal, money orders
★i ship worldwide to all countries accepting the packages
★prices do not include shipping, or otherwise stated due to varying locations
★feedback from my shop: [ HERE ]

(no subject)

i have some manga for sale- please make offers and pics are avaliable upon request and all books are in good condition and in english!  titles include:

rg veda vols 1-3
yurara vol 1
kare kano vols 1-3
chrno crusade vol 1
tokyo babylon vols 1-5
swan vols 1-2

i take all kinds of payments and i have feedback on the community-serasell

Reduced prices on DS and PSP games!

Looking for some wii games, in particular these:
Super Paper Mario wii
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Pikmin 2

Selling/up for trade:
Big Brain Academy $16 $15 Shipped
Children of Mana [Japanese] $13 $12 Shipped

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology $30 $28 Shipped
La Corda d'Oro [Japanese dating simulation for girls] $35 $33 Shipped
Taiko no Tatsujin [Japanese] $27 $25 Shipped
*All shipped prices are within the US, prices can be more expensive if you want priority or insured. You can try to haggle. xD

Feedback +22

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English Manga and Anime dvds etc for sale, need to pay for school books

I pretty much no longer have a job, four hours is just nothing. Tax eats all of that. I am trying hard to look for another .I also can not get unemployment because I go to school. So I really just need it all gone. Any help will be appreciated. I have a couple weeks till school starts and no money for books, food or bills. thanks for looking at least....

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone. [US Buyers only unless you can have it shipped to a friend here. I have trouble figuring out the calculations to other countries so I just decided id better not even try lol.]
Shipping has gone up a bit here,. its 5$ to ship to manga even through media mail which is odd to me but that’s my post office.=__=;; Plus I have to cover myself for gas and postage and envelops so don’t be surprised too much by the shipping.

(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)

****anyone else who asked last time please get back to me asap on if you want said items anymore .thanks guys*****

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Selling punk accessories, MarJour clothing, magazines, CDs, posters/wall scrolls

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If you would like more detailed shots, feel free to ask. Prices do not include shipping, and all are negotiable.

I prefer PayPal; cash and money order are acceptable, though I cannot be responsible for any lost in the mail.

All clothing listed as "never worn" worn only once by the model for a short period of time.

Thanks for looking, and please comment if you're interested!
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* CardCaptor Sakura Illustration Collection 2
* CardCaptor Sakura Episode Book
* Sailor Moon S Episode Book

I don't need these anymore so make an offer ^^
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Anime and manga sets/runs $3 anime soundtracks!

Selling some of my sets and runs for anime and manga as well as anime cd soundtracks for just $3.00 each! All items are the official region 1 release editions.

Anime Sets. All dvds are the official Region 1 releases. All prices are for the run/set.

Ai Yori Aoshi vols 1-5 (Complete series) $25.00
Ai Yori Aoshi vols 1-3 (Complete series) $18.00
Avenger Complete Collection (complete 13 ep series on 3 dvds) $10.00
Blue Seed vols. 1-4 (Complete tv series) $22.00
Crest of the Stars Complete Collection (full 13 episode series on 4 dvds) $18.00
Galaxy Angel A Complete Collection (full 26 episode series by Bandai on 3 dvds) $18.00
Geneshaft Anime Legends Complete Collection (full 13 eps on 4 dvds) $18.00
Geo-Armor Kishin Crops (Complete 7 episode Ova on 2 dvds) $8.00
Girl’s High Collection (Complete 12 ep series on 3 dvds) $18.00
Human Crossing vols. 1-4 (Complete series) $18.00
Mao-chan vols. 1-4 (complete series) $20.00
Melody of Oblivion vols. 1-5 (First 20 episodes of series, only missing vol. 6) $28.00
Naruto vols. 8-14 (episodes 29-56) $40.00
Nuku Nuku Dash 1-3 (complete series) $18.00
Nuku Nuku TV vols 1-4 (complete series) $20.00
Rumbling Hearts vols. 1-3 (complete series) $21.00
Sister Princess Complete Thinpack Collection (Complete 26 ep series on 5 dvds) $24.00
Zenki Saga 3 (Episodes 27-39 on 2 dvds) $10.00

Manga All prices are for the run/set.

Fruits Basket vols. 1-4 $10.00
Inuyasha vols. 15,16,17 $6.00
Treasure Hunter 1 and 2 $3.00

Anime Soundtracks All Soundtracks are $3 each. They are the official U.S. release editions.

Ai Yori Aoshi OST 1: Sakura
Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi Pine
Best of Bastard OST
Daphne in the Brillant Blue OST Vol. 1
Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite OST (sealed)
Hand Maid May OST
J2: Jubei-chan 2 the counterattack of Siberia Yagyu OST
Love Hina: Hinata Girls Song Best 2
Madlax OST (sealed, but some cracks in the case)
Madlax OST 2 (sealed)
Mahoromatic Something More Beautiful OST
Mars Daybreak Original Sound Log 2.0 (sealed)
Memories OST (2 Cds)
Noir OST 2
Real Bout Highschool OST
Sister Princess
Stellvia Character Song Album (sealed)
Stellvia Soundwave of Stellvia (sealed)
Tetsujin 28: Music Collection 1 (sealed)
Tetsujin 28: Music Collection 2 (sealed)
Texhnolyze: Music Only Music But Music (sealed)
Texhnolyze: The Man of Men

I have put up some of my anime dvds on ebay in 2 lots, one of 25 dvds and one of 15 dvds and a manga lot of 15 on ebay in lot form ending on Thursdat at around 8:00pm eastern. The minimum bid for the anime lots is a little less than 1.25 per volume for the anime dvds and about .75 each for the manga. Check it out:

Selling lots of manga, Shojo Beat magazines, InuYasha merchandise, and Gothic and Sweet Lolita!

In my journal you'll find...
...tons of manga like Princess Ai, Alice 19th, and Mark of the Succubus at $3 each!
...InuYasha movies, a t-shirt, a patch, and a shippo plushie!
...Shojo Beat magazines from '06, '07, and early '08.
...a Gothic Lolita skirt and matching headband, a Lolita blouse, a fake pearl necklace, a headdress, and an Alice bow. -- Go here to see!

Sailor Moon Dolls Amozoness Quartett, Sailor Starlights & Dream Pocket Saturn, Moon Locket for sale

SOLD SOLD SOLD All the merchandise below has been SOLD As of 08/2008
Please do not send anymore inquiries

SOLD SOLD SOLD All the merchandise below has been SOLD As of 08 / 2008
Please do not send anymore inquiries

SOLD SOLD SOLD All the merchandise below has been SOLD As of 08/2008
Please do not send anymore inquiries


have sold stuff on garagesalejapan 2 years ago and I have the good feedback to prove it, also take a gander at my user feedback entry in my selling lj
my selling lj I.D. is quinn_hotness take a look. Warning these dolls are out of the box and the boxes and accessories are long gone. Like 10 years gone. So the pictures displayed are the exact items for auction. I seen similar dolls sell for 40.00 dollars or more on ebay. the prices here are reduced for lack of the accessories they originally came with.
If you want a doll I expect immediate payment or 1st come 1st serve meaning you email me. I am only accepting paypal at this time.

Shipping for all items is $9.80 flat rate United States Postal service Priority mail rate. I will not mail them any other way, so do not ask. The dolls will be tracked etc.

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(no subject)


(no subject)

Anime Posters:
Matantei Loki Ragnaraok
Sakura Taisen
E's Otherwise
Ai Yori Aoshi
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Onegai Teacher
Gundam Seed
Galaxy Angel
Tenshi no Shippo Chu!
Excel Saga
Poster by Kouji Ogata

Carp Windsock
Fruits Basket rare furoku towel/cards
Animedia Calendar
Peace Maker Kurogane Anime Promo
Matantei Loki Ragnarok and Onegai Twins Clear Folders
Kyo (Fruits Basket)/ Luffy (One Piece)/ Yumi (Chobits) Plushes
Hamtaro Toy / Pichu Piggybank
Fun Fun Factory/ D.N.Angel/ Fruits Basket Shitajiki
Puffy Promo Cards
Nakayoshi Magazine: Tokyo Mew Mew Premiere
Full Moon wo Sagashite Sampler DVD
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 2 VHS (eps. 5 - 8)
Windstruck (like a sequel to My Sassy Girl)
Moonchild DVD

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