August 19th, 2008

FFXIII; Vanille

Looking to Buy :D

Hi there! I'm looking to buy a Bento and any other related bento products? I have no clue what they're called. At the moment, I can only pay by concealed cash, or money-order if you'd prefer.

Also, I would rather buy from someone within the US XD;

Please comment if you have anything?
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn merchandise that is not cell phone straps or pins. That's all I can seem to find.
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Click on the pic to enter my shop!

I ship worldwide!
Custom and wholesale orders always welcome! (*Note: this month has been busy! At this time, all custom orders will take about 3 weeks to complete)
Not on Etsy, but see something you like? Email me at
I accept direct sales through paypal.

Komodokat accessories are also available at these fine online shops:

and LOVLI:
[H&C] sidebyside and farapart


Everything here is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted, and is in English, unless otherwise noted. Shipping is NOT included, and will vary depending on how much you buy / where you live, so just ask! Paypal is preferred, but I would also accept money orders.
If you'd like pictures of any of the items, just ask!
If you'd like to check feedback, I have an ebay account and my username there is also getaway_machine. Thanks!

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Thanks for looking!
kaoru & panda // gyaru

HUGE SALE!!!!!!!!!! 98% of items UNDER $10 (includ. SHIPPING!!!)

I take concealed cash, PAYPAL or Money Postal Order. If in USA, I can get you CHEAP shipping on media rates. Please take into account that shipping will be from $2 to $5 depending on type and weight of item. Most items will be under 10 (including shipping!!!!!!)

<s>5 dollars each

Japanese For Busy People - Work Book (never used)
Japanese For Busy People - Text Book (some notes taken in pencil)
Let's learn Hiragana (used)
Let's learn Katakana (barely used)</s>

5 dollars eachL
Ichi the Killer
Wedding Peach Vol. 1

PS2 Games/Nintendo $5 dollars each:
<s>Soul Calibor 3</s>
Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Super Mario/Smash Brothers Medley
Midway Arcade Games
<s>Twisted Medal: Black</s>
Gensis Collection
Need For Speed: Underground 2
Gran Turisumo 4

Abingdon Boys CD $15
<s>Shelly Trip Realize- Brilliant World CD $5</s>
A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step CD $5
SES 1 CD $5
SES 2 tape $ 2.50
Tori Amos -  to Venus and Back CD $5
Shazna - Gold Sun and Sliver Moon CD $5
A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms CD $5
SES 4 - Letter from Green Land CD$5
SES 4.5 - SUPRISE (w/ photobook) CD$ 8
<s>Parapara Paradise 3 VCD $5</s>
Missalina Rei - To.Ke.Me.Ki $5
SES 3 - Love $5
Bada 2 - Happy Face $6

Charmy Kitty Day Planner
Baby Day Planner

Each 5 dollars

each 5 dollars

Thanks for Looking!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Pink Fluff

Miyavi/Jrock Items Name a price

^^ Hi, I'm posting this again, at this point I want to get rid of this stuff. so I've marked everything that's mine to name a price, if its reasonable I'll consider it, but don't e-mail me with '2 dollars' on the really expensive stuff -_-; I'm not giving this away, I just don't need it I don't watch the DVD's I don't listen to the CDs and with a baby in my house its just clutter at this point.

You can e-mail me at ^^

also don't contact me if you can't keep up with the information, I'm active in a few things and I can't keep everything all together =_=; I don't like to argue about who needs to send who the list again it bugs me and I don't care for it.

(no subject)

The sale continues~ I'm trying to get rid of everything before Christmas! Trades are still accepted and prices can now be negotiated if you buy multiple items. Please take a look at my selling journal. Refer to the first post for the sale. Thank you!

For those already ordering from me, please check the transaction page! It's the first thing I update.

kanashimiblu3 kanashimiblu3 kanashimiblu3

JOHNNYS ENTERTAINMENT: Johnnys Jr. Calendar 2004.04- 2005.03, GYM - Fever to Future, SMAP - Lion Heart, Nobuta Wo Produce VCD Boxset, 1 Litre of Tears VCD Boxset

ANIME: Spirited Away Artbook, Naruto Poster, Rurouni Kenshin Season 2 DVDs, Rurouni Kenshin Season 3 DVD, Saiyuki DVDs 1,11, Cowboy Bebop Movie, Psychic Force Movie

Dream Saga 1
Peach Girl 1
Wild Act 1
Cowboy Bebop 1
Fushigi Yugi 1,4,6,8
Instant Teen 2
Mink 2
Othello 1,2
Model 4,5,6
Wallflower 1,2,4,6
Marmalade Boy 3,4
Fairies Landing 2-13
Planet Ladder 1,2,4,5,6,7
MARS 1-5,7-10
Snow Drop 1,2
The Demon Ororon 1-4
Descendants of Darkness 4,8
Loveless 1,2
Saihoshi the Guardian 1,2

Including more such as games, freebies, and a little other things~

FS: CycloDS for NintendoDS/DSLite

CycloDS for NintendoDS/DSLite.
This does what an R4 does, only better. ^^

Please Click Here if interested.

Shipping to U.S. only for this item.

Also For Sale: (Will ship Worldwide)
• The Sims (Original) + "House Party" & "Livin' Large" Expansion Packs - Best Offer!
• Tea Witch Society (English Dating Sim PC/PS2/DVD game) - $9.00/$10.00 Shipped (Within US)

Will accept Paypal, US Money Order and concealed cash.

sleepy timez

(no subject)

Hey guys, I've got a masssssiiiiiive update! (Most of it is doujinshi but I have manga as well. )
If more than one person wants an item then you guys can bid on it if you like

XXX holic doujinshi - DoumekixWatanuki
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles -  KuroganexFai
Yugioh doujinshi  - KaibaxYuugi & KaibaxJoey
One Piece - ZoroxSanji & Captain KuroxJango
Bleach - IkkakuxYumichika
Gundam Seed - Mu la flagaxKira   AthrunxMiguel  & AthrunxCagalli
Shaman King - HoroHoroxRen & HaoxYoh
KateiKyoushi Hitman Reborn! - RebornxLambo LamboxTsuna MukuroxKen
D.Gray Man - TykixAllen & TykixLavi 
Lupin the 3rd -  LupinxJagan 
Saiunkoku Monogatari - Kouyuu centric
Naruto - SasukexNaruto 
HunterxHunter - IllumixKillua SilvaxKuroro & HisokaxGon
Full Metal Alchemist - RoyxEd
Wolfs Rain - TsumexKiba & Blue centric
Pheonix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban - GodotxPheonix
Samurai Deeper Kyo - HotaruxSinrei
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro -  NeuroxYako &  SasazukaxYako
Final Fantasy 8 - LagunaxEllone
Code Geass - LelouchxC.C (this one is pending because I reallly like it)

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I also have Volumes 1-9 of Naruto
Official Naruto Shounen Jump boxest 5
and various manga from the series
Eureka Seven
Angel Sanctuary
Flame of Recca
  and Inuyasha movie 3
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IM003323.jpg picture by fujin06
bidding starts at 14$

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please take my stuff CHEAP

Magical Starsign (sealed) $27 shipped OBO
Final Fantasy XI (PC, opened, but unused, complete) $15 shipped OBO
Monster Rancher 1 (complete) $35 shipped OBO
Vagrant Story (disc only) $20 shipped OBO
Wireless Logitech PS2 Controller (works fine, x button sticks sometimes) $25 shipped
Terranigma PAL Version (complete w/box and manual, French text) $65 shipped OBO
.hack//QUARANTINE prt 4 Game disc + Bonus Anime DVD with a rental case. Disc/Bonus DVD has writing, no manual. BEST OFFER
Valykrie profile Lenneth (complete) $36
Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings (complete, played for 2 minutes to see intro never
touched it again) $40 shipped OBO
Final Fantasy Origins (black label, complete) $36
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (includes everything in mint condition except the
Lucia pendant) Prefer to trade, will sell for $60 shipped, won't go lower than $51 shipped
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core UMD Case $23 shipped
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Gamestop promo DVD (sealed) $23 shipped
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories manual
Threads of Fate manual
Pokemon Yellow manual
(small tear in the cover)
Tales of Phantasia manual
$7 shipped each


If you don't like a price, NAME YOUR PRICE.

I've got feedback on Livejournal, EBAY, and GameTradingZone

I am hoping to order a few things by selling these games away. Please make me an offer! I really want these to go to a good home~


(no subject)

Hi =D I'm just trying to get rid of some things I've had around the house and some stuff from various fandoms that I'm not all the interested in any more. Plus, I need the extra space in my already-crowded book case and room. Seriously, ALL THIS STUFF NEEDS TO GO.




JUST ADDED: Bleach - The DiamondDust Rebellion Movie Guide, m-flo Beat Space Nine, Eureka 7 Complete Best CD+DVD, lots of notebooks and erasers, & more!

Click HERE to see the goods!

All located at my SALES POST.


Looking to buy...

Fancy Lala DVD volumes 4 and 5 or the complete six disc series brick. The DVDS must not be bootleg and have their covers at the bare minimum. I have looked on eBay and the stores either have one disc with extremely high shipping or they have only one of the discs.  I don't want to pay a whole lot for the last two discs as I got the other discs locally for 3-5 dollars a disc but I am willing to go a bit higher for the last two that I need.

I can pay by paypal in September.

For shipping purposes I am in Canada.



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I’m selling three Japanese magazines and a custom made Gackt tote bag.
I am open to haggle but currently asking for $9+7 for shipping. I am also open to trade for other Japanese magazines. Mostly interested in magazines with Gackt, Alice Nine, Lareine or Malice Mizer (Gackt era) in the cover/back cover. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Details are as follow:
Fool’s Mate December 2007- An Café cover-comes with two Luna Sea posters. Other artists included Luna Sea, Inoran, J, You, Angelo, Alice Nine, Miyavi, Nightmare, Vidoll, D, et cetera.

Arena 37c December 2007- Nightmare cover w/ two double-sided posters (Nightmare+Naozumi Takahashi; Uverworld+Kazuki Kato; never hanged). Other artists included Acid Black Cherry, Miyavi, W-inds, uverworld, alice nine, Dong Bang Shin Ki.

News Maker July 2007- Abingdon Boys School cover and has a back cover of a woman is in Japanese but underneath it says Ayaka. Other artists included J, uverworld, Yui, Miyavi, alice nine, nightmare.

Finally up for sale is a custom made Gackt tote bags- I made it. The tote measures ~12by12in might be slightly bigger. The straps are red and measure approx. 11in. I decorated this bag with Gackt pamphlets from the S.K.I.N concert done on June 29, 2007 at Anime Expo. Originally I made one for myself and used it for school and my friends suggested me doing more and selling them, so I made one more and I have never used it. I basically covered a simple tote bag with Gackt pamphlets using transparent tape. It took me around 3 hours to make the decoration seamless. It looks pretty awesome. 25+5 shipping
Here are some pictures:


Well, the time has come to sell everything I bought while I was in Japan. Feel free to ask a price!~!


Doujinshi -Pierrot, Malice Mizer, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Nobuta wo Produce, Kimura Takuya, Inuyasha, and more!!

Manga/Anime - Manga Sets (English), Anime DVD Box sets, and more!

Jrock/Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita Items - H.Naoto, Black Peace Now, Bodyline, Pierrot rare items, Pierrot/Kirito tour goods, Harajuky items, Jrock CDs, Moonchild stationary and more!

JRock Magazines - UV, Newsmaker, Arena37, Pati Pati, and more!

Games - PSP and PS games!

JDrama/TDrama DVD Box Sets - Hana Yori Dango, It Started With A Kiss OFFICIAL BOX SETS!

Japanese DVD/CDs -2046 Special Edition, and Hero DVD.

And more! Check back soon, I'm adding things everyday!
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VERY CHEAP, Selling REAL True Religion Jeans for 50 bucks plus shipping! Also, cosplay for cheap!!!

please look here and here

- True Religion Jeans
- Shirts
- Cheap anime/manga
- Cheap Cosplay (Soi Fong, Selphie Tilmitt, Miniskirt Ranger, Suu (Clover))

I'm really trying to get rid of a lot of this stuff, and I'm willing to bargain! Send me a comment, regarding anything from either site that you might want! More is being added constantly!
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Mangas For Sale


Hi. This is my first time trying this out so I am just seeing how this goes before I post more up. At the moment a few mangas that I have for sale are:

Kamui 1-4
Until the Full Moon 1-2
Fruits Basket 1-5, 7, 8, 10-13
Descendants of Darkness 1-9, 11
Legal Drug 1-2
Host Club 1-2
I.N.V.U 1-2
Yurara 1-2
Sequence 1
Man's Best Friend 1
Here is Greenwood 1-3
Whistle 1, 3, 4, 6-, 11-13

And a few Yaoi Novels I have are

Cold Sleep
Don't Worry Mama
The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes 1-2

Other than that I have a few on Ebay

A.I. Love You 1
Naruto 2
The Demon Ororon 1
Earthian 1-2
Boy Princess 1-3

My Ebay name is 7rlfrazier7.

I am thinking about 4-5 US dollar for each one unless the condition isn’t as well, if it isn’t I will tell you and it won’t be as much. Shipping depends on where you are but most likely for a single one it will be 2-3 US Dollars. For more than one it depends on how many you want.

The payment I would really like is Paypal. I don’t know if I want to deal with other payments.

If anyone has any questions please ask. Thank you. Hopefully someone is interested!

Also if you want pictures of them I can give them or if you want to know what some are about I can help. Thanks again.

(no subject)

Sweden Rock magazine, feat Dir en grey, MUCC, X JAPAN, hide and MORE!
Rock Sound
Rock Sound feat. DIR EN GREY
La:Sadies/ early Dir en grey Clippings!
LOTS of fliers!
a knot keychain

AND MUCH MORE new stuff :D


LAST CHANCE TO BUY ALL MANGA (and other items)!
-> Will be traded in at BOOK-OFF IN A WEEK (SUNDAY, AUGUST 19TH)!

*I prefer giving people who actually want the manga a chance to buy rather than just trading in for money for it to sit in a shop~*
-This is also the last week before the store goes on hiatus (I am going off to school and while I may be back in a few weeks for family matters, but otherwise I will not be able to ship anything until Thanksgiving), where in that time all these items may be given away and sold, so if you were waiting on an item you may want to claim it now!-
- FREE ITEMS WITH LARGE PURCHASES (regarding orders of $25+ better free items with bigger deals)

OTHER SALES POST *the rules of the above post apply to all of those now*
|#1 - Manga & Magazines|#2 - Cosplay Items, Wallscrolls and Posters| #3 - Anime Stationary/School Supplies, Figurines, Pins, Pillows, Bags and other Objects| #4 - CDs, DVDs, CD Case & More Manga and School Supplies|
reita :)

selling some games :)

i ship same day and all games are tested and work just like new. they all include original casing and booklets (unless otherwise noted). i am interested in trades but only for games in the shin megami tensei series. (persona is fine too) prices are slightly negotiable, since i did go through each game on amazon and priced my selection 10%-20% under their prices. partial trades are also accepted. i accept paypal and concealed cash (use at your own risk!). i also ship internationally! if you want pictures of any of the games below feel free to ask!

edit - the first 2 people to buy games from me will get free 1st class shipping :)

thanks for looking!

soul calibur 2 $7.00 ps2
star ocean - till the end of time $18.00 ps2
dragonball budokai tenkaichi $15.00
super smash bros melee $16.00 gc
pokemon colosseum $12.00 gc
metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty $10.00 ps2
goldeneye rouge agent $10.00 ps2
the simpsons hit and run $10.00 ps2
xenosaga $10.00 ps2
donkey kong jungle beat $12.00 gc
toy commander $9.00 dc
sonic adventure $9.00 dc
resident evil code veronica $8.00 dc