September 21st, 2008


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Hello, I would like to adopt out my Raphia. I am her second owner. She has a Nina wig and eyechips, as well as new eyelashes and a 27 cm obitsu. She will not come in the outfit pictured, but in a pink dress. Her wig is not secured so you can switch it out if you want. I'm asking for $100 plus shipping. I am located in the US and accept paypal. My email/paypal is at Thanks!

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Phoophie has new items! In this update there is memo pads, stickers, stationery, deco tape, and a few other items Phoophie accepts credit cards, Paypal, and money orders and ships anywhere in the world. There is also free shipping on orders over $100.


Blood Stuff

Hey everyone! I have some Blood stuff I need to part with. Here are links to pictures. Just give me offers. I'll accept anything; cus they can't stay.

*Guitar and Bass pics (kaede and Kiwamu) Signed Brassard (Fu~ki, Kiwamu, Kaede, Yuu(suicide ali) and Nao (ex-support members)*

*magazines w/ pictures and interviews*

Jrock Fliers & Magazines, JE Merchandise, Clothes and More


flyers - miyabi, plastic tree, kra, Smile, clear veil, and others
phone straps, gashapons - hello kitty, chobits, ccs
clothes - majour, sexpot
JE stuff - Kat-Tun goods, photos
anime poster - chobits, love hina, fma, X and more
and more - nightmare poster, 。。。

Please have a look. ^______^

Gashapon figures addes, Flyers on Special Sale >>>> "Buy 5 or more and get one free."

Items situated in Germany, will ship worldwide but I only accept payment in €.
Bus Gamer: no name

Items just posted!

Kat and I are trying to sell things on ebay, so hopefully it works out! Kinda new to this "sell on ebay" thing, but it's worth a shot!

Just posted:
- Junjo Romantica English manga volumes 1-3 (3 is brand new, still in shrink wrap)
- Junjo Romantica goodies pack
- three Saiyuki doujinshi, including two awesome reprint collections including a color page or two
- four Prince of Tennish doujinshi, including one by Zettai Kouuken and two Pink Panthers doujinshi
- Naked Ape's "Switch" volume 1, English version

More things to be added soon, so keep an eye out! :D

Check out the list here!

sailor uranus and neptune


okay i really need the money to pay off paypal fees.
shipping is included in prices.
Whole lot=$45.00 [x-cludling Cere-Cere]
Selling- abunch of Sailor moon japanese and english cards, Tuxedo Mask 11.5 MIB [missing glasses]
CUSTOM PRISMA 11.5 doll, Sailor moon fan. two 6" sailor moon dolls. and a Cere Cere from japan!

whole lot
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Pop'n Music

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Hi everyone! I have a few little things for sale.

First up, some Pokemon postcards. I'm selling them really cheap so if you're interested please take a look 8]

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I also have some mini pez despensers for sale. I got them in Japan in the summer and since they were random, of course after 4 tries I couldn't get who I wanted 8[

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Paypal only, US shipping only. Thanks a lot 8D



☆ Celga offers deputy services for buying directly from Japanese web sites and bidding services for auction sites like Yahoo Japan, Mbok and Rakuten.

We have a new special offer this month:

click for more info

☆ Price: $50 (including S&H in Japan)

☆ Don't forget that we can also help you join fanclubs, order magazines and tickets, and we offer deputy services for buying directly from Japanese web sites and bidding services for auction sites like Yahoo Japan, Mbok and Rakuten. ☆

For more information, visit our official website and sign up for a free Celga account, and visit our Jmusic site for more info and free gifts^^
Don't forget to add our new myspace^^
For any questions or requests feel free to contact us at bustakei @ yahoo dot com.

* Please delete this if it's not allowed.

Manga for sale! No Damage/ Read once!

All volumes are read once and have no damage or spine wear on them! Mint condition!
Yaoi manga………
Hero Heal Vol 2 $7
Ichigenme Vol 1& 2 (US) $8 each
Tomcats Vol 1 $7
Weekend Lovers (US) Vol 1 $8
The President’s Time (US) Vol 1 $8
Eternal Love (Graphic Novel) $6
A Promise of A Romance (Graphic Novel) $6
S Vol 1 (Graphic Novel) $6
After I win Vol1 $7
Vanilla Vol 1 $7
Don’t Say Anymore Darling Vol 1 $7
I’m Not Your Stepping Stone Vol 1 $8
Little Darling Vol 1 $5 (Graphic Novel)
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor Vol 1 $8
Delivery Cupid Vol 1 $6
The 1st Stage Of Love Vol 1 $7
Reg Manga..........
Fruits Basket Vol 19 ($6)
Click Vol 6 ($6)
Bird Kiss Vol 1 -5 ($6 each or $30 set)
Zesty Vol 1 & 2 ($8 each)
Ion Vol 1 $6
Hands Off Vol 2 $6
Magical x Miracle Vol 1-6 ($30 set)
Pine kiss vol 2 & 3
Japanese Manga ……. (Yaoi)
Love Mode Vol 6 & 7 $3.50 each
Haru wo Dai Itai Vol 12 $5
Hero Heal Vol 2  $5
Sex Pistols Vol 2 $3

I accept Paypal and can mail within the US via media mail. Just e-mail me your shipping zipcode and I will weigh items and get you the totals.

[sale] "Shirotan" keychain

"Shirotan" keychain


I have got 10 very cute "Shirotan" keychains to sell here.
The size of the keychain is 8cms x 6 cms x 4.5 cms .
The price is 7USD for each.
Delivery is not included yet and Payment method is paypal.

Check out the cut to my LJ to see what I have and grab it before you can...^^..
Follow the instruction there and leave me the message there if you are interested

More Shirotan Keychains )

Delivery is not included yet.
Payment method is paypal.


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Hello people ^^
I´m new on this community, I came here thanks to a friend.
I´m from Spain.
I have enough things to sell, especially clothes ~

I will start by selling of a Cosplay, of the manganime Vampire Knight, night class.
is absolute amazing, the seam is of a professional, because it's a suit made in a dressmaker.
The size is M. Only used one choice for a photosession.
Includes: jacket, waistcoat, tie and pants.
Price: 145 $ (100 €)  -Paypal.

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Thanks you so much for view

An Cafe Merchandise Sale

Hi guys! I am selling the following at my journal:
Shirt from Bou's last live. *possibly reserved*
An Cafe Uchiwa's
Used & Rare CDs (such as their first concert, demo tape, and other out of print CDs)
Magazines (Some are out of print)
An Cafe's 1st Tour Towel
Laminated Miku Posters
Laminated Bou Poster
Rare An Cafe Stickers
An Cafe Keychains/cellphone straps

Please come and take a look. :3 But read the rules and use the application if you want to order something. Use it if you want me to reserve an item for you. Enjoy. :3 Please do not reply to this thread for an order, but the thread in my journal. Nyappy!
kaoru & panda // gyaru


Most everything (including shipping) is 8 dollars (non- US will have to pay more in shipping) or under!! Please take a look. I take paypal(you must pay trans. fee..which is like 75cent because everything is 8 or under) , concealed cash or MPO. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Don't post if you aren't going to buy. It holds up the other people who want to make a deal. As for trading..I'm really only looking for Battle Angel Alita GN and Parapara Items. You can send my your list and I might find something, but that is what I'm manly looking for! THANKS!
Japanese Learning Books
Shipping Included:
welcome cat plush (has a ring so can be put on keys or bag) got from airport in japan) $8
Cute beach washcloth (new; never used) came from same air port $7.50
A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step CD $7.5
SES 1 CD $7.5
SES 2 tape $ 4.5
Tori Amos - to Venus and Back CD $7.5
A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms CD $7.5
SES 4 - Letter from Green Land CD$7.5
SES 4.5 - SUPRISE (w/ photobook) CD$ 10.00
Missalina Rei - To.Ke.Me.Ki $7.5
SES 3 - Love $7.5
Bada 2 - Happy Face (EX-SES) $ 8.00
KangTa - Polaris (w/ photobook EX HOT) $8.00
Tori Amos - Under the Pink (no case) 2.5 (or 1 dollars with any other CD purchase)
Alichino 1, 2
Strawberry Panic 1
Purgatory kabuki 1
Doll 1, 2
Paradise kiss 1,2,4,5
II Gatto sul G 2

ALSO HAVE BUT NOT PICTURES!!!!!! all 8 shipped
Wedding Peach DVD 1
xenosaga for PS2
Gran Turismo 4 PS2
Sega Genesis Collection PS2
Tokyo Extreme Racers 3 PS2
Need for Speed Underground PS2
Midway Arcade Treasures PS2

Arrest Development boxsets 1-3 15 shipped each

Each Magazine 8 dollars Shipped
☆ paper stars
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Image Hosted by
All of this stuff just HAS to go! So, before you scroll down any further, please take a few minutes to check to see what's for grabs at hoshisales! I have an assortment of bags, lots of jewelry, lots of posters, hundreds of cards, plushies, and more! You won't know you don't like anything if you don't stop to look first!

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Prints | Jim & Jo's Store | Hemp (Jewelry) Commissions

Manga for Sale in German

I've got the following Mangas for Sale, all are in a very good condition
Shipping to Germany is included, you can make me a price offer, other than mine

Alle Preise sind inklusive Porto nach Deutschland, ihr könnt mir aber selbstverständlich auch Angebote machen.
Man kann mit mir verhandeln.
Die Mangas sind abgeschlossen, ausser wenn Band so und so, dabei steht.

Peach Girl 1-18, 60€

K2, Kill me Kiss me 1-5 20€

Kiss 3,50€

Line 3,50€

Princess Ai Band 1, 3,50€

Helter Skelter (sehr Dick) 10€

Tag X 1-2, 10€

Das wandelnde Schloss 1-4, 18€

Cowboy Bebop Band 1, 2,50€

Yellow 1-4, 18€

Billige Mangas/ Cheep Mangas:
Einige Bilder wurden Angemalt, aber ordentlich, wie Artbook Bilder. Auf wunsch schicke ich eich Fotos.
Some pictures were collored in, but in good quality, if you wish, I'll send you pictures.

Inu Yasha Band 1-3, 8€
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Band 1-2 5€