September 27th, 2008

Butterfly Effect

Help! In Need Of Money!

I am in desperate need of money - got a lot of bills that need to be paid. I have lots and lots of Japanese stuff from Manga to Lolita stuff.  Please come a visit my eBay shop! ( Just click the link above whatever section you want to visit) Don't Have An eBay account but want to Buy? Email me! I can send you a PayPal invoice for Buy It Now items, so you can buy the items without eBay.



( US buyers only; please note Media Mail can take up to 8 WEEKS for delievery )


Gothic Lolita Goods Available as of now…(Click)  

Baby Doll Gothic Lolita Button 
Sweet Picnic Gothic Lolita Button


Japanese Magazines Available as of now…( Click )
( More magazines coming soon!! )

Arena 37℃ March 2006 - Cover: Gackt                

Arena 37℃ Special Sept. 2008 - Front Cover: Uruha from Gazette
                                                Back Cover: Merry

Backstage Pass Feb. 2004 - Cover: Gackt

Cure Sept 2008 - Front Cover: Phantasmagoria / Back Cover: 176BIZ
Cure Oct. 2008 - Front Cover: Dolly / Back Cover: Kizaki

Neo genesis Vol. 15 - Front Cover: Sid / Back Cover : An Cafe

Zy. [zi:] Magazine Jan/Feb 2006 No. 26 - Cover: Miyavi

Cawaii! March 2008

egg September 2007

FRUiTS March 2007

KERA! March 2006
KERA! May 2007
KERA! July 2007

KERA! December 2007

KERA! January 2008

KERA! March 2008

KERA! April 2008

KERA! June 2008


Manga Goods Available as of now… ( Click )

( All Manga is Buy Now or Best Offer )

Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 1 & 2
Alichino Vol. 1 - 3
Anne Freaks Vol. 1 & 2
Bring It On! Vol. 1 - 3
Click Vol. 1 - 2
Crimson Hero Vol. 1
Erica Sakurazawa Saga Vol. 1 – 6 ( Complete Set )
Hot Gimmick Vol. 1 – 12 ( Complete Set )
Kare First Love Vol. 1 - 10 ( Compelte Set )
I.N.V.U. Vol. 1 - 4
Lament of the Lamb Vol. 1 – 7 ( Complete Set )
Nana Vol. 1
Neck & Neck Vol. 1 & 2
Pita-Ten Manga Vol. 1 – 8 ( Complete Set )
Someday Dreams Vol. 1 & 2
Tokyo Boys & Girls Vol. 1–5 ( Complete Set )
Trinity Blood Vol. 1
The Wallflower 1 - 14
Vampire Princess Miyu (original pressing) Vol. 1 - 5

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Jrock Fliers & Magazines, JE Merchandise, Clothes, Gashapons and More


flyers - miyabi, plastic tree, kra, Smile, clear veil, and others
phone straps, gashapons - hello kitty, chobits, ccs
clothes - majour, sexpot
JE stuff - Kat-Tun goods, photos
anime poster - chobits, love hina, fma, X and more
and more - nightmare poster, 。。。

Please have a look. ^______^

Gashapon figures addes, Flyers on Special Sale >>>> "Buy 5 or more and get one free."

Items situated in Germany, will ship worldwide but I only accept payment in €.

So many cute items for sale!

Many items added that have barely been used, or never used! I have a red and white lolita dress with free headdress included, formal dresses, pocky bag, manga, yaoi, thigh high black leather boots, a haro, and much more!!!! Come take a look!

trailed ground | twilight princess


will trade for/buy code geass merchandise.
lowered prices.

most prices include shipping.


FOR SALE. (Inuyasha, Naruto, FMA, MARS, Detective Conan, FLCL, Whispering Corridors, Wolf's Rain, etc)
-PSone/2 + gamecube games
-other merch (playing cards, keychain)

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if you'd like to make offers, go ahead. they will be considered greatly. &if you want sample scans feel free to ask for them.

thank you for looking. :D

FS: Raphia!

HI everyone! I would like to adopt out my Raphia. I am her second owner. She has a Nina wig and eyechips, as well as new eyelashes and a 27 cm obitsu. I'm asking for $75 plus shipping. (I originally paid $100) Think my price is too high? Feel free to haggle! She will not come in the outfit pictured, but in a pink dress. Her wig is not secured so you can switch it out if you want. I am located in the US and accept paypal. My email/paypal is at Thanks!

Free Image Hosting at

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Looking for:

What I'm currently looking for:
Amigurumi Crochet Book (english or japanese as long as it's easy to understand)
Hello Kitty Crochet Pattern Book
 ~ Crochet Embellishments (or something similar)
Felt Dessert pattern book (or something similar, english or japanese as long as it's easy to understand, i like food  ^_^v)

My full list of what I want is at 

Trade only please.  My list of stuff is at </a></font></b></a>momijiworld 

Thanks a bunch!!!
Gothic roses


Hey everyone I'm selling some manga and cds. A lot of these are in like new conditions and there are even some complete out of print sets! So take a look if you want anything. All manga are in english. Prices on the manga lowered!

Absolute Boyfriend
Shaolin Sisters (full series, out of print)
Les Bijoux (Korean) (full series, out of print)
Qwan (Korean) (first 3 out of print)
Demon Diary (Korean)
Museum of Terror
Almost Crying (Shonen ai)
Scandalous Seiryo University (Yaoi)
Doors of Chaos

Yoko Kanno
Gravitation Anime Soundtrack
The Royal Dead
Masters of Zen Traditional Japanese Music
Wolf's Rain
X Japan
Dir en grey

Real Bout High School vol. 1
Miyavi The Beginning of NEO Visualizm Tour 2007
Hitomi Shimatani Love Letter Concert 2004
Dir en grey It Withers and Wither Concert
Dir en grey Macabre Tour DVD
Dir en grey Macabre Tour VHS
Malice Mizer Verte Aile Bel Air VHS
Gilgamesh Anime Vol. 1 & 2

Anime Figurine:
Allen Walker from D.Gray-man

Tokyo Rock Catwalk: Visual Kei Bands Big in Japan
Phaidon FRUiTS Book
J-Rock Groupis
Gothic & Lolita Bible English ver. vol.1
Orkus No.1 Feb/March 2007 ft. Malice Mizer
Arena 37c Feb 2006 Ft. Janne Da Arc
Cure vol.42 March ft. An Cafe
Cure vol. 54 Oct ft. Mix Speakers Inc.
Fool's Mate July ft. hide memorial summit
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Japanese rock/pop cds/magazines/signed/tour goods

I have a very large collection I am selling off. I have many magazines, CDs, posters, tour goods, signed collectibles and more still to post.
So if there is anything you might be looking for, just send me an email ( and I'll let you know if I have anything. I don't have much from any of the newer indies bands, but often I have items from their previous bands.

~I am a band manager of a Japanese rock band, GHOST TOWNE, plus a promoter/etc for several others, so I am Really busy. If my responses are sometimes slow, I apologize.
~All prices are before shipping.
~I accept most types of payment, though PayPal is greatly preferred.
~Most prices are negotiable, but be reasonable.
~DO NOT ask me for a shipping quote without leaving me your zipcode (or country if overseas).

I think all the links are correct now. If not, please let me know.

Please leave FEEDBACK here. This is new, but since people ask I figured I might as well start a thread for it. But until it actually grows, you can check out the other people who have bought from me in the past.

**NEW** DVDs**NEW**

**NEW** VHS/VHS Box Sets**NEW**

**NEW** Tour Goods**NEW**

**NEW** Posters & Fliers**NEW**

Magazines <------- NEW ITEMS

8cm CD singles

CDs <--------- NEW ITEMS

Demo/Message Tapes

Message/Demo Discs

Score/Fanclub/Tour Books <---- NEW ITEMS

Misc <--------- NEW ITEMS

Big Selling Updates!

Angelic Pretty Dress
Morbid Threads casual lolita blouse
In the Starlight dress
Shojo Beat T-shirt
Cyberdog Light up shirt
Tripp Armwarmers
Hair Bows
Oraun Highschool Host Club Comb
Vampire Knight Pencil Case
Yaoi Keychains
Shojo Beat bag
DnD 3.5 and 3.0 books
Warhammer Book
Vampire the Masqurade Books
Shojo Beat Magazines
Shojo Beat Manga
Shojo Sampler DvDs
Oreskaband Single

All at my journa knh_sales

Wanting to Buy...

Hi!! I'm looking for:

Ear/Lip ring/cuff
I don't have a lip piercing so I'll need that part to be a cuff.
I'm looking for something along the lines of what Shin from Nana 2 has: PIC

Clothes (Anything that falls into these categories)
- Hoodies
- Tank Tops
- T-shirts
- Black/White stripes
- Freesized, loose style, Korean/Japanese style
- Brand items: Sex Pot ReveNGe, Algonquins, Banana Fish, Super Lovers, Putumayo

I pay by direct transfer paypal and I live in California.

Thanks!! o ( ^ ~ ^ ) o

JA &lt;3

SELLING: A few Gazetto items and a Moi Dix Mois DVD

I'm selling:

- the GazettE's new Repeated Countless Error LE 3DVD set NTSC, Region 2 (new, unplayed)

-Rare Aoi poster from "Like An Edison" shop (good condition)
*Listed on eBay here--> Auction will end in less than 24 hours!

-Rare Aoi poster from ESP guitars (good condition)
*Listed on eBay here--> Auction will end in less than 24 hours!

-Moi Dix Mois Dixanadu -Fated "raison d'etre" Europe Tour 2007 DVD NTSC, Region 2 (played once, like new)

If you're interested in any of the items, please click
HERE to go to my journal. Pictures, prices and payment details are all located there.

Thanks for looking :-)

Selling: Dir en grey & 雅-miyavi- CDs, singles, DVDs, tour merchandise, + much, much more!


I'm selling huge amounts of Japanese Rock merchandise, including DIR EN GREY tour T-shirts and CDs, rare 雅-MIYAVI- albums and singles, and issues of SHOXX and ARENA 37; also selling clothing, books, DVDs,

Example of some of the items for sale:
Dir en grey tour T-shirt ; INWARD SCREAM '07
Condition: BRAND NEW

雅-MIYAVI- single:Subarashiki kana, Kono Sekai [w/ DVD + Photo Book, Limited Edition / Type A]
Comes With: DVD + Photobook + Sticker

SHOXX : Volume 174 ; 2007
Condition: Like new, only flipped through once ; *comes with poster
Price: $20

There is a HUGE amount of items for sale, and all prices INCLUDE shipping and handling. Prices for certain items are negotiable. ALL clothing has been washed, and kept in a smoke-free home. All DVDs/CDs work beautifully.

Click here to be taken to the sales post!

Everything MUST be sold, and I would love to see it go to a fellow, loving fan :]
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Looking for...

Hi gsj~
A few friends are looking for these items.  Anyone have them?  :D

(Criteria:  Must accept concealed cash, preferably residing in the US~) (I have buyer's feedback if you want to look at it in my journal~)

Manga books (English):
-Full Moon wo Sagashite
-Chrono Crusade
-Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
-Gentleman's Alliance
-Vampire Knight
-Gakuen Alice
-or, if you have any for low prices that you're just trying to get rid of, that works too. :3

Manga books (Japanese):
-Pocket Monsters Special
-Ichigo 100%

-Pillows (anime character type of things, unless you've got something else really cute)
-Fun furoku things~
-Or, if you're just trying to clear out your stuff for low prices... ;D

Probably won't respond but will look at and show friends all sales/journals/goods you have to offer!  :3