September 30th, 2008

Jrock Fliers & Magazines, JE Merchandise, Clothes, Gashapons and More



flyers - miyabi, plastic tree, kra, Smile, clear veil, and others
phone straps, gashapons - hello kitty, chobits, ccs
clothes - majour, sexpot, emely the strange
JE stuff - Kat-Tun goods, photos, magazines
anime poster - chobits, love hina, fma, X and more
and more - nightmare poster, dir en grey fc magazine vol.30
Please have a look. ^______^

Clothing update!!
JE-Magazines added !!
Dir en Grey FC Magazine vol30 added!!

Items situated in Germany, will ship worldwide but I only accept payment in €.
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Looking for Miyavi DVDs or CDs

I'm looking for a birthday and a christmas present for my sister. She's a huge Miyavi fan and I'm looking to buy (or trade) for any DVD or CD she does not have. I have no idea what she don't have, but here is what she does have from Miyavi:


The Beginning of NEO Visualizm Tour 2007 Ge Goku Jo Live at Shibuya Kokaido (C.C. Lemon Hall) 2007.12.25

Official Bootleg: The Beginning of Neo Visualizm Tour 2007 –FINAL- at Shinkiba Coast [Limited Release]

25 Shunen Kinen Koen Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo 5 Days -Dokuso- [Limited Release]

Peace Smile Carnival Tour 2005

(Ura) 2004 Nen 8 Gatsu 31 Nichi Miyabi Indies Last Live in Nihon Budoka (Title Nagaina, Shikashi!!) – “Noriko no Ichinichi” Hen

Miyavi Indies Last Live in Nihon Budokan


Hitorigei 2 – Kaettekita Mr. Visual kei

Hitorigei 3 [Limited Edition]





Rock no Gyakusho – Super Star no Joken / 21seiki-gata koshinkyoku [w/DVD, Limited Edition Type A]



Coo quack cluck

Tariraritarara [Regular Edition]

Senor Senora Senorita / Gigpig Boogie [w/DVD, Goods, first pressing only limited release / A Type]

Freedom Fighters [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Miyavizm [Regular Edition]

Kekkonshiki no uta – Kisetsu hazure no Wedding March / Are you ready to ROCK? A Type [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Kekkonshiki no uta – Kisetsu hazure no Wedding March / Are you ready to ROCK? B Type [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Kekkonshiki no uta – Kisetsu hazure no Wedding March / Are you ready to ROCK? [Regular Edition]

Miyaviuta – Dokuso

MYV Pops [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Kimi ni Negai wo [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Dear my friend / Itoshi Hito [Regular Edition]

Dear my friend / Itoshi Hito [w/DVD, Limited Edition / A Type]

Dear my friend / Itoshi Hito [w/DVD, Limited Edition / B Type]

Senor Senora Senorita / Gigpig Boogie [Regular Edition]

Senor Senora Senorita / Gigpig Boogie [w/DVD, first pressing only limited release / B Type]

This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de [Regular Edition]

Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Subarashiki kana, Kono Sekai [Regular Edition]

Subarashiki kana, Kono Sekai [w/DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]

Subarashiki kana, Kono Sekai [w/DVD + Photo Book, Limited Edition / Type A]

7 Samurai Sessions –We’re Kavki Boiz- [w/DVD, Limited Edition]

Sakihokoru Hana no Yo ni / Kabuki BOIZ [w/DVD, Limited Edition / A Type]

Please help me find something she don't have or a limited edition of something she does have is fine too.  Please make sure it's in super great condition (because she's picky that way) and that there's still everything that it came with.  I need 2 gifts please~

I don't know anything about Miyavi and it took me a while to do research to find out which version of what she has.  XD  I'd like to trade if possible.  My list is at [info]momijiworld.  If not then I'll pay as long as the price is reasonable.


edit: I got 1 gift, so I just need 1 more~  DVD or CD only this time.  ^_^

English Manga,Anime etc sale, need to pay for school books, NEED GONE ASAP, SERIOUS $ TROUBLE

Selling stuff to pay school fees and bills and for pet meds and My job has now cut me to no hours. I've been there a long time and they are giving hours to newbies only, so I'm in serious trouble. Willing to discuss prices.

So any help will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to discuss prices. I just need to make sure I make enough money for college fees and such.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone. [I decided Id open it up to International shipping too just know it will be a lot more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

Shipping has gone up a bit here,. its 5$ to ship two manga even through media mail which is odd to me but that’s my post office.=__=;; Plus I have to cover myself for gas and postage and envelops so don’t be surprised too much by the shipping.

(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)

****anyone else who asked last time please get back to me asap on if you want said items anymore .thanks guys*****

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Volks Raffle! 22 Tickets Left!

Hey guys I REALLY need to sell this boy and there are still raffle tickets left!

Your Chance To Win A Volks Rare & Limited Edition BJD!

More information can be found at the main post here.

If you have any questions, please comment here! I would also be happy if this was pimped out! Remember, the sooner the tickets sell out, the sooner the winner will be announced!

Tickets Left
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Casshern DVD

I have one copy of the Casshern DVD for sale. It's used, but in almost perfect condition. No scratches or anything like that. I got another copy as a gift, so I don't need it anymore. There is insert, but it didn't come with one. I'll post pictures upon request.

I'm looking to get $5 for it (let me know your zip code for shipping), and the price is negotiable if shipping ends up being outrageous. I take paypal non-credit card.



I have sold alot of my thinpaks because I'm targetting in collecting the full dvd sets. Right now I'm currently looking for Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. If anyone decides to sell their set (artbox and dvds), please let me know the condition and for how much. Im also willing to buy just the starter set (artbo x and 1st dvd) Thank you!
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Looking for Chinese Manga

Hi, I'm looking for the Chinese version of Goong (我的野蛮王妃 or 宫) by Park So Hee. If any of you have it or know where I can buy up to the current volume for a reasonable price, please let me know. I also might be interested in buying some other Chinese shoujo manga, so please post pics and prices if you have any. Thank you! :)

WTB: Ayabie/GazettE

Hello! I'm looking to buy the Ayabie Dvd "The Brilliant Parade".

I'm a little low on funds at the moment though, so if anyone could spare it for $40 (CAD) or less, including shipping, it would be very much appreciated!

As well, I might be looking for GazettE's new Repeated Countless Error [Limited Edition], if anyone could let it go for $95 (CAD)  including shipping, I would luv you foreverrrrr!<3<3 

Thank youuu~



-Fushigi Yugi
-Petshop of Horrors
-Angel Sanctuary

-Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play: Box Set 1 - Suzaku (ep. 1-26)
-Love Hina: Go West! DVD 1+Moving In…DVD 2
-Ceres, Celestial Legend: C-Genome DVD
-Fruit Basket: The Clearing Sky DVD


Check them out HERE
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J-rock for sale! And auctions!

I still have loads of j-rock magazines that I'm trying to sell off! Magazines include Cure, SHOXX, Fool's Mate, Hev'n and Neo! Plus new issues that I've just added :)

I sell items (including CDs and DVDs) from bands such as 12012, Charlotte, DespairsRay, Dir en Grey, Dengeki Tomato, Jinkaku Radio, Kagrra, Kannivalism, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Panic Channel, Phantasmagoria, Plastic Tree, Miyavi, Pierrot, Metronome, MUCC, Sid, Shulla and more!
I'm also selling clothes by Sex Pot Revenge and MAM, as well as non-brand items, and a Ba-Tsu tie designed by Kyo!

Prices are negotiable!

I'm also auctioning Dir en Grey's Ware photobook (starting bid US$55) and Undercode Productions' Live tour postcard books (starting bid US$30)! Auctions end this Sunday!