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09 October 2008 @ 12:01 am
I am in desperate need of money - got a lot of bills that need to be paid. I have lots and lots of Japanese stuff from Manga to Lolita stuff.  Please come a visit my eBay shop! ( Just click the link above whatever section you want to visit) Don't Have An eBay account but want to Buy? Email me! I can send you a PayPal invoice for Buy It Now items, so you can buy the items without eBay.



( US buyers only; please note Media Mail can take up to 8 WEEKS for delievery )


Gothic Lolita Goods Available as of now…(Click)  

Baby Doll Gothic Lolita Button 
Sweet Picnic Gothic Lolita Button


Japanese Magazines Available as of now…( Click )
( More magazines coming soon!! )

Arena 37℃ March 2006 - Cover: Gackt                

Backstage Pass Feb. 2004 - Cover: Gackt

Cure Sept 2008 - Front Cover: Phantasmagoria / Back Cover: 176BIZ
Cure Oct. 2008 - Front Cover: Dolly / Back Cover: Kizaki

Neo genesis Vol. 15 - Front Cover: Sid / Back Cover : An Cafe

Zy. [zi:] Magazine Jan/Feb 2006 No. 26 - Cover: Miyavi

Cawaii! March 2008

egg September 2007

FRUiTS March 2007

KERA! March 2006 SOLD! Thank You!
KERA! May 2007  SOLD! Thank You!
KERA! July 2007

KERA! December 2007

KERA! January 2008 SOLD! Thank You!

KERA! March 2008 SOLD! Thank You!

KERA! April 2008

KERA! June 2008


Manga Goods Available as of now… ( Click )

( All Manga is Buy Now or Best Offer )

Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 1 & 2
Alichino Vol. 1 - 3
Anne Freaks Vol. 1 & 2
Bilingual Peach Girl Vol. 1 RARE!! OUT OF PRINT
Bring It On! Vol. 1 - 3
Click Vol. 1 - 2
Crimson Hero Vol. 1
Erica Sakurazawa Saga Vol. 1 – 6 ( Complete Set )
FLCL Furi Kuri Vol. 1 - 2 SOLD! Thank You!
Hot Gimmick Vol. 1 – 12 ( Complete Set )
Kare First Love Vol. 1 - 10 ( Compelte Set )
I.N.V.U. Vol. 1 - 4
Lament of the Lamb Vol. 1 – 7 ( Complete Set )
Nana Vol. 1
Neck & Neck Vol. 1 & 2
Pita-Ten Manga Vol. 1 – 8 ( Complete Set )
Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales  SOLD! Thank you!
Someday Dreams Vol. 1 & 2
Tokyo Boys & Girls Vol. 1–5 ( Complete Set )
Trinity Blood Vol. 1
The Wallflower 1 - 14
X-Dat Vol. 1 - 2 (Complete Set)

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09 October 2008 @ 12:11 am
I've put up a couple more items for sale. Most of them are YAOI but I do also have a not-quite-handful of SHOUJO and SHOUNEN. Please see the picture for information.

Shoujo/Shounen NEW ITEMS:
- Bus Gamer by Kazuya Minekura
- Saiyuki GAIDEN by Kazuya Minekura
- Tamago no Hi by Naono Bohra

- Ajimine Sakufu
- Asami Tohjoh
- Hoshino Ririi
- Inariya Fusanosuke
- Kamei Yogorouta
- Moriyama Kae
- Umetaro
- Yamasaki Yutaka
- Yozakura Sakyou
- Yukimura
- And one unknown mangaka

Also, don't forget:
http://m-inglorion.livejournal.com/237590.html - Artbooks, CDs + other items

For feedback, see this thread.
09 October 2008 @ 01:46 am

Updated with Excel Saga dvd set, more manga, and cute Kurousa bag.
Japanese Manga ListCollapse )
what you were then i am today
09 October 2008 @ 02:01 am
Hey guys, I'm looking for the following:

Hikaru no Go (volumes 13+)
Death Note (volumes 10+)
Fullmetal Alchemist (volumes 17+)
Hana-Kimi (volumes 17-18, 21-23)
Kingdom Hearts II (all)

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2
Tactics Box Set
DNAngel Box Set
Noir Box Set

Hikaru no Go OST
Hikaru no Go Opening and Ending Singles
Magic Knight Rayearth Opening and Ending Singles
Princess Tutu Opening Single "Morning Grace"
Cardcaptor Sakura Opening and Ending Singles
Soul Eater Character CD - Soul and Maka
Drama CDs (I'm interested in a lot of series, so just offer and I'll let you know if I'm interested)

GENERAL MERCHANDISE (no doujinshi please)
Get Backers
Hikaru no Go
Hunter x Hunter
Ouran High School Host Club
Cardcaptor Sakura
Soul Eater
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
Ookiku Furikabutte
Kyou Kara Maou

I live in the US and prefer to pay by paypal, but can pay another way if I'm really interested in something. XD

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Hey everyone! Doing some more cleanout's of my stuff, all things here is in great/almost new condition!! Some never been used and just sitting around!!

Added: GLP Shorts & Legwarmers, Gothic/Lolita Skirt with Legwarmers & Baby Doll Lolita shoes that are not getting anymore use here!!



I'm a seller located in Australia! ^^v I have 100% positive feedback!

All prices in Australian Dollars.
Shipping is AU$4.00 flat to anywhere in the world for all items listed here!! thats combined as well!!^^

FLIERS THROUGH HERE.......Collapse )

09 October 2008 @ 08:56 am
I'm selling my copy of An Cafe's Escapism single~

more infoCollapse )
09 October 2008 @ 09:35 am
ClickCollapse )1. Never Used Citta Rosa Bocce- $70 shipping included with tracking

2. Never Used Citta Rosa Luna-$155 shipping included with tracking

3. Never Used Notte Dolce- $60 shipping included with tracking

4. 3 Adios Qees All New Wrapped- $45 shipping included with tracking

5. Authentic Silver Mickey Mouse Ring- $40 shipping included with optional tracking

6. Shugo Chara Genteiban-rare edition- $18 shipping included

7. August O8 editon of Ribon Magazine $6 including Bag furoku only 

8. Japanese Orgami set of 2 $12 shipping included 

9. Morning Glory Blue Bear set of 2 pencil cases $25 shipping included 

10. Macy's Sterling Silver Earrings- $20 shipping included

11. HK Pullip's Hat, Gloves and shoes- $25 shipping included

09 October 2008 @ 09:42 am

anime, manga and more ending soon at my ebay store! Also get great deals at my etsy store and check out my blog for updates.
09 October 2008 @ 09:44 am

2008 New Year message DVD from Like an Edison! It features Nightmare doing/saying stupid things for almost 27 minutes, while trying their hand at calligraphy. The entire DVD is 43 min 14 sec long, and features:

X Japan (PV digest)
Plastic Tree

In that order.

This is the platinum disc, you could only get it if you spent more than 10,000yen at the store during the New Year period.

Price: USD$40 shipped or best offer

See my feedback here.

Shipped by airmail.

Payment method: Paypal preferred (3.9% + $0.30 fee).

Please leave your email address if you're interested, thanks!
09 October 2008 @ 10:05 am

Holidays are coming people!  LOTS OF NEW Yaoi MANGA JUST ADDED TO LIST!!

Get some manga for 1/2 price for yourself or a loved one! All books are either new or read once. There is no creasing on spine and no damage to pages! If you have bought from me before you know what the mint condition books I sell look like! Please see the list below! Shipping is extra but since these are books I can mail inside the US media mail! Please inquire using your zipcode!

Regular manga ........
Ion Vol 1 ~ $6
Click Vol 6 ~ $6
Pine kiss vol 2 & 3 ~ $3.50 each
Genshiken Vol 9   ~  $3
King of Lamp Vol 1  ~ $3
Hands Off  Vol 2 ~ $6
Fruits Basket Vol 19  ~ $6
Silver Rain Vol 1 ~   $4.50
Zesty Vol 1 & 2 ~ $8 each
Kaze hikaru Vol 1 ~ $3.50
Fall in Love Like a Comic Vol 2  ~ $4
Yume Kira Dream Shopp Vol 1  ~ $4
Night of Beast Vol 1 - 6   ~ $4.50 each
Priceless Vol 1-3  ~ $4 each or $10 set
Bird Kiss Vol 1 -5 ~ $6 each or $30 set
Pearl Pink Vol 1 & 2 ~ $3.50 each $7 set
Canon Vol 1, 3, & 4  ~  $4 each 3 for $12
Dragon Voice Vol 1- 9  ~ $4 each or $35 set
Magical x Miracle Vol 1-6 ~ $25 set / $4.50 each
Mamotte Lollipop Vol 1 & 3  ~  $12 set / $4 each
Ai Yori Aoshi (Complete series) Vol 1- 17 ~  Set $68 / single books are $4.50 each

Yaoi manga………
Melted Love $6.50
Everlasting Love $6.50
Invisible Boy $6.50
Freefall Romance $6.50
J-Boy biblos Vol 1 $7
La Esperanca Vol 1 $6
Can't Win with You $6.50
Star $6.50
Maniac Love $6
Words of Devotion Vol 2 $7 
Love Share $6.50
Anal~ All Nippon Air Lines $6.50
Honey Senior, Darling Junior  $5
Seryo University $5
I Shall never Return Vol 1 $6.50
Innocent Bird Vol 1 $6 (does have a small tear on back cover where UPS code is)
BL-Style Vol 4 (Pin up & postcard included) $8

Hero Heal Vol 2 $7
Ichigenme Vol 1& 2 (US) $8 each
Tomcats Vol 1 $7
Weekend Lovers (US) Vol 1 $8
The President’s Time (US) Vol 1 $8
Eternal Love (Graphic Novel) $6
A Promise of A Romance (Graphic Novel) $6
S Vol 1 (Graphic Novel) $6
After I win Vol1 $7
Vanilla Vol 1 $7
Don’t Say Anymore Darling Vol 1 $7
I’m Not Your Stepping Stone Vol 1 $8
Little Darling Vol 1 $5 (Graphic Novel)
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor Vol 1 $8
Delivery Cupid Vol 1 $6
The 1st Stage Of Love Vol 1 $7
Japanese Manga ……. (Yaoi)
Love Mode Vol 6 & 7 $3.50 each
Haru wo Dai Itai Vol 12 $5
Hero Heal Vol 2  $5
Sex Pistols Vol 2 $3


09 October 2008 @ 10:34 am
Hello everyone. I have some sales on my journal, and I'd like lots of people to buy some things. I'm looking to get rid of everything. Please come and look around.

Sneak peak of some of the sales:

If interested, and to see more, come here:oneechan15568 
09 October 2008 @ 10:39 am
Low Prices :D

x Vidoll
x Duel Jewel
x Irodori
x gossip
x Mellow
x hurts.
x Dali

CD's, DVD's, Autographs, magazines, posters and more.

take a look: unmei_sales
09 October 2008 @ 11:08 am
Doraemon Plushies, hide T-shirt, and Necromance rings are still available!! And Lots More!! Get them while you can!!! Sale Ends Saturday!!!

Come and See
09 October 2008 @ 12:26 pm

50% off all cell phone straps and accessories
Don't forget to read the rules before ordering.
If you do not want to leave a post and email us instead, don't forget to mention you want the 50% off price in the email.
More things at momijiworld 
09 October 2008 @ 01:05 pm

so after accumulating a years worth of convention swag, i felt it would be a fun alternative to start a raffle and give it away to someone who would appreciate it more :) so the rules are as follows:

1. one raffle ticket costs $1 USD
2. if you refer someone who buys a ticket you get another bonus ticket!
3. you can refer as many people, and buy as many tickets as you like
4. the raffle will end on october 31st
5. each ticket will contain a random 3 digit code (sent to you via email)
6. if the person you refer does not state who refered them, then there is nothing i can do!
7. check back on november 31st to see if you have won!
8. items will be added every weekend, so check back to see the new items!

TO ENTER THE RAFFLE GO TO:  http://contests.saladbbs.jp

the - official - home of this raffle will be here: http://contests.saladbbs.jp/ purely for the reason that i have more design options.

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09 October 2008 @ 02:12 pm
I have re-opened my shop. I specialize in Amigurumi, jewelry making(plastics, gemstones, etc), sewing, pretty much anything that I can make I try to sell.

There isn't a whole lot up right now but I'll be adding more in the coming weeks. I also take custom orders:

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09 October 2008 @ 02:17 pm
all thing have to go since i need money for my SAT books><!

follow this link http://dreamtochange.livejournal.com/2117.html and please do so shop shop shop=D

i have clothes, mangas in chinese and engliSH, random anime things, and CDS from Taiwan!!

09 October 2008 @ 02:29 pm
I've got a bunch of BL Manga I'd like to get rid sell off :D They're all in great condition and I would really like to sell them in their current sets

- Prices are negotiable
- Selling out of Canada hence prices listed in the CDN Dollar
- Payment in US or CDN
- Partial trades are accepted
- Payment by direct PP preferred, but I can do CC (i'll be adding the 2 and whatever % that they will take off), money order, and mail in (at our own risk!!)
- Shipping all depends on where you live . . . pls leave your postal code, province/state and country and I will check it  as soon as I can

Earthian vol.1- 4 = $35  $32
Ichigenme . . . The First Class is Civil Law vol.1-2 = $15
Flower of Life vol.1-3 = $25
Antique Bakery = $37 SOLD
Kizuna: Bonds of Love vol. 1-6& 8 = somberofsilence  has a standing bid of $80 (s/h not included since she's lives in my vicinity) If anyone is willing to bid higher please do so~
Gravitation vol.1 = $5 SOLD
Descendants of Darkness vol.1 =$5 SOLD
Inu Yasha vol.10 ani-manga version (everything's coloured!) = $3

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad OST  = $7 SOLD


             Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Limited Edition Collector's Box brand-new still in it's shrinkwrap. Gimme a number and we can work something out.

                    of Uruhara Kisuke from Bleach = $15 SOLD

09 October 2008 @ 03:07 pm
I've been searching through the posts and so far no luck.  I want to buy the following items from you if you have them.

Fullmetal alchemist  vol. 1-17 (English Version)
Fullmetal alchemist art book 1 & 2 (English Version)
Fullmetal alchemist Profiles (English Version)
Anything and everything FullMetal Alchemist

Chrono Crusade stuff is welcome too

I have anime and manga to trade with too

09 October 2008 @ 05:00 pm
selling some mangas

please offer me your price
ship from California
Lagoon engine v.1
Love attack vol.2
yotsuba 1-5
d grayman 1-3
host club vol 1 and 3
millenium snow vol 1-2

Japanese mangas
fruits basket
09 October 2008 @ 06:19 pm
Still looking to sell some items because I am moving in May and need to clear out my collection :) I've added some CD's to the post :)
Feel free to negotiate with prices. Remember, I want to get rid of this stuff lol!

Read more...Collapse )
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09 October 2008 @ 06:44 pm
Some new manga up.

StuffCollapse )

Thanks for looking!
Manga in English and in near mint condition! Get free shipping (within the US only) if you buy the whole set of a manga series or in purchases of $20 or more XD

WILL TAKE OFFERS IF THEY'RE REASONABLE!! Ask me, maybe I'll say yes ^__~


* Samurai X Boxed OVA set.

SHITAJIKI (pencil boards) / STATIONERY :

* Naduki Koujima Shitajiki
* Naruto Shippuuden shitajiki.
* Naruto Shippuuden notepad.


* Kare Kano 2,3
* Vampire Game 1-3
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right) + Learning curves
* By the sword 1-2
* Tenryu the dragon cycle 1-2


* Our kingdom 1-2
* Love Mode 1
* La Esperanza 1-7 (complete)


* Final Fantasy VII doujinshi - Waltz de Jenova II (Vincent main)

Everything HERE!

Thanks for looking! ^___^
09 October 2008 @ 09:47 pm
Shiny is back again! I've just recently put up some new Anime and Manga over at my Journal! Pictures of all Manga and DVD's and prices are at my Journal! shinyoshirisale 

Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 2, Chrono Crusade 1&2, Witch hunter robin Vengenece 23-26 episodes, and Gravitation vol. 1. (I also have 2&3 of the Gravitation DVD's if your interested) -All DVD's are -$6-

Fruits Basket 1-11, Gravitation EX, Gravitation novels 1&2, Eerie Queerie vol. 1, Desendants of Darkness vol. 1&3, and La Esperanca vol. 1. - All Manga are $5- 

Also, I have some awesome Cosplay boots that I'm selling that are thigh high lace up patent leather boots. -$40-  (more photos at my Journal-

09 October 2008 @ 10:39 pm
I am looking to buy a Sailor Moon doll, be it from Irwin (pretty faced ones) or from Japan. It doesn't matter if she doesn't come with any clothes as I am looking for a doll just to dress up, I don't really care for a box, I just would like for her to be in good condition. The type of doll I am looking for is a 11 inch doll.

I am in Canada and can pay by paypal. My budget is relatively low for this, so I want something affordable (something under 20 dollars with shipping).


x-posted to otaku_wishlist 
09 October 2008 @ 10:58 pm
I have quite a few things up for sale, including a Mukimpo (L'arc~en~ciel) t-shirt, some vidoll and ABC cds, an h. naoto Hello Kitty, and a Buck-Tick video box set.

I'll consider offers on the box set, and trades for the items listed here:

Please take a look!