October 11th, 2008

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Best offer manga, yaoi, and anime.

Everything here is best offer, and all are official American releases (except for Italian manga).

Manga and light novels:
Aoi House volumes 1-2
BoogiePop Phantom Returns volumes 1-2 COMPLETE
Chrono Crusade volume 1
Hellsing volumes 1-2
I.N.V.U. volumes 1-3
Kingdom Hearts volumes 1-4 + box COMPLETE
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories volume 1
Megatokyo volumes 1-3 (just added)
Ragnarok volumes 1-2
Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons novel volume 1 (just added)
Under the Glass Moon volume 1 (slightly beat up)

Shounen-Ai/Yaoi Manga:
Eerie Queerie volumes 1-4 COMPLETE
Gakuen Heaven
Jazz volume 2
Our Kingdom volumes 1-2

Anime DVDs:
Gravitation volumes 1-4 boxed set COMPLETE (just added)
Kyo Kara Mao volume 1
Shonen Onmyoji volume 1+ art box

I have several volumes of Saiyuki, Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, and GodChild available. Let me know if you are interested and would like to see a list.

Shipping and Handling charges will depend on what you're buying/where it's going.

I accept money orders, or Paypal (non-CC). I no longer accept cash due to problems in the past with it.
My eBay feedback page is here. I am not accepting trades, as I desperately need the money right now.
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Visual kei CDs & DVDs

Selling misc cds and dvds -here-

Karma Shenjing - 光蒼彩々・麗蛾 [Demo CD/Out of print] - $6
Karma Shenjing - 流転輪廻 (with message cd) - $15
KISAKI PROJECT - 道標 ~Color of Labyrinth~ - $8
KISAKI PROJECT - 記憶~after confession~ - $8
Vanilla - サガシモノ/小さな願い (sagashimono/chiisana-negai) - $5
Metis Gretel - Maiden to Eden - $15
Izabel Varosa - 叫(kyou) [Limited Edition Maxi-Single] - $15
+カタルシス+ (catar ciss) - アカシック・レコード - $5
Wizard - nude baby - $10
Wizard - cult baby - $10
Wizard - -Whiteday- (with message cd) - $10
Wizard - Materialism - $10
Wizard - Idealism - $10
Wizard - Core - $10
Wizard - SHELL - $10
Wizard - ジェミニ (Gemini -2nd press)(with message cd) - $15
Wizard - Aquarius (with message cd) - $15
Dolly - カルメゾン - $13

MASK - 未来への翼 DVD- $5

Tracklistings for each cd/dvd can be found at the selling thread. Please comment -here- if you're interested or have any questions.
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For sale: 2 KERA fashion magazines

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Please read before commenting: I only take paypal, no echecks/money order/cash. Buyer pays for shipping cost. I'd prefer to ship within North America, but if you live elsewhere and are interested, leave a comment and I'll see if we can work something out. :) You can check out my feedback on ebay here.
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WTB: Howl's Moving Castle

I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for things related to Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. I have the DVD, but that's about it. Unfortunately I missed my opportunity to buy the little collected figures, and I don't want to resort to eBay...besides that, the box of figures I want I can't find, so if anyone could lead me to some Howl things I would GREATLY appreciate it. My birthday's Wednesday and I want to buy something for myself. ;) Thanks ahead of time!
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new items!

New items up:

-TOKIO Harvest Album
-V6/20th Century goods
-J-Idol magazines from 2003 (with Gackt)

Older items from:

Air Gear, Animamundi, Bleach, Blue Dragon, Bronze/1999, CLAMP, Code Geass, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Gundam 00, Gurren Lagaan, Hamtaro, Hell Girl, Hello Kitty, Here is Greenwood, Hikaru no Go, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kyou Kara Maou, Lamento, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Nana, Naruto, One Piece, Our Kingdom, Peacemaker Kurogane, Pokemon, Prince of Tennis, RahXephon, Rozen Maiden, Saiyuki/Kazuya Minekura (Wild Adapter+Bus Gamer), Scrapped Princess, Shaman King, Shugo Chara, Soul Eater, Spiral, Tekken 3, Togainu no Chi, Trigun, Weiss Kreuz, Wolf's Rain, Manga (various), Yaoi (various), DVDs, Promo Items.

Jpop/J-rock/Japanese Magazines:
Kinki Kids, NewS, KAT-TUN, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, TOKIO, Koda Kumi, FLOW, W-inds, Namie Amuro, Glay, Buzzlip, Gackt, An Cafe, SHOXX, Rain, Miyavi, DBSK, TMR

Check out Anime items A-P here,
Anime and misc items Q-Z here,
and J-pop/J-rock items here.

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Little Manga Shop
Trying to clear the shelves since June ’06 – please help!

Manga For Sale

All manga are English translations, they’re in good/near mint condition, and from a smoke-free home.

Huge October update – including DVDs!


>>Includes manga-based fiction and ecchi!<<

See the newest post on my lj
R - Morning Mist

Tenchi Muyo and Related - WANTED.

If anyone is willing to sell any of the following at a reasonable price, please let me know by commenting below:

+ Tenchi Muyo! Original OAV (eps. 1-13) Boxset (or import - I'm not fussy)
+ Tenchi Universe Boxset
+ Pretty Sammy OAV + Mihoshi Special DVD
+ Sasami: Magical Girls Club Season 1 DVD Set

+ El-Hazard: The Alternate World DVD set

Thanks! :)

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Everything must go!

While getting my transmission repaired, my drive shafts (what turn the wheels left and right) fell apart! My repair bill is twice what I budgeted for now! YIKES.

Check out what's for sale on a_materialist! I need to pull together a lot of money a lot faster than my job can get it to me. Shoxx mags, Bpass, Gackt goods, anime goods, posters, manga, doujinshi, you name it, I've probably got it! Take a look and help a gal out?
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Selling An Cafe CDs.

Desperately trying to get rid of all my An Cafe CDs, because I really need the money & space.

Accepted Payments
- PayPal
- Money Orders ayor.
- Concealed Cash in USD only ayor.

PayPal payments must be received within 10 days.
Mailed payments must be received within 3 weeks.

- Are in USD.
- Do not include shipping.

- All items shipped from Pennsylvania, USA.
- I ship worldwide, but you must pay the shipping. Therefore, please let me know where you are located.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail.
- I will ship your package within 3 days after the payment is received.
- I'll try my best to combine shipping but the prices might be a little off. I'm sorry! I never really combined shipping before and my math sucks too. >_>;

- I will hold items for up to 10 days.
- Please let me know if you're no longer interested.


I will let you know when I send your package out, and I'll give you an estimate of how long it will take to get to you.

Please let me know when you send payment.

This is what I have:
CD 1 $20 Magnya Carta (EU) Version. Listened to a couple times, the case is not in perfect condition but the CD is completely fine with no scratches. On hold for usagirainbow

CD 2 $30 Shikisai Moment Regular Edition. Rare and out of print! Excellent condition, no scratches. On hold for usagirainbow

CD 3 $15 Kakusei Heroism Regular Edition. Never played, flipped through the booklet a couple times. Like new. The case is still pretty stiff.

CD 4 $15 Cherry Saku Yuuki. Excellent condition, never played. Flipped through booklet a couple times.

CD 5 $25 Gokutama Rock Cafe (JP) Listened to a couple times, in excellent condition. No scratches.

CD 6 $15 Ryuusei Rocket Regular Edition. Never played, flipped through booklet a couple times. Like new.

CD 7 $20 10s Collection March. Rare & out of print! Never played, but looked through.

CD 8 $23 Gokutama Rock Cafe (EU) Listened to a couple times, a small crack on the case but the CD is fine. On hold for rozebudo

CD 9 $28  Candyholic. Rare & out of print! Excellent condition.

bad idea - hundredxhundred

Bow/Ribbon Earrings


I’m selling some earring sets,available in yellow, black, blue, orange, pink, and green. I have two sets of each color (only 1 pink set available).

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I'm asking for $2.00 per set (not including shipping). I accept paypal (CC pays fee) or concealed cash at your own risk. Please leave a comment with your email address if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks! ♥

Manga & DVDs for sale

Everything must go! I'm in some serious need for cash because of school. >_<

$10 each
Toward the Terra 1-3

$7 each
Angel Sanctuary 1-2 (or $10 for both)
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne 1
Shugo Chara 1-4 (or $25 for all)
Sugar Sugar Rune 1-7 (or $45 for all)

Bleach 2 (cover has a small bent corner)
Fruits Basket 13 (cover has a pretty large bent corner unfortuantly)
Kill Me Kiss Me 1
Ludwig Kakumei 1 (Japanese manga)

$2 each (all these books are old and have noticable wear on the covers)
Tokyo Mew Mew Mew 1-2 (or $3 or both)
Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode 2
Tramps like Us/Kimi wa Pet 1-2 (or $3 for both since the cover of vol.2 is pretty scratched up)

I also have Cromartie High School volume 1 if anyone wants it. The back cover got torn when I tried to remove the little dvd that came with it.

Haibane Renmei 1-3 w/box $35
- Not a complete set. Each comes with a small pencil board.

Pretear 1-4 w/ box $30
- Dvds in great condition but the box is in bad shape.

If you need pics just ask. I can only ship on Tuesdays & Fridays. I ship from the US. Please leave your zip code so I can calculate shipping. Delivery confirmation will be .50cents more so let me know if you want that. Everything will be shipping via priority mail. Paypal only.
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Figures from Gundam SEED, Fullmetal Alchemist, Legend of Zelda, Tales of Symphonia, and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Games for PS1, PS2, N64, GC, DS, GBA
Manga - Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Devil May Cry, .hack, Rurouni Kenshin, and Legend of Zelda.
Artbooks from Devil May Cry and One Piece
DVDs including Gundam Wing, Haibane Renmei, and assorted non-anime
CDs including OSTs for Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy VII, and Legend of Zelda, as well as assorted Western music.

I ship anywhere, willing to combine postage and discounts for bulk buying! All over here! :D