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16 October 2008 @ 12:01 am
Anyone interested in Vampire Knight DVD eps 1-13


I bought this from someone on ebay.

16 October 2008 @ 12:01 am
I am in desperate need of money - got a lot of bills that need to be paid. I have lots and lots of Japanese stuff from Manga to Lolita stuff.  Please come a visit my eBay shop! ( Just click the link above whatever section you want to visit) Don't Have An eBay account but want to Buy? Email me! I can send you a PayPal invoice for Buy It Now items, so you can buy the items without eBay.



( US buyers only; please note Media Mail can take up to 8 WEEKS for delievery )


Gothic Lolita Goods Available as of now…(Click)  

Baby Doll Gothic Lolita Button 
Sweet Picnic Gothic Lolita Button

Japanese Magazines Available as of now…( Click )
( More magazines coming soon!! )

Arena 37℃ March 2006 - Cover: Gackt                

Backstage Pass Feb. 2004 - Cover: Gackt

Cure Sept 2008 - Front Cover: Phantasmagoria / Back Cover: 176BIZ
Cure Oct. 2008 - Front Cover: Dolly / Back Cover: Kizaki

Neo genesis Vol. 15 - Front Cover: Sid / Back Cover : An Cafe

Zy. [zi:] Magazine Jan/Feb 2006 No. 26 - Cover: Miyavi

Cawaii! March 2008

egg September 2007

FRUiTS March 2007

KERA! July 2007

KERA! December 2007

KERA! April 2008
KERA! June 2008


Manga Goods Available as of now… ( Click )

( All Manga is Buy Now or Best Offer )

Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 1 & 2
Alichino Vol. 1 - 3
Anne Freaks Vol. 1 & 2
Bilingual Peach Girl Vol. 1 RARE!! OUT OF PRINT
Bring It On! Vol. 1 - 3
Click Vol. 1 - 2
Crimson Hero Vol. 1
Erica Sakurazawa Saga Vol. 1 – 6 ( Complete Set )
Hot Gimmick Vol. 1 – 12 ( Complete Set )
Kare First Love Vol. 1 - 10 ( Compelte Set )
I.N.V.U. Vol. 1 - 4
Lament of the Lamb Vol. 1 – 7 ( Complete Set )
Nana Vol. 1
Neck & Neck Vol. 1 & 2
Pita-Ten Manga Vol. 1 – 8 ( Complete Set )
Someday Dreams Vol. 1 & 2
Tokyo Boys & Girls Vol. 1–5 ( Complete Set )
Trinity Blood Vol. 1
The Wallflower 1 - 14
X-Day Vol. 1 - 2 (complete set)

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16 October 2008 @ 12:02 am
Gazette, Dir en grey, Gackt and many more.
For example:
Gazette fanclub magazines and T-shirts
Dir en grey's GARUDA
Gackt's GACKT FILE 1999 to 2004

which are all rare items. I also have a bunch of UV and other magazines.
Please take a look.

CDs, Tshirts etc
Sound of the Rain ♪
16 October 2008 @ 12:34 am
Go here~

And more Stuff @ delicious_markt
16 October 2008 @ 01:05 am
Looking for X Japan plushies! Both the big and small versions. And no, not hide solo ones, sorry.

Long shot, but I'm also interested in LP's of the same band, as well as rare goods. Atm my budget is not bigger than a couple of hundred dollars, though, so no thanks to $50,000 signed Starlight Yoshiki.

I can also trade for some jrock CD's, DVD's and magazines, ask if you're interested.
16 October 2008 @ 02:41 am

You can find them here.

And please feel free to visit my etsy shop since I can ship orders from my shop and LJ together as long as its paid for in a single Paypal payment.
what you were then i am today
16 October 2008 @ 03:21 am
Does anyone have a copy of Nobuta wo Produce on DVD with English subtitles?
16 October 2008 @ 04:18 am

Added recently:
-Dir en grey tour shirt
-Boots: White Steve Madden; studden black calf-high; Captain-100 cosplay; 5-inch heel tongueless black vinyl
-Octopus Cult - Kamikaze Blues CD
-Mello (Death Note) cosplay top
-Adidas white/red track jacket
-Loose schoolgirl socks + lots of new additions to clothes
-Fools Mate (Janne Da Arc, Nightmare), Arena37c (Janne Da Arc, DBSK/Alice Nine/Gazette/UVERworld) magazines
-Rare PS1 games (Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, Echo Night, Legend of Mana)
-Rare Japanese Rurouni Kenshin UFO catcher plush
-Shun (Saint Seiya) UFO catcher plush
-Hello Kitty plaid skirt
-Figures: Final Fantasy 8, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tenchi Muyo
-More cute purses (Hello Kitty, bunnies)
-Victoria's Secret plaid skirt and black x pink bustier
-Fleur de lis erololita-style dress
-GLP Club black corset top
-Visual kei-style cross decoration top
-All 3 kinds of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disks
-UVERWORLD doublesided poster
-Miyavi cover Shoxx, Uchuu Sentai NOIZ cover Cure, V!nyl Syndicate
-Togainu no Chi hard doujinshi
-Merry - SCI FI DVD
-16 inch Atashi (Chobits) plush
-All 3 kinds of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disks
-Dir en grey 5 Ugly Kingdom tour plastic bag
-Chobits cosplay ears (3 different ones) + black kitty ears

plus tonssssss more jrock/jpop, anime, manga, plushies, cosplay + fashion. Please take a look!
I wanna get rid of this stuff, so feel free to make me offers :) I'm very open to negotiations!
16 October 2008 @ 04:25 am
Hello! My name is Gin, and I'm fairly new here. I've been here before but I haven't really been active.
I am looking for anyone with a Pullip that they are selling for AROUND 60 dollars. I know, kind of cheap but I don't know if I want to become an avid Pullip collector just yet. I can't pay for two or three weeks, depending on when I get my check.
My favorites are Prunella, Youtsuzu, Celsiy, Uncanricky, Nina, Rida, or Nero. I love them all, so please if you have another you're selling please link me to photos! I would love a doll with stock, box and everything like that, but I am willing to part with them for a cheaper price..

I would also like to query for a Yukata set, for a medium US size, complete(matching obi and yukata + any accessories?), although I'm not sure if I will buy it just yet. Maybe next summer :D)

Please comment with your Pullips and Yukata! :D) You can also contact me VIA aim "Soteniliene" if you are interested and/or want to chat about them.
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16 October 2008 @ 10:56 am
1. Shoujo Lolita 23(q) - Hoshi no Kakera Comment CD (JishubanClub Extra CD) 5€
2. Screw - Walling Wall [CD/DVD] *first press* ON HOLD

3. Sadie - Undead 13+2 [CD/DVD]*first press* 18€ SOLD
4. Sadie - Grieving the Dead Soul [CD/DVD] *first press* SOLD

1. Gazette - Tour 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale [Repeated Countless Error] In Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogiba Daiichi Taiikukan [Limited Edition] *first press* 50€SOLD
2. Sadie - Crimson Tear DVD *first press* 7SOLD
3. Sadie - Undead FanClub Magazine DVD Vol.1 20€
4. Sadie - Crimson Tear Comment DVD (Zeal Link Extra DVD) SOLD
5. Sadie - Grieving the dead Soul Comment DVD (Zeal Link Extra DVD) SOLD
6. Screw - Walling Wall Making of DVD (JishubanClub Extra DVD) Sold  

1. Joker [Screw] - Live at Shibuya O-East 2005-03-14 (Like an Edison Extra VHS) 15€
2. Gazette - Comment VHS (Like an Edison Extra VHS) 10€ SOLD
3. Shoujo Lolita 23(q) - Comment VHS (Brand X Extra VHS) 10€
* for the right Names of the VHS please look at the picture!

30-50€ = 2 Flyers for free
50-70€ = 4 Flyers for free
70- ...€  = 6 Flyers for free + I pay the shipping
Sorry about that!

UPDATED: 10-15-2008

(DS: jrock cds / dvds / magazines / videogames / manga / etc.)

Dir en grey
the studs

Rock on J (by CURE magazine)
CURE magazines (also some very old Cure issues w/ included posters)
(feat. covers / posters of Kagrra, D'espairsRay, An Cafe, Alice 9, Girugamesh, Kaya, Mar of Marbell, Mix Speaker's Inc., 12012, and more!)

plus videogames, dvds, and Bleach manga!!!

(DS: jrock cds / dvds / magazines / videogames / manga / etc.)

Thank you for looking!!!
16 October 2008 @ 03:49 pm

A lot of these items are being sold for way below retail price, so come check out my items! Popular Shibuya 109 brand items!

( Behind the fake cut with featured brands: Rose Fan Fan, ValenTine's High, Sneep Dip, Mezzo Piano )
妄想地下鉄_Selling Journal


flyers - miyabi, plastic tree, kra, Smile, clear veil, and others
phone straps, gashapons - hello kitty, chobits, ccs,...
clothes - majour, sexpot, emily the strange,h.naoto
JE stuff - Kat-Tun goods, photos, magazines,...
anime poster - chobits, love hina, fma, X,...
and more - nightmare poster, dir en grey fc magazine vol.30
Please have a look. ^______^


Clothing section updated!!!

Items situated in Germany, will ship worldwide but I only accept payment in €. Paypal, bank transfer or concealed cash ok.
Angel's Garage Sale
16 October 2008 @ 05:23 pm
I have decided to part with my Sailor Moon volume 2 artbook for the time being, as unfortunately, there are things I need more that art books at the moment T_T. It is the official Japanese version, with transparent paper...thing in the front. It is in good condition with very minor wear. I can take a picture if you want for proof and junk, just ask. I'm going to class in a few minutes here so if you do ask for pic, just be patient for a couple of hours.

I also have a few little Sailor Moon figures in my Anime/Manga sales post here --> http://angel-sales.livejournal.com/7901.html?view=65757#t65757

No trades for anything, and paypal only.
16 October 2008 @ 05:55 pm
Hey everyone! I'm auctioning off a lot of merchandise; mostly Jrock CDs, but also some Lolita clothes and a pair of Bape sneakers. If you're interested, please follow the link below to the list of items I have available. You may leave me a reply to this post or email me at kisakiuta@gmail.com if you wish to place a bid. Thank you so much for taking the time to look!


We Could Of Torn This Whole World Apart.
16 October 2008 @ 06:03 pm
I always end up buying things on impulse and never watching/appreciating them :/ So I'm selling things that have just been sitting in my room in the hopes that someone would enjoy them more than me.

All items are located in the US and come from a smoke free, pet friendly home. All payment made by paypal only and I will ship internationally. If you have any questions or want better/bigger pictures of anything, just let me know :)

Under the Cut - Gazette DVD, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Plastic Tree, Super Junior, Angel Sanctuary, The Wallflower and more! :D

Jrock & KpopCollapse )

MangaCollapse )
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16 October 2008 @ 07:23 pm
Hey, I'm selling a bunch of manga (mostly new yaoi manga and some used) and Newtype Magazines (from 2004-early 2007) here. I think the prices are pretty cheap, so check it out.
Some highlights:
+ Whole Gravitation series for $48
+ $8.00 for new June manga
+ almost every Newtype Magazine from 2004-early 2007 for $2.00 each! Newtype Magazine is now out of publication so I'm not sure if you can by backorders from them now~~
Me, Not You
16 October 2008 @ 07:52 pm
I have feed back in my selling journal, </a></b></a>soot_sprites ,and some in serasell . All manga are in English and in good condition unless otherwise noted. DVD's are all legit R1 releases not copies or bootlegs.  I'm in the US at 55805 but, I'm happy to ship internationally so long as you're willing to pay the costs. I accept payment via paypal and money orders. Shipping is not included but, all items will be sent via media mail (around $3) unless otherwise requested. Feel free to make offers is a price seems too high. I'm not taking trades right now as I need the cash. I don't have images included but, I can provide them on request.

</lj>Manga, artbooks, dvdsCollapse )

anachronistic and impulsive
Hello everyone!
Once again I'm strapped for cash, and therefore, need to sell some things that are gathering dust.
I am located in California. I accept non-credit card paypal ONLY. Buyer pays for shipping and any applicable fees. I will ship within a week of recieving payment in full.
I reserve the right to refuse any buyer for any reason, but chances are I won't. Serious buyers only, please.

Malice Mizer, Kaya, Velvet Eden, Pokemon, and Cardcapter Sakura....all under the cut.Collapse )
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16 October 2008 @ 09:10 pm


Anime, Manga, Gothic Lolita clothing, JRock magazines, CDs, Movies, JDrama box sets, TDrama box sets, Moonchild stationary, RARE DOUJINSHI, and MORE.

EVERYTHING was purchased in Osaka or Tokyo Japan. Ask a price! Free Shipping!
16 October 2008 @ 10:22 pm
Hi everyone!

i've just added more stuff for sale besides everything that was already there. It needs to go a.s.a.p!

i'm selling cd's, dvd's, band merch, figures, magazines, game merch, cloths , manga etc etc

(H.Naoto, GaGaalinG, Hyde, The backhorn, Ayabie(t-shirts,dvd's, cd's, wristbands etc), Death Note, Bleach, Gravitation, Pokemon, Corpse bride, Capcom, Street fighter, Miyavi, Kagrra, Final Fantasy, One, Priest, D.Grayman, Ryuichi Kawamura, Wizard and much more!!!)

Please take a look and feel free to ask or w/e ^^

Please followthis link to my jounal ^^
16 October 2008 @ 11:59 pm

alice nine. poster, SHOXX magazine, & asian stationary at deer_skin!!