November 18th, 2008

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For sale: Gazette Items...and a Moi Dix Mois DVD

I'm selling the following items:

Prices DO NOT include shipping costs and/or Paypal fees (if applicable)

the GazettE - LEECH [Auditory Impression] CD (Japan import, Brand new, sealed or shrinkwrapped)

Price--> $15

Track Listing:
1. Leech
2. Distorted Daytime
3. Hole

the GazettE - LEECH [Optical Impression] CD/DVD (Japan import, Brand new, sealed or shrinkwrapped)

Price--> $20

CD Track Listing:
1. Leech
2. Distorted Daytime

DVD track listing
1. Leech [Music video clip]

the GazettE's new Repeated Countless Error Limited Edition 3DVD, NTSC, Region 2 (Brand new, unopened, still shrinkwrapped)

Original price--> $95
(I'm open to reasonable offers less than this price)

the GazettE Repeated Countless Error Limited Edition Poster (Brand new & Rare!) Size: 20 x 28 inches

Price--> $15

SHOXX vol. 185 featuring the GazettE on the cover (Good condition, does NOT include poster)

Price--> $10

Moi Dix Mois Dixanadu -Fated "raison d'etre" Europe Tour 2007 DVD NTSC, Region 2
(played once, disc in new/unscratched condition)

Original Price--> $55 (
I'm open to reasonable offers less than this price)

If you're interested in any of the items above, please comment
HERE in my journal. Payment information and shipping costs are all located there.

Thanks for looking :-)

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WTB - Doujinshi

i'm looking for any doujinshi that pertain to the PS2 game of Star Ocean: Til the End of Time / Star Ocean 3. i am particularly interested in the pairing of Albel / Fayt / Albel.

thanks for all your help guys! 8D

Magical Boi

Looking for...

a few things here, so uh, help a girl out? I have CC Paypal and will pay the fee ^^


- Chobits DVD vol. 5 (only one left I need!)
- Haibane Renmei DVD's vol. 3 & 4
- Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose (NON-SIGNATURE SERIES VERSION)
- Sailor V manga, original print vol. 3
- Sumomo...anything really xD
- Asuka (EVA), stuff. Looking for keychains, charms, figures, plushies, etc....
- Box and inserts only for 'We Love Katamari' (PS2)
- Box and inserts only for 'Okami' (PS2)

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Yaoi goods: lots of miscellaneous trading cards (promos) and bookmarks

Yaoi post cards: Higuri You post card set.

Vampire Knight and KKM goods: KKM fastners, clear file, and cute bearbee pouch. Also recently in stock - Vampire Knight Guilty clear file & CD plastic jacket cards.

Anime/Manga merchandise + non-shoujo furoku: Nabari no Ou phone screen protector.

Check out my New preorders section for incoming merchandise goods - for some of the latest JUNJOU ROMANTICA anime goods!

I also have a vast selection of:

ALL items are AUTHENTIC Japanese promos or merchandise!

Also - its that time of the Year again and I'm bringing back my CHRISTMAS GIFT DRAW!

- purchased something from me this year? - Enter the draw now for a Christmas gift ^_^


hi im in search of these games  please i pay with paypal

Thousand Arms
.hack GU/ redemption

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Nintendo DS
The World Ends With You

i also have games to trade if you want to trade just ask. thanks!

Looking For These Items

Hello all!

Ok, I am looking for anything in these categories:

Bus Gamer
Wild Adaptor
Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok
Juvenile Orion
Shaman King

Holy Crap I keep adding things. Oo

If any of you have anything you are willing to part with I'd be more then happy to take them off your hands. I pay with paypal. ^^"

Thank you!

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Anime/Jpop/Jrock CDs for Sale

Anime/Jpop/Jrock CDs for Sale

→ the tambourines
→ See-Saw
→ Ritsuko Okazaki
→ Kokia
→ Hitomi Yaida
→ ji ma ma
→ Utada Hikaru
→ Road of Major
→ L'Arc~en~Ciel
→ Ayumi Hamasaki
→ Tohoshinki/TVXQ
→ dream
→ Koda Kumi
→ Mika Nakashima
→ Nobuchika Eri
→ the brilliant green
→ Tommy heavenly6
→ Tommy february6
→ BoA
→ Sonim
→ Cocco
→ Hitomi Shimatani
→ Hitomi Takahashi
→ Mean Machine
→ Misia
→ speena
→ Namie Amuro
→ Megumi Hayashibara
→ Kuraki Mai
→ Nagase Miyu
→ Shimokawa Mikuni
→ Nami Tamaki
→ Fayray
→ Hi-Standard
→ day after tomorrow
→ Jinn
→ Art-School

If your interested please have a look at the entry!

Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuuig, Ayashi no Ceres, X, Card Captor Sakura Trading cards for sale!

Holiday sale!! My trading card singles and Shitajiki are all on sale!! 

    However, anyone that wants the discount is going to have to mention in the headder of their message: "Trading Card collection Shopping Madness sale!" You will get 20% off your order!! Orders for this sale will need to be $10 or more with single card orders. You may buy complete sets but they do not count towards your discount as they are not on sale.  

     On the same note I have a sale on my Shitajiki section for the holiday at up to 20% off as well. Orders over $10 are the minimum to get this promotion.
Shitajiki orders over $10 -10% off
Shtajiki orders over $50- 15% off
Shitajiki orders over $100- 20% off

To see my update on extras please follow the link below to my LJ account!
Shitajiki site -->
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Question regarding buying something;

i'm looking at buying a reissue of a concert DVD that is scheduled to re-release soon, but i have a question about the whole thing that i haven't been able to get an answer to quite yet.

so my question is this;
how much difference, if any, is there between an original copy, and a re-release?

hopefully none.

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DS: Pink DS-Lite w/ 2 games and case, 100$

(picture from home, sorry for the quality)

For sale! Pink Nintendo DS-Lite, brand new but out of box, comes with white case and two games (Harvest Moon DS and Brain Age), seriously, only 100$ (PayPal only). Shipping costs 6.25 and includes confirmation, shipping from Chicago, Illinois. Pick up also welcome if you live in the Chicago area. Cheers!

Arashi Beautiful Days LE

 Hi 皆-san,
I have 2 copies of Arashi Beautiful Days LE (Japan Version) for sale.
And some other Arashi singles also. 
All international/Singapore/Malaysia buyers are WELCOME!  =)

Arashi Singles :
* Beautiful Days LE (Japan Ver.) - S$32/US$25/RM75
* Truth RE (Taiwan Ver.) - S$15/US$10/RM36
* One Love RE (Taiwan Ver.) - S$15/US$10/RM36

Arashi Tongori とんがり Corn - US$7


Europe de Nyappy

Hello everyone.

I am currently debating whether or not I should sell my AnCafe Europe de Nyappy photobook...

I was wondering if anyone was interested?
I got it for $75 and it is in perfect condition, only been looked through a few times as well as the DVD only being watched once.

I will be willing to negotiate pricing, but as it stands, I'm willing to sell it for $70.