November 26th, 2008


H.naoto tote

HN+nois tote bag. Asking $30+shipping. It's about 14.5"x10.5" The handles are 17" There is a small pocket inside as well as on the back. One buttton closure. Safety pins and chains on the front. Also check out my journal for jrock items


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Selling Official Gazette picks, hide museum items, asian punk clothing, Korean romantic skirt, etc

Selling Official Gazette picks, hide Museum memoribilia, Dir en grey Tour Bag, Asian punk clothing and accessories, beautiful Korean skirt, Magazines, CDs, Jewelry, etc.

( Dir en grey Women's Tee )

( Romantic Full Skirt from Korea )

( Official Tour 2007-2008 ESP Gazette Picks )

( Dir en grey It Withers and Withers Tour Bag )

( Official hide Museum Memoribilia )

( Magazines ft. hide, X Japan, Laraku, etc. )

( Jrock/Jpop CDs/Singles )

If you're worried about feedback, I previously sold on here as freakyne55, so I have been around for awhile. (: Thank you for your time!

Tohoshinki's 25th Japanese Single (Bigeast Edition)

Taking orders for
Tohoshinki's 25th Japanese Single (Bigeast Edition) @ SGD27.50
pre-order end on 3/12/08
--price excludes shipping fee.
--accept POSB transfer and paypal only

Jacket C Bigeast Fanclub Edition
» Picture Label Disc
» Special Lyrics card with members' handwritten message comments (printed)

» Special Jacket Size Card (1pc)
» 1 additional random Jacket Size card included, same design as Jacket A & B / 6

2)tohoshinki bigeast 2009 desktop calendar
3)suju boys in city tokyo set

order at

50% Bleach and Naruto Doujinshi!

To celebrate the holidays, I'm taking 50% off of all my doujinshi. This puts me below cost. Please take a look!

Bleach and Naruto YAOI and General Character doujinshi, half off!!

If a doujin was $12, it's now $6!
If a doujin was $10, it's now $5!

Shipping is dependent upon how many you buy, but it will be cheap, that much I can promise!

Please take a look, and Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans!

Hyper Happy Mega sale!

Public Post

Hi there everybody~ I was going through my closet and my Pupe and decided to weed some things out to cover some Christmas shopping. i want to buy some Sarah Jessica Parker perfume for my mum...

I take very good care of all of my property and would never post it for sale unless it was mint condition or close.

I will also cross-post this! (cherie_salez , egl_comm_sales , cheriecheriegaragesalejapan)

Prices do not include shipping; I accept paypal, and am in the US. I will consider trades, but as I said above I am not really in this for myself so I would rpefer not to trade.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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idol-sama prettyness

Reconstructed band dresses

Curious to know if there's any interest in this and how much you'd want to pay
It's a size small...I guess I can make others but it'd take a bit, and if that's the case I may as well say that I can do other bands if their shirt is available to order online and I can do t shirt sleeves, puff sleeves, ruffle sleeves, strapless, different skirts, ect.
Check it out ^.^

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stuffed animals



Whenday is a wholesale Asian fashion online store with awesome prices! Cute clothes and bags as well!

Here's just a taste of what's available:

Just go to the site, see what you like, and post an order here:
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5 dollar specials (and lower!!) Now Until Friday Only!

Everything 5 dollars or else shipping will be around 3.00 per item or cheaper and shipping can be combind for cheaper rates. I take paypal, money order and concealed cash! No trades at this time sorry.

FLCL Vol. 1


Invader Zim 

I also have JTHM Director's Cut GN and both issues of I feel sick, please ask if interested!

Charmmy Kitty Planner

Charmy Pen and Pin Together

Malice Mizer Mini Disc Collectors Item BEL AIR SINGLE
SES Albums Full Album 1,3,4, 4.5 (if you buy them all 20 shipped even)
Bada EX. SES , Aurora 2nd Album I can add on to SES order if you want
Missalina Rei TOKIMEKI
La Curma Christi - Sculture of Time
A Perfect Circle 1st Album

Japanese for Busy People Text & Work Book 5 each
Hirgana and Katakana Work Books 5 for 1 or 8 for both

Cure Magazines buy all 3 for 19 shipped!
I have posters for $1 more

All Gal Magazines RANZUKI, EGG 5 dollars!

Video Games: 4 dollars each!
Gran Turismo 4

+ Flesh For The Beast
+ Paradise Kiss 4
Along with TONS of Manga is going to be 4 dollars. Please go to my journal for list selection:

黒崎眞弥 [*]
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Selling misc cds and dvds -here-

Dio - Carry Dawn [CD/PV DVD](sealed)- $20
KISAKI PROJECT - 道標 ~Color of Labyrinth~ - $8
KISAKI PROJECT - 記憶~after confession~ - $8
Vanilla - サガシモノ/小さな願い (sagashimono/chiisana-negai) - $5
Metis Gretel - Maiden to Eden - $12
+カタルシス+ (catar ciss) - アカシック・レコード - $5
Wizard - nude baby - $8
Wizard - cult baby - $8
Wizard - -Whiteday- (with message cd) - $8
Wizard - Materialism - $8
Wizard - Idealism - $8
Wizard - Core - $8
Wizard - SHELL - $8
Wizard - ジェミニ (Gemini -2nd press)(with message cd) - $12
Wizard - Aquarius (with message cd) - $12
Dolly - カルメゾン - $10

MASK - 未来への翼 DVD- $5

Also auctioning 2 signed Matenrou Opera cheki and autographed Matenrou Opera and Wizard photosets.

Tracklistings for each cd/dvd can be found at the selling thread. Please comment -here- if you're interested or have any questions.
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Laundromatic is a super great auction site for those who are sick of eBay! Please come over and make Laundromatic more popular again!

Click or copy and paste the above link to visit my active auctions on
There are super great deals there, all of my mini memos are starting at only $2 and 100 piece sticker grabbies starting bid at only $3!
A set of 5 lettersets (a pack) are starting at $2! Get your hands on these super deals now before someone else does!

In my mini memo and regular sized memo section I have reduced my prices!
Mini memo section, where savings have started at .50 and go as much as $2.50!
Permanent Reductions on my letter set packs (as low as .75 each) and mini letter sets!

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looking for PSP Slim

Hi, I'm looking to buy a PSP slim or trade for it. I could trade my NIntendo DS for it. My DS comes with:
1. cobalt black DS (no scratches, mint condition)
2. charger
3. black leather case
4. Supercard DS one with 2GB mirco sd (This is a mod. You can download games online and put it in the micro sd)