November 28th, 2008


Black LS Body Line Blouse

Hi there. I just got this Body Line blouse new from another user, it is almost brand new. I received it new in the packaging and wore it with one coordinate in my room for a few minutes. However it was tight in the bust and I have just bought another one that is my size, so I have no need to hold on to this.

The max bust is 34"/35", but it can go much smaller due to the ribbon lacing in the back.

Stock picture:
My photo:

I would like to sell this for $35 plus shipping, or trade it for a J-Brand Punk cutsew. Please let me know if you are interested!

[Animals-Drawn]Panda - FOOD!!

Panda Shop is now Open for Business!!

Hello everyone!

I've finally managed to set up my shop, and just in time for Christmas too~

Aside from what's listed and pictured I also have some mangas, doujinshi's and clothes I have added/will be adding to the store as I have way too much clutter in my room.

Come and take a look!  Feel free to give me any feedback on anything in the shop, this is my first time selling online much less starting a webstore ^-^;;

Thanks for your time~

[Pre-Order] Tohoshinki's 25th Japanese Single (Bigeast Edition)

Taking orders for Tohoshinki's 25th Japanese Single (Bigeast Edition)
Release Date: 21 January 2008; includes three songs and three instrumentals, signed lyrics card with members' messages, picture label, and a jacket sized card. Note that this edition comes with a special Bigeast FC limited single cover and card :)
Closing date: 02 December Extended to 03 December (Wednesday)
Price: US$25
Payment deadline: 03 December (Wednesday)
Estimated ship-out date: 11 February onwards

Other TVXQ stuffs for sale:
Keyword/MAZE (Japanese Edition) - no card US$11 US$9.50
If..!?/Rainy Night (Japanese Edition) - no card US$11 US$9.50
Lovin You CD+DVD (Korea Version) + YH & group card US$23 US$16, no cards included US$13
Beautiful You CD+DVD Jacket C (Japan Edition) + YH card US$25
MIROTIC (Bigeast Edition) + Special Bigeast card & YH card  US$28 US$25, no cards included US$21

AADBSK1 DVD - photobook and six sealed postcards included US$55 US$39, no postcards included US$33
2nd Asia Tour 'O' DVD - concert book and sealed calendar included US$35 US$31
Bigeast DVD - Special Backstage Movie 2008 US$70 US$67

MIROTIC Ver A & B poster set (folded) US$16 US$13
Arena 37C August 2008 (sealed) US$14 US$12
Prince in Prague Photobook w/ DVD - no postcards and stickers included US$48
SHINE Photobook (Japan Edition) - no DVD included US$42
A Week Holiday Camping Photobook w/ DVD US$41
A Week Holiday It's Stylish Photobook (has few creases on the back cover. I believe it's because of the store's packaging. :/) USD$49 USD$46
3rd Live Tour ~T~ Pamphlet (sealed) US$55 US$52
Otakara Photobook US$23 US20
Bonjour Paris Korea Limited Edition Photobook Set - comes with three photobooks, 2008 photo diary and sealed dvd (make an offer!)

Visit [info]izydreams for more info

Shop updated! Anime/Manga Merchandise and Promos

Shop updated with more items from:

Yaoi goods: Sakuragi Yaya and Junjou Romantica stickers, restock of the Asami seme business card, clear files (including LOVE PISTOLS/sex pistols)

Yaoi post cards: More square CD promo post cards including a Wild Rock one and a number Leaf mini post cards!

Anime/Manga merchandise + non-shoujo furoku: Naruto Gashapon & rare 1995 Sailor Moon Nakayoshi post card

I've also moved all of the misc. trading cards to the trading card section - including new cards from Fruits Basket, CCS and Chobits

I also have a vast selection of:

ALL items are AUTHENTIC Japanese promos or merchandise!

Also - its that time of the Year again and I'm bringing back my CHRISTMAS GIFT DRAW!

- purchased something from me this year? - Enter the draw now for a Christmas gift ^_^


Looking for...

I am looking for Les Bijoux Volume 4. If anyone is willing to sell this volume separately and not within a set I'd like to know.

Also shot in the dark here, is anyone selling any legitimate copies of Sailor Moon seasons 1-4?
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Hello, all! Special discount on the following sets:

$25 - 8 Eyeshield 21 doujinshi*
$67 - 20 Houshin Engi doujinshi by Meijin Kimera - 2/3s of these doujinshi have a bent in the upper left corner (badly packed when shipped to me)
Photo 1 Photo 2
$25 - 8 Houshin Engi doujinshi - "Usagi no Kimochi"'s front cover's corner has a large bend. "You are Mine"'s front cover has a moderate bend along its top. "Kiss Date Jya Iya?"'s front cover has a few small dents.
$70 - 14 One Piece doujinshi by Flying Whale (and guests)*
$40 - 12 Prince of Tennis doujinshi*

For these sets and items (manga, settei book, CDs) in this post, priority goes to people who want to buy immediately.

Unless otherwise noted, all doujinshi are secondhand and range from excellent to good condition. Some doujinshi in the sets have minor imperfections.

*Some additional details for some of the doujinshi in this set is available here.

| | | | | |
If you're interested in buying, please comment or email at extirpation[at] with the following information: items you're interested in, email address, method of payment, and zip code. Thanks very much! :)

Prices are in USD and do not include shipping. I accept Verified Paypal (or non-Verified if you agree to pay the additional PP charges), USPS money order, or concealed cash (at your risk).

I will calculate shipping for Priority Mail unless you ask otherwise (it also depends on if I still have spare envelopes/boxes, sorry;;). I'll be using flat-rate envelopes and boxes, so the shipping price will be the same for however many doujinshi fits in either. If you are buying anything for a gift, please remember that shipping times become crazy during the holiday season!
| | | | | |

Additional doujinshi (regularly priced) still available:
Following the link at the end of the post for page 2.

Additional items available:

$20 - Zetsu Ai 1-5 [Traditional Chinese]
$35 - Bronze 1-11 [Traditional Chinese]
$5 - MegaMax [Traditional Chinese]

$80 - Get Backers 1-27 [Traditional Chinese] - 24, 25, and 26 is Mint
$1 - Maze [Traditional Chinese] - novel
$5 - Komisch 1-2 by Kaimu Tachibana [Traditional Chinese]
$12 - FAKE 1-3 by Elle Mamahara [Traditional Chinese]
$15 - Antique Bakery 1-4 [Traditional Chinese] - Mint

$25 - Snow Drop 1-5

$4 - Parasyte 1 - top of back cover has some scratches
$8 - White Guardian - dust jacket slightly warped along the top edges

$5 - Bad da ne Yoshio-kun! 1-3 by Hiroyuki Asada (author of I'll) [Japanese]
$5 - Tokyo Roman Zaiku [Japanese] - dust jacket slightly warped along the top edges
$7 - Il Gatto Sul G 1-2 [Japanese] - sale sticker on back of each manga

$6 - Crimson Spell 1 [Japanese]- mint
$5 - [middle manga] by Duo Brand [Japanese]
$8 - I Want to Become Your Bird by Ken Homerun [Japanese]

$20 - Ouran High School Host Club Settei Materials Book - mint

$5 each for both Yu Yu Hakusho CDs and the Saber Marionette CD (back row)
$6 for the mint Slayers CD (front row)
$10 for the X VCD pack - it is mint, but the case as a minor crack in the front (front row)
$2 for the Tokyo Smog Single (it has low-quality packaging because it was self-produced)
$4 each for everything else - their cases have crack(s); the CD is fine though

*The CDs are Taiwan-released.

FS or FT: Pullip Raphia

Hello, I would like to adopt out my Raphia. She's up for sale again because of a couple deals that fell through. I am her second owner. She has a Nina wig and eyechips, as well as new eyelashes and a 27 cm obitsu. She will not come in the outfit pictured, but in a pink dress. Her wig is not secured so you can switch it out if you want. I'm asking for around $80 shipped but am open to offers. I will also consider trading for a Taeyang (especially Timulus!!) or an obitsued girl such as Nina. I am located in the US and accept paypal. My email/paypal is at Thanks!

LJ Feedback
eBay Feedback

Free Image Hosting at

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Trinity Blood, Shakugan No Shana and Someday's Dreamers!

Hey guys!
I am selling my Volume 1 of Shakugan no Shana manga on eBay!
eBay link.

I am also selling Volume 1 of Trinity Blood DVD on eBay.

If you are interested, please check out my eBay. If you are interested but do not have eBay then just contact me here or ask me for my email and we can work something out! :)


I have the first volume of Someday's Dreamers for sale if anyone's interested. It's in perfect condition. I read it once and it's been on my shelf ever since. No dinged pages or anything. I got it for $12.99 so I'm willing to sell it for $14 shipping included (so that's basically 4 dollars shipping if I was going to sell it for $10). If you want to negotiate a price then just leave a comment and we can talk about it. I'm pretty easy going :)

Thanks again!

Loveless manga set English tokyopop and some Jpop

I only accept Paypal.

I have Loveless (1-7) English tokyopop manga that I want to get rid of. People have expressed interest but I have yet to get someone who actually wants to buy.
$8 shipped anywhere in the US per book, and I can probably cut you a discount if you want to buy the entire set together. Just leave a comment.
Pictures available upon request.

Also trying to sell these...
Prices INCLUDE shipping to anywhere in the USA.
If you're looking for pristine condition, look elsewhere. Every CD plays just fine but not all come with obis and some have cracks in the case (never use Yesasia to ship, srsly).

CD+DVD Single - Ayumi Hamasaki - fairyland c/w alterna - $9
CD+DVD Single - Ayumi Hamasaki - Bold & Delicious - $9
CD+DVD Single - Ayumi Hamasaki - HEAVEN - $9
CD Single - Ayumi Hamasaki - A - $7
CD Single - Ayumi Hamasaki - vogue - $7
Pictures for these can be found here.

Bare in mind I have to transfer the shipping cost to my bank account which takes a week, and then it will be shipped.

Huge Manga Sale, lots of complete series!

Hello! I am moving and needing to sell quite a chunk of my collection. Everything is in great condition, smoke/pet free home. Some of the older series may have some yellowing along the edges. I do not have a digital camera, but can get access to one if necessary. My email is kinokokao [at] gmail or leave a LJ comment as I will respond ASAP to any inquiries. I will provide any information you need, please just ask!
Buyer agrees to pay shipping. I'll accept paypal, check or money order. I will accept international orders, too! Prices very negotiable, please make an offer.

Complete Series:
Card Captor Sakura 1-6
Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow 1-6
^sold as a set, this is the complete CCS series. $60
FAKE 1-7 $40
Juvenile Orion 1-5 boxset (comes with slipcase, book jacket for volume 5, and 2 cell phone charms) $40
Gravitation 1-2 $60
Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matusei) 1-11 $50
Planet Ladder 1-7 $30 (slight damage on some volumes, details on request)
Pita Ten 1-8 $35 (slight damage on some volumes, details on request)
Takumi-kun 1-3 $20
Magic Knights Rayearth I 1-3 boxset (comes with slipcase and bonus book. The slipcase is in rough shape, unfortunately)
Magic Knights Rayearth II 1-3 boxset (comes with slipcase and bonus book. This one is not damaged)
^MKR sold as a set. $40

Incomplete Series:
GetBackers 1-14 $60
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 1-14 $70
XxXHolic 1-10 $50
Vampire Game 1-13 $60
Passion 1-2 $12
SA 1, 3-4 $15

Desire $6
Only the Ring Finger Knows $6
J-Boy $6
3x3 Eyes $6
Vampire Knight 1 $5
Kill me, Kiss me 1 $5

Japanese and Other
Gravitation Remix 3 $15
Card Captor Sakura 4 bilingual edition $6
Legend of Zelda 1 $6
5 Gundam Wing Doujinshi $10 (small booklets, ask for details)
Kimagure Orange Road 1-2 $10 ("animanga" style)
Oh, My Goddess! 3 $6 ("animanga" style)
Oh, My GOddess! 5 $6 (regular, but Japanese)
Chara 2002, vol 1 $10
BexBoy 2003, vol 11 $10
Beautiful Precious $6 (Japanese, by Risa Aoyama. Ichisuki Comics)
Je t'aime Scandale $6 (Japanese, by Ellie Mamahara. Asuka Comics)
I have two others I can't read the titles of. One is by Hanamaru comics, author Kumiko Natsuga. The other is Charade Comics, author's name in Kanji so I can't read it. Both are $6
^All four Japanese yaoi titles for $20! With both anthologies for only $35!

Playing Card sets, $8 each:
Record of the Lodoss War
GetBackers (2 different sets, ask for details)
Fruits Basket (2 different sets, ask for details)
Gundam Wing
Oh, My Goddess! (4 different sets, ask for details)
teru fight

Want to buy!! or Trade!! Lots of Manga and Anime to sale too!!!

I want the folliwing manga to add to my collection. Want to buy, but also willing to trade.

Preferred to be in English but Japanese is also considered.

Ranma 1/2  (all volumes) (reaaaaaally want)
Kaze Hikaru (All volumes) (super want)
W-Juliet (certain volumes, already have vol 10, &12-14)
From Far Away (Kanata Kara) (all volumes)

And if you are selling any manga for Ridiculously cheep, be sure to tell me about it!!! I might be willing to buy!!

Also, I have some Japanese/English manga and anime to sale or trade.
To check that out click HERE

Sale! Prices Reduced!

All are in wonderful condition.
Paypal or Money Order Accepted
$3 each plus shipping

Kamikaze Girls
Free Collars Kingdom 1,2,3
Fushigi Yugi 1,2
Coybow Bebop 1
Dears 1,2
Samurai Champloo 1
Ceres: Celestial Legend 13,14
Doll 1,2

Prices cut in my journal on clothing, accessores, DnD books and manga merchandise! Make an offer if you don't like a price!

BIG EYES! (^__~)


Want pretty eyes like her?

(Imported from Geo Korea.)

You still have 3 days to place your orders for batch #3.
You can get big discounts if you buy 6 pairs and more.

November 14 to December 1

1 year disposable (With Proper Care & Maintainance)

(You can mix models/series.)
Conventional Soft Contact Lens - $14.00 each pair
Magic Black Series - $15.00 each pair
Magic Brown Series - $16.00 each pair
Angel / Two Tone / Nudy Series - $17.00 each pair
Wing / Tear / Fresh Series - $18.00 each pair
Nudy Golden Blue / Tri-Color / Twins Series - $18.00 each pair
Magic Pattern / Piercing Eyes Series - $20.00 each pair
T-Eye Series - $22.00 each pair
Cosplay / Crazy Series - $25.00 each pair
Toric Lens (No Color) - $53.00 each pair
Toric Lens (Color) - $67.00 each pair


Please click the photo above to go directly to the post or go HERE for more infos
Sleepy Puppy

Jrock Sales

Hello everyone,

I have various jrock sales going on right now so I thought I would let you all know about them. ^^

Jrock Accessory Auction
Bands: Dir en grey, The GazettE, Rentrer en Soi, L'arc en Ciel, Hyde, Gackt
Items: Wristbands, wristcuffs, necklaces, keychains

Jrock Magazine Sale
Bands included: Miyavi, The GazettE, Alice Nine, Gackt, Dir en grey, Rentrer en soi, Phantasmagoria, UVERworld, Nightmare, Plastic Tree, MUCC, L'arc en Ciel, Kagrra, An Cafe, D and more!

(no subject)

Check out syusukes for anime, manga, figures, t-shirts, posters, and other things from various series such as Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, and Yu-Gi-Oh! I also have items related to JE. All prices are negotiable so please take a look. :D
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hello! I am looking for items of MAR JOUR brand, or any brand punk style item.
i also am looking in specific for a WHITE, COFFIN SHAPED BAG that had a handle, an adjustable strap (could be worn as a bag, or a backpack), with the logo on the front, a cellphone pocket on the inside, and a zipperpocket on the back. if anyone knows what i am talking about and is selling/could point me in the right direction, i'd be so grateful!! i used to have this bag, but unfortunately i wore it out too much and it turned to crap.

thank you very much!
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(no subject)

Hey guys!

I have just a few things over at my journal that you might be interested in if you're into J-Rock/Pop and/or Gensomaden Saiyuki.

Right at this post here.

Here's a run-down:
L'Arc~en~Ciel goods, circa 1998
One Luna Sea tour mirror
A few J-Rock doujinshi
and one Gensomaden Saiyuki A4 notebook.

If any of that piques your interest, please come take a look! Thank you.

Dear Mods

I know I sent a notice about this a couple months ago but I feel like it's still a big problem. I don't mean to sound ridiculous or anything but it seems like most people aren't adhering to the "3 day rule". It doesn't seem like a big deal but when I see the same posts over and over, day after day, it gets really frustrating. Do the mods need more help with this or with the community in general? Am I the only one slightly annoyed by this? If so, ignore this I suppose.

Manga (:

I'm running out of space so I'm looking to sell some of my English/Japanese manga. I will be shipping from Canada;

★★ It will be $9 shipped for one to the US

Available manga:
- Fruits Basket Vol. 1-10, 12
- Gacha Gacha Vol. 1-2
- Chobits Vol. 1
- D.gray-man Vol. 1
- Beauty is the Beast Vol. 3-4
- Hot Gimmick Vol. 1, 9-11
- Azumanga Daioh Vol. 1
- Rave Master Vol. 12, 17-18
- X-Kai Vol. 1
- Crimson Hero Vol. 1
- Lagoon Engine Vol. 1, 3
- Lagoon Engine Einsatz

- Pink Innocent Vol. 1-3
- Tokimeki Midnight Vol. 1-4
- Shaman King Vol. 29-32
- Shugo Chara Vol. 1
- Sougetsu Miko Vol. 1

(Others) $2 each, ask about shipping
- Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammar
- Handbook of Japanese compound verbs
- Instant Vocabulary through Prefixes and Suffixes
- "Body" Language
- Japanese Vocabulary for Speakers and Readers
- All About Particles
- Japanese Newspaper Compounds

(: Let me know if anything interests you!