November 29th, 2008


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I am aware of some of the concerns about the disregard of the 3-day rule in posting ads on this community. I am working on addressing it with the fellow moderators, but I am not sure who is still active as both of the other moderators have not updated their journals in over six months.


Give me a week to wait for replies, and at the end of that time, I will be looking for additional help in moderating this community and [hopefully] revamping the entire thing over a bit.


If you have concerns, please respond here. I'll see the replies sooner than I would in the moderator journal.

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Areas for concern:

-> 3-day rule
-> Non-japanese items
-> Font size / image size
-> Feedback
seal pup

All best offer.

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Just added these English manga:
ON HOLD Junjo Romantica volumes 1-4
Melancholy of Haruhi S volume 1
Switch volume 1

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Shounen-Ai/Yaoi Manga:
ON HOLD Eerie Queerie volumes 1-4 COMPLETE
Gakuen Heaven
Jazz volume 2
Our Kingdom volumes 1-2
Under the Glass Moon volume 1 (slightly beat up)
Wild Rock (just added)
Anime DVDs:
ON HOLD Gravitation volumes 1-4 boxed set COMPLETE
Kyo Kara Mao volume 1
Shonen Onmyoji volume 1+ art box

I have several volumes of Saiyuki, Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, and GodChild available. Let me know if you are interested and would like to see a list.

I accept money orders or Paypal (non-CC). I no longer accept cash due to problems in the past with it. S&H will vary.
My eBay feedback page is here

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raising a little cash for the x-mas shopping! lol. you know how it goes. also accepting trades, though i'm shaky about how they work. currently selling:

outlaw star complete series
gunslinger girl complete series
5 centimeters per second
voices of a distant star + soundtrack

-- and more!

- sale post!
- payment details, READ ME PLEASE! **** please read these, concealed cash only! not old enough for paypal!
- wanted for trades

a first-time seller, so please be kind! :D

Free shipping until December 1st

I'm having a free shipping (US/Canada) or $2 flat rate (all other International) sale in my
Etsy shop. (check my etsy shop announcement for more details as PIFs are excluded from the shipping sale)

Also, buy more and save more! (discounts are given in addition to free/reduced shipping)

Purchase 3 or more items and receive 5% off.
Purchase 6 or more items and receive 10% off.
Purchase 10 or more items and receive 15% off.

Buy Handmade

Thanks for looking and happy holidays!
fine day

Manga Sale!

MANGA! (and a little bit of anime ^^;;!)

 I have some major bills I need to pay off so please feel free to take a look I am happy to make deals! If you want to buy more, we can make a deal and shipping will get cheaper! Everything will be Media mail to make it cheap as possible for USA residents (will be a little more for non US)! I am looking to use paypal but concealed cash is fine too. If you want pictures just ask! All Manga is 4 to 5 (depending of condition) dollars + shipping!

English Manga:
After School Nightmare 1-7
Battle Angel Alita 1-8 *Full Set
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 1-4 6-9
FLCL 1,2 *Full Set
X-day 1,2*Full Set
Purgatory Kabuki 1
Suppli 1
Mermaid Saga 1
Kieli 1
Doll 1
X/1999 1
Here is Green Wood 1
Paradise Kiss 4
Over the Rainbow
The Day I Become a Butterfly
Same Cell Organism
Nothing But Loving You
The One I Love (Clamp special)
Flesh for the Beast

Alichino 2

If interested I am also selling FLCL 1, KITE (uncut), A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and more! 

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Taking offers on Manga and anime!

Manga in English and in near mint condition!

TAKING OFFERS FOR THE MANGA AND ANIME!!! (not the House DVDs, I might remove and keep them). They have prices marked, but I need them gone. Please reasonable offers, if the price is way too low for me, I'll say no.


* Samurai X Boxed OVA set.
* Spirited away
* Princess Mononoke.
* Sukeban Deka.

TV series DVDs:

* House MD seasons 1-2

SHITAJIKI (pencil boards):

* Naruto Shippuuden shitajiki.


* Tramps like us (kimi wa petto) 1-5, 9.
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 1-5, 7, 9
* Fullmetal Alchemist 1-3.
* Shirahime Syo.
* Kare Kano 2,3
* Vampire Game 1
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right) and vol 9 (Learning curves)
* By the sword 1-2
* Tenryu the dragon cycle 1-2


* Our kingdom 1-2
* La Esperanza 1-7 (complete)
* Viewfinder 1 and 2 (taking offers starting at $20 each!)

Everything HERE!

I'M LOOKING FOR: One piece plushes (mainly Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp). I don't like all the plushes out there, but if you have one, show me what you got! It may be the ones I want XD
You MUST have positive feedback as a seller though.

Thanks for looking! ^___^
ME_ funny bento business

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[Selling] JE, Tenimyu and related items

And I've found more things to get rid of...

NEW [Auction] *pnish* autographed clearfile & photo
NEW Rock bleach musical dvds
NEW Kimeru concert items

* Tenimyu le dvd boxset
* Nagayan fanclub calenders & photobooks
* Magazines (cast prix, cool-up)
* Photobooks (kimeru, yamada yusuke, yanagi)
* CDs (kimeru, arashi, smap, w-inds, exile)
* DVDs (switch, kimeru)
* Photosets (tenimyu, kimeru, burimyu)

* Arashi goods (concert, idol shop, photobook)
* Official shop photos (arashi, news, kat-tun, kinky kids)

Pictures and more information is located here. Thanks for looking~

FS: A few mangas, pullips, DollZone msd and trading cards ^_^

Check out my sales journal, I currently have 2 complete Pullip dolls for sale, a DollZone msd size Bjd "HID", a couple of BL trading cards by Naduki Koujima and Sae Momoki, and a couple of odd volumes of manga (GTO: The Early Years 1-3, Tsubasa Chronicles 1, Ultra Maniac 1, Snow Drop 7, Moon Phase 7, and Sensual Phrase 1-4).

I'm situated in Sweden, and take Non CC Paypal only.
Oh, and I love trading *hint hint* ^___~

Thanks for looking! ^___^
黒崎眞弥 [*]
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CDs & DVDs

Selling misc cds and dvds -here-

Dio - Carry Dawn [CD/PV DVD](sealed)- $18
KISAKI PROJECT - 道標 ~Color of Labyrinth~ - $8
KISAKI PROJECT - 記憶~after confession~ - $8
Vanilla - サガシモノ/小さな願い (sagashimono/chiisana-negai) - $5
Metis Gretel - Maiden to Eden - $10
+カタルシス+ (catar ciss) - アカシック・レコード - $5
Wizard - nude baby - $8
Wizard - cult baby - $8
Wizard - -Whiteday- (with message cd) - $8
Wizard - Materialism - $8
Wizard - Idealism - $8
Wizard - Core - $8
Wizard - SHELL - $8
Wizard - ジェミニ (Gemini -2nd press)(with message cd) - $12
Wizard - Aquarius (with message cd) - $12
Dolly - カルメゾン - $10

MASK - 未来への翼 DVD- $5

Also auctioning autographed Matenrou Opera and Wizard photosets.

Tracklistings for each cd/dvd can be found at the selling thread. Please comment -here- if you're interested or have any questions.
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Want to buy these English Manga

Before you make any offers, please be sure that you're willing to give me (at most) 2 days to respond to your offer. Technically, since I ask about certain items and you respond, that kind of means that I've asked first ^^;. It's only fair since you've offfered, right? ^__^b I think that my request is pretty resonable, so please don't take my straight forward attitude for rudeness. I'm harmless, really :) I just want to make sure that business runs smoothly. ^^

So, then I would like to buy the following English manga in used/great condition for around $3-$4 each:

Tenshi Ja Nai (3 and 4)
Her Majesty Dog (8, 9, and 10)
Threads of Times (7 and 11)
Blade of the Immortal (ALL)
Land of Silver (ALL)
W Juliet (4 to end)
Kill Me Kiss Me (3 and 4)
Rave Masters (All and for around $2 each??)
Dragon Ball (1 - ???)
Junko Mizuno's (for ~$5 or $6) each :
                                                                  Hansel and Gretel
                                                                  Hell Babies

Any and all offers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
pandacute fall food

Hi Take a look please

Hi! I have got lots of stuff for sale
***Click here to Go to My Journal***
Jrock Clippings soon to come
-ask if you are looking for a artist or particular band!
Newtype USA Magazines
-Unopened Older issues
-Coming soon!!!
CDS-jrock/pop,cpop,kpop& more to come
Official Artbooks

Manga -$3* HAVING A SALE SPECIAL until the 15th of December!!! Buy 4 get one !!!!

CLAmp No Kiseki
Volumes 1,3,5 NEW $28 Eachobo i might consider
4 & 6 have some chess pieces still left

Anime Posters & Centerfolds
-NEW** Vampire Knight Poster & chobits
center fold +more added!!!
-most under $2.50click here for
***Click here to Go to My Journal***
-Please read all the beginning stuff its important!
****BTW-If you leave a comment and i comment back and you do not respond to it between2-4
days the i assume you are not interested any longer( this applies to emails too.****

-Please Leave a comment if Interested Or email me At
Weisskreuzlover1 at

-It would be very nice of others to leave me feedback after Selling to me or
buying from me here:

Selling JE GOODS and MANGA, Clothes ETC!Get

 Christmas sale!!! having it early, if you buy more then 4 items, it's a result in 25% off the price(excluding shipping)
Selling Cheap Chinese and Enlgish Mangas none over the price of $7(excluding shipping)
Selling Anime Convention give aways and NEW ADDED ITEMS!! ALL RARE AND SOLD OUT=D
Selling Clothes from the cute style to casual!
Get it while it's still in stock!!!

Selling many JE MAGAZINES, as in Winkup, Potato, and Duet!
Selling a Taiwanese Version of NEWS NIPPON 2003-04
take a look over (here)

SELLING DOUJINSHI ( Ookiku Furikabutte, REBORN KHR, Xxxholic)

Hello! I'm selling some of my old doujinshi and doujin anthologies (mostly Ookiku furikabutte, Reborn / KHR and xxxHolic) since I have way too many. If you're interested feel free to email me. All books are in mint or very good (very slight edge wear)condition. Warning: Some of these doujinshi have yaoi/ boys love contents!

Katekyo Hitman REBORN (KHR) doujinshi (YamaHiba 8018 Yamamoto x Hibari)

OOFURI doujinshi anthologies, postcards (one is from Afternoon magazine) and doujinshi


Doujinshi: xxxHOLIC, Aka-chan to boku(Ragawa Marimo / Baby & me), BATTERY (Asano Atsuko) etc.

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Hello.. I'm selling some:

Japanese Arena 37C & NEO Genesis Magazine
Jpop and Kpop Cds - DBSK, w-inds, SMAP, The Gospellas, Super Junior
Anime Postcards and Bookmarks
W-inds - Postcards, Ryohei Personal Photobook, Tour Economy bag
Manga and Novels - Yaoi, Shonen, Shoujo

Over here at my journal..

Please have a look.. Thank you..XD

Bleach, FF7, Guilty Gear, Naruto, Star Ocean, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc

Hello, I'm selling a huge chunk of my doujinshi collection because I've run out of space. Mainly Bleach, Star Ocean, and Guilty Gear, but I have doujinshi from a variety of different series up for sale. A good majority of them are het or general all character books, however, there are a few SolxKy from Guilty Gear available.

Doujinshi and shipping details can be found here.

Bleach - 10
Final Fantasy VII - 2
Guilty Gear - 28
Naruto - 1
Star Ocean - 8
Yu Yu Hakusho - 1

These and more can be found at my journal!

WTB Nintendo DS Games

I recently bought a Nintendo DS Lite and I want to buy some games for it.
Some of the games that I'm interested in is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Pokemon Pearl or Diamond, Touchmaster
I'm open to other games as well. I don't mind if its used but preferably in good condition with no glitches or anything.

edit: I'm also looking for some mangas
xxxHolic 7, 8, 10-12
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 16-19
Fruits Basket 21

Japanese Manga for Sale

Selling assorted manga. All Books have been kept in great

condition, I will give you more details if they are requested.
Any questions or offers, please contact me ( No shipping outside of the U.S.

CLAMP {$30 for set} (Inc. Complete "Angelic Layer", Complete

"Chobits" [], XXholic [v.1], Complete "Duklyon",

"Shirahime Syo")

All other books $3/each + shipping.

Kare Kano #1-7, 10-12
Pita-Ten #1-3
Saber Marionette J #1-4
X-Day #1-2
Full Metal Panic! #1-2
Zodiac P.I. #1-4
Forbidden Dance #1-4
Girl Got Game #1-3
D.N. Angel #2
Snow Drop #1-4
Kill Me, Kiss Me #2-5
Wild Act #1-7
Saint Tail #1-2
Boys Over Flowers #1
Steel Angel Kurumi #1-2
Rurouni Kenshin #1-2
Happy Lesson #1
Get Backers #1
Guardian Angel Getten #1-3



Items summary

Hi, we're trying to clear all items. Please take a look of what we have below. For more info/pics on the items, please go directly to the journal.

Code Geass
Chobits Chii
Gakuen Alice Mikan/Natsume

Code Geass R2 clear file 
Shugo Chara wallet
Mobile Suit Gundam Meister Mechanic
Mobile Suit Gundam Sticker

Note: All the items above is furoku from various magazines.

Hyper Rune vol.4 (English)

The Art of Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 3 (Tokyopop edition)

Newtype July/August '96, November '07/'08 - No furoku included (It's for free, you just pay the shipping)


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Great For Christmas Shopping: Mint and cheap $$ items. Will haggle

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Awesome prices....willing to HAGGLE......CHEAP PRICES

All items come from and have resided in a smoke free home. I   sell within the USA as well as to other countries. I highly prefer paypal, but will accept money orders so long as they are USPS money orders.  I will accept well concealed cash in some circumstances.

Click here-Feed back