December 3rd, 2008

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*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

DS and eBaY

Leftovers from my last sales post. Everything has a set price now. I will take offers on smaller items, but most things are set in stone. Still got a hefty credit card bill to pay off. /sigh

PayPal payments via credit/debit card will have to pay PayPal fees. PLEASE state your payment method and shipping location when requesting items.

I DO NOT HOLD ITEMS anymore... I was far to patient and waited far too long for some people to get back to me or send payment, so priority will also go to whomever responds/sends payment first. Increase your chances of getting the items you want FIRST by following the bolded RED exclaimer above! ^^v

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LilingPo Manga 9, Loki Ragnarok Manga's 3-5

Supposedly This manga volume was released Oct. 14th, 2008, but I have been unable to locate it anywhere. If anyone has a copy, or knows where one could be found, please inform! (Checked ebay, the didn't do much for me)
Also, looking for it in English. xD 
The same is to be said for the Loki Ragnarok manga's.
Mana Elegance

WTB: Takuya Angel Muffler!

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Takuya Angel fur muffler, in any colour!
Or if you say, I can make a similar muffler, that would be wonderful!
Please let me know ^^

I'm looking for a muffler like this one:

Thank you for looking!
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Anime and game loot, oh yes!

Hi everyone! I have video game and anime related goods such as stationery, toys, and books for sale. Take a look and find something that strikes your fancy!


-Vampire Knight stationery sheet set

-Card Captor Sakura shitajiki

-Card Captor Sakura doujinshi card

-Gravitation and Fruits Basket bookmarks

-Bunny pencil case

-Disgaea 3 poster

-Negima poster

Come on in!
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Taking offers!! Manga in English and Anime related stuff

They have prices marked, but I need them gone. Please reasonable offers!! Ask me, maybe I'll say yes ^__~


* Samurai X Boxed OVA set.
* Spirited away
* Princess Mononoke.
* Sukeban Deka.

SHITAJIKI (pencil boards):

* Naruto Shippuuden shitajiki.


* Tramps like us (kimi wa petto) 1-5, 9.
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 1-5, 7, 9
* Fullmetal Alchemist 1-3.
* Shirahime Syo.
* Kare Kano 2,3
* Vampire Game 1
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right) and vol 9 (Learning curves)
* By the sword 1-2
* Tenryu the dragon cycle 1-2


* Our kingdom 1-2
* La Esperanza 1-7 (complete)
* Viewfinder 1-2 (taking offers!)

Everything HERE!

I'M LOOKING FOR: One piece plushes (mainly Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp). I don't like all the plushes out there, but if you have one, show me what you got! It may be the ones I want XD
You MUST have positive feedback as a seller though.

Thanks for looking! ^___^

Japanese Playstation RPGs

I've finally come to terms with the fact that as my "games to play" collection gets bigger and bigger (thanks to full time work and almost full time school on top of that), I am never going to have time to get around to all the old black label Square games I've hoarded over the years.  My vulture-ish coworkers have already picked through and given me cash for some, but I still have a few you guys might be interested in...

Japanese Playstation imports: Tales of Destiny (Namco) and Final Fantasy IV (Squaresoft).  Both in near mint condition with spotless discs and all paper inserts.

Want to buy these English manga

Before you make any offers, please be sure that you're willing to give me (at most) 2 days to respond to your offer before you make the same offer to another buyer. I can't always get to my computer right away, and it's a bit disappointing to be told that something is available only to find out that it's really not. Technically, since I ask about certain items and you respond, that kind of means that I've asked first anyway :)

So, then I would like to buy the following English manga in used/great condition for around $3-$4 each if possible:

Blade of the Immortal 
Tail of the Moon


Rave Masters 3 and 5                                                                                                                                                                                       

Any and all offers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Direct Sale

I reeeally need money right now so I can pay for my car insurance. Cars are so damn expensive I swear. Anywho I can only accept cash, Money Orders, and or Personal Checks right now. I canceled my bank account connected to my paypal since my account was broken into and all my money went bye bye. NO trades please. Cute things cant pay for my car. Help me out will ya !!!

Email is
I ship Internationally!!!

The bunny bag in the first pic looks weird only because of the camera, my apologies.

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Thanks, ~OosugarmiioO
黒崎眞弥 [*]
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CDs & DVDs

Selling misc cds and dvds -here-

KISAKI PROJECT - 道標 ~Color of Labyrinth~ - $8
KISAKI PROJECT - 記憶~after confession~ - $8
Vanilla - サガシモノ/小さな願い (sagashimono/chiisana-negai) - $5
Metis Gretel - Maiden to Eden - $10
+カタルシス+ (catar ciss) - アカシック・レコード - $5
Wizard - nude baby - $8
Wizard - cult baby - $8
Wizard - -Whiteday- (with message cd) - $8
Wizard - Materialism - $8
Wizard - Idealism - $8
Wizard - Core - $8
Wizard - SHELL - $8
Wizard - ジェミニ (Gemini -2nd press)(with message cd) - $12
Wizard - Aquarius (with message cd) - $12

MASK - 未来への翼 DVD- $5

Also auctioning/selling Wizard photosets.

Tracklistings for each cd/dvd can be found at the selling thread. Please comment -here- if you're interested or have any questions.
보아 ☆ foxy


I'm hosting a sale over at this post! Every purchase of $60 or more (within the US) will be eligible for free shipping. Check out the post for more information. :)

Artists included in the sale:
Dir en Grey
Sex Machineguns
T.M. Revolution

As well as soundtracks for Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, and Fushigi Yuugi.

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My stuff for sale, prices negotiable, if you buy more together, I'll make a deal:

Kingdom Hearts GBA Cart only - $17 shipped
Lunar 2 (complete, missing pendant) - $40 shipped
*Tifa Vers 2 Resin Statue - Make Offer
PSP Black Phat Model complete in box w/screen protector (no memory stick or games; not modded) - $100 or best offer shipped
Magical Starsign SEALED - $20 shipped
Final Fantasy Origins (complete, black label) - $20
Star Ocean 2 PSX (no manual) - make offer
*Sega Genesis Collection PSP - make offer
Terranigma PAL vers in French - $220 shipped
Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart necklace - $20 shipped
Sonic Underground the Complete Series (in english, official AUS release, need all region dvd player) - make offer

* indicates reluctant to sell

Pics here:
KHR: Defend

Fate/Stay Night Hetare Saber figure


Selling a Hetare chibi Saber figure. It's a genuine product and brand new. Only used for display.
Produced by Good-smile!

Asking: $30 shipped

Free Image Hosting at

(I don't have my camera right now, but the item is the above pic)

I can provide scans, but that's pretty much it. If your really interested, I can ask my neighbor to lend me his camera. :)

Henry Lau 3

WTB: Sex Pot Revenge and manga.. Jap cell phone?

I'm just looking for  Only the Ring Finger Knows.  Novel version.
In english.
All 3 volumns would be nice.

Thank you!

And I'm just looking around for Sex Pot Revenge t-shirts.
And this jacket.

And is anyone selling a docomo phone?
Specifically, a docomo SH906i?
I don't really think so but I'll give it a long shot anyways.

Thank you! :D

Oh and I will be paying by Paypal.  eCheck more than likely.
I live in Canada, btw.

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Hello!:) I have some Japanese brand clothes and accessories for sale in my journal
here and here
There are more items with amazing prices, so if you're interested, please come and take a look! ^_^
Hyori Lee 2

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I am selling Visual Kei items (Shoxx & Cure magazines/UNDER CODE flyers & cds), GAM singles, Kingdom Hearts manga, Loveless , Kill Me Kiss Me , To Heart, Sailor Moon VHS, Super GALS Vol.1 DVD, Japan hair style magazine, and more.

here at my journal.

English Anime and Manga etc sale Need gone asap, in serious need of help

Selling things again,
Getting really desperate for money to buy books and art supplies for spring semester coming up.And unfortunately my computer just crashed so I have to get a new one ASAP.

My family is in a tight spot so I need to help pay for food and things as well as bills since my mother lost her job. Also just need to clean my room out a bit so I can move faster when the time comes. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am willing to discuss prices.
Prices reduced a bit on everything********

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone remember its almost Christmas time. [I decided Id open it up to International shipping too. Unfortunately it seems to be really expensive to send it anywhere else through UPS so ill go through the post office. May take some extra time to get it all figured out though, just know it will be a bit more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

For international please submit address like this:
Street Address:
Postal code:

(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)

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Are You interested in buying a Food Drive Ticket?

All of the proceeds from the tickets goes directly toward the charity foundation of your nominated choice,
this is where the donation money comes from. Everything else will come out of my pocket.
Click here to see the Kawaii Food Drive Official Entry for 2008

Each ticket has the same chance to win the stuff that you want for a good cause!
Do you want to win Kawaii stationary? Clothing? Books? Anime? Video Games? Jewelry?
Something Spooky or Freaky? How about handmade Runes by myself? Do you like books?
How about a gift Certificate to your favorite online shop?

This year, you pick the prize, you pick the charity. Everyone is welcome.

This charity fundraiser is hosted by owlmuffin

WTB, mangas


I was wondering if anyone has the following mangas/novels for sale.

"FULL HOUSE" The english version. I need from Volume 4 on up.

"Vampire Hunter D" the novels from volume 4 on up.

"Berzerk" mangas from volume 10 on up.

Does anyone have

PS one Silent Hill for sale
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WTB: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dir en grey, Lynch., H.Naoto, Sexpot

Hi everyone!

lol i just feel like buying some stuff for myself for christmas so decided to try it out like this ^^.
So what i'm looking for is Final Fantasy stuff, not the games but merchandise stuff like figures ( especially figures!!!), soundtrakcs etc etc.
I have a lot of FF stuff already but hey if you have anything for sale  let me know and i might not have it and be interested ^^.

Then Kingdom Hearts stuff... mostly figure stuff even though i have a lot already too, but like with the FF stuff.. i might not have it so let me know ^^.

Then Dir en grey stuff... t-shirts, magazines, haiiro no ginka's , single's (i have every album already) other tour stuff whatever , if you're selling anything from Dir en grey  í might be interested  lol. Like with the other stuff.. i already have a lot too so who knows XD

Um Lynch. stuff.... cd's, tour merch etc. I don't have a lot of lynch. stuff  so.

Hmm the clothing... if you have any H.Naoto, Sex Pot let me know ^^

So yea if you have anything of these things for sale please let me know. I'd appreciate it very very much XD.

o yeah ps: i'd be paying with paypal.

Thanks for looking!