December 5th, 2008

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I still have things left from this sale! And I've Added Some More Things :D! With the majority of everything under $10!!

merkypie You can get them here at my sales journal! merkypie
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Selling personalised tote/drawstring bags

I'm thinking about making personalised tote/drawstring bags and was wondering if anyone would be interested. I can print out whatever you like to go on there - band/idol images, words & phrases etc, in colour or black & white outlines.

For example, if you've always dreamed of showing your love for Yamapi or Kame, have them printed on the front of a bag! They'd be great for christmas, too, have your friends' favourite idols/pairings printed on there!

Bags are 100% cotton and eco friendly, to be kind to the environment ^_^

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Everything is being sold at cost, so I can't really offer much discount for bulk orders, unless you were to buy something like 20 that would cost ME less to buy in.

Please note, shipping is NOT included. I can ship wherever you like - if you'd like the bag as a christmas present for someone, I can ship it directly to them with a short message from you if you'd like, to cut down on postage costs and delivery time.

I don't have pictures of the bags yet, as I haven't made any up, but if people are interested I'll get some done!

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Rare CD for Auction & Jpop/Jrock CDs for Sale

Aira Mitsuki's rare Tower Records exclusive single:
[Darling Wondering Staring / STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER]

Up for auction over here!

And I've added 20 more CDs to my selling post over here!

Artists with multiple CDs for sale Include:
Chara, Cocco, dream, Hamasaki Ayumi, Hayashibara Megumi, Koda Kumi, Mean Machine, Misia, Namie Amuro, Road of Major, See-Saw, Takahashi Hitomi, the brilliant green, the tambourines, tommy heavenly6/february6, Utada Hikaru, Yaida Hitomi

Misc Artists Include:
Minami Kuribayashi, Misato Aki, Ali Project, BoA, Cherry Filter, 12012, Fayray, Nami Tamaki, Shimokawa Mikuni, Mika Nakashima, Hitomi Shimatani, ji ma ma, Nobuchika Eri, Sonim, Nagase Miyu, Kuraki Mai, day after tomorrow, speena, Hi-Standard, Art-School, L'Arc~en~Ciel

Please have a look at the auction and sales posts at starlike_stereo

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need some last minut shipping for you holiday needs?
come look! sale going on now
buy one item get another of equal or lesser value half off.
if you buy 4 or more items you get free shipping.
new stuff constantly being added so keep and eye out
i am willing to negotiate so feel free to ask!

preview of things for sale
miyavi posters :  one  and two

autographed kanon (an cafe) poster : poster

sake set : sake

chrno crusade : 1-4

gravitation manga : 1 - 9

and so much more so please come take a look theres cosplay, manga, anime, jrock mags and autographs.
right this way

KHR: Defend

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Selling a Hetare chibi Saber figure. It's a genuine product and brand new. Only used for display. Pretty much BRAND NEW.
Produced by Good-smile!

Asking: $30 shipped  
No lowballs! As you can see, they retail $42. Fate/Stay Night Figure: Nendoroid Hetare Saber

Free Image Hosting at

(I don't have my camera right now, but the item is the above pic)

I can provide scans, but that's pretty much it. If your really interested, I can ask my neighbor to lend me his camera. :)
Oh shit

Shop update

-Hayate Cross Blade Vol 1 Manga- $7

-Older stuffs-
Les Bijoux Vol 01 and 02 ($3 each or both for $5)
G Gundam Vol 1 ($3)
Dragon Hunter Vol 1-4 ($3 each or all for $10)
Naruto Vol 4 ($3)
Inu Yasha Vol 11 ($3)
Inu Yasha Vol 26 in Japanese ($2)
Inu Yasha Vol 11,13,14 in COLORS ($4 each or all for $10)
Eerie Queerie! (COMPLETE VOLUME) Vol. 01 - 04. ($4 each or all for $14)
Invisible Boy ($7)
Shinobu Kokoro (Hidden Heart) ($5)
Golden Cain ($7)
Tales of Abyss
Dvd/video tape:
Showking M (Vol. 13 14) [Korean music video] ($5)
Revolution Girl Utena - The Power of Dios Dubbed English on video tape ($2)
X OVA 01 & 02 [English/Japanese Language and English Sub] ($5 each or both for $8)
D.N.Angel Orginal Soundtrack II ($5)
D.N.Angel Vocal Collection ($5)
D.N.Angel Orginal Soundtrack I ($5)
Gravitation Vocal Collection ($5)
Evanescence - Fallen ($5)
Static-x - Beneath Between Beyond ($3)
A Static Lullaby - And Don't forget to breathe ($5)
Three Days Grace ($5)
NewType USA Feb 2006 (Vol. 05 #02) ($2)
NewType USA Jul 2006 (Vol. 05 #07) ($2)
Toy/Key Chains:
Arbitro from Togainu no Chi ($5)
Motomi from Togainu no Chi ($5)
Anime kitty Maid ($5)
Dororo from Keroro Tokuhon ($4)
Hello Kitty keychain ($1)
Nyan Nyan Nyanko keychain ($1)
Cactus Pups (Comes with a soccer ball!) ($5)
Lelouch from Code Geass R2 ($7)
Shirley from Code Geass R2 ($5)
Poster/Wall Scroll:
Beyond the Grave From GunGrave ($4)
Wufei from Gundam Wings ($4)
Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children ($2)
Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children ($2)
Eyes Rutherford from Spiral ($2)
Two Naruto each for ($2)
J-rock band in Cure

And much more related anime/game stuffs!
I also sell yaoi but you must be 18 or above.

(Feel free to negotiate my price!)  <--- Enter there!