December 9th, 2008

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i'm curious whether anyone in this community would be interested in new nintendo DS's?

i have two, a coral pink & a metallic pink. i got them as gifts from my mother and ex, never use them. the metallic pink still has a box. they both come with chargers, no games though

i can accept paypal. i don't sell much on here, i stick to ebay, but i thought i'd offer arond first. :)
Shou-kun II

Sales in Singapore

Heya guys! I've some magazines(alicenine. on cover) to sell to those who love alicenine. as much as I do since I've several copies, and I'm in need of some cash as well.

Hope you guys can help me with it. =)

I would really like to complete the transaction in SINGAPORE, asap.

I can assure you that all magazines are in excellent condition since I've only flipped the pages less than 5 times. You can check it on the spot during collection. =)

Cash / Meetup
Don't worry, I can go west or east area anytime. =)

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Thanks so much! =D
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Selling some stuff

I've got some things for sale! I accept payment by money transfer (within Europe, using iban and bic) or paypal. Below the cut are some
~Jrock flyers
~Jrock posters
~a T.M.Revolution DVD
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Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Shigure - fan

Visual Kei and anime/manga!

Hey all! For the visual Kei fans, I have items from bands like Phantasmagoria, Versailles, Arc, Hurts, and a few rare VHSs from Shazna and Syndrome!

And for the anime fans, I have lots of manga and US release DVDs, including Card Captor Sakura, Trigun, Bleach, and more!

Check it out at geneizou
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Silvermint Sales

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Silvermint Sales is holding a Holiday Sale! 
(Offers valid December 1, 2008 to January 1, 2009)

  Get 10% off your purchase (before shipping and PayPal costs) when you mention this code in your order: HS08-10%
  FREE SHIPPING for purchases over $25 (US only)
  FREE SHIPPING for purchases over $40 (International)
  FREE SHIPPING for manga code: HS08-FSM

jun - attic

J-rock Fliers

Some how I have accumulated a large amount of fliers and I'm looking to get rid of a good portion of them...
I've tried selling them individually before but its too much work, so i'm offering assorted packages:

10 fliers - $7
25 fliers - $16
35 fliers - $22

If you would like more, just let me know~ i have a -lot- lol

I will accept paypal only. cc is fine, and i dont care about the charge because mostly i just want to get ride of these.

I will be shipping from Canada, and will only ship to Canada and US
canada - $2
US - $3.50

please comment or email me at yume.kazaguruma @ if you are interested~ <3

some people wanted pictures... i'm not going to take pictures of all of them, but when i was trying to get rid of them individually before i did take pictures...

i cant stress this enough though i'm not selling them individually and those pictures are old so i cant gaurantee i have specific ones left anymore
if there is a specific band you really really like and see in that gallery... feel free to mention it to me and i'll try to include it... but like i said, i cant gaurantee that i still have it...
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DVDs and Manga and books Oh My!

Everything ships from Canada, and I will need to check postage so leave your Postal Code/Zip in the comment so I can quote you a price.


Hellsing OAV Regular edition Volumes I-III $20 each

Battle Royale High School $10

Fame $10

Lost in Space (VHS) $5


DOLL Volume 4 $10

PEBO Manga Volume 1.0 $10

Blood the Last Vampire $10

Outcast of Redwall $5

Marlfox $5

Using CGI Second Edition $5

HTML 4.0 Sourcebook


Magic Cards by the oz $1 each.

Warhammer Sisters of Battle Army TO BE NEGOTIATED

Seliing some jrock

I need extre money for Japan. SO i'm selling some jrock.

Heres what i'm selling :

GACKT : , posters , magazine , photo book , tour pamphlets , a DEARS happy birthday postcard , tour photo book , big glossy photo

DEG : 2 mags , SIGNED it withers and withers dvd , 2 glossy photos one of Kyo and one of the group.

An Cafe : SIGNED offical An Cafe magazine

Go to my selling photobucket page here:

Prices are included there.

I leave in 8 days. The sale will end on Monday. i can only accept Western Union.

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Nyanko Burger

New stationery and sticker items!

Just added some new stationery items over at sale_o_rama! Brand new memo pads, clear files, and more stickers

( CLICK HERE for larger pics, descriptions, and prices! )

Check out sale_o_rama for these items and more :)

Also, if you have the time, please fill out my poll so I have more of an idea of what items people like to buy~

And if you'd like to be notified of re-stock updates by e-mail, join my new mailing list! :) (right under the poll).

Thanks for looking!
sleepy timez

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I have

Bleach (IsshinxRyuuken) (yes those are ichigos and ishidas

Tales of the Abyss (PeonyxJade)

One Piece ( ZoroxLuffy & ZoroxSanji)

FF7 (CidxVincent)

Prince of Tennis (YuutaxFuji and OshitarixChoutarou)

xxxholic (DoumekixWatanuki)

Trigun (WolfwoodxVash)

Kyou kara maou (YuurixWolfram (they switch)


Naruto (ItachixSasuke)

Samurai Deeper Kyo - HotaruxSinrei

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro -  NeuroxYako &  SasazukaxYako

Final Fantasy 8 - LagunaxEllone

Lupin the 3rd -  LupinxJagan 

Saiunkoku Monogatari - Kouyuu centric

KateiKyoushi Hitman Reborn! - MukuroxKen

Bleach - IkkakuxYumichika

Gundam Seed - Mu la flagaxKira   AthrunxMiguel  & AthrunxCagalli

Wolfs Rain - TsumexKiba & Blue centric

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hey im selling some CD&acute;s and DVD&acute;s
if u are interested go to my journal :

1: Despairs Ray - Murder Day (Rare) (reserved)
2: Larc en ciel - Live in USA
3: Dir en Grey - it withers and withers
4:Gazette - Nameless Liberty

Magical Band - Live Distributed = 25€ / 30$
Screw Raging Blood with dvd = 12€ /15 $
No God - Mugenkyo 20€ /25$
Mix Speakers Inc Album 20€/ 25$
brodiaea - lily 10€ /13$
branch cherish 10€ /13$
matenrou opera gilia 10€ /13$
An Cafe - Magnya Carta (JPN Edition 8€ /10$
Dir en grey - withering to death 8€ /10$
hyde - 666 (Euro Edition) 8€ /10$
kagerou - kurohata (JPN Edition) 8€ /10$
Kaya - Glitter New Version (JPN Edition) 15€ /19$
larc en ciel - ectomorphed works (JPN Edition) 20€ /25$
moi dix mois - dix infernal (Euro Edition) 8€ /10$
Sleepy Puppy

Jrock Accessory Auction

Hello everyone,

I have various jrock sales going on right now so I thought I would let you all know about them. The auction ends tomorrow night so be sure to get your bid in! ^^

Jrock Accessory Auction
Bands: Dir en grey, The GazettE, Rentrer en Soi, L'arc en Ciel, Hyde, Gackt
Items: Wristbands, wristcuffs, necklaces, keychains

Jrock Magazine Sale
Bands included: Miyavi, The GazettE, Alice Nine, Gackt, Dir en grey, Rentrer en soi, Phantasmagoria, UVERworld, Nightmare, Plastic Tree, MUCC, L'arc en Ciel, Kagrra, An Cafe, D and more!
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Harajuku lovers shoes!

I'm in desperate need for money right now~ I have two pairs of Harajuku Lovers shoes for sale! Both are women's size 8 and new without tags/box. Only form of payment I will be accepting is Paypal. I'm selling them for $40 shipped within the US. Please comment if interested! Thanks!


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Hi all,

I have my "Free Shop" open for a very short time starting now!

The deal is, I'm clearing out all my old merchandise (prints, stickers, magnets, kaychains, buttons and a ton of bookmarks)from selling at artist alleys at conventions. Since I don't really plan to do it anymore, I have no use for the stuff so I'm offering most of it for free if you pay the shipping.

I have stuff from the series: Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Ace Attorney, Cowboy Bebop, Host Club, Reborn, Kingdom Heats, Final Fantasy, Gurren Lagann, D. Gray Man.

More info and pictures and how to order here:

Order right away and it miiiight make it before xmas! It most likely will if you live in Canada or the USA, but I can't guarantee. >w<

x-posted to some places, thanks for reading!