December 20th, 2008

Update on doujinshi stationary, phonecards, etc...

I added a few more binsen to photobucket. Mostly those under the $1 and $2 section. I also added some wallscrolls. I have no particular price on them so please feel free to make an offer. Addedsmall amount of mangas as well. They are $4 each, except X. Those are $5 each. Also took pictures of the Utawarerumono Gashapon figures. It will be under misc section.

For orders over $20, Shipping will be free in US. If wallscroll is purchased, then its $25 for free shipping (since abnormal package cost more =/).

Also for sale:
Saiyuki thinkpak (eps 1-50) - Execellent condition - feel free to make offer
Full Metal Panic Thinkpak - Very good condition - feel free to make offer
Sukisho complete boxset - Very good condition - feel free to make offer

For those who dont know what binsen are, they are Dounjinshi Stationary. It can be used as letter sheets, but are also great collectibles because of their nice artwork.
Shitajiki Are pencil Boards, also viewed as a collectible due to its large variety of artwork.
Teleka's Are Phonecards, and has same concept as Shitajiki

All boards and cards in mind conition.
Most binsen are in excellent condition, but since they are paper, very few may have small creases. I will pinpoint which ones if those certain ones are chosen. Price may also reflect their condition.

Prices are negotiable (except for binsen). If large sets of binsen are purchased, I will give discount.
pic 2


Heavily discounted items - tops, dresses, jackets, blouses and more!
Tons of items! Don't miss this chance!
Everything is SG$14.90 or LESS (that's only US$10.50!!!)
We ship worldwide!

Additionally, don't miss our December Promo: Shop at and use code DEC08PRO to save S$15 off orders of S$100!

Sale items are only left in limited quantities, so act FAST! Availability from now until Dec 31 2008 ONLY!

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Taking offers on manga!

They have prices marked, but I need them gone. Please reasonable offers!! Ask me, maybe I'll say yes ^__~


* Spirited away
* Princess Mononoke.
* Sukeban Deka.

SHITAJIKI (pencil boards):

* Naruto Shippuuden shitajiki.


I'll be removing most of these books after Christmas (if not all), cause they have been sitting on this selling thread for way too long. So if you want them, come and get them!

* Tramps like us (kimi wa petto) 1-5, 9.
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 1-5, 7, 9
* Fullmetal Alchemist 1-3.
* Kare Kano 2,3
* Vampire Game 1
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right) and vol 9 (Learning curves)


* Our kingdom 1-2
* La Esperanza 1-7 (complete)
* Selfish love 1-2 (complete)
* Skyscrapers of Oz.

I also have a PSP piano, black slim version that I might sell. I don't have the original box, but I have everything that came with it, papers and charger, and a memory card. It would come with a soft carrying case. Asking $170 for it plus shipping.

Everything HERE!

I'M LOOKING FOR: One piece plushes (mainly Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp). I don't like all the plushes out there, but if you have one, show me what you got! It may be the ones I want XD
You MUST have positive feedback as a seller though.

Thanks for looking! ^___^

Selling anime, games, soundtracks

I'm desperate to get rid of this stuff :D


Hellsing OVA 2 - $8
Gravitation Complete TV series: -$12
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 1 - $8


Silent Hill Origins, for PSP -  $10
The Silent Hill Experience - $5
Final Fantasy X - $10 (booklet not included)
Final Fantasy X-2 - $10


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - $8
Battlestar Galactica Season 2 - $8

All prices are in USD
Shipping is an extra $4 to your location
I can only accept paypal.
Feel free to make an offer

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Selling beautiful Moi Même Moitié blouse+skirt!!

i`m selling an authentic moi meme moitie blouse

size 2(S)


and skirt
size 2(S)


SHIPPING IS INCLUDED WITHIN THE PRICE!(I ship anywhere in the world)

both items are in very good condition and only have been worn a couple of times.
i kinda lost my interest in gothic lolita so i`m getting rid of those..

everyone please keep in mind moi meme moitie is a very expensive fashionbrand so i can`t go deeper with prices(i`m already selling the blouse+ skirt for half of its actual price..)

as payment i accept paypal only!
only serious bidders please!
few years ago i`ve been kinda active on ebay so i`ve lots of good feedback-->moi_meme_lolita
double exposure

Selling! New items added!

Japanese magazines (fashion and music), phonebook manga, furoku,
books, games, toys, clothes, autographed Dir en grey CD,
misc Japanese CD's, anime, manga,
collectibles, stationary, notebooks,
language instruction workbooks, and more!

New items added TODAY! :]
Including anime, manga, phonebook manga, music CD's, Dir en grey concert merch, fashion magazines, and more!


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beautiful boy on a beautiful dancefloor

(no subject)

Chinese manga (Naruto)
Japanese manga (DearS)
English manga (Death Note)
Game soundtracks
TONS of other CDs
Jrock mags
Japanese instructional books
Koji Suzuki novels in English
Chinese print books!


English Anime and Manga etc sale Need gone asap, in serious need of help

Selling things again,
Need money for school books and tuition etc. Also need to pay bills badly in teh red here. Any help would be great.

My family is in a tight spot so I need to help pay for food and things as well as bills since my mother lost her job. Also just need to clean my room out a bit so I can move faster when the time comes. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am willing to discuss prices.
Prices reduced a bit on everything********

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone remember its almost Christmas time. [I decided Id open it up to International shipping too. Unfortunately it seems to be really expensive to send it anywhere else through UPS so ill go through the post office. May take some extra time to get it all figured out though, just know it will be a bit more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

For international please submit address like this:
Street Address:
Postal code:
-----(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)-----

Any one whos bought from me before I now have a feed back page here..

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I have TONS of stuff!!!!!! and Im willing to Haggle!!!! so if you see something you like but dont like the price let me know! ALSO you get FREEBEES!!!!! with any 8 items or more. the more you buy the more freebees you get ^-^ sailor moon CCG cards are still $0.10!!!!! and if you see something in my bundles (like the pokemon lot to tenchi lot) and want something in the bundle, let me know and Im willing to sell 


sailor moon
Mermaids Saga
doll clothes
accessories for your dolls(1/6th and BJD)
Toys and much much more!!!!

Check out my journal for pics and more!!

HERES the link:

548.jpg christmas image by yusuke--Urameshi 
Khaleesi Smile

Looking to Buy...

I am looking for an 11" Sailor Saturn doll that came in the yellow box. I don't care if the doll is deboxed, but I'd like to see pictures first. I actually have some money now, so please name a price. I will be paying with Paypal. I live in KY, USA, 41560 (for shipping purposes.) I also might be interested in a de-boxed Princess Serenity or Sailor Chibi Moon. (Just not the Canadian versions because I have those already.) Thanks!!! Oh, and I'd rather they be removed from box, and since that's the case, I'd rather not pay NRFB prices.

(xposted to a couple of places)

(no subject)

Everything is in excellent condition unless otherwise specified/pictured. There are pictures below or explanations under the series. 
I'm trying to make way for more manga (running out of shelf room) but I'm looking for some stuff so I"m up for trades or price offers. (Please see for trades)
If something you're interested in isn't pictured below and  you want to see it just ask and I'll get it up here.
Paypal only please and don't forget to add shipping!

Manga - $5 
Alice 19th - 7
Black Knight - 1-3
Bleach 1-6,8,9
Cantarella - 1-6 
Ceres: Celestial Legend (Ayashi No Ceres) - 1&3
D.Gray-man - 1-5
Death Note - 5, 6
Devil Within - 1
Eerie Queerie - 1-4 (complete)
Fushigi Yugi - 1-5,7-10,12-18
    small red stain at topmost corner of vol. 1
Hikaru No Go - 1&2
    same stain at bottomost corner of vol. 1
Inuyasha - 1-11,13
    dent in spine of vol. 1/back of vol. 11
    shelf/readers wear
Love Hina* - 1-5,7,8,14
    shelf/readers wear
    one page disconnected but included in vol. 2

Ranma 1/2 - 1-3
Tactics - 1-3
    1 and 2 from original ADV publishing and are not sold in stores. $10 each
Yurara - 1-3
Yuyu Hakusho* - 1&2
     reader/sheld wear

DVD - $10 each
Descendants of Darkness - 3
Kiddy Grade - 1
Tactics - 1
Trinity Blood - 1

VHS - $5 each
Ayane's High Kick
Barefoot Gen 
Big Wars
Darkside Blues
Demon City Shinjuku
Ghost in the Shell Movie
Heroic Legend of Arslan - 1-4 + Movie
IRIA: Zeiram The Animation - 1 (never opened)
Legend of Lemnear
M.D. Geist - Death Force and Director's Cut (director's cut never opened)
Patlabor - 1-3
Peacock King - Spirit Warrior & Spirit Warrior 1&2 (there's three, one without a number and two with)
Project A-ko - Versus Battle 1: Grey Side, Blue Side, Cinderall Rhapsody, Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group & one unlabeled (Grey, Cinderella, and Daitokuji never opened)
Ranma 1/2 - 1&3
Record of Lodoss War - 1-3
Roujin Z
Sailor Moon S - Birthday Blue (no case)
Silent Service
Slayers - 1-8 (6-8 never opened)
Yuyu Hakusho Movie: Poltergeist Report
Vampire Hunter D Movie
Voltage Fighter Cowgaizer - 1&2 & Movie
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Selling doujinshis + more

2 Doujinshis D.Gray-Man LavixAllen by Ciel - "Pandora" and "Nightmare"
1 Doujinshi Rising Impact "Kor" by Itsuke Kaname (Serizawa Kaname)
1 Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru 2008 callender by Odagiri Hotaru
1 AI-ORE! A collection of illustrations by Shinjo Mayu

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[closed] NEWS Winter Party Diamond Concert Goods



I am taking pre-order for NEWS Winter Party Diamond Concert Goods.
My friends are going to the concert in January 2009,
so I should be able to have the order and shipping out (from Thailand) sometime around the middle of January.
Delivery is not included yet and Payment method is paypal.
The deadline for the order (including payment through paypal) is 4 January 2009.

Please note that the price list is changed due to the high change of Japanese currency at the moment.

Please follow the link to my LJ for more details..^^..
Also, if you have questions, feel free to leave the message there.

[pre-order] NEWS Winter Diamond Party Concert Goods

PS. Thanks for the space (the previous post was already deleted) and X-post to other communities as well.

CR logo

Japanese rock/pop cds/magazines/signed/tour goods For Sale

I have a very large collection I am selling off. I have many magazines, CDs, posters, tour goods, signed collectibles and more still to post.
So if there is anything you might be looking for, just send me an email ( and I'll let you know if I have anything. I don't have much from any of the newer indies bands, but often I have items from their previous bands.

~All prices are before shipping.
~I accept most types of payment, though PayPal is greatly preferred.
~Most prices are negotiable, but be reasonable.
~DO NOT ask me for a shipping quote without leaving me your zipcode (or country if overseas).

Please leave FEEDBACK here. This is new, but since people ask I figured I might as well start a thread for it. But until it actually grows, you can check out the other people who have bought from me in the past.

Because of my recent move to Japan, some things before i left were shipped out late and are just now arriving. LJ has been bad at sending messages (thanks to those who let me know!!) so PLEASE email me at if things have not arrived.


***NEW*** Discounted CDs/VHS shipped from Japan***NEW***

**NEW** DVDs**NEW**

**NEW** VHS/VHS Box Sets**NEW**

**NEW** Tour Goods**NEW**

**NEW** Posters & Fliers**NEW**

Magazines <------- NEW ITEMS

8cm CD singles


Demo/Message Tapes

Message/Demo Discs

Score/Fanclub/Tour Books <---- NEW ITEMS

Misc <--------- NEW ITEMS

Anime/manga items for sale!!!!

Shitajiki (Pencil boards)

Gakuen Alice - Mikan (front) & Natsume (back)

Price: US$6
Condition: New, however scratches can be seen if you look closely.
Extra notes: It's a furoku (free item) from Hana to Yume magazine.

Please inform me if you want to see pictures, I haven't got time to get them uploaded.

Code Geass - Various characters

Price: US$11
Condition: Mint, absolutely no scratches
Extra notes: It's a furoku (free item) from Monthly Asuka magazine


Note: I have other items in the journal for sale! Please take a look!

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Selling Kinki Kids n Other JE boys Items

Hi all,

Items Updated!!!

Selling clippings of kinki kids, SMAP, V6, Tokio, Tackey & Tsubasa, HSJ, Yayayah, KATTUN,Arashi, NEWS, K8 and many more

Pls visit

Pls email to if u r interested in any of the items thanks

Especially Kinki Kids albums and other items

if overseas buyer(exc S'pore) interested only concealed cash will be accepted