December 25th, 2008


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Newly Updated with tons of new manga, including some new yaoi that is out of print! Empty Heart, Love Mode, Jazz, Yellow, Jboy, Passion, Junjo Romantica and much more! Prices as low as four dollars!


Come check it out! Prices are negotiable.


Selling: Kanjani8 - KJ2 Zukkoke The Great Escape LE

Hi there!

I'm selling: Kanjani8 KJ2 Zukkoke The Great Escape [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]. This item is unopened (brand new) and is the original japanese release. This item is out of print and is no longer produced!

Price: USD$50 (shipping not included) price is negotiable!
I'm willing to ship worldwide!
Accepted payment method: Paypal

Click below for pics and more information.
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Happy holidays to everyone!!

DS/T: Metamorphose Special Set, BTSSB

Happy Christmas everybody~!

I take very good care of all of my property and would never post it for sale unless it was mint condition or close.

All my feedback can be found in this post. Includes off-LJ links.

Prices do not include shipping

I accept paypal and concealed cash under $50. I am in the US.

♥ i ♥ trades!! My wishlist is right here! (the realistic and the stretching it.) xD

I managed to accumulate a good chunk of change to buy my dream JSK, but no quite enough. ; o ; As such I am going to help make two dreams come true at once: by selling one of my favorite prints at a low price to make somebody smile, in order to buy my dream print.

I have the Metamorphose Marine Special Set OP up for grabs...
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winner nao

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update: lots of pokemon figures and added a few more things, make reasonable offers
buying/trade rules (please read):
want list:
furoku/anime goods:

note: if I bought or traded from you and didn't leave feedback please tell me.sorry
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Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm looking for some things related to Asian (especially Japanese) films. I'm not looking to find actually films themselves, but rather merchandise related to them. Ex: Wild Zero shirts, Machine Girl posters, etc...

So please, try me on ANY Asian film merchandise. Thanks in advance!

Nyanko burguer phone strap for sale

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WTB: Dir en grey/Final Fantasy stuff


Hmm First of all i'll wish you all a merry christmas ^^.
Secondly, i'm looking again for stuff to buy lol, sooo what i'm looking for.
I'm looking for  Dir en grey stuff. Like cd's (single's), DVD's, tour pamphlets, random merchandise, magazine's with Dir en grey inside (preferably older ones), Shirts wristbands etc etc. Oh and also one specific photobook: Shikaku ~ [A dead angle]

And also Final Fantasy Figures!

So if you have anything let me know and i might buy it. I have a lot of Diru and FF stuff already so i might have it already but oh well please show me what you have ^^.

Shipping would be to the netherlands just so you know ^^.