January 7th, 2009

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Last Chance!


eBay auctions are ending today!
Don't let that other guy get waht you want! Hurry up and bid now before it's too late!
Awesome deals on all new purses, bags, stickers, mini memo pads and rare items in lots!
I always give a little gift with my purchase. ;)

In my mini memo and regular sized memo section I have reduced my prices!
Mini memo section, where savings have started at .50 and go as much as $2.50!
Permanent Reductions on my letter set packs (as low as .75 each) and mini letter sets!
LONG sticker sheets and sticker flake grabbies are %5 off!
Naruto, Pucca, Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter stickers are %10 off!
All Sticker Grabbies are %5 off!

The prizes have been announced, it's up to you to make a difference!
Donate now by buying non-profit tickets and you might win a $25 gift card!
Click here to see the Food Drive.


FS: H.Naoto,Miyavi,Ayabie,Manga,Anime,GLB Final Fantasy etc

I'm selling a bunch of stuff at my livejournal. Some stuff are still from the previous sale(prices has been slashed) and also there are a lot of new things added. Please take a look, i really want this stuff gone a.s.a.p since i need the money and all.
So please take a look and feel free to ask any questions or to make an offer if you don't like the price.

Thank you for looking ^_^

to all the items...
Aiji + Kiri live

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Just added: Bodyline black x white heart pocket JSK + black x white lace headbow

-Clothes: GUESS light pink faux fur and lambskin jacket (price lowered); Hellsing hoodie; Yu-Gi-Oh t-shirts; Gravitation shirt; Visual Kei-style top; Hello Kitty plaid skirt; Fleur de Lis dress; Loose socks; GLP Club black corset top; Victoria's Secret black x pink bustier + MUCH MORE
-Boots+shoes: White Steve Madden boots; studded black calf-high boots; Captain-100 cosplay boots; 5-inch heel tongueless black vinyl boots; Black/hot pink platform sneakers; pink penguin slip-ons; Demonia flip-flops
-JROCK/JPOP: Kiyoharu poster; UVERworld Poster; Merry - SCI FI DVD (price lowered); Octopus Cult - Kamikaze Blues CD; Shoxx, Cure, Duet, Potato magazines
-Cosplay: Mello (Death Note); Chii (Chobits)
-Manga: Angel Sanctuary; Battle Royale; Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobobo; Cromartie High; Demon Diary; FAKE; Galaxy Angel Party; Gravitation; GTO The Early Years; Il Gatto Sul G (yaoi); Knights of the Zodiac; Museum of Terror; No Need for Tenshi; Ohhikoshi; Ranma 1/12; Sorcerer Hunters; The Wallflower; Yu-Gi-Oh; GUSH (yaoi); BRONZE Zetsuai (yaoi); Zetsuai 1989 (yaoi); Togainu no Chi doujinshi (yaoi)
-Video games: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete; Echo Night; Legend of Mana
-Plushies: Ichigo 100%, Saint Seiya, Hello Kitty, Di Gi Charat

plus tonssssss more jrock/jpop, anime, manga, plushies, cosplay + fashion. Please take a look!
I wanna get rid of this stuff, so feel free to make me offers :) I'm very open to negotiations!
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

UPDATED 2009.1.7

PayPal Preferred
I will also accept money orders and concealed cash (AYOR*!)
*If you don't know this acronym, ASK!
I ship to the US via First Class (13oz or less) or Priority.
I ship internationally First Class when able.

Trades are VERY welcome*! Just check my wish list!
*Unless otherwise stated.

PayPal payments via credit/debit card will be asked to pay PayPal fees, as I have created a separate account for them. PLEASE state your payment method and shipping location when requesting items.

eBaY - amulet_moon

I DO NOT HOLD ITEMS for more than 2 days. I was far too patient and waited far too long for some people to get back to me or send payment, so priority will go to whomever responds/sends payment first. Increase your chances of getting the items you want FIRST by following the bolded RED exclaimer above! ^^v

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i am here to poast some thing im still selling. you can check it out by clicking on me.. or here: ~おい~
this is what im selling and still avalible..
i have gazette... 
i have one left of ayabie ...
and last but not least 12012:
all info are at my journal... please feel free to comment..

have a nice day.
thanks for looking!!~
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I'm looking for clothing from any of these brands.

❤Liz lisa
❤Liz lisa Doll
❤Glad News
❤Rose Fan Fan
❤Cecil McBee

I'm mainly looking for Bottoms, Dresses, Shoes [size 23.5] One pieces and shirts.

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FS: Kodansha Cardcaptor Sakura

cardcaptor sale

Cardcaptor Sakura: complete series 1-6 (Kodansha bilingual comics)

These are in great condition. The books are published by the Japanese publisher of Cardcaptor Sakura, but the English translations are well done. The english/japanese are not cluttered and it's a really fun read.

I would like to get $60 for the whole series, but will consider all reasonable offers. The cheapest I've found these books is 15 dollars each on Amazon, so to get the whole set, this is a steal. Let me know if you have any questions. I ship same day!

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Huge Sale @ my journal!

I'm in dire need of money quick with classes starting back up in a couple weeks, my vet/credit card bills and everything else T_T
I've been updating like crazy trying to get rid of more stuff.
I also have a few things on ebay! (huge newtype lot, psycho le cemu tour goods lot)

  • lots of freebies (manga samplers, bookmarks, stickers...)
  • tons of j-rock fliers, morning musume stickers, dir en grey cd
  • rare promo gaming posters
  • sanrio plushies, hello kitty shirts, hello kitty toys, hello kitty punk purse + more
  • kawaii jewelry, stationery, stickers
  • japanese magazines (nail art, fashion)
  • punk brand clothing, lolita brand maid dress
  • pullip, jenny dolls, MSD clothing, doll wigs + more
  • TONS of anime plushies, manga, posters, dvds, furoku, figures merchandise from series such as: paradise kiss, moetan, death note, clamp, tsubasa, magic knight rayearrth, fruits basket, chobits, kamichama karin, love hina, rozen maiden, NANA precure, one piece, trinity blood, pita ten, gentleman's alliance + more!!!!
JA <3

Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005 First Press Re-issue DVD Auction!


The DVD below features the GazettE AND other PSC bands (Miyavi, Kagrra, Kra, and Alice nine) ^^ I have my own DVD, but I bought this extra one as a favor for somebody and now she says she can't pay me. No money = no DVD >.<

Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005 First Press Re-issue DVD, NTSC, Region 2 (Rare, Brand new, unopened, still shrinkwrapped) This first press re-issue edition is now sold out which makes it rare!

Since this is a First Press DVD, it includes some extras! These extras are: A special booklet + sticker + poster (not pictured below)

DVD Track listing:
>Click HERE to see it :)

Starting bid--> $60  (Bidding ends January 11th @ 11:30 PM US Eastern Standard Time)

If you're interested in bidding on the DVD, please comment
HERE in my journal with your highest bid. Payment information and shipping costs are all located there.

Thanks for looking :-)
KHR: Sexy
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Hello! All magazines are in great condition with all the pages intact along with posters and pin ups untouched. Please comment with any questions! Thank you!

PAYMENT: I accept paypal, money orders, and well concealed cash.
SHIPPING: I ship by priority mail. Please inquire for shipping estimates.

I am located in the CA, USA and I am willing to ship worldwide. Thanks!

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Potato March 2006 - $10
Potato July 2006 - $10 SOLD
Potato October 2006 - $10
Potato December 2006 - $10

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Duet June 2006 - $10
Duet August 2006 - $10
Duet October 2006 - $10
Duet December 2006 - $10
Duet February 2007 - $10
Duet March 2007 - $10 SOLD

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Wink Up August 2006 - $10
Wink Up September 2006 - $10
Wink Up November 2006 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up December 2006 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up February 2007 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up March 2007 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up April 2007 - $10

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Myojo June 2006 - $13 SOLD
Myojo July 2006 - $13 SOLD
Myojo August 2006 - $13
Myojo October 2006 - $13
Myojo November 2006 - $13 SOLD
Myojo December 2006 - $13
Myojo February 2007 - $13
Myojo May 2007 - $13

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Popolo November 2005 - $12 SOLD
Popolo May 2006 - $12
Popolo June 2006 - $12
Popolo July 2006 - $12
Popolo August 2006 - $12
Popolo October 2006 - $12 SOLD
Popolo November 2006 - $12
Popolo December 2006 - $12
Popolo January 2007 - $12
Popolo February 2007 - $12
Popolo March 2007 - $12
Popolo April 2007 - $12 SOLD
Popolo May 2007 - $12

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TV Guide Arashi - $5 SOLD
TV Guide Yamapi - $5
TV Guide SMAP - $8
Junon - $2

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Koki Version - $20
Nakamaru Version - $20
Ueda Version - $20
Junno Version - $20
Regular Version - $10

All sealed in mint condition!

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NEWS Calendar - Best Offer SOLD
Real Face DVD - $25

Thank you for looking! Please comment with any questions! Happy Holidays!
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Please keep this in mind, as prices are just suggestions and I'm willing to negotiate down, especially if you're buying multiple things! If there is no price, that means you can make me an offer! However, I do not take trades.

Prince of Tennis 1-11: $4 each or $40 for the set
Beck 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki 1: $4
Nana 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
InuYasha 9: $4
Death Note 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
GetBackers 4: $4
Negima 1: $4
Sweat & Honey: $4
Peacemaker Kurogane 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
Crimson Hero 1: $4
Najica: Blitz Tactics 1: $#4
xxxHolic 1: $4
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 1: $4 (together with xxxHolic- $7)
Yoki Koto Kiku: $4
Rozen Maiden 1: $4
Naruto 1, 4, 5, 7, 8: $4 each, $10 for all of them
Saikano 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
Angel Diary 2: $4

Level-C 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
Gravitation 1-12: $4 each, $60 for the set.
Alone in my King's Harem: $4
Antique Bakery: $4
FAKE 1-4: $4 each, $13 for the set

Bakuretsu Tenshi box set + all volumes, $50 (NOT THINPAK)
Law of Ueki v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Fighting Spirit v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Dokkoida Limited Edition box with v1, $10
Pokemon: The First Movie VHS- $2
Pokemon VHS tapes: ep 1-3, 4-6, 13-15, 22-24, 46-48. $4 for the set or $.75 each.
Cardcaptors VHS, v2 "Power Match" $1

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Still Selling..

Selling some new and some old!

Prices are in USD, shipping is not included - will be calculated by weight and distance it has to travel.
(I live In Canada)

I accept non-CC paypal only, please ^^

Also,  serious offers only! Gas is too expensive to keep checking postage rates. >< 
And as for this post, sorry for the strange out of order lines..Lj's having problems  D=

Thanks for looking, check my journal for more! (Jrock fans, this means YOU!)

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agent of chaos - red

Malice Mizer doujinshi for sale


Ville de merveilles by Allegorie at 62 pages. COMEDIC SHORTS and beautiful one-shot illustrations. Gackt x Kami one-shot strip. A++ quality artwork. ($15)

Carrousel 2 by LA KEPLATA published in August of 1999 ~ It's a drama about Yu~ki x Gackt and for whatever reason Mana tries to steal Yu~ki. ANGST, AU setting. The artwork is nice, kind of reminds me of old school manga style with more detail. 54 pages. ($15)

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CR logo

Japanese rock/pop cds/magazines/signed/tour goods

I have a very large collection I am selling off. I have many magazines, CDs, posters, tour goods, signed collectibles and more still to post.
So if there is anything you might be looking for, just send me an email (ayralan@gmail.com) and I'll let you know if I have anything. I don't have much from any of the newer indies bands, but often I have items from their previous bands.

~All prices are before shipping.
~I accept most types of payment, though PayPal is greatly preferred.
~Most prices are negotiable, but be reasonable.
~DO NOT ask me for a shipping quote without leaving me your zipcode (or country if overseas).

Please leave FEEDBACK here. This is new, but since people ask I figured I might as well start a thread for it. But until it actually grows, you can check out the other people who have bought from me in the past.

Because of my recent move to Japan, some things before i left were shipped out late and are just now arriving. LJ has been bad at sending messages (thanks to those who let me know!!) so PLEASE email me at ayralan@gmail.com if things have not arrived.


***NEW*** Discounted CDs/VHS/Mags/Fliers/Free Stuff/etc. shipped from Japan***NEW*** <---new items added on 1/5/09!!!

**NEW** DVDs**NEW**

**NEW** VHS/VHS Box Sets**NEW**

**NEW** Tour Goods**NEW**

**NEW** Posters & Fliers**NEW**

Magazines <------- NEW ITEMS

8cm CD singles


Demo/Message Tapes

Message/Demo Discs

Score/Fanclub/Tour Books <---- NEW ITEMS

Misc <--------- NEW ITEMS

update manga!

Manga updated on my Livejournal.
I include
~ Tails of the Moon 1-8        $7 for one, $53 for all 8
~ Wild Ones 1&2                   $7 for one, $12 for both
~ Kamikaze Girls                   $4
~ King of the LAMP                $4
and other mangas
for terms and conditions, and shipping, payment method check it out ( here )
for more please check out (
dreamtochange )


So I've got alot of stuff I need to sell, mostly manga, but also some CD's and DVD's. I would prefer if manga were bought as the entire series, but it's not a requirement. Same for DVD's, but again, not a requirement. Shipping prices will be calculated once I know where I'm shipping stuff to. I will ship to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the UK (bear in mind that I live on the East Coast in the United States, so if you live in the UK or something and want to buy something, shipping might get a bit pricey). PayPal only please! To send a PayPal payment, use the email address fushigi[dot]na[dot]butterfly[at]gmail[dot]com (you can also contact me at this email address). Replace each of the words in brackets with their respective symbols. Payment must be made in USD, and must include the price of shipping.

All manga are $3 unless otherwise noted; all CD's are $10 unless otherwise noted; all DVD's are $10 unless otherwise noted; all VHS's are $2 unless otherwise noted; all magazines are $5 unless otherwise noted.

If there's something you're interested in, leave a comment. You may also feel free to email me.

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UPDATE WITH NEW ITEMS1/7/09 !!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys Its me again

ok Ive added some new stuff and I also grouped cards and stuff together to make lots!!



I have items
sailor moon
mermaids scar
oh my goddess
nurse nanako
fushigi yugi

items for 45 cm and 27cm dolls

and much much more :D please check out my sales journal!!!
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