January 17th, 2009

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I Heart... buttons for sale!


Find more information and larger pictures of them HERE.

Anyone living in the US, $2 shipping for up to 6 buttons!. International buyers, the S&H price will vary, but it is still affordable! I can give you an estimate of how much it will cost before you decide to buy. ^^

Visit my MASTERLIST to see what other button designs I have available. (Naruto, Fruits Basket, Deathnote, JE, K-Pop artists, and more!!)

Or you can visit my WEBSITE to see more Anime/Manga buttons for sale.

selling some mangas

all mangas are 2.5 dollars shipping excluded
Lovecom Volume 1, 2, 7, 8
Negima Volume 1
Tsubasa Volume 1-7, 11-18
Kenshiken 1, 3, 5, 6
Kaikan Phase vol, 2
alice 19th, 2

Katsu 1-2
Lovecom 13-17
Zatch Bell 1,2,8

Koike Teppei 1-3 photo albums
Yamamoto 1-2 photo albums
Sato Takeru Photo album
Alice Nine

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I'm going to be ordering from this website, if you'd like to join in ^O^


The prices are amazing! We'll split the shipping and transport fees evenly!

Also, while looking, make sure you set it to "oversees shipping item" ^^

I have all ++ feedback in Ebay under kawaii.liric and if you're a member of Den of Angels, I have ++ feedback there under xanthe_roses.

I've run a number of group orders and all have went well.

I take paypal and USPS money orders (or cash, but that's really at your own risk :x)

As of right now, I am only running this for US and Canadian buyers.

If you are interested, please email me at:: xanthe.roses@gmail.com with the following::

Payment Method::
Order:: (please include links and the item name/photo you'd like)


*****MOD POST*****

For those who are very alert, you will notice some slight changes to the community profile, especially in terms of the rules for the community.

Don't panic! I have not changed anything - NO NEW RULES have been added.
The layout has been edited slightly to make it easier to read.

If you have any queries, issues about the community to address - please contact one of the mods here.
This includes (but is not limited to):
- Concerns about other members of the community.
- Whether you're allowed to advertise certain items in the community.
- Feedback concerns.

If you have any immediate concerns about the community (i.e. further to those addressed in the previous mod post), or if you feel that your concern was not addressed adequately last time, please comment here.
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Lunar New Year Special!

Happy Lunar New Year!
Five great dresses just for you!
We ship worldwide!

January Promo: Buy at http://www.sophistix.net and spend S$50 in a single order to receive FREE SHIPPING to most Asian destinations*!

* Destinations include Brunei, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam & MORE!

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duck EET

(no subject)

Prices do not include shipping or paypal fee
I am not responsible for any packages that do not include insurance!
I ship from the US

Tokyo Babylon Photographs Artbook $25 $23 $19

CLAMP School Defenders Drama CD- $5
KHR: Defend

Ragnarok, Code Geass, Fate Stay Night, Final Fantasy PS2, MORE!

Sup JGS!

I have some stuff in a box that I want to get rid of. I'm pretty sure I spent $200+ on these items, but ONE lucky Livejournal USER is going to get this! I would put it up on eBay, but I need the money FAST!

PAYPAL ONLY, USA ONLY. I have eBay feedback that I will put up upon request.

Anyway, here is the items!

This is a big box of ANIME of MANGAS and DVDs.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Here's a PS2/PS3 Game LOT!

ASKING $120 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

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Thanks JGS, and I hope someone buys soon! I WANT THESE ITEMS GONE!!!!!!!!!

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$3 anime dvds, $2 manga. Free shipping if you spend $10.00 or more!

Hi still selling my anime dvds so I have a sale where all my anime dvds are $3 each and I am giving free media mail shipping if you spent $10.00 or more. I'm not sure where you could find a better deal than that. All manga is $2 each.

All Anime dvds are just $3.00 each. They are all the official region 1 release editions.

Battle Athletes Victory 5
Betterman vol. 1, 4
Beyblade dvd. 3
Blue Gender vol. 4
Blue Seed vols. 1-4
Burst Angel vol. 2
City Hunter: The Motion Picture
Cowboy Bebop vol. 6
Devil Lady vol. 5 (dvd only)
Doki Doki School Hours vol. 1, 2
Dot Hack vol. 6
Dot Hack Legend of the Twilight vol. 1 (dvd only)
Dual vol. 1, 2
El Hazard: The Alternative World vol. 4
Flame of Recca vol. 1
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1 (dvd only)
Gantz vol. 3, 4, 6
Gasaraki 8
Gatchman Man 1, 2
Gatekeepers vol. 1, 3,4,7 (Signature series edition)
Gatekeepers 21 vol. 1
Genma Wars 1-4 (all sealed)
Genshiken vol. 2 (dvd only)
Ghost Stories 1, 3, 4
Gilgamesh vol. 1, 3 (3 is sealed)
Godannar vol. 3, 4
If I see you in my dreams tv series
Initial D vol. 10
Inuyasha vol. 16
Hanukyo Maid Team La Verte 1, 2
Inuyasha vol. 22
Lost Universe vol. 5 (sealed)
Magical Meow Meow Taruto vol. 1
Master Keaton vol. 1 (sealed)
Melody of Oblivion vol. 1-4
Mobile Suit Gundam vol. 1
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok vol. 1
Naruto vol. 5, 12-14
Noir vol. 2, 3
Nuku Nuku Dash vol. 1-3
Nuku Nuku TV vol. 1-4
Patlabor WXIII
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Forever vol. 1 Initiation Nite (dvd only)
Please Twins vol. 4 (dvd only)
Rumbling Hearts vol. 1
Saiyuki vol. 7
Samurai Seven vol. 1,2,4,5
S-cry-ed vol. 3,4 (dvd only)
Serial Experiments Lain vol. 1
Seven of Seven vol. 3, 4
Shadow Star Narutaru vol. 3 (sealed)
Starship Operators vol. 1
Stellvia 1, 4-7
Stratos 4: Return to Base (OAVs)
Tenchi Muyo! GXP - Police Diary 1, 3, 4 (2 dvds per police diary)
Tetsujin 28 vol. 2
Texhnolyze vol. 1
Those Who Hunt Elves II vol. 1
Trigun vol. 3
Urusei Yatsura 1
Viewtiful Joe vol. 1, 3
Wedding Peach vol. 3
Wild Cardz
You're Under Arrest: The Movie
Yu-gi-oh! vol. 2
Yugo The Negotiator vol. 1
Yukikaze vol. 3
Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 24 (dvd only)

Manga: All manga is $2.00 each

Ceres Celestial Legend vol. 1
Dark Angel Volume 5 (graphic novel size edition)
Geobreeders vol. 5 (graphic novel size edition)
Eden vol. 1
Getbackers vols. 1, 2
Mail vol. 2
Millenium Snow vol. 1
Nadesico vol. 1
Paradise Kiss 2, 3
Tuxedo Gin vol. 2
Wild Act vol. 3

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WANTED: Solty Rei Thinpack or just the Art Box. I can trade video games or anime or Paypal. Not looking to pay over $40 shipped but need this before Feb 6th so will listen to all offers.
seto koji love

WTB: V!nyl syndicate and hey say jump singles

Im looking to buy the newest vinyl syndicate magazine, if anyone has an extra laying around..
I am looking to pay about $3 shipped.(since it if a free mag)

also looking for singles by hey say jump or hey say 7
looking or cd/dvd versions for between $18-$22 shipped I already have Dream come true and Mayonaka no shadow boy. looking for your seed, ultra music power, and hey! say!.

thanks soo much in advanced!
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Take a look!

Hi! I have got lots of stuff for sale
***Click here to Go to My Journal***
CDS-jrock/pop,cpop,kpop& more to come
Official Artbooks
CLAmp No Kiseki
Manga -$3* HAVING A SALE SPECIAL until the 21st of JANUARY !!! Buy 4 get one !!!!

Also I am looking for  Dj Max Games for the Psp.

Any of the ones below is fine.
(Even if it does not have case or booklet I will consider it.)

-Mainly looking to buy from US Or Canadian sellers Cause shipping will be a little easier on the pocket book
-I Can pay by non cc Paypal or money order or Trade if you see some thing you like here @ my Journal
-When you comment please post a picture(s)of it.
-I have feedback both as a buyer & seller here if that helps:yukifairy.livejournal.com/1802.html
-Don't get mad If i decide not to buy your Item Because I am going to try to get the best Offer i can get.
-You Can Also Email me if you don't want to leave a comment here or send me a PM: Weisskreuzlover1@yahoo.com

Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale


Looking for the following manga:

Hana Kimi 17&18, 21-23
Tsubasa 15+
Fruits Basket 21
Hunter x Hunter 20+
The Devil's Secret

I'm looking to pay about $5 shipped each for most of them, and would prefer to pay by paypal. I live in the US.


(no subject)

Getting rid of all my excess items, it all needs to go!! Cheap shipping, some items have free shipping! (check listings for details!)! Check them out and take them away, i will combine all shipping! XD CHEAP SHIPPING ON ALL POSTERS! All listed on ebay! I have 100% positive feedback!! :)

Also selling all my excess jrock fliers, all you pay is the shipping of AU$4.00 and you can have as many fliers as you want! Click the cut for more details!! ( Limit of 8 fliers per person, if you want any more, do let me know)

added 11/01/09 - Vistlip 'Sara' Flyers


Ayumi Hamasaki Jpop Calender Poster Type 2
Ayumi Hamasaki Jpop Calender Poster Type 3
Ayumi Hamasaki Jpop Calender Poster Type 1
VINYL SYNDICATE VOL.16 2008 - 12012 (x2 copies available)

Just up!!   rare the GazettE - AOI photosets (misc photosets bought in Harajuku, have 4 copies of each set avaliable!!) FREE SHIPPING!


Gothic/Punk Irregular - Shredded Cut Skirt SOLD!! TY!
Jrock Japan Girugamesh TowelSOLD!! TY!

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1/6 custom doll stuff, bento stuff

Hi guys!

I have some 1/6 custom doll stuff (heads, bodies, clothes, etc.--mostly Volks and Barbie) and a bento box for sale. There are pictures on my flickr, here: http://flickr.com/photos/aposhsentinel/sets/72157612617409390/

Please make me an offer for whatever you're interested in--I really just want to get this stuff outta here to make room for new hobbies. :) If you want to see additional photos, or if you have any questions, please let me know. You can comment here, on flickr, or send me an email at followingmyfish[at]gmail.com

Thanks!! ♥

Sexpot Tank + Sweater, J-rock, Anime & Manga!

I am definitely open to bargaining on most of these items. Right now I can not do trades though.

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Additional info and additional pictures of the items can be found at jollyrogerette, my sale journal!

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or email me at shiroi _ yukiko @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces). I only accept Paypal and will ship internationally. Here is my eBay feedback.

Thanks for looking!
stuffed animals

WTB: 12012 or LOVELESS merchandise

Basically I'm looking for any 12012 merchandise out there that's reasonably priced. Some of their UNDERCODE singles/albums, dvds, posters, magazines, apparel, tour goods, etc.

Also, anything from LOVELESS by Kouga Yun that isn't the DVD or manga. Otherwise, I'll look at whatever you have! ^^ Thank you! 
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figure SALES

Here are a few figures for sale- gashapon, clamp 3d land, trading figures

-Paypal, only / NO holds / NO trades

-CLAMP 3D Land figures- $10 each (includes shipping to US, international add $1)
Sakura - SOLD

-Chobits Chii w/ umbrella gashapon - $8 (includes shipping to US, international add $1)
-fullmetal alchemist mustang and riza bust figure - $7 (includes shipping to US, international add $1)

Dean Blows

new items!

-KAT-TUN LE singles
-One Piece Wii Unlimited Cruise figures (more)
-Bleach Mikuji keycharms
-Reborn Series 2 figures
-Reborn towel
-Shugo Chara gashapon sets

Older items:

Anime Items A-P

Toki Doki apparel, Air Gear, Animamundi, Bleach, Bus Gamer, Zodiac, CLAMP, Code Geass, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Gloomy Bear, Gurren Lagaan, Hamtaro, Hello Kitty, Here is Greenwood, Hikaru no Go, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts, Lamento, Kyou Kara Maou, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Nana, Naruto, Ookiku Furikabutte, One Piece, Peacemaker, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Tennis

Anime Items Q-Z

RahXephon, Rozen Maiden, Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Soul Eater, Spiral, Sukiyaki Western, Super Mario Bros, Tekken 3, Togainu no Chi, Trigun, Viewfinder, Weiss Kreuz, Various English Manga, Yaoi items, Freebies, Postcards, Promo items


JE (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, TOKIO, Kinki Kids), W-inds, TMR, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Namie Amuro, Buzzlip, Rain, Miyavi, Gackt, Puffy Ami Yumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Various J-mags



i'm looking to buy this manga:


Shugo Chara - All that's out
After School Nightmare - All
High School Debut - All that's out
Walkin' Butterfly - All


Voices of Love
Love For Dessert
Object of Desire


Beauty is the Beast - 5
B.O.D.Y - 2, 3
Confidential Confessions -Deai- 1
Flowers & Bees - 6, 7
From Far Away - 5+
Happy Mania - 6
Kedamono Damono - 2, 3
Red River - 18+
Tenshi Ja Nai!! - 3, 4, 6, 7, 8
Tokyo Boys & Girls - 3, 5
Tramps Like Us - 14
The Devil Does Exist - 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Wild Ones - 5

I'm from SPAIN and i'm willing to pay shipping costs. I have a little feedback in garagesalesjapan web and i've been buying a lot in the com. I can't afford all right now, so best offers first. I can pay by non-cc paypal.

Update on Dounjinshi stationary + other items

Added mor binsen for sale

Free shipping for orders over $20 in US ($25 if wall scroll is purchased since shipping is more expensive)


Also for sale:
sukisho boxset - Very good condition - Make offer.
Elfen Lied Thinpak - Has slight shelf wear but overall very good condition - Make offer
Elfen Lied Artbox + v.1 - Acceptable condition (unfortauntely bought it like that off of amazon). Has intense shelf wear around all the sides and edges. Box has no dents though. Dvd is in very good condition

For those who dont know what binsen are, they are Dounjinshi Stationary. It can be used as letter sheets, but are also great collectibles because of their nice artwork.
Shitajiki Are pencil Boards, also viewed as a collectible due to its large variety of artwork.
Teleka's Are Phonecards, and has same concept as Shitajiki

All boards and cards in mind conition.
Most binsen are in excellent condition, but since they are paper, very few may have small creases. I will pinpoint which ones if those certain ones are chosen. Price may also reflect their condition.