January 19th, 2009

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selling mangas and other items

all mangas are 2.50

Love com vol 1, 2, 7,8
Tsubasa Chronicle 1-7, 11-14
Genshiken 1,3,5,6
Alice 19th vol.2
Negima Volume 1
Nana Vol.1

Law of Ueki vol. 1-2
Zatch bell volume 1-2
Love com 13-17
Zettai Kareshi Vol.5

Sato Takeru Intefly 20 dollars
Koike Teppei 1st 2nd, 3rd album 20 dollars
Yamamoto Yuusuke 1st album 20 dollars
Yamamoto yusuke 2nd album 20 dollars
Sato Takeru 2nd album 18 dollars

please help me to get rid of those
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WTB: Shoujo-ai manga and yuri

I'm looking for English manga with GL. I've heard that Voiceful has shoujo-ai undertones, but I haven't seen it for sale on the comm before. Also, I'm looking for yuri manga or dojinshi, such as Maka Maka. Preferably in English, but yuri seems so rare that I'll consider anything.


(no subject)

Just Updated with OVER 20 YAOI SERIES including Lies and Kisses, Love Mode, Innocent Bird, Little Cry Baby and much more. Come check to see if your favourite yaoi is available. Prices as low as four dollars!


Come check it out! Prices are negotiable.

Worst Blind Date

(no subject)

(I desperately need the $$$)

What's Included:
-Nintendo Wii
-2 Wii Games (+ Wii Sports which comes with the gaming system itself)
-Extra Wii Remote
-Wii Nunchuck

I am asking $325 + S/H 
If you are interested, please leave a comment here.


Selling + Want to buy/Want to trade

I am looking for the following manga in English:
Slayers (be specific in the vol/special as I own quite abit)
Honey & Clover
I am looking to spend $4-5 including shipping per book. If you're offering for more then I would rather trade.

I an looking for the following in Japanese:
Hime-chan no Ribbon
Kimi ni Todoke

The selling journal has been updated with more manga titles
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「Ruiza」In the Name of Justice
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Hello everyone. Last December, I purchased a signed Versailles poster on ebay by a member by the name of xladysolo.

It's currently the 19th of January. My poster is not here, and the tracking number she sent me is bogus, and doesn't work.

When I had bought from her, she had 100% positive feedback on ebay. Now she has two negative feedbacks, one of which saying that they also did not get their item.

I have a few more days to file my dispute, and I'm thinking about possibly doing it today, but I want to know if anyone else has had a problem with her before. Any questions would greatly be appreciated.
love andy

FS: Sweet Lolita, Cute Fruitsy Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories!

*click on me*

Photobucket DIY Tokidoki & Harajuku Lovers Dresses
Photobucket Angelic Pretty Cutsews, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bolero, Alice & the Pirate Sailor JSK
PhotobucketCute "Fobby" Purses and Bags
PhotobucketColorful Pink Sneakers and Sexy Heels
PhotobucketGirlie Necklaces, Headpieces, and more!

Korean CD's for Sale $5 shipped each (e-mail me if interested)
Photobucket Se7en 1st Album, Dana 1st Album, Papaya 1st Album, J 2nd Album, SMTown Summer Vacation 2002, TaeBin (Danny from 1TYM) 1st Album, TaeSaJa 1st & 2nd Album, Space A 2nd Album, ParkJiYoon 2nd & 3rd Album, Bijou 1st & 2nd Album, Turbo

WTB Lots of Stuff

I'm currently looking to buy the following items, without breaking the bank completely:

- Toshi w/T-Earth "Earth Spirit" CD
- Toshi w/T-Earth "Harukanaru Toki wo Koete" CD/DVD

- Versailles "Versailles Shashinshu Philharmonic Quintet" Photobook
- Any Versailles merchandise from their American shows (autographs obtained also wanted)

- Any S.K.I.N. merchandise (excluding the t-shirt with S.K.I.N. horizontally across the chest)

- hide "Hide Your Face" 1st Press CD
- hide "Psyence" 1st Press CD

- hide "Santa Claus" Christmas Plushie
- hide "Red Suit Reindeer Rocket" Christmas Plushie
- hide "Guitar Heroes Poster Version" Plushie (plaid suit)
- hide "UV Magazine Version" Plushie (black jacket, red plaid pants)

- Any DX size hide plushies

- hide "Dahlia Tour Version" 5-inch Figure (Green suit, heart guitar, anime style statuesque figure)

If you're selling any of these items at a reasonable price, please reply here :)
ff13: noctis
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I am selling some of my most-prized collections to pay off credit card bills.. Please take a look!

The SET mangas are all BRAND NEW & NEVER READ! I bought them for collection purposes only since I read the original manga scanlations online beforehand.

* All prices are in USD.
* Items are shipped from Canada
* Will only shipped within Canada and the US.
* Mangas come from a smoke-free, pet-free home!

PLEASE NOTE: shipping costs around $15-20 in Canada & $25-35 to the US, which makes each volume costing around $3-4. This is a SUPER DEAL, especially considering that I bought each set for over $150 ;___;.

BLEACH Vol 1-21 - $85 SHIPPED (within Canada, $95 SHIPPED to the US) (INCLUDES the official Bleach collector BOX, a double-sided poster and a special Bleach collector's booklet)

NARUTO Vol 1-27 - $100 SHIPPED (within Canada, $110 SHIPPED to the US)(INCLUDES the official Naruto collector BOX, a double-sided poster and a special Naruto collector's booklet)

- These mangas were read only once, with minor shelfware.

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB Vol 1-9 - $25 SHIPPED (within Canada, $30 SHIPPED to the US) *SOLD to sukidaiyou*
TACTICS Vol 1-2 - $7 SHIPPED (within Canada, $9 SHIPPED to the US)
TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE Vol 1-5, 8 - $15 SHIPPED (within Canada, $18 SHIPPED to the US)

Thank you very much for looking! :D

{buy/sell} Looking to Buy + Selling ...

Hello, I'm looking for someone---anyone who has shoes in the measurements:
Thank you everyone who replied to my post last time.
This is a more specific post as t
o what I'm looking for.

☆ Boots // Platform Shoes // Heeled Shoes
☆ Something FORMAL or that can be used in a "visual" style or "gothic" fashion
☆ US Womens: 9 - 9.5
☆ US Mens: 7 - 7.5
☆ UK Womens: 6.5

☆ Style doesn't matter
☆ Medium Size (Small in some clothes)
☆ Pants: Size 5 // 7 // 9

☆ Style doesn't matter
☆ Cell phone straps
☆ Earrings
☆ Rings, etc

I hope that this helps more.
My budget is tight and I can only send in concealed cash at this time.


I'm also selling things such as manga and bags at my selling journal.
Currently there isn't a large selection, considering I have to re-find things to put up for sell.
If you watch the journal, there will be more updates in the near future.
Selling journal: 

Thank you.



its there anyone know where can I buy this JE stuff??


Hey! Say! 7 RE/LE
Ultra Music Power RE
Dreams Come true RE
Your Seed LE


WU november 2007
WU october 2007
WU september 2007
TV mag 8.10- Hey! Say! 7 cover


Hey! Say! JUMP ikinari Tokyo Dome

please do help me???? T______________________T
Im so eager to have those stuff.. >.<

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[Doujinshi] Persona 3, Macross Frontier, Code Geass, Gundam Seed Destiny

  • Persona 3 - Shunkashou by MERANCOLINISTA (Nanoka)
  • Persona 3 - TRANCE2 by UNI-SEX (Kirihara Izumi, KEIG)
  • Macross Frontier - Galaxy Idol by UNIZO (UNIKURA)
  • Code Geass - Go Houshi Itashimasu Go Shujinsama by Perfect Love (Kokonoe Miya)
  • Gundam Seed Destiny - Moejiru Choppu 2 ~Junpaku BARRAGE to PANTY wa Eien no ROMAN-hen~ by Moejiru Choppu (Fuyu Ni, Ko Shina)

Includes gag, hentai and romance.

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Looking for~

I'm looking for a VERY cheap Takara Licca Doll and/ or a Blythe Doll, both for customization so they can be in a crappy state XD
I wont be able to buy before mid. February, but I just want to have a look around already.

Thanks for any help or offers ^___^
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Selling and pleading.

Righto, I'm selling the following things at alucine_sales Mostly magazines etc, including this months (Feb 2009) Shoxx with Alice Nine on the cover.

I'm also pleading for the help of someone.. Does anyone know where I can pre-order the Peace and Smile Carnival 2009 DVD?  I've been looking out for it since the 3rd and I've only found it on a japanese website.. and I can't read it. ;_; Let alone order from it..

Could someone a.) tell me where to buy it, or maybe possibly translate the site so /I/ can buy it from there?

Or b.) perhaps pre-order it for me and I'll obviously pay you for it?

I think I'll cry if I don't get it..


(Delete if the 2nd half isn't allowed)

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Air Gear // (Ringo) ♥ (glasses) -

Looking for...

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any CHOBITS plushies for a good price? Preferrably of "atashi" or "sumomo". Thanx in advance. Oh and i'm selling some stuff over at my journal in case anyone's interested. ^^
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(no subject)

prices have been slashed on ALL anime/manga/music!
ALL lolita items have been knocked off 20%!!
last but not least, prices still include shipping!
this shizz needs to be gone! (and, of course, still willing to check out any offers.)

(available for US residents only as i am unable to ship internationally due to shipping costs. apologies!)

lolita stuff
+ pink and blue angelic pretty cutsews
+ white rose chocolat rockinghorse shoes
+ red secret shop angelic pretty replica boots

anime/manga/music stuff
+ Mirage of Blaze Box Set + OVA
+ Sukisho! Set
+ Kyou Kara Maou! v. 1 - 7
+ Earthian OVA
+ Wolf's Rain OST
+ Asian Kung-Fu Generation SOL-FA (US)
+ Demon Diary v. 1 - 2
+ Under the Glass Moon v. 1 - 2
+ Angel Sanctuary v. 1 - 2
+ Cantarella v. 1 - 2
+ Hero Heel v. 1
+ Shout Out Loud!
+ Sengoku Night
+ Eerie Queerie! (Ghost) Set
+ Earthian v. 1 - 3

selling some gloomy bears, mangas, d-boys je, and ja


offer me your price, i need to get rid of them

some mangas needs to get rid: 2.50 dollars each

Negima vol. 1
Genshiken 1,3,5,6
Alice 19th vol. 1
School Rumble vol.1

Some Photobook needs to get rid
offer me your price

Some Photobooks need to get rid off
Teppei Koike
Takeru Sato
Yamamoto YUUSUKE
Hiro Mizushima


Update 1-20-2009: This is embarassing, it just arrived in the mail this afternoon ._.

However in defense of my actions, she said she shipped it out arounf the beginning of December, and the shipping label says January 14th. That said, she did not scam me, she was just dishonest or unorganized about shipping. If she had just told me she was going to be this late I would have understood.

Even though I sent her a rather rude PM, she remained calm and polite through the entire process- her communication was clear, calm and understanding. She is not a bad seller at all, she just needs better organizing with her shipments.

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