January 23rd, 2009

JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

Added new items (Pinky St. dools), still reduced prices

Hello again,

I've added some new items and there are still reduced prices on various items.
I'll be adding a ton of new doujinshis soon, too.
Make sure to check it out :)

Doujinshi: (Japanese only)
- Bleach
- Death Note
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
- Naruto
- Dragonball
- YuYu Hakusho
- Get Backers
- Pokémon
- Sailor Moon
- Oofuri
- Prince of Tennis
- Captain Tsubasa (Minami Ozaki - Zetsuai/Bronze)
- Haruhi Suzumiya
- Kyou Kara Maou
- Togainu no Chi (Anthology)

Manga: (Japanese only)
- ChuChu (April 2008)
- Pinky Street
- 20面相におねがい!! (Clamp)
- 甘濡れEVE
- おいしいSTUDY (Yuu Watase)
- Erotic Romance
- Cheese Best Collection (feat. Shinjo Mayu)
- Max Lovely Vol. 1-5 (complete)
- Air Gear Vol. 13

Artbooks / Photobooks:
- 冤罪 (Enzai) - BL game
- Peach Girl
- Devil Hunter Yoko
- Legend of Langrisser (Satoshi Urushihara!)
- Purple Eyes in the dark
- GTO: The Movie - Official Book

- Wink up
- Potato
- Bidan
- Game Piasu (BL game magazine)

Johnny goodies:
- original Johnny shop photos (MatsuJun, Yamapi, NEWS)
- normal photos (MatsuJun, Ikuta Toma)

Japanese study material:
- Kanji study books for grades 1-3
- Kanji 1006 handbook
- JLPT 3 study books

Random merchandising:
- postcards (Seint Seiya, Death Note)
- figures (Dragonball, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Captain Tsubasa)
- stationary (notebooks, stickers etc.)

PC games:
- BL games (Katekyo Hitman Reborn doujinshi game)
- Girl game

Pinky Street:
- Pinky Street dolls
- Pinky Street DVDs
- Pinky Street Nintendo DS game (new)


DS: Lots of items!, US and Canada only

Some prices have been reduced and I added a lot more items!~ please check it out ^^
feel free to ask me any questions ^0^

Naruto Items

Accessories bags, hats, hair accessories,necklace, earrings, and rings! (new items added)

Clothes cute dresses, hoodies, tops, jackets &more!~

CDs & Magazines includes Buy+ magazine (new and in packagining), Johnnys Entertainment Magazine (one still brand new), Nana Kitade CD + Tshirt set, NEWS never ending wonderful story brand new dvd, Arashi CDs, Jolin CD+DVD , Ayumi Hamasaki CDs+DVDs

Thanks for looking!!~ ^^

Selling away Miyavi & Alice 9th Poster & FOOL'S MATE Mag ^^


I'm currently selling away these 2poster away~~

Please ask me for shipping fees.~~ ^^
I Accept Paypal (+5.4%)
Cash-Concealed (At your own risk!!)
ATM Bank Transfer (Within S'pore)
NOTE: I'm not responsible for lost mail/package. :)
So please do think twice about registering it with tracking number. ^^

Unless otherwise stated. =D

A2 MIyavi Poster


A2 Alice 9th Poster


I'm also selling all the old issue of FOOL'S MATE magazine.. basically most of it is around 2005, but I need to check.

So I'll upload some den the rest some other tym cos need to search den take photo.. haha~~
So currently I'm only selling these 2 mag for the meantime!! ^^


(definetly not for GazettE fan, since there's missing page of GazettE but IF YOU REALLY WANT den i can put back the torn page back. ^^ )
Selling for USD$15.

Mint condition, used.
Selling for USD$20. (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE!!)

-MOD: Hope this is allowed since I used my old post, but if not please do tell me, thanks-

I thinking of selling it away but not too sure yet.
If there's people who is interested in it, then maybe I would sell. ^_^
Peace & Smile Carnival Tour 2005 "Minna Sorotte Egao de FUCK YOU" DVD (1st press version. RE-ISSUE)
Only watch once,  still brand new.
I'm planning to sell away for USD$35. (Poster & Booklet not excluded)
DOes anybody want it??

 Collapse )Any question, please do not hesittate to ask me~!! ^^
MY FEEDBACK:  http://haruki-ys-91.livejournal.com/1277.html

L'Arc~en~Ciel/hyde stuff for sale ASAP!!! -new-

Hi guys! If you don't already know I sell a lot of Laruku items... I just updated my site with new L'Arc merch that should be taken advantage of... more photo books for sale, etc. rare items.

Please take a look!!! More stuff on my journal...

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More @ larukunohyde

I accept paypal and money order. Feel free to reply here or email me at aznsandwich@yahoo.com if you would like to buy or any questions. ^_^

Viz manga for sale

It's kind of that time of the year when I'm possessed with the need to have more room in my shelves...


Absolute Boyfriend 1
NANA 1,3


US addresses preferred. $3 for up to 3 books, comment if you're buying more. Paypal accepted. And please, serious inquiries only.

(no subject)

☆Selling some Jrock cds at my journal here
alice nine, gazette, SuG, An Cafe, Anjyu', Miyavi, Guy's Family, Vidoll, Lolita23q
heidi, vistlip, Arc, Nega.

Also selling clothing and accessories.

here here here
Also will be adding some japanese magazine at the weekend

KHR: Defend

Ragnarok, Code Geass, Fate Stay Night, Final Fantasy PS2, MORE!

Sup JGS!

I have some stuff in a box that I want to get rid of. I'm pretty sure I spent $200+ on these items, but ONE lucky Livejournal USER is going to get this! I would put it up on eBay, but I need the money FAST!

PAYPAL ONLY, USA ONLY. I have eBay feedback that I will put up upon request.

Anyway, here is the items!

This is a big box of ANIME of MANGAS and DVDs.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Here's a PS2/PS3 Game LOT!

ASKING $120 shipped OR BEST OFFER.


Thanks JGS, and I hope someone buys soon! I WANT THESE ITEMS GONE!!!!!!!!!

Last post of my sales

This is going to be my last post here on LJ before I start selling on ebay. I had an unfortunate problem with the bank since it seems someone stole my debit card number and went on a huge shopping spree. . -_-(didnt know ppl could do that if they didnt have the actual card). Since im in need of some money, if you are interested in something, feel free to make an offer, even if it has a price. I will most likely be willing to lower.

Free shipping for orders over $20 in US ($25 if wall scroll is purchased since shipping is more expensive)


I currently have on ebay for sale set of 6 Gundam Seed Pencil boards, 5 of them being Promo Boards


Also for sale:
sukisho boxset - Very good condition - Make offer.
Elfen Lied Thinpak - Has slight shelf wear but overall very good condition - Make offer
Elfen Lied Artbox + v.1 - Acceptable condition (unfortauntely bought it like that off of amazon). Has intense shelf wear around all the sides and edges. Box has no dents though. Dvd is in very good condition - make offer

For those who dont know what binsen are, they are Dounjinshi Stationary. It can be used as letter sheets, but are also great collectibles because of their nice artwork.
Shitajiki Are pencil Boards, also viewed as a collectible due to its large variety of artwork.
Teleka's Are Phonecards, and has same concept as Shitajiki

All boards and cards in mind conition.
Most binsen are in excellent condition, but since they are paper, very few may have small creases. I will pinpoint which ones if those certain ones are chosen. Price may also reflect their condition.


I am requesting anyone who has w-inds merchandise to sell to please show me what you have! I am looking for ALL types of w-inds merchandise, especially shirts or bags from concerts/tours! Not interested in flyers, though please!

Aside from keystraps, shirts, accessories, etc..., I am looking for the following CDs:
w-inds. Single Collection BEST ELEVEN (HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Seventh Avenue
Journey, and if you have singles with the FOLLOWING SONGS: Pearl dance and "Can't get back"

Please contact me if you have any items for sale and I will take a look! I can ONLY pay by concealed cash WITHIN THE US, please keep this in mind before commenting! :) Thank you!

ADDED NEW ITEMS 1/23/09!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys

I still have TONS of stuff forsale and I recently added animation cels for sale 

  1/23/09 added afew cels and new dollies and sailor moon VHS english dubbed are now $5 or 2 for $8 ^-^.

if you see something in a group Im willing to sell it to you seprately. If ur interested and you dont really care for the price, give me ur best offer and we can haggle. Im lookin for a volks EB-n if any of you by chance have one please let me know and Im willing to bundle things up for a trade ^-^ thankies

also Im looking for
-sailor moon cels
-eternal sailor moon plush and keychain plush
-sailor moon manga #8 and 9
-any volks and obitsu bodies and heads, wigs



I have items:

Sailor Moon
Mermaids Scar
Oh My Goddess
Nurse Nanako
Fushigi Yugi
Shojo beat

items for 45 cm and 27cm dolls
Animation Cels

and much much more :D please check out my sales journal!!!

Noragami - Punk Yato

Selling Jrock Collection

I've decided to get rid of all my jrock merchandise for I have other things to worry about. I no longer have room for these things and looking to give them a good home.

All prices are set in stone. If you buy a couple of things, you are free to haggle.
Shipping is combined and all that good stuff.
I accept Concealed Cash, MO and Paypal (with fee).
Pictures and details given if asked.

Follow me →

Yaoi and gag doujinshi, yaoi japanese manga, and more!

I'm selling yaoi and gag doujinshi for series like Kyou Kara Maoh, Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, Getbackers, Samurai Troopers, Gundam Wing, and many more! Also check out my manga for yaoi (light, or explicit) books.

Doujinshi for various series - Gag and light yaoi doujinshi for many different series.
Doujinshi for Gundam Wing - various yaoi pairings and gag books.
Manga for sale - A few Japanese light yaoi manga, plus Gatekeepers in English.
Anime for sale - .hack//SIGN, Jewel BEM Hunter, and Mouse.

Adult manga and doujinshi - Yaoi doujinshi and manga, all in japanese.

I also have a few other items, like shitajiki and lots of binsen.

Comment on one of the entries or email me at septembertreasure[at]yahoo[dot]com if you see something you'd like to buy. I'm based in the U.S., and I prefer payment through paypal. Please enjoy the selection!
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Searching For/Question

I'm not really sure if posting a question like this is allowed in this community, but if it's not, my best apologies! >__<;; Feel free to delete it if so

I've realized that the Glare Vol. 6 feat. Uruha and Aoi of the GazettE on the cover is extremely popular o__o and most Glare magazines are still out there for sale, except that one and it has become somewhat rare. If someone is selling it, I'm intereseted in buying it ^^ Or if someone could point me in the direction as to where I can buy it, that would be great!

(I have tried numerous sites, including eBay, Yahoo auctions, but no luck)

Thank you!

A picture of what it looks like:

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Sechuna Item Sale!

I have three pairs of shoes i received from Sechuna store online that are new in condition, only they were too big for me (I am a size US 7). The engineer boots, the school girl shoes and high top lace sneakers! Prices are negotiable! UPDATE: ONLY SECHUNA SCHOOL GIRL SHOES LEFT AVAILABLE

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